Army of Deception

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Summary: Soldiers with no reason left to fight and no one to obey, seeking a new purpose, find a new war to join and a new lord to lead them. If Lelouch could build a rebellion from a mediocre resistance cell and challenge a third of the world, what might he be capable of with an Army of Decepticlones at his command? AU, CG Xover with Transformers 2004 PS2 game.

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Data Log of High Command Unit Ulax:

WARNING: All texts and dates translated to [Earth Language: English] and [Earth Calendar: a.t.b./Ascension Throne Britannian]

Date: November 5, 1975 a.t.b.

Lord Megatron has been terminated by Autobot Commander: Optimus Prime.

All Decepticon Commanders have been terminated.

Last Orders: Locate Minicons and Destroy Autobots.

Assessment: Intelligence dictates that Autobots will return for remaining Minicons. Intelligence also dictates that the most probable action of Autobots is to disable and/or terminate all Decepticlones.

Conclusion: Termination is not desired. All forces are to terminate as many Autobots as capable.


Date: January 21, 1976 a.t.b.

All remaining Minicons have been acquired by Autobots.

Autobot signals have departed from Earth. Return, improbable.

Unicron Destroyed. Remaining Decepticlone Forces have evacuated Cybertron and are converging to Earth. Cybertron is now under Autobot authority. Earth is no longer Autobot concern.

Assessment: Final orders are now impossible. Purpose is Unknown.

Conclusion: We have no purpose. Self-Destruct is logical but undesired. Continue with present routines.


Date: January 25, 1976 a.t.b.

Intelligent Earth Inhabitants [Humans] are now aware of our presence. [Humans] have located remains of Decepticlones, Autobots, and Decepticons in several areas. Confrontation may be inevitable. Locations of bases are still unknown to humans.

Weapons/Technology Threat: Medium.

[Human] Numbers: Population in billions, Heavily Fractured Groupings, Military numbers in the millions.

Current Decepticlone Numbers: 15,493 Light Units, 5,153 Medium Units, 1,121 Heavy Units, 511 Aerial Fighter Units, 321 Aerial Sniper Units, 240 Command Units, 2758 Dropships, 110 Artillery Units, 105 Roll-Arm Units, 350 Guerrilla Units, 243 Scouts Units, 355 Spider Units, 10 High Command Units. Total Forces: 27770. Factories can be built to increase numbers daily.

Probable Outcome: Inferior size of [Human] lifeforms greatly reduced numerical advantage. No unified leadership reduces numerical advantage. If Energon Substitute Converters do not fail, [Human] forces devastated beyond means counterattacks within 2.5 Earth Resolutions.

Decepticlone Casualties: High.

Engagement: Pointless.

Assessment: We have no leader. High Command Units are unable to produce on a new purpose for Decepticlone Army. High Command Units lack desires, visions, and other high functions of sentience. Simulation of Lord Megatron's likely actions are possible but deemed pointless by High Command Units. Confrontation with [Humans] is inevitable unless evacuation of Earth commences.

Evacuation: Pointless.

Conclusion: Self-Termination is still undesired.

A new leader is required.


Date: January 28, 1976 a.t.b

All currently terrestrial Decepticlones are evacuating and dismantling bases in destination local designated as: Alaska, South America and Easter Island.
Non-Terrestrial Destination: All Decepticlones in orbit are to go into stasis on the dark side of the Earth's satellite. Satellite is synchronized in orbit with planet, making observation of dark side impossible by current [Human] technology.

Terrestrial Destination: Antarctica. Stasis Bunker is being prepared from material from dismantled bases. Surplus Material shall be stored for future use.

Observation: [Humans] communicate over distances by way of radio wave transmitters and other primitive devises.

Difficulty to monitor globally: None at all.

Current Information Gathered: All former bases were located within the boundaries of a single country: Holy Britannian Empire.

Reevaluation: Early outcome prediction was likely off due to all our forces being within the boundaries of one entity.

If fellow [Human] countries brought immediate support: Decepticlone defeat would have been more probable.

Without immediate support: [Human] devastation would have been probable.

Continued Information: Cybertronian remains have been confiscated by a family of high standing within Holy Britannian Empire. [Surname]: Ashford.

Conclusion: All units will enter stasis. Human activities will be monitored while in stasis.


Date: July 4, 1984 a.t.b

[Humans] are advancing technologically. The Ashford [Humans], through their scientists, have been attempting to tap into Cybertronian Technology via the remains. Autobot remains were all retrieved by Autobots before departure. Many Decepticon remains were also retrieved by either side, or completely destroyed in battle. Only viable remaining specimen is Tidal Wave. Salvage is possible, but underwater location has not been found by [Humans]. Starship has also remained un-located. [Alaska] is largely uninhabited and unmonitored, as pre-invasion scans indicated.

Majority of Decepticlone remains were left un-retrieved. [Humans] have not managed to hack into any memory boards or data files. Reverse engineering is slow. Threat level is growing, but slowly.

[Humans] have also generated a new form of communicating, storing information, entertainment and other functions. Designations: Internet or World Wide Web.

Difficulty to Monitor Internet: None at all.

Difficulty to Hack Cyber Defenses: Minimal at Best

Difficulty to Sort through Pointless Information: Increasing Daily.

Holy Britannia Empire is growing aggressive. Actions and behaviors of these [Humans] share similarity with redcorded Cybertronian behavior during and prior to the war.

Assessment: Lord Megatron held an extreme dislike for organic lifeforms such as these. However, analysis of communication indicated that overall behavior of these creatures is not dissimilar from Cybertronian.

Conclusion: Decepticlone Army has no preference on what its leader is, only on their capabilities. Will continue Monitoring.


Date: December 6, 2000 a.t.b.

Threat Level: Elevated.

The Ashford [Humans] have managed to create an offshoot of a Cybertronian that can be piloted by [humans] that is being mass produced by Holy Britannian Empire. Abilities are not yet significant. Speed is impressive due to wheeled-feet designs. These are titled Knightmare Frames. Our simulations predict Lord Megatron would have approved of such a name. Knightmares run on a substance called Sakuradite, possibly a new form of Energon mixed with earth minerals. Substance is labeled as rare, and value is probable to increase if Knightmare become common in militaries.

Notable Pilot: Marianne vi Britannia, a [Consort] of the leader of Holy Britannian Empire, Charles zi Britannia; Titled 'The Flash' for aforementioned Speed. Formerly the 'Knight of Two': Meaning of title is that she was officially the second strongest warrior of her country. Title was receded after marriage to her leader, per their customs. Communication monitoring of 'Nobles', families of inherited high standing, in Holy Britannia Empire indicates she is held in poor standing by them for not being born a 'Noble'.

Assessments: Nobles seem to be prone to illogic. Royals, on the other hand, are often savage and cunning, as they are the leading family of the country. Records indicate that the changing of leadership is often a violent affair, either heirs killing each other or heirs killing their leader first, than possibly their siblings. Current heirs are all young, violent fighting for the right to rule is unlikely to take place for many resolutions.

Side Note: Marianne vi Britannia created a male child named Lelouch yesterday.

Gathered Information: Analysis shows that Holy Britannian Empire is one of three main powers. Rivaling factions are European Union and Chinese Federation. European Union is physically the largest, but has the most splintered form of governing.

European Union: [Democracy]. Appears to be many smaller countries in a mass alliance for protection.

Chinese Federation: False [Monarchy]. Officially has one ruler. Unofficially a group of adviser designated as High Eunuchs are in control of much of the country.

Holy Britannian Empire: [Monarchy]. Ruled by supreme leader, delegating as much or as little responsibility as desired. Leader has absolute command.

Analysis of historical records shows that Holy Britannia Empire has a precedent of creating the most ambitious and intelligent commanders.

Illogic of Nobles Resolved: Majority of nobles are descendants of great warrior and leaders. While logic of descendants replicating ancestors' achievements is not unsound in theory, in practice it has shown to be disproved with success unlikely. However, Royal Family has precedent of having both great and inept commanders and leaders.

Conclusion: The most probable candidates for a new leader is of a [Human] from Holy Britannia Empire. Most probable place within Holy Britannia Empire: Royal Family.

However, High Command Units must come to unanimous agreement on vote of new leader. Charles zi Britannia, leader of Holy Britannian Empire, is currently sole candidate.

Vote: 5:5

Logic for negative vote: Charles zi Britannia is becoming increasing uninvolved commanding his dominion beyond targeting of a country. Such noninvolvement is an undesired quality.

Logic Accepted

Will continue to monitor Royal Family for possible candidates and [Human] activities in general.


Date: April 15, 2008 a.t.b.

Monitoring of Royal Family has revealed three additional candidates for leadership:

Schneizel el Britannia: Age, 18. Brilliant intelligence. Scans of photos and videos show that his smiles are very convincing fakes 90% of the time. Recently gained the title of "Prime Minister", a high standing title in [Human] governments, a second or third in command normally.

Cornelia li Britannia: Age, 18. Ruthless warrior and excellent as a potential field commanding according to her military education and war simulations. Currently serving as guard to Marianne vi Britannia.

Lelouch vi Britannia: Age, 8. Highly intelligent youth. Hacked satellites and cameras have monitored real and virtual matches between him and numerous people in a strategic [Human] game known as Chess, a zero-sum game. Victory Ratio: 99.5% against opponents. Primary and repeated loses against Schneizel el Britannia and Charles zi Britannia. Games literal applicability to war scenarios: low. However, [Human] precedent does show skill in chess can indicate a skill in winning wars and battles.

Hypothesis: Chess has an abstract relation to real war scenarios that is beyond the current grasp of the High Command Units.

Conclusion: Further time and data is need before hosting a vote.

Anomaly: Green haired [Human] female has been detected in the area of Aries Villa. No record of Noble or Soldier matching these features. May warrant investigation.


Date: October 10, 2010 a.t.b.

Threat Level: Elevated.

Holy Britannian Empire has conquered a nation titled Japan. Analysis shows that most Sakuradite sources known by [Humans] is located in the island country. Knightmare Frames have become successful and monitoring of Chinese Federation and European Union already shows intents of emulating the weapons to their own designs.

Power of Holy Britannian Empire: Advancing rapidly.

Reevaluation: Confrontation with [Humans] increasing favors the outcome of our destruction.

Further Information: Marianne vi Britannia has been assassinated. Children of Marianne vi Britannia, Lelouch vi Britannia and Nunnally vi Britannia, survive encounter. Nunnally vi Britannia has lost the function of her eyes and legs. Lelouch vi Britannia unharmed physically. Both were sent to Japan by Charles zi Britannia, prior to beginning of the war. No attempt to retrieve them. Presumed Dead.

Candidate: Charles zi Britannia

Vote: 0:10

Logic: His lack of response to an attack of his family indicates he is either involved or cares nothing for those near or under him, even in terms of capabilities. Discarding of a value warrior is unbecoming of a leader. All monitoring shows no indication this was planned by Charles zi Britannia nor was Marianne vi Britannia planning a coup. We must conclude he is unfit for leadership.

Logic Accepted.

Further Information: The [Human] Ashfords have lost their titles as Nobles due to the death of Marianne vi Britannia. Plans indicate they intend to move to Japan, now known as Area 11, as they have an education facility there.

Also, information is conflicting. Official reports are that the people of Japan killed Lelouch vi Britannia and Nunnally vi Britannia. Yet, there was no indication of such an order. Further, bombers of Holy Britannian Empire were to target a location known as the Kururugi Shrine, where it was known to Charles zi Britannia that the two heirs would be housed.

Verdict: Charles zi Britannia, or someone close to him in rank, attempted to have his children terminated.

Hypothesis: Lelouch vi Britannia may not be dead, as a body was never recovered. Nunnally vi Britannia's survivability is questionable.

If the former is still functioning, likely course of action: Seek Ashford. If Lelouch vi Britannia is aware of the attempt on his life, he will likely not desire to be found. The [Human] Ashfords were allies of his before the death of Marianne vi Britannia. Higher chance of shelter and secrecy from them than elsewhere.

Unrelated: Candidates Schneizel el Britannia and Cornelia li Britannia both show capabilities as leaders. However, both are possibly involved with the aforementioned assassination. Cornelia li Britannia was the head guard and no guard deaths were reported. Schneizel el Britannia was spotted by surveillance taking the corpse away after the investigation.

Candidate: Cornelia li Britannia

Vote: 6:4

Logic: Lack of field experience and if she is uninvolved in the assassination than the failure to even get intelligence on assassins indicates possible incompetence.

Logic Accepted

Candidate: Schneizel el Britannia

Vote: 8:2

Logic: ...We do not trust him.

Logic Denied

Elaboration: Schneizel el Britannia has a distinct lack of attachment to his own race and is able to hide it expertly while making himself appear benevolent. This capability and disposition makes it likely he would terminate the High Command Units at earliest convenience and take control of the army himself. Alternative would be that he would terminate the army entirely and assimilate the technology into his own forces, removing all sentience from future models if not outright making based upon needing a pilot.

Termination is undesired.


Conclusion: Several highly intact Decepticlone remains are in process of being transported to Japan/Area 11 by [Human] Ashfords. Will continue monitoring for survival of Candidate Lelouch vi Britannia.


Date: August 16, 2012 a.t.b.

Lelouch vi Britannia and Nunnally vi Britannia confirmed as still functioning.

Location: Enrolled at Education Facility: Ashford Academy, located within Area 11. Most probably that Candidate and Nunnally vi Britannia have resided there for some time. Currently using false designations of Lelouch Lamperouge and Nunnally Lamperouge. Prior to becoming Charles zi Britannia's consort, Marianne vi Britannia's original designation was Marianne Lamperouge. This information is not secret.

Holy Britannian Empire made no valid effort to locate Lelouch vi Britannia or Nunnally vi Britannia, and they made no effort to return home.

Further Information: Military moves of the Holy Britannian Empire have no logic for victory. Specific locations are targeted, but more vital areas are captured only as a means to ends. True targets are only shared with the highest in commands, but reasons are still unknown. European Union has declared war on Holy Britannian Empire, yet Holy Britannian Empire does not focus a sufficient amount of force or skilled commanders to European Union. War is at a stalemate. No planned attempts to flank or cripple enemy in long term.

Probability of Charles zi Britannia being inept due to advancing age or mental defect: 1.2%

Hypothesis: Victory is not Charles zi Britannia's goal. Will investigate into areas targeted for connection

Potentially related: Sensors indicate aerial vehicles have been alternating travels between Holy Britannia Empire and Chinese Federation. However, no records of these flights exists in either country, nor are the owners of the vehicles known.

Alliance between the two entities is unlikely at this time.

Most Probable Scenarios: Stolen weapons are being transported to Chinese Federation or Holy Britannian Empire is constructing a base in secret in Chinese Federation.

Further Information: Strange yet identical energy readings have been located in the capital of Holy Britannian Empire, designated as Pendragon, and a location in the Gobi Desert of the Chinese Federation.

Coincidence: Highly Improbable.



Green haired anomaly from four resolutions previous has been sighted in Area 11/Japan. Further, a proper image of her face has allowed for a proper recognition scan.

Anomaly: Green haired [Human] has appeared in several images over the last century, all with her unchanged in age. Further scan indicates records of a green haired and golden eyed female in obscure mentions throughout recent history.

Hypothesis: None. All that is known is that this female does not age. She potentially can regenerate, as several accounts of her in writing claim that she was mutilated several times. How is not known; [Human] technology cannot fully overcome their physical, organic limitations. Life expectancy is, at most, a hundred resolutions. Their bodies are often frail. Subject may not be [Human] but further information is required.

Conclusion: Does not appear to be attempting communication or harm with Candidate Lelouch vi Britannia, or is not aware of his location yet. Unsure of how to classify the Anomaly. Few recorded names listed. Earliest is a [Slave] designated as: Clecia Mary. Anomaly shall be current designation.

Original Conclusion: Will continue monitoring Candidate Lelouch vi Britannia's habits and investigate in other matters.


Date: March 29, 2014 a.t.b.

We have many answers now.

First: Lelouch vi Britannia has sustained himself and Nunnally vi Britannia by [Gambling] on chess games he participates in with nobles in the local region. Large percentage of this funds their enrollment and shelter at Ashford Academy. Nunnally vi Britannia's lack of sight and motor functions makes her education more expensive and difficult but not impossible. However, remaining funds is split between a small portion going into a personal account and most going into a larger, secret account.

The history of his laptop shows he keeps himself very aware and knowledgeable about three pieces of news: Holy Britannian Empire's situation at whole, terrorist attacks in Area 11/Japan and potential sympathizers of Holy Britannian Empire's conquered and remaining enemies.

First Conclusion: Lelouch vi Britannia is planning to annihilate his birth country or terminate Charles zi Britannia and take the throne himself.

Second: Anomaly has not been sighted in any disguise in 0.25 Earth Resolutions. Clovis la Britannia, Holy Britannian Empire's region leader for Area 11/Japan, has a new secret project, kept fairly unknown and all information is in highly secure computers that are kept completely disconnected from the World Wide Web. Is officially known as Code R, a project related to poison gas. Hacking took several hours, but is complete.

Information of Code R: All information is what we had previously obtained, confirming she is un-aged by centuries. However, there is one new piece of information: Anomaly is immortal, and can regenerate from any injury.

Second Conclusion: Clovis la Britannia discovered the Anomaly and is attempting to experiment on her in secret to gain Immortality himself. Unknown if this could evolve into a threat. Will monitor Code R's progress and findings.

Third: Cross referencing unique terms and designation in past accounts of the Anomaly have revealed an unknown term that is used in several rare instances: Geass. Cross referencing the term globally has brought three results. Two of which are a [folklore] from a region close to the originally region of Holy Britannian Empire and a lake in a country designation as: Norway. Relations to the first is unlikely to be significant, but the first may be related.

The third, however, is improbable to not be related. Some unknown variable designated as: Geass Order. Origin of term was a single message detected within the personal laptop of Charles zi Britannia. It was deleted the instant after it was read, but we managed to secure a copy before a program could erase it permanently. Message originated from the Gobi Desert, informing Charles zi Britannia of successful assassinations.

Sender was designated as: VV and addressed Charles zi Britannia as "Charles". Using the given name of the Leader of Holy Britannian Empire without title is highly prohibited by official social protocols, more so when speaking as an official.

Third Conclusion: The earlier conclusion that Holy Britannian Empire was producing a base in Gobi Desert was correct. Lack of signals into or out of Gobi Desert suggests that its existence is heavily guarded and highly secret. Probability that Geass Order was responsible for the Assassination of Marianne vi Britannia is fairly high. The Unknown designated as VV is likely emotionally close to Charles zi Britannia. Location and hacking of Geass Order is a priority. How the Anomaly is related to the Geass Order is still unclear.

Four: Chinese Federation is completely under control of High Eunuchs since the termination of the previous leader. His successor, Jiang Lihua, is too young and inexperienced to lead. Potential Chinese Candidate, Li Xingke, dismissed due to health issues.

Similarly, Candidate Cornelia li Britannia has gained successful field experience.

Vote: 9:1

Logic: Lack of ambition. Mindset is similar to Commander Shockwave: Unquestioningly loyal, but no desire to be the absolute commander, seeking only the glory of his leader and his cause. Her as Decepticlone Leader would mean obeying her own leader: Charles zi Britannia. Most probable successor for Charles zi Britannia: Schneizel el Britannia.

Logic Accepted

Fourth Conclusion: Our most probable leader is Candidate Lelouch vi Britannia.

Five: Scenario of Lelouch vi Britannia as Leader.

Lelouch vi Britannia appears competent and resilient. Mindset is even similar to Lord Megatron's when he first began the Decepticon cause.

Issue: With Lelouch vi Britannia as leader, the probable outcome is being at war with Holy Britannian Empire. The odds of victory in such a scenario are remote.

Test of Competency: Each of High Command Units have previously hacked virtual games of Chess that Lelouch vi Britannia activated. They have simulated Lord Megatron's strategy in such an activity.

Results: 10 or 11 victories in favor of Lelouch vi Britannia.

Explanation: High Command Unit Calon, having studied Lelouch's strategy extensively, managed to prolong a match for many hours before Lelouch vi Britannia was forced to quit. However, High Command Unit Calon concedes that Lelouch vi Britannia would have won, but Calon could not forfeit without raising suspicion as that is not a routine option of a computer AI in such a game. As such, he dictates the match should be considered victory for Lelouch vi Britannia or not factored in at all.

Vote of Continued Candidacy:


Logic: Termination is not desired. Desire for a goal outweighs that desire. A leader is needed for a new goal. All choices lead to probable termination. The only option that does not is to flee earth.

Desire to flee: None

Continued Logic: If all options share probable risk of termination in battle, than it should not be a factor. Direct termination by candidate is differing matter. We were created for war.

Logic Accepted

Fifth Conclusion: Candidate is not yet ready to become leader.

Six: True purpose of Holy Britannia Empire's conquests remains unclear. Relation to Geass Order is probable. Only shared characteristics of true targets are ruins, but the uniqueness of these ruins is unclear as well as Earth has many similar ruins such as these.

Sixth Conclusion: Charles zi Britannia's goals are probable to be both in line with those of the Geass Order and to not be for the benefit of his country.

Final Conclusion: We may be running out of time. Charles zi Britannia's goals seem to rely on certain ruins. Without awareness of the specifics of his plans or of the number of these ruins he intends to claim, we cannot be certain how close to completing his goal he is. And his goal is probable to be detrimental to the desires of Candidate Lelouch vi Britannia.


Date: July 21, 2016 a.t.b.

Resistance in region known as Area 11/Japan remains at high levels, higher than other territories of Holy Britannian Empire. Area 11/Japan will not submit as a whole and Holy Britannian Empire will not terminate entire population due to desire to have a labor force in the region. Clovis la Britannia is ineffective as a leader of an unstable region.

Assessment: Condition of Area 11/Japan is both beneficial and a potential risk. Candidate Lelouch vi Britannia is probably to both believe it necessary and within his desires to have a [Human] fighting force. It is not outside of sentient logic to desire to fight alongside one's own race. Alliance with [Human] enemies of Holy Britannia Empire could prove beneficial for victory and long term survival.

However, such activities are a hazard to his functionality. Lelouch vi Britannia is our most probable candidate for leadership. Our forces on the Earth's Satellite and in stasis in Antarctica are all of significant distance from Area 11/Japan. If Candidate is voted as leader, he may be terminated before our forces may reach him.

Request: Send small force of two dropships, each containing a full shipment of medium units, along with three command units, and four Aerial Sniper Units to be sent to region of Area 11/Japan to act as guards and forward forces until main forces can arrive.

Inquiry: Why three commanders for only two shipment of troops?

Response: Assassin and Bodyguard.

Vote: 10/0

Request Approved: Activating troops and loading supplies of Energon-substitutes and area-cloaking generator. Preparing to hack human radars to prevent detection of Decepticlone Dropships.

Further Information: Still no success in locating Geass Order base. Clovis La Britannia's Code R experiments have shown few results.

Unrelated: Anomaly is suffering severe injuries as a result of experiments. Purpose of experiments seems meaningless beyond observation of what they already are aware of.

Conclusion: Forces will arrive in Area 11/Japan within 0.083 Resolution. Further, [Humans] appear to have a curiosity that is potential cruel in nature.

Issues: None.

Hypothesis: [Human] phrase: "Curiosity killed the cat" may not refer to a curious [feline], but of a [Human] being curious of a [feline].


Date: August 10, 2017 a.t.b

Report from Command Unit Carthon

Location: Forest designated as: Aokigahara.

One earth revolution has passed since we were stationed at this area. Resupplying is not required. Minimal activity despite being in proximity to large deposit of Sakuradite, designated as: Mount Fuji. Our exact location is on opposite side of region relative to the geological structure. Suspect that [Human] sentries do not enter beyond a certain distance within the forest. Local [folklores] give [Humans] an illogical fear of this area. Local codename for location: Forest of Suicide.

Codename is accurate. Have detected several self-terminated [Humans] in the previous revolution. Self-Termination is undesired.

However, the forest lacks many lifeforms, causing monitoring and guarding to be much more efficient. Sonar detectors are vastly more effective in this area than in normal situations. Energon-Substitute consumption low. [Human] radar is unable to detect us while cloaked, regardless of assistance of hacking by High Command Units. [Humans] rarely come within distance of cloaking field range, and none appeared suspicious of its presence.

Situation: Anomaly has been stolen by native resistant warriors of Area 11/Japan. They are not aware of her. They are only aware of the official description of Code R: Chemical Weaponry that is both poisonous and gaseous. Forces of Holy Britannia Empire are in pursuit of fleeing natives.

Facial recognition reveals that Candidate Lelouch vi Britannia, in company of another education attendant, designated as: Rivalz Cardemonde, is in the process of returning to Ashford Academy from gambling.

Probability of paths crossing: Increasing by the second, as distance between fleeing natives and Lelouch vi Britannia appear to be shrinking.

Permission to monitor situation on scene granted by High Commander Units.

Troops: Activate.

Medium Units: Board Dropships.

Aerial Sniper Units: Transport cloaking field to the top of dropship. Ride on deck of dropships to destination with Command Units.

Attempting to reach location undetected by [Human] optics, organic or nonorganic. Cloaking not designed for mobile use. Probability of shield maintaining 360 degrees of cover is minimal. Generator's consumption rate of Energon-Substitutes will be elevated by an estimated factor of three. High chance of failure, but no consequences of attempting failing deviate from the consequence of attempting entry without cloaking.

[Human] phrase: "Doesn't hurt to try."

Decepticlones: Moving out.


In a clearing of the densely packed trees of Aokigahara, within a field of invisibility, one would find a grouping of nineteen large humanoid robots, along with two long dropships. All of the humanoids were in a compact crouching position at the center of the clearing, before they suddenly came to life and stood upright, coming to life in an instant as the engine of the dropships started.

The Medium Units, designated by their black and orange armor, were a little over thirteen feet in height and their orange head possessed a green visor, shaped like an upside-down T. Each of them had a weapon, similar to a rifle and proportionate to their side. There was a total of twelve of them.

The Aerial Snipers were smaller, standing at about eleven feet tall, with red and yellow armor. For its small head, it had one, large, circular optic. In place of a hand, it had a laser for a right arm. On its back were three wing-like structures: two near the sides that moved up and down for angling, and a middle fin for directional control. Below these were two small jets. The group consisted of four of these.

The Command Units were the tallest and most intimidating of the machines. They were a silver-grey and towered over most Knightmares at twenty-one feet. A missile launcher was in place of its right shoulder, just as for a left hand it had a large, long sword with a gap down the middle. Its head was surprisingly humanoid with two optic units on what was shaped in the general shape of a head. Only three of these beasts were present.

The two dropships were large, flat-topped vehicles that very much defied gravity. They were thirty feet tall and sixty feet long, or nearly ninety feet if one were to count the thrusters in the rear. Each one had four hatches, two on each side, for troops to enter and disembark. The dropships seemed to float almost weightlessly, each of the two large red-brown engines having what appeared to be three thrusters aiming backwards for forward motion and two more set on the bottom to assist the two additional thrusters under the nose of the dropship at keeping it airborne. Despite the ignition, the glowing blue lights of the thrusters gave off little noise and had nearly no disturbance on the ground beneath them. Between the two engines was a cargo space for normally carrying larger troops. In this case, it was for actual cargo.

One held a large metal container filled with Energon-substitute, AKA fuel, and the other was about to have the cloaking generator placed on it, a relatively short and stout device with a glass-like covering that had a blue-white light sparkling within it. As the snipers took flight and moved the generator onto the empty cargo space, the medium units all huddled into either of the transports, half each. The command units, meanwhile, jumped on top of the ships, two on the generator-carrying ship and one on the other.

All of this and the device was secured within two minutes, upon which the dropships all started hovering out of the tree line and took off towards Tokyo. The Dropships weren't built for great speed, but they would be in the last known location of Lelouch Vi Britannia within an hour.

Ten minutes into the flight, the cloak holding steady for the moment, the currently lead command unit of the group, designated as Carthon, raised his head slightly as he received an update from the High Command Units. Lelouch vi Britannia and Rivalz Cardemonde were nearly run over by the stolen vehicle containing the Anomaly. The terrorists had avoided that, but had crashed themselves into a construction area. The candidate had decided to investigate the situation and had been unintentionally brought with the rebels when they tried to continue fleeing in the vehicle.

Their best candidate for a leader might be dead before they could reach him.

Carthon sent a suggestion back to the High Command Units: When additional Decepticlone manufacturing begins, increase speed capacity of dropships.

Chapter Status: Completed

There you all have it, the dawning of a war with Lelouch in control of a much stronger and loyal force. Now for clarification. This is obviously mostly based upon the Transformers 2004 game, a favorite of mine. If you all don't know it, just look up Decepticlones and you should find their article on the tfwiki.

However, there are other elements to it. For instance, I gave them a cloaking feild generator. My in-verse reasoning is that they never were able to make any use of these because the Autobots were almost always right on thier tails where ever they went- and its kind of experimental, hence the whole 'not designed for motion' deal. I also gave them Energon-substitutes, since I figure they have ways of making a suitible replacement from other materials. And I mention other Decepticons that weren't in the game, like Shockwave.

Now, onto the Decepticlones themselves. There's no offical size listed for them, so I had to make best guesses. However, Optimus Prime, in the game, was apparently seven meters tall, so I based all my estimates around that. Medium Units are about average Knightmare size while Command units are notably taller. And the Dropships have to be AT LEAST that long. I may have actually undersized them a little.

On the altered history I've displayed here, I took a bit from the Micheal Bay movies: human technology and knightmares having been significantly based on Cybertronian bodies. Hence partially why they were able to keep hacking into everything for information without being noticed. I also did the whole Dark of the Moon bit.

However, they are NOT going to be indomitable against the Knightmares. I won't explain how, but the Knightmares have a few advantages they don't. Also, I gave Lelouch over 25,000 of them, but seeing as these guys took over Cybertron and flooded the streets, I probably made this a bit too small in numbers.

Also, there are no real High Command Units: I made them up for this fic. However, they do serve an important purpose: They speak for all of the Decepticlones.

Personally, I believe that Decepticlones have some level of sentience, varying per type. They plan, react, jump in surprise, dodge, run for cover, and some will run around in panick when stuck with a sticky bomb. That implies that while they have some level of individual awareness and desire to survive.

My point being that the Decepticlones do not wish to die simply because they lost and have no purpose now. And that is where most of their sentiency shows so far. They would rather seek a new purpose. They don't care what it is and can't think of one on their own, so they decide to focus finding on a new leader: One that is capable, but isn't likely to scrap them of their sentience. That is why the vote has to be unanimous, to make sure they make the right choice as each High Command Unit looks at a situation a bit differently. Lelouch they like because not only is he brilliant, but isn't likely to have them destroyed so he can just take their technology.

As for their hacking and knowledge: They have access to the entire internet and can connect to any device. Finding information is not hard, and they're robots, so scanning and comparing it is similarly not hard. So, it makes sense that they would be somewhat aware of even the most obscure of knowledge and put together century old puzzles. So, when they got suspicious of CC, they looked into her. And thank to that, they are aware of the Geass Order. They are VERY good at information gathering.

Lastly, onto the layout of this chapter. I personally loved writing in this technical style for the Decepticlones, but I know viewers might not like it. Don't worry, this should be one of the only chapters that is composed entirely of it.

Hope you all enjoyed it. Next up will have the Shinjuku Skirmish, and you'll all have ot just wait and see how this battle will be changed by the pressence of the Decepticlones. Anyway, Review and tell me what ya think of this setup.