Author's Note: Cover art was commissioned from the incredibly talented Skiretehfox. If you haven't, you should really check out their tumblr.

Cold Snap

"Scooch over."

Yang rolled onto her side, squinting through the darkness at the sharp-eyed face staring up at her. In the dim moonlight, she could just barely make out the white bangs that hung above ice-blue eyes, and the thin slash of red cutting across the scowling face.

"Seriously, Weiss?" she groaned and blew a long lock of blonde hair out of her face. "It's the third time this week."

"I am aware of how many times I've had to ask." Weiss kept her voice low as she clambered over the last rung to Yang's bed, careful to keep the makeshift ladder from creaking. She knew as well as the rest of them how easy it was to wake Blake. Too much noise, too much motion, and the Faunus girl would pop awake, a remnant of her time living outside the kingdoms.

"Blame the moron who put the heater on your side of the room. Now unless you'd like to trade beds, scooch."

Growling at the back of her throat, Yang shuffled closer to the wall, giving the small girl clambering up behind her enough room to sneak under the covers. The bed dipped a little as Weiss moved in, and Yang composed a brilliant string of curses at whichever incompetent jackass had designed Beacon's dormitories.

As far as they could tell, the seal around their window had been done poorly, which meant that their room leaked heat no matter how high they cranked the thermostat. To make matters worse, their heating unit had been mounted on the far side of Blake and Yang's half of the room, resulting in one side of the dorm always being warmer than the other.

Granted, it was perfect for Blake, who curled up as close to the heater as she could get the second the temperature dropped, and Yang didn't really mind the extra heat. But that still left the other half of the team in various states of frostbite and chilblains.

"Ruby doesn't seem to mind," she grumbled, hating the late fall weather and dreaming of the days when warmth would finally return to the world. Mainly because it meant Weiss would stop waking her up at night.

The heiress shrugged and shivered, the blankets shaking slightly. "Any warm air rises up to her bed, and we both know she has a stronger constitution than I do."

Yang's brows shot up. It had to be practically freezing if Weiss was actually admitting that anyone might be better than her at something. Even if that something just was enduring the cold.

"They were supposed to fix the window last week."

"Well, thank you for putting up with me until they do," the heiress muttered behind her. "Sleep tight."

Yang grunted and burrowed deeper beneath her quilt. As if I have any chance of sleeping tonight.

She stared at the wall for a while, just listening to the sound of Weiss breathing behind her, waiting for the involuntary little shivers to stop. Then came the short sigh Weiss always made when she finally fell asleep, and Yang flinched.

It wasn't that she hated sleeping next to someone else – she and Ruby had done it often enough – and on missions, it wasn't uncommon for them to put their sleeping bags right next to each other if they couldn't risk a fire. But having your sister fight for the blankets or hearing the little huffing noise Blake made in her sleep were very different from having Weiss Schnee in your bed.

A lot of people would probably find it a rather enviable position. Yang was sure there were several male students, Jaune included, who would have swapped places with her in a flat second. Maybe even sold various body parts or firstborn children just to have a shot with the Schnee heiress.

If she was being perfectly honest, she kinda understood why. Even Yang had to admit Weiss was rather pretty, and damn smart on top of that. Even if her jokes were abysmally terrible, she was starting to show some signs of improvement. Apart from the rougher edges of her personality, she was actually a comparatively decent person, even if she was a bit of a self-centered little shithead sometimes. Namely the nights that she forced her way into Yang's bed and made it completely impossible for the blonde to sleep.

Because Weiss Schnee wasn't the kind of person to hog the sheets. No, it couldn't be that simple. Not with Weiss. She couldn't even be annoying in a normal way. Yang could have complained about that. She didn't snore, she didn't kick, she didn't even bother Yang with her apparently permanently frigid feet. She didn't do anything that Yang could use as a convenient excuse to ban her from pulling this crap. No, what Weiss did was infinitely, inexpressibly worse.

She cuddled.

Yang knew it was for the heat – obviously, that was why she got up there in the first place – and it only happened after she fell asleep. Still, after Weiss had finally stolen enough warmth to fall asleep, like clockwork, she'd shift ever so slightly closer, until ...

Yang ground her teeth as she felt Weiss' forehead rest against her back, the soft, nearly silent sound of her breathing barely audible with the blanket pulled up to her chin. That was how it always started, with Weiss leaning in right between her shoulder blades. It should be impossible for a sound that quiet to seem so loud, and yet it did, Weiss' nearly silent breathing roaring in her ears. Then ... goddammit.

Right on schedule, Weiss scooted a little closer, just enough for her arm, tucked neatly against her stomach, to press against the small of Yang's back. That she didn't actually mind that much, at least not compared to the two distinctly soft things pushing right beneath her shoulders.

Closing her eyes, Yang forced herself to think of something else, to run combat drills and Grimm taxonomy through her head. She and Blake had spent the evening working on another formation drill, a Bumbleby variation that should increase their damage output against multiple large targets. Especially considering their last big battle – she needed to work on her precision, on making every last shot count.

See? She had a lot to think about right now. There were tests to prep for and homework to obsess over. That was why she was having trouble sleeping. Definitely. It was all just due to stress, and being overworked, and definitely nothing to do with the fact that Weiss was most certainly not wearing a bra.

Desperate and furious, Yang wriggled a little closer to the wall, trying to get some space between her and the demonic little temptress at her back. It wasn't fair. In no way was it fair for her to have a roommate this attractive and have her pull this kind of bullshit. Especially not with the whole Weiss-and-Neptune thing.

Not that she cared. Not really. Hell, she was happy for Weiss. Neptune seemed nice enough, if a bit of a pushover. Just 'cause he hadn't been great in the fights she'd seen him in didn't mean he wouldn't make a decent huntsman one day. At least he was less of a constant annoyance that some of the male students she could name.

Lost in thought, Yang didn't notice Weiss moving until the other girl had wriggled even closer under the blankets, her chest flush with Yang's back. The blonde flinched away, and found herself even closer to the wall. Stupid dorm beds, she thought, not caring that the single beds had hardly been intended for the students to share.

"You okay?" Weiss whispered sleepily from behind her. "You keep moving around."

Yang could have screamed. She would have too, if Blake and Ruby hadn't been in the room.

Rolling over, she stared at Weiss through the darkness. Azure eyes as clear as the sky stared back, brilliant even in the shadows. The other girl had left her long hair loose, and straight threads of white curled and draped across the top of the quilt tucked protectively beneath her chin. Yang felt that familiar pressure in her chest, the one that she'd tried so hard to deny. But no matter how hard she tried, Weiss still lay there, her face somber and concerned, a scant few inches all that lay between them.

Of course, she just had to be gorgeous, Yang thought, cursing the beautiful, spoiled, self-centered brat who pulled this kind of bullshit without any thought to how awkward it might be for the people around her.

She glared at the heiress one last time, rage and exhaustion warring with what little sense she had left, before leaning in and quickly pressing her lips to Weiss'.

She pulled away after a second, braced for the storm. There. She'd done it. Weiss would freak out, and probably try to hit her, but at least now she'd be able to get some damn sleep. At least now, Weiss wouldn't crawl into her bed in the middle of the night, tormenting her with how stupidly hot she was, for no goddamn reason and ...

Violet eyes went wide as Weiss cupped the back of the blonde' neck and slid in for another kiss, her mouth soft and warm against Yang's own. With a start, Yang jerked back, only to find herself trapped by the fingers cradling her head. Tension built and roared out of her, all the frustration, the annoyance, the anger building, stoked by the fire of having Weiss kiss her. For a moment, the blonde saw red, then she was pressing back, all her rage pouring into their kiss as she bore down on the girl in her bed.

Blake mumbled something from the bunk beneath them, and Yang froze, the haze of having Weiss on her mouth slowly starting to fade. She was atop Weiss, her arms straddling either side of the heiress' shoulders, and couldn't remember how exactly she'd gotten there. She pushed with her arms, putting some much needed space between herself and Weiss, hoping against hope that she'd hadn't woken her partner. The last thing she needed right now was a witness.

Weiss let her arms fall back onto the bed, somehow managing to look delicate and infuriatingly ladylike. Her wrists lay flat alongside her head, almost as if asking Yang to grab them and pin her to the bed. She'looks so defenseless, Yang thought, her brain struggling to make sense of the whole situation. Weiss – the Ice Queen, the all-important Schnee heiress, the only one of them who rivaled Blake when it came to hiding any emotion outside of annoyance and anger – was just lying there, calm and serious, her face completely unreadable. And yet ...

She kissed me.

"The hell, Weiss?" Yang hissed.

One solitary white brow arched quizzically. "If I remember correctly, you're the one who kissed me," Weiss whispered, her head angled to the side as she looked up at her. "You don't want this?"

"I do. That's the problem."

Weiss cocked her head to the side, her face flat and expressionless, silently waiting for an explanation.

Yang decided to just bite the bullet. Better to cop to her stupidity now and get the whole thing over with. Then she could sleep, and saving worrying about how to live with a Weiss who knew she liked her until the morning. "I like you, okay?"

"How exactly is that a reason not to kiss me?"

"Because ..." Yang trailed off, her brain suddenly grasping at straws. She was angry, she remembered that much. There it was: she was pissed. Pissed at Weiss for making it impossible to sleep, for putting her in this shitty situation, for being attractive and pigheaded and for arguing with her over everything. Because ...

"Because I have enough self-respect to not to make out with someone who just sees me as a human furnace," she growled through her teeth, that familiar anger keeping her focused, sharp.

Slowly, Weiss reached up and locked her arms behind Yang's neck. The blonde couldn't even pull away, frozen by shock and fury, trapped by surprise and rage.

"Yang, if I was fine with anyone, Ruby's bed is closer, and Blake's is practically on top of the heater." Tugging with her arms, Weiss pulled herself up towards Yang, rising until she could just press her lips to the side of the blonde's cheek. "I like you too, dolt."

The brawler blinked, the kiss setting off a roaring in her ears that had nothing to do with the small amount of pressure Weiss was putting on her neck. "What about you and Neptune?" she managed, grabbing onto that one last bit of debris before the girl beneath her could drag her down into the depths of this utter madness.

"The nice thing about asking an exchange student to a dance is the lack of drama. They leave at the end of the semester, so you can enjoy yourself without worrying about how to deal with them at the cafeteria in a month."

"So, you're not-"

"Yang, do you seriously think that I'm the kind of person who would crawl into your bed while dating someone else?"

"... no?"

Blue eyes narrowed as Weiss settled back against the mattress and glared daggers up at her, lips pursed. "Would you like to rephrase that answer?"

"... in my defense, I haven't been sleeping lately."

The anger faded a fraction. "Why is that?"

"Because you are incredibly, irritatingly, infuriatingly distracting."

"Oh," Weiss at least had the grace to look guilty, some of her annoyance ebbing as she looked up at Yang. "Sorry."

Rolling onto her side, the heiress tucker her arms against the blankets and wriggled her way towards the other side of the bed, making sure Yang had plenty of room behind her.

"Since you have trouble sleeping with me at your back."

Yang blinked, and almost robotically settled in beneath the covers, still half-expecting the other shoe to drop, to wake up to find herself alone, or worse, with Weiss sleeping soundly behind her. But Weiss stayed where she was, facing safely away from her, lying utterly, perfectly still. Tentative, Yang slipped in behind her, staying close but leaving a good inch between them.

Shifting slightly, Weiss turned her head back towards Yang, and angled her head up to kiss her. This time, Yang didn't try to jerk away, letting the other girl press against her, one delicate hand reaching up, fingers brushing against her jaw, the callouses from Myrtenaster rough against Yang's skin. She let the sensation take her, the feel of Weiss' lips on her own, the other's girl's taste on her tongue. Just a hint of mint, the flavor left by her toothpaste. It wasn't Yang's favorite flavor, but ... Yang had a feeling she could really grow to like the taste of spearmint.

Giving her one last peck on the lips, Weiss pulled away and rolled back onto her side, somehow managing to close the gap and press her back to Yang's chest.

"Good night, Yang," she sighed, shifting slightly as she settled in.

"... night Weiss."

Yang woke to find herself alone, lying by herself in a bed that felt disturbingly ... Empty, she realized, fingers knotting into fists as she cursed her own foolishness. Her idiotic imagination.

A small white shape popped up from the side of her bed, peering over the edge to stare at her. A towel lay draped across one shoulder, an unopened bottle of shampoo cradled under one arm. Slowly, Weiss turned to look at their sleeping roommates, listening first for Ruby then Blake, softly breathing against their respective pillows.

Satisfied that the two other girls were still asleep, Weiss leaned in and pressed her lips to Yang's, a short brief peck that still managed to make Yang's heart skip a beat before it resumed its frantic pounding in her chest.

"Good morning," the heiress said, pushing a stray lock of hair behind her ear, face still proud and somber.

"... yeah. Morning."

"See you at breakfast?"


With a nod, Weiss hopped off the bed and vanished out of sight. Yang heard the bathroom door click shut, followed by the low fizz and hum of the shower starting.

She spent the rest of the day in a stupor, her body following her routine without much thought, automatically shoveling food into her mouth while occasionally risking a glance at the perfectly normal-looking heiress across from her. If not for that morning's kiss, she would have sworn she'd dreamt the entire thing, that it had all been some lucid dream spawned by the furthest, most treacherous regions of her mind.

Weiss showed no signs of any distress, and after finishing her cereal, declared that she would be working the library and no, she did not want to be disturbed. Thankfully, it was Saturday, which meant that Yang could afford to spend hours staring blankly at the wall, her brain still trying to sort out the concept of dating the heiress. If they were dating.

... she was pretty sure they were dating. Or at least, that they were supposed to.

"Hey Yang, you gonna be here for a bit?" Ruby asked, poking her head into the room they shared.

"Probably," Yang grumbled back, pretending to be engrossed in the textbook laid out before her.

"Kay. When Weiss gets back, could you tell her I threw her laundry in with mine?"

"Sure, Ruby." Although that's pretty far down the list of things I want to say to her right now.

"And before she asks, yes, I made sure that the machine with her heating blanket was on the right setting."

Wait. What?

"Which blanket?"

"The heating one," Ruby said, looking exasperated at Yang's complete incomprehension. "The one that she leaves on all the time because our room gets so cold? She got me a red one as a present for my birthday.."

"... how long has she had it?"

"Dunno. She started using it at the end of September. Why?"

"No reason," Yang answered, her voice all too innocent, hands holding her book just a little too tight.

"... okay," Ruby shrugged and whisked out the door, leaving Yang alone with her thoughts, which at that moment, had turned to one very specific focus.

I am gonna kill her.

Writer's Note: Probably not my best work, but it was an idea that got stuck in my head over the last few days and I wanted to get it down. And yes, I know it's yet another of the X character sneaks into Y's bed fics, of which there are many. Either way, critiques and comments are always appreciated, and I'm interested to hear what people think of this one.