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Chapter 1


I can't believe that man he asks me out on a date and then stood me up. The worst part is that the next day, I found out from Connie, that he was seen at Pino's with Terri Gilman. I was on a warpath. In a fit of rage l was driving like mad women to the police station. I pulled into the parking lot when a thought occurred to me, if he wants to string me along and cheat on me then why can't I do the same thing.

Now all I needs is a man to make this plan work. I needed to check in with Connie and see if there was any filing that needed to be done at the bonds office. So I aimed my car in that direction. As I pulled up to the front of the office I noticed a shiny new black 450 truck park out front. Of course there was no parking on the street so I pulled around back and park. I came in through the back door and I could hear Connie talking to someone, my initial thought was that she was on the phone, but as I walked around the corner I saw the most gorgeous man that had ever walked the planet standing in front of her desk. I had no idea who is was, but man did I want too.

"Hey, Connie".

"Oh hey Steph. This is Ranger Manoso he is the bounty hunter that I was telling you about". I glanced over at him and stuck out my hand.

"Hi. I am Stephanie Plum, nice to meet you Ranger".

"Plum, you related to Vinnie?" He said with a smirk on his face and a hint of amusement in his eyes.

"Unfortunately, yes but he is my cousin on my father's side. I don't have his fascination of ducks". I smiled up at him. The corner of his mouth curled up at the edge giving me impression he thought what I had said was funny.

"Steph, I am surprised you are here".


"Well I thought that you would either be in jail or hiding from the cops because you brutally murder Joe".

"Hardy har, you think you are so funny, I got all the way to the police station, and I even parked in the parking lot, mad as a hen. Ready to give him hell. When I thought of this brilliant plan of revenge for him, but I can't pull it off so I decided to work".

"What was the plan?" Connie asked

"Well I thought I would give him a taste of his own medicine but I have to have the perfect person in order for this to work and I don't so I decide that I would let him hang himself". Connie frowned at the last part of my statement.

"What was the plan?" She asked.

"Well, if I could find the right person. the plan was that I would act like I am out dating and sleeping with him and then let Joe get suspicious and then after a month or two maybe let him catch us in the act or leave pics from a trip out where he could find them. You know accidentally and all".

"Who is Joe?" This came from Ranger, who I had forgot was in the room.

"Oh, he is my ex-boyfriend as soon as I exact my revenge. You probably know him Joe Morelli". As soon as I said his name, Ranger's facial expression got all dark and scary. "Did I say something wrong?" I asked.

"No, sorry, it is just I know who you are talking about, he is an ass".

"Oh so you do know him. Is it from working here in town with the cops?"

"That asshole is a cop?" Ranger said with surprise in his voice.

"Yeah, you are looking a little scary there, are you sure you are fine?"

"Stephanie, right". I nodded my head.

"But you can call me Steph as well".

"Steph that bastard, broke up my engagement".

"I am so sorry, Ranger. Any chance you want to get some revenge?"


What do you think? Is Ranger going to help her? What is his connection to Joe? Sorry Cupcakes, I just can't make that happy ending happen for you. Hope to post soon.