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Chapter 2

One month later and Naruto was standing in front of the shell shocked Sarutobi and council. Not only had he passed the genin exams, he had done so with practiced ease, and with a blindfold on. Naruto was looking at Sarutobi with eyes that promised pain if he didn't comply to his end of the bargain. Sarutobi sighing said "Alright from this day forward Namikaze Uchiha Naruto is now a genin of the village hidden in the leaves. He is also the apprentice of Hatake Kasumi and to be given an open bank account so that he may order custom weapons from the land of iron, and is declared the head of a new clan which will be…?" Naruto smiling said "Arashi-Uzumaki as with the permission of Uzumaki Kushina, I plan on bringing glory back to the name Uzumaki." Sarutobi smiling at this said "Naruto Uzumaki-Arashi Uchiha Namikaze. Very good, his palace, yes he has a palace as I and two others have seen it, along with any jutsu he create, are declared his. If anyone has a problem with that they can kiss my ass." The meeting was dismissed, with many civilians glaring at Naruto with hate. Naruto being him, pulled down his eyelids and stuck his tongue out at them, pissing them off even more. He then followed Sarutobi to his office, and sat down in the chair to wait for Kasumi. Naruto then asked "So when's the next chunin selection exams?" Sarutobi said "A year." Naruto smiling said "Good as in a year I'll become a chunin, and after that I'll become jonin, but I might wait a few years to do that. You know get some respect built up." Sarutobi nodding said "Sounds good to me." Kasumi then arrived and smiled spotting the headband on Naruto's forehead. Naruto popping out of his seat said "Kasumi-sensei I am ready for whatever you decided to throw at me." Kasumi's smile then transformed into a smirk as she said "Good as I heard your little plan, and I'm going to put you through the ringer. Hokage-sama has already agreed to making our training ground, number 44. Meet me there tomorrow with all of your gear, and pack for three weeks. During this time, we will be sending shadow clones to complete D-rank missions." Naruto saluting said "Hai Kasumi-sensei." He then ran out of the door, planning on studying in his library for a few hours, and start learning his the first of his father's jutsu. The Rasengan. Kasumi shaking her head asked "You can feel it can't you Hokage-sama?" Sarutobi smiling at the door said "Yes I can Kasumi. He's gonna be legendary, he's already breaking records as he not only got a absolute perfect on his genin exams, but is the youngest genin in all of history." Kasumi looking at the Hokage monument said "He's gonna surpass Minato-sensei and everyone that has come before him." Sarutobi smiling said "Good as after he becomes Jonin maybe I can give him this accursed job." Kasumi giggled and vanished to get ready for her new student. Sarutobi glaring at the paperwork on his desk said "I will defeat you, you evil filthy paperwork." He swore that the paperwork started to chuckle evilly.

Three weeks later and Sarutobi was banging his head on his desk. Why, because Naruto had not only mastered the Rasengan, but had added elements to it, and if the frozen half of the forest of death was any indication was quite skilled at fusing it with his Hyoton. He looking at Kasumi, who was giggling asked "Are the two of you ready for a mission?" Kasumi giggling said "Hai Hokage-sama." He reaching into a drawer said "Good your mission is to deliver this scroll to the village hidden in the waterfalls. Along the way you may encounter some bandits. Leave today." Both people nodded, and Sarutobi face palmed when they vanished in swirl of leaves. Naruto now tree hopping beside Kasumi was trying not to laugh as Kasumi was reading what he knew was porn. Personally he hated the book, but the happy perverted giggles coming from Kasumi was amusing to him. He then stopped in his tracks and looked down. He growled spotting a bandit about to rape some poor woman. Naruto dropping down, silently snuck up on the man, with his Hyoton Rasengan in his hand. He slamming it into the bandit smiled when the man turned into a thousand shattered ice crystals. Naruto then looking at the wide eyed woman and said "Head in the direction we came from, and you'll find a village, when you get there ask for the Hokage, and say that Naruto sent you." She nodding with grateful eyes took off towards the village hidden in the leaves. Naruto jumping back in the tree's sweat dropped as Kasumi hadn't even noticed. Shaking his head he followed his sensei to Taki.

A year later and Naruto was warming up for the finals of the chunin exams. He had entered the exams with the permission of Kasumi and Sarutobi. The first two parts of the exams blew by, and now he was getting ready for the 3rd and final part. It was a free for all meaning that the one's who made this far, had to defeat everyone else and come out on top. Naruto during the break they got before the final, had mastered the first level of the hirashin. He could now teleport at least five feet away. He had also kicked up his other jutsu, and even could use two of his three Mangekyou Sharingan techniques. Once the doors opened, he took off heading towards either the nearest water source, or the thickest forest. Arriving at a waterfall he smiled, and jumped in the air. Biting his lip, and swiping his hand over the blood, he cried out "Summoning Jutsu!" A few poofs of smoke later, and the waterfall was now infested with water dragons. He landing at the very top sat down and waited. It wasn't long later that quite a few Iwa genin ran towards him. He knowing what they wanted, said "Welcome to the end of the road for you guys. Hyoton; Heavenly blizzard!" Like the name suggested a powerful blizzard appeared, making visibility turn to zero. One Iwa genin shouted out "This won't help you Namikaze scum. We'll find you and kill you." He didn't know it, but his comrades had already frozen to death, or that Naruto was right beside him with a reddish-brown rasengan. Naruto then slamming the ball into the genin cried out "Yoton; Melting Rasengan!" The Iwa genin screamed at the top of his lungs, as the spinning ball of lava, slowly melted him, while the now below 0 blizzard was also freezing him. The blizzard then lifted, and 10 frozen Iwa genin could be seen standing there forever trapped in fear. Naruto appearing back at his spot, sat back down and said "10 down, 40 left to go." By the end of the final, Naruto had taken down almost all of the genin, with two killing each other, and one killing himself. Naruto was now trading blows with a Kumo genin, and it looked equal until Naruto jumped back and said "It's time to finish this." He jumping on the lake went through three handsigns and said "Lightning Blade!" On his left arm a crackling blade of white lightning appeared. He then vanished. Appearing behind the Kumo genin he flicked his wrist and said "It's over." The Kumo genin then fell to the ground, blood gushing out the gaping hole on his body. Naruto dismissing his summons, and unfreezing the waterfall smiled when he heard "The winner of the chunin exam final is Namikaze Naruto. It is with great honor that your hokage declares you a chunin of konoha."

Two months later Naruto was standing in front of Sarutobi, Kasumi standing beside him. Sarutobi looking him in the eyes said "The mission I'm about to give the two of you could very well save a lot of lives. It is also a long term mission, that could possibly last up to four years. The two of you are to head to Kirigakure and assist the rebels in the civil war. Kasumi you in charge. The two of you are to leave in two days. Pack enough supplies for two weeks. Do Konoha proud." Naruto saluting said "Hai Hokage-jiji." Kasumi also saluting said "Hai Hokage-sama." She then vanished in a swirl of leaves, while Naruto vanished in a flash of purple.

Two weeks later and Naruto was groaning as once again Terumi Mei assigned him to border patrol. He had done this since they got to the camp. He hated being so young, that everyone took him for a joke. He really wished he could shift his form, and was promising himself to learn how to do so, as soon as he got back to the village. Sitting down on the shack, he blinked feeling a group heading his way. Looking down he blinked spotting a group of men, with weapons. Creating a shadow clone, he decided to follow the group. He gasped when they approached a house, and drug a woman out of the house by her hair, along with a girl a year older then him. The leader of the mob said "We will purge this world of demons, like Yagura-sama ordered. Starting with these two." The woman with tears in her eyes asked "Why Kisuke-koi." The man sneering said "Because you're a bloodline carrying whore." Naruto hearing this decided to intervene before things got bad, appearing in the middle of the group in a purple flash, he stood in front of the woman, while a clone was in front of the girl. He crossing his arms gave the man an icy stare and said "I suggest you fools leave, before I am forced to terminate your lives." One man hearing this said "It's one of the demon lovers. Let's kill him to." Naruto hearing this shook his head and said "You have just sealed your fate." Turning his head to the wide eyed woman said "You may want to close your eyes, as what I'm about to do will make you sick to your stomach, the same goes for your daughter." The woman closing her eyes, knowing that her daughter did the same. Naruto seeing this turned to the men and said "Enjoy your time with real demons." He then going through a few handsigns cried out "Yoton; Lava Dragon jutsu!" The clone cried out "Futton; Vapour Dragon Jutsu!" Two huge dragons appeared one made from lava, the other from boiling mist, and attacked the petrified men. Their screams could be heard all the way from Kumo. Naruto turning to the woman and girl, said "You can open your eyes now." They did and gasped spotting the road clear. He then said "My clone will escort the two of you to my village. It's the village hidden in the leaves, just ask for the Hokage and if any old fools tries to make you into breeding stock tell them that you're under the protection of the Namikaze, Uzumaki, and Arashi clan." Both nodded and the clone vanished in a flash of purple. Naruto sighing went back to his post, hating his life right now.

Two years later and Naruto was glaring at Mei, as she was once again assigning him to the stupid border patrol. Naruto crossing his arms said "I will not guard the motherfucking border again, and if you even try to make me, I will teleport my ass back to Konoha and report the mission as a failure. Kasumi-sensei isn't here to bale you out this time, as she was ordered back to konoha, for some reason. Now either give me an important job, or pray to Kami that you survive without my help." Mei now glaring back at him said "You wouldn't dare put the lives of so many people on the line, just because I assign you to border patrol again." Naruto with the most serious look on his face said "Try me." Mei glaring at him harder, sighed and said "Fine, no more border patrol for you. Instead you can try to raid the camps of the loyalist." Naruto smirking said "Like my clones have already been doing." Mei blinked and asked "What do you mean?" Naruto laughing said "My clones have been raiding loyalist camps since day one, why do you think the rebels have been sweeping the skirmishes with no casualties." Mei hearing this gained wide eyes, hearing him say that he was the one single-handedly responsible for the high success rate of the battles they had. She shaking her head stood up and asked "Why didn't you tell me that was you?" Naruto laughing said "I tried, but you said and I quote "Stop wasting time silly boy, and go guard the border."" Mei remembering that day, flopped back in her seat, with a cloud of depression over her head. She rubbing her temples looked at him and said "I guess I have been making you feel like dirt." Naruto snorting said "No you've made me feel like trash, since day one, downplaying my skills and making me feel like a weak, cry-baby 5 year old. I was the youngest chunin for Kami's sake." Mei hanging her head low asked "Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?" Naruto rolling his eyes said "I forgive you, now put me on the frontlines. I'm itching for a battle." Mei hearing this lost her depressed aura and said "Alright Naruto, next battle we have you'll lead the troops." Naruto smiled at this

Two years later and Naruto was standing in front of the gates of Konoha, glad to finally be back home. Walking towards the guards he said "Chunin Namikaze Naruto reporting back from long term mission." The guards who were two females in their 20's blushed and gaped spotting him. The first one stood up and saluted him while saying "Welcome back Namikaze-sama." Naruto blinked at this, but then shrugged and entered his home village for the first time in 4 years. He smiled as it hadn't changed a bit, started heading towards the Hokage tower to give his report to jiji. He hadn't noticed the looks of respect, awe and lust he was now getting from the villagers. He reaching the tower, climbed up it, and blinked when he reached the top. At a desk beside the doors was the woman he had saved four years ago. She looking up and spotting him gained wide eyes and before he knew it he was being hugged by the very happy woman. She putting him down asked "Is it finally over?" Naruto smiling said "Yeah the mist is no longer bloody." She smiled at this. He then walked inside the doors, and tried not to laugh as Sarutobi was glaring at the paperwork with pure malice. Shaking his head he said "Jiji you really need to stop glaring at paper. It makes you look senile." Sarutobi blinking turned to look at who was talking to him. He gained wide eyes spotting the 9 year old Naruto, who was still the youngest shinobi to ever grace a roster. Getting up he hugged the boy and said "Welcome back." Naruto hugging the man back said "It's good to be back jiji." Ending the hug Sarutobi waved to a seat. Naruto nodding took the seat, and reached into his pocket. Pulling out a scroll he handed it to him and said "There's the report old man." Sarutobi nodding took the scroll and was about to ask Naruto a question when his door was opened and in came Kasumi reading her smut. She not looking up from her book asked "Is what I heard true Hokage-sama is Naruto-kun really back from the mist?" Sarutobi smirking said "Yes it's true, in fact he's standing right behind you." Kasumi turning around eye smiled spotting Naruto giggling at her still reading her smut. Kasumi walking over to her student hugged him and said "You had the two of us worried sick you little idiot." Naruto snickering said "I'm sorry Kasumi-sensei you try not to spill blood on a scroll while fighting a rampaging tailed beast." Kasumi letting him go asked "You really went head to head with the 3 tails?" Naruto nodding said "Yeah, it was a really tough battle. I'm really glad I activated my Susanoo or I'd be dead now." Kasumi blinked hearing this and asked "Susanoo is a technique of the Mangekyou Sharingan?" Naruto nodding said "It really puts a strain on your body, and I've only unlocked the partial forms. When I do unlock the final form, I'm going to be legendary, you hear me." Kasumi giggling asked "What are your plans now?" Naruto smiling said "It's time for me to become a Jonin after all I've been a chunin for two years now." Sarutobi hearing this said "No, you're a jonin as I gave you a field promotion after you took down the 3 tails. It's why you have three entries in the bingo book." Naruto blinked hearing this and pulled out the latest issue of the bingo book he had picked up. Cracking it open he turned a few pages and blinked spotting an image of his female form, listed as a S-rank shinobi, and named the Mistress of the Mist. Shrugging he turned a few more pages and blinked spotting him using his Susanoo. He was listed in the bingo book as a A-rank shinobi, he was actually using his name in this picture. Namikaze Naruto. He flipping the page blinked spotting him using his ice style rasengan, garbed in his black stealth chunin vest. He was listed as Namikaze Uchiha Naruto and was an A-rank shinobi. He flipping the page again blinked spotting him as a genin twirling one of his giant demon windmill shuriken coated in lightning chakra and his Sharingan blazing. He was listed as an A-rank shinobi and was named Uchiha Naruto. He flipping through the book some more could spot a few of his many different female forms in the book. He giggled spotting the version of him that looked like Hitachi and Kasumi fused. This version of him was listed as an SS-rank shinobi with a kill on sight order. It was named The Siren of the Forest. Naruto closing his book said "Old man I'm actually in this book a lot of times, 18 to be exact. Some of my most infamous forms are the Mistress of the Mist, Namikaze Naruto, and The Siren of the Forest." Sarutobi hearing this felt his eyes turn to plates as he shouted "THAT'S YOU?" Naruto snickering said "Sure is old man." Naruto then watched as the man closed his legs and asked "How could you do that to those men?" Naruto giggling said "Because they were rapist and pedophiles. I ended their crimes and brought justice to their victims." Kasumi smiling said "You are my favorite student." Naruto eye smiling said "I'm your only student Kasumi-sensei." She nodding said "That's why you're my favorite." Naruto laughing said "I'm going home now old man. My bed is calling my name."

Naruto arriving home stretched his muscles and ducked under the attack from very large wolf with three heads. He then jumped over the attempted attack by a purple lion with flaming fur. He stepping on the charging head of a forest green elk, tilted his head to avoid being grabbed by the talons of a orange eagle. He rolling to the side was just missed by a enormous golden dragon. He yawning deflected the attack from a teal orca. He opening walking into his home said "You guys have gotten big over the last two years. Give me a day of rest and we'll see if you're ready to become my partners and harbingers." All of the animals made their nose and followed him up the stairs. He reaching his room pushed open the door, and shook off his shirt. Walking over to his large bed, he plopped down on it and said "Home Sweet Home." He opening his right eye said "I'll install my new cyber warfare suit tomorrow after catching up with the gang." He feeling the three headed wolf climb into the bed, pulled it close to him and said "Cerci, you still love cuddling with me at night." The wolf barked and licked his face. Laughing said "That's my pretty girl." He yawning again, nuzzled into the fur of Cerci and was soon sleeping, never even noticing that Hitachi was at the door with a heavy blush on her face.

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