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Secret: For this story, I am going to be your host and authoress.

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Secret: Don't listen to her, she wanted to do this story, but her excellent yami wouldn't let her.

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Secret: get over it. Anyways, this is the story of my name, my boyfriend, and me.

Yami: Which is me. ^_^

Secret: Yes. ^_^ and it's going to switch back and forth between our POV's.

Me: Me too?

Secret: Maybe…

~*~Secret POV~*~

I could hear my hikari talking non-stop to Yugi. Blah blah blah. I was waiting for Yami to return from wherever he was. I thought that maybe I couldn't hear them in my soul room, but Faith was loud. (A/N: Faith is her name in English.) I decided 'whatever' and I came out.

"So then Kaiba and you are…" she smiled happily. "Yup!" "Wow…you and Kaiba…who would have thought of that?" "Hey!" "I didn't mean any offense. Oh hey Fai (pronounced 'Fay'). "'Lo. Is Yami here yet?" "Are you waiting for him?" Yugi could be so… 'Innocent' at times. "What do YOU think?" "Well, he actually has a cold…sort of. I don't know, but he is sick…"

My heart sank. "Oh…is he ok?" "Yeah, just a little sick." Yugi smiled. "Ok." I decided to go back into my soul room, while her and Yugi chatted on. She was good friends with Yugi, not to mention Kaiba. They had much in common. For example, their height, and both thought that colored hair was really cool. But she had different opinions of Kaiba. She called him 'seto-san'. She loved him more than anything. More than her own family…more than chocolate. I felt happy for her at times. She considered me her best friend, and I considered her mine too. I just never wanted her to know that.

I sighed. I got bored. I said good-bye to Yugi and to give him my respects to Yami. "Bye Fai. Don't worry, as soon as Yami's feeling better, I'll have him call you or something." "Thanks Yugi." I went back to my soul room. I could still hear my blabbermouth hikari talking. I wondered when we were going to go to sleep. I yawned. I really was tired. I missed Yami. I mean I saw him practically everyday. But any day without him was unbearable.

I remembered when we first found out about our previous lives. Him being the pharaoh, and me, his…that was the happiest day of my life. I could finally be with him again. We were so happy. We still are very happy. I hadn't noticed that the talking had stopped and Faith was shouting that we were home. I came out of my soul room.

"What?" "We're home!" "I heard…" "Come one Fai, can't you ever be nice? You were so rude to Yugi back there." "Well, when you've been waiting for hours for YOUR boyfriend and he doesn't show up, then talk to me." Faith smiled at me. She did that a lot. Anything out of my mouth was funny to her. I didn't understand it. She was so abnormal.

"I'm going to take a shower, you can go ahead and sleep if you want." I told her. I always took a shower before I slept. "That's what I was planning to do." "That's good then isn't it?" and I took a towel with me and went inside our bathroom. Before I turned on the water, I knew she wasn't sleeping. She was on the phone. That liar. Who was she talking to this late? "Is Seto-san there?" Ah. I figured it out. She was calling him, and obviously Mokuba had answered. What was Mokuba doing up this late? I shrugged it off and went back to my hot shower.

When I got out, Faith was reading a magazine. I looked at the cover. Some fashion magazine. She was always reading those. And more now ever since she got with Kaiba. I walked in the room and she eyed me. "What?" I asked. I got freaked. She never eyed me. "WHAT!" "You took 3 hours in there. Some people need to use the bathroom." "Why didn't you use the other one?" "It has plumbing problems." I knew she was lying. The thought hadn't occurred that we had another bathroom. She could be so stupid at times…ok so now I'm lying. She was usually stupid.

The phone rang. She immediately answered before the first ring even finished. "Hello?" She asked eagerly. I could tell she was expecting a call from Kaiba. "Huh? Who's Secret?" Uh-oh…I knew who it was. It was Pharaoh. "Give me that!" I grabbed the phone from her. "Hey!"

"Hello?" I called into the phone. "I am confused." A stuffy voice answered my hello. "Pharaoh? Is that you?" "Who was de (the) udder (other) girl?" "Yami! That was Faith…" "Oh." He said innocently. "Sounded like you. Dat's (That's) why I dalled (called) her Secred (Secret)." "Don't insult me." I said looking at my confused hikari eyeing me again. I decided to change the subject.

"Pharaoh, shouldn't you be in bed…resting?" "I dould (could) ask you de (the) same ding." "Get off Fa-I mean…SECRET. I am expecting a call." "Maybe I should do (go)…" "When you feel better, call again. I love you." "I love you doo (too). Farewell." He sneezed and hung up. "Why did he call you Secret?" "Because." "That explains a lot." "It's none of your business anyways." I retorted in reply to her sarcasm, and I retreated to my soul room.

At 3:00 am, we were finally going to sleep. I yawned again. But I could feel my hikari still wide-awake, sitting on her bed. I came out and greeted her. "What's wrong with you?" "Hi." She said simply. "Why aren't you sleeping?" "I'm thinking." I was amazed. She was giving up sleep, to THINK? "Really?" I said smugly.

"Don't push it yams. Tell me." "Tell you what?" "Why did he call you Secret? Is that your name?" I sighed. Was she ever going to let this go? "Faith…just forget about it." "No. I want to know." "Curiosity killed the cat you know." "No! Not Bakura!" "Geez…it's an expression." (A/N: our cat's name is Bakura.)

She blushed a little. "I knew that. But why won't you tell me?" "Because." "Stop with the 'because'. You know…" She started. "You know every little thing about me. And I don't even know your name. Why don't you ever tell me anything? Ryou even knows about his yami. And yami and Yugi are practically best friends. Why do you have to live behind a brick wall?" "I just don't want to tell." She sighed again, and turned her back to me. "Fine then. Have it your way."

Was she angry with me? Probably. But she'd come around. She could never stay angry with anyone for very long. Maybe I should tell her, I thought to myself. Why wasn't I telling her? Embarrassment? No it was nothing to be ashamed about. It'd be good to talk to someone about it. I decided I would. God knows why, because I certainly don't.

"Yama…" My nickname for her. "What?" "Now you're speaking to me?" "What do you want Fai?" "Would you like to know…about…the past?" I said while avoiding her eyes. "NOW you wanna tell me?" "Don't be stubborn. Do you want to know or not?" "Okay!" she jumped and caused me to jump. "Heh…sorry Fai." She blushed and rubbed the back of her neck. I smirked. "The name…is Secret."

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