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It's been one and a half years since that New Year, and I've just graduated from high school. I'm turning eighteen next month.

I had decided long before New Years' that I couldn't join the gang full-time, but things have changed a bit. I still hang out with them a lot, but I don't join in any illegal action. It's like how Gwen is, except I'm around more.

I'm going to college in the fall, but only a local one. I don't really want to leave Toronto, and besides, I have most of my friends around.

Sammy worked hard in the last year of school and can go to college if she wants, but she decided to move in with the gang for now. It seems like her relationship with Duncan is on even keel, unlike it was with Courtney. She says that basically, as long as they don't try to tell each other what to do, things are all cool. It seems as if after that celebration when Courtney defended Sammy against Amy, they became friendly. Courtney later told me that she still thought Sammy was a bit shallow, but for some reason, once she got over the break-up, she stopped having much of a problem with her (at that point, she insisted that it was nothing to do with her being jealous at the time).

Jasmine's decided to take a gap year travelling around the world. She wants to explore, and so far, she's only done the outback. She's promised to keep in touch, but I'll just be glad if she arrives back in Canada healthy. If she comes back at all – she's applied for several international colleges for next year already.

I'm still dating Scott, although he's changed a bit from how he was when we met. I persuaded him to do some more wood carvings and sell them, and he finally did. They don't make much, but it means the gang's heists are slightly less frequent. He's still into making trouble and breaking rules, and sometimes watching uncomfortable scenes, but not so much. And no matter what's changed, the one thing that hasn't is the way he makes me feel. He was disappointed when I admitted that I wasn't going to join them full-time, but to compensate, I started sleeping over nearly every weekend once I turned seventeen. I did tell my parents after that age, because they'd started to relax a bit more on the rules and I made it clear that it was a shared house and I knew everyone in it. However, I didn't tell them that whenever I slept over, I shared Scott's bed, even when we didn't do anything (which had been once in the last eighteen months). I also didn't tell them that we'd already gone the whole way, and afterwards, I felt totally over what had happened. I counted that night as my true first time.

I'm on okay terms with the rest of the gang. Since I'm so close to Sammy, she tells me everything about the gang, and so I know that they're all okay with me, too.

Duncan still teases me sometimes, but he's pretty cool with me hanging around. I don't mind him teasing me – it's just something he does a lot. I usually just roll my eyes and laugh.

I'm still very good friends with Courtney. She's less involved with the gang than she was, and even got a job, but she's still living with them and goes on heists. She's sworn off guys for the moment, and seems happy single. She's completely over things now.

When Gwen's around, I'm still on good terms with her. She's about to start her third year at art college, and gave me some advice on how to make friends and keep up with my classes when I start.

Heather's her usual ice queen self. She's not nice to me, but she's not mean, either. She's just...Heather. I've gotten used to her. She's still with Alejandro, for now. He's kept to his word about not flirting with other girls. And speaking of which...

It still took me about a month after New Years' before I could completely forgive Alejandro. But knowing he genuinely regretted it and wouldn't do something like that again made it easier. I soon understood what Courtney meant when she said she could talk to him about anything, and he'd listen and know what reaction was wanted. Once, when I was having a total meltdown over end-of-semester exams, it was Alejandro who let me vent and then helped me to calm down, pointing out reasons why I was overreacting completely – I'd done the study, I knew the material...there was no reason why I should freak out. It wasn't that no one else was supportive or anything, but no one else could have made me see that so easily. Even if they had made the same points, there was just something in the way Alejandro reasoned things that made it sound more convincing. It was the first time he'd used his persuasiveness for a selfless reason around me, and after that...well, I wasn't scared of him any more. A few times after that, if I had a problem that I was sure no one else would understand, I'd go to him, and he never seemed to mind.

"I took Psychology at high school," he explained to me when I asked, "And my father was a diplomat. I've been honing the skill of saying what people want to hear since childhood. And despite my flaws...I can be a good person if I try."

So that's where I am now with the gang. To think, now I'm nearly eighteen, but nearly three years ago, I was the same shy scared sheltered fifteen-year-old girl that was locked up in the warehouse and held for ransom. Now, there's no way I would be scared of any of them.

So that's me. Brooklyn Celia Durfree, seventeen years and eleven months old, girlfriend of Scott, friend of a criminal gang. Sure, it may not seem like something conventional, but who cares? I'm happy – what else matters?

The End

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