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Chapter 1

A blonde boy of about 4 could be seen cuddled up, trying not to freeze as he slept in his brand new apartment. The only reason he was given this apartment was because his grandpa had asked where he had been staying after the mean villagers beat him up.

It was brand new apartment, in a brand new complex. So there was nothing for him to sleep on or in. The only thing the boy had on was his tattered white shirt, and orange shorts, and it's the middle of December. The boy shivering mumbled in his sleep "So cold."

Across the village in a tall red tower was a man appearing to be in his late 60's with a tired expression on his face. The man was dressed in a white robe with red at the bottom. He looking out the window sighed and said "The only way his life can get better is if a divine being decided to help."

He turning to the picture scowled and said "Or if his idiot mother hadn't decided her clan was more important then her son. Arrogant Uchiha. Tobirama-sensei might have been right about them. The only good Uchiha is a dead Uchiha, with the exception being Hitachi-chan."

He then decided to do some paperwork to get his mind off of things. He didn't know it but a mega divine being had heard what he had said, and agreed wholeheartedly with his statement and planned on fixing that right now.

Sarutobi looked up when a sudden darkness descended upon the village hidden in the leaves. With this darkness a chill like none other came. He looking out the widow gained wide eyes spotting pitch black snowflakes, and ice shards falling to the ground. He getting up and approaching the window, gasped spotting ice quickly covering the window. He then felt a shiver go through his body hearing a wolf's howl, a eagle's screech, a elk grunt, a dragon roar, a orca sing, a lion roar and a heavenly song.

He didn't know but each of the creatures he had heard was in the village, multiple packs of downright giant wolves could be seen searching the village for something. Eagles the size of airplanes could be seen circling above the village. Elks taller then most buildings could be seen roaming the village, their horns standing proudly. Multiple types and sized dragons, could be scouring the village. Walking orca's could be seen climbing buildings peeking in windows. Lion's were breaching clan compounds, sniffing, and searching. The heavenly voices revealed to be gorgeous woman, with shark, crocodile, or dolphin like traits. These women were moving through the village, putting people to sleep, or dragging them outside to freeze.

Sarutobi himself feeling the cold, shuddered and said "Dear Kami it has to be below 10 degrees outside and it's still dropping."

The wolves and the orca's finding the complex the boy was sleeping in, started to alert the rest of the groups and their master.

At the south gates a figure seemed to appear from the very air itself. It was clearly a woman. She had long bluish-white hair that billowed and cascaded down to the ground. Her face was flawless and held this regal look. Her eyes were glowing white with pure power. Her eyebrows were plucked and trimmed adding on the noble look she exhumed. She was at least 6 feet tall, and if it weren't for the silver high collared hime-style kimono covering her frame, it would be assumed she was very muscular and fit.

She wore no shoes, as her bare feet gently touched the ground with each step. Ice also formed on the ground with each step. She arriving at the boy's apartment complex, simply floated up to his floor, which was at the very top.

Gently opening the door, she walked in and frowned spotting the now shivering boy. Snapping her fingers she ordered two of the wolves and two of the lions to grant the boy warmth. The boy instantly stopped shivering, and snuggled into the fur of one of the lions. She smiling at this motioned for a few of the women, elk's, dragons, orcas, and eagles, to come inside. Once they came inside she closed the door. She looking at the boy asked in a smooth, and cold voice "Is he warm enough yet?"

An elk nuzzling the boy grunted in what sounded like a yes. She smiling said "Bring him to me."

One of the women nodding gently removed the boy from the little circle, and handed him to the first lady. She smiling waved her hand and breast were loose. Placing her right nipple into his open mouth, she forced milk to flow from it, and hoped that he would suckle. She let out a small happy gasp when he did start to suckle. Smiling at this, she waved her hand, and a large comfy chair appeared. Gently setting down she said, in a voice that all in the village who hadn't been put asleep by the sirens could hear "You are indeed correct Hiruzen Sarutobi. That is why I Chaos the primordial being responsible for the upkeep of the many dimensions. Keeper of order and peace. Most powerful being in existence has decided to help the poor boy out. As I speak to you he is suckling from me, and drinking my primordial milk. This will change him entirely. His blood, his body, even his soul will be changing. He will become my child, along with the child of the titaness of the night Nyx, and the child of the very first tailed beast Juubi. To do so he must suckle for exactly two days. During this time I suggest no one go outside, even though the only people awake right now are Hatake Kasumi, Uchiha Hitachi, Ichiraku Ayame, Ichiraku Teuchi, and Sarutobi Hiruzen. His attackers from tonight have been frozen to death, and as we speak their souls are being absorbed by my sirens."

She then crossing her legs said "Hitachi-san I know that you love him, even though he's your first cousin. I also know of the rebellious thoughts of most of your clan. The only one's not guilty of such thoughts are yourself, your mother, your aunt, and your darling little sister. Wait two more years to see if things get any better if not, slaughter almost all of them, and Sarutobi as of right now she is Uchiha Itachi, and if that comes to pass, Itachi will be the one who slaughtered the clan, while Hitachi will be innocent. That is all I will be informing you of at this moment, besides the fact that this apartment complex will be turned into a palace fit for a king or queen."

She then stopped talking out loud, and started to gently rock the suckling boy in her arms. Outside the apartment complex started going through a dramatic change.

It turned the same color as ice, as large ice shards started to form on the side, and the front. The other apartments, started to freeze over, and vanish as the building started to grow taller, until soon the building was taller than the Hokage tower. It then became as wide as three building, and the two empty spaces around it, quickly became consumed by the tower.

Five minutes later a ice coated palace stood towering in the village. Chaos feeling this, and enjoying that she was now in a throne room/ bedroom said "Good now my sirens go fetch furniture for this castle. My dragons go to the bottom floor and dig, about thirty feet down, and create a basement. Wolves go outside and create kennels for future animals, and let some pups sleep in their. Lions go create a fence around this place, so that you all may roam freely. Eagles create a bird habitat in the east wing of the palace. Orcas create an armory, and fill it up with weapons, from Nuclear Bombs, to Zanpakto's. If it needs ammunition get the rounds."

All of the creatures took off to their jobs. She then making a desk much like the hokage's appear, waved her hands and made papers appear. She looking at them smiled as they were pre-made marriage papers. She then picking up the book also on the table, cracked it open. She flipping a few pages smiled and wrote on the paper.

"Subaku Temari, daughter of 4th Kazekage is herby engaged to the heir of the Namikaze Clan. This paper is not a peace treaty, and has been agreed to by both her father and mother. She is to be brought to Konoha during the chunin exams to meet her future lover."

She then placing the paper in a drawer smiled when a copy was sent to Suna, and one was place in Sarutobi's office.

Picking up the next four sheets of paper. She then wrote "Nii Yugito, Samui, and Karui and Mabui all of Kumo are herby engaged to the heir of the Namikaze Clan. This paper is not a peace treaty and treating as such would call for war. They are to be brought to Konoha during the chunin exams."

She then put the papers in the drawer, knowing that duplicated.

She then did the same for Terumi Mei, Uzumaki Karin, Uzumaki Tayuya, Uchiha Sayuri, Uchiha Mikoto, Uchiha Hitachi, Yamanaka Ino, Ichiraku Ayame, Inuzuka Tsume, Inuzuka Hana, Inuzuka Kira, Aburame Izuna, Haruno Mebuki, and Nara Yoshino.

Once finished with all of those papers, she smiled spotting her sirens in front of her.

Looking around the room smiling at how polished it looked. She then said "Alright my sirens now go retrieve clothing, for both genders along with placing the slave seals on Haruno Sakura, Hyuga Hinata, Hyuga Hitomi, Hyuga Sarah, and Koharu."

All the sirens nodded and vanished. She then turning her eyes to the suckling child smiled and said "You will be legendary."

Two days later Chaos removed the child from her now very sore breast.

Covering them back up she gently placed the child in it's new bed. She standing up, placed a few scrolls in the bed near the child and kissed it in the middle of it's forehead.

She walking towards the window said "I cannot spend anymore time here my new child, for that I apologize. I am needed in the Greek dimension as order is not structured there. My scrolls will explain everything, and hopefully when I'm finally able to visit you, I'll have a couple more people for you."

She then gaining a hard look on her face said "No matter if they want to or not. Even if I have to make them slaves to you, or brainwash them, you get anything and everything you could even want."

She then stepped out the window, the terrible storm, and most of the creatures vanishing. As soon as the storm vanished, it seemed that everyone woke up, many people yawning.

Sarutobi himself was quickly heading towards the boy's home. When he got there he blinked spotting what looked like a thick forest. With a raised eyebrow he walked towards the forest, and gasped sensing an incredibly powerful illusion placed on the area. He only felt it because of his power. Pushing inside the illusion, he gasped spotting the beautiful scenery around him. He feeling Hitachi and Kasumi enter behind him, heard both women gasp.

Shaking their heads, the three of them made their way to the castle. Entering it, they felt strange, thinking that it was going to be cold in the castle. Instead they found a pleasant warmth flowing inside of the castle. They then figuring that the boy was at the top, climbed the stairs to the very top of the castle.

Arriving there, they gasped spotting what looked like a solid ice, and crystal door. Opening it, Sarutobi gasped at the inside of the room.

Moving, they came across the peacefully sleeping form of the child. Sarutobi was about to wake him up, when his eyes opened up, and all three people gasped. Starring at the three of them was a silver version of a fully matured Sharingan.

The child sitting up rubbed his eyes, yawned and asked "What's going on Old man?"

Sarutobi spotting the scrolls said "I have no idea Naruto, but those scrolls might."

Naruto looking at the scrolls picked the first one up and opened it. It read "Dear Naruto, This scroll is to let you know what has happened to you, while the others are a map, a storage scroll, a indebt look into the many bloodlines, a indebt look into you new animals, and the key to your new library. Now first of all my name is Chaos, and I am the primordial being that controls order and peace. I came to your village to do a few things. The most important was to become your new Kaa-chan. That's right I'm your mom now. That means you are a demi-primordial. This also means you are more powerful then most gods, and could possibly be considered one. In order for me to do this, you had to drink my breast milk for two days straight. Don't worry everything else was frozen, or sleep so you didn't miss anything. You also gain quite a few powers and bloodlines from me. Like for instance the Hyoton, you can now create ice, snow and other frozen things. Unlike other mortals that have this bloodline, yours is pure, so with a little practice you could summon a blizzard, or a ice storm, or even freeze entire lakes with just a look. Another I will inform you of is the Bakuton. This basically allows you turn anything you touch into a ticking time bomb. Imagine turning an enemy that you release back to their group into an explosive that could kill and take out your enemies. Yours is even more powerful as you can literally turn the ground your enemy is standing on into a bomb. A power I will inform you of is pure immortality. This means that you cannot die. You can age as you want, you can even get sick if you want, but you cannot die. If someone rips your heart out, you just simply grow another. If someone blows you up, you simply reform. Another of your powers is the ability to shift genders at will. I don't have to explain this one. You now live in a palace fit for a king or queen. It is protected by a heavy and very powerful genjutsu, that only allows those you trust to enter. That's all for this scroll, oh and I'll be back in four years to see how you're doing and possibly with presents. Love Chaos"

Naruto smiled at this and hugged the scroll to his chest. He then placing in on his new nightstand reached for the next scroll.

An hour later he had read all of the scrolls and said "Old Man I refuse to be put in that stupid excuse for a ninja-training facility known as the Academy. Thus I will take the genin exams in one month. I promise you that I will pass it, when I do Kasumi-chan is to become my sensei and I her apprentice."

Sarutobi hearing this decided to humor the boy and said "Sure Naruto if you can pass the genin exams in one month. I'll make Kasumi your sensei. I'll also give you an open bank account so that you can have custom weapons forged for you from the land of iron. I'll even name you then clan head of a new clan, and give you full access to the hokage vault."

Naruto extending his hand out, knowing that the contract was already written said "Shake on it Jiji."

Sarutobi shaking Naruto's hand would come to regret this day.