Kid Flash...Literally

by Coly456

idea based off Babies by: VegAndGeeky

I do not own Young Justice or the Characters

Artemis POV

Of all people for this to happen to it had to be Wally. I could handle if maybe it was Kaldur, I could imagine he would probably be a very manageable child. Maybe even Conner who would most likely be an angry kid but is easily entertained by static on a television screen.

But no, Wally, the speedster who could eat a truck load of food in three minutes, while simultaneously shoving his foot in his mouth and making a fool of himself, was turned into a toddler. Now before I get ahead of myself let me explain how this all happened.

"Zatanna what exactly are you going to do to me?" Wally asked as he munched on his third sandwich, food spewing out of his mouth as he talked.

"Well, I'm trying to master a new camouflage spell, one that'll help us blend more naturally on missions where we need to be more blended?"

The magicians face scrunched up in question as she finished her sentence causing the rest of us to chuckle. Wally stood and walked to the center of the room holding his arms out from his side.

"Give it all you got babe." he quickly dodged the pillows that Robin and I threw at his head.

"Yeah turn him into something where he cant speak, that would be very helpful on missions" I rolled my eyes plopping onto the couch.

"Maybe you can be next and she'll make you disappear harpy!" Wally insulted back his eyes flashing dangerously as he looked over at me.

Something about Wally and I just didn't mix. Unless we were alone and no one was watching, then it seemed as if we could miraculously have a polite conversation instead of biting each others heads off. Don't get me wrong, we didn't divulge dark secrets, or any secrets for that matter but we could talk instead of yell and we would manage to even laugh a little. Then it was like someone would walk into the room and our little bubble would burst creating chaos.

"Wally? Zatanna where'd he go?" Robin asked bringing me back from my day dream.

Looking I saw a pile of Wally's clothes on the floor where he had previously been standing.

"I don't know, I didn't do a spell to make him disappear" she thought for a moment "or naked"

I went to open my mouth to say something when I saw the clothes move, and soon there was a whining sound, like a toddler crying. We all looked around hesitantly at each other before I walked forward and moved Wally's shirt. I gasped at what was starring up at me. A boy probably around three or four stared up at me with wide green eyes, a mop of red fiery hair on his head.

"Wally?" I gasped as he sniffled wiping his wet eyes "Zatanna what the hell?" I turned to her. He face was frozen in shock

"I don't know, I mean I wanted to change his appearance but not into a kid, back away I'll see if I can fix him."

She held her hands up closing her eyes and concentrating. She said a few words which I didn't understand. A light flashed surrounding Wally. When it faded the toddler Wally just looked confused and scared until his lip started to quiver and then he was crying. Superbly covered his ears a growled for someone to make him stop. Robin walked over and kneeled next to him.

"It's okay Wally, you don't need to cry" he said placing his hand on his head ruffling his hair.

"So what no?" M'gan asked looked at Zatanna.

"Well the spell is made to last a few days so maybe we just have to let it wear off on its own?" She frowned "I'll go and look for a counter spell in some of my dads books." She walked to the Zeta beams.

"I'll contact the Flash, I am sure he could help with Kids current predicament." Laddie soon walked off towards the communication room.

Not being able to deal with the crying any longer Conner walked off M'gan following. Robin looked up at me and I could see the smirk on his face before he stood

"I'm going to go help Zatanna." His cackle was the only thing that was heard as he left through the Zeta beam.

Wally looked up at me still crying as he held his arms in the air.

I leaned down using his over sized shirt and slipped it on him so he would at least he semi covered and picked him up awkwardly holding him as I bounced him making my way towards communications.

Kaldur turned to me when I walked in. Wally thankfully had calmed and was now pulling on my hair.

"Flash is on his way. He said he may take awhile for he has to pack clothes for him."

"Flash!" Wally yelled throwing his hands in the air. I could literally feel him vibrate in excitement as he started babbling how great the hero dressed in red spandex was.

"Artemis are you okay with watching him? I promised my king I would be there for the celebration of the queens birthday."

"Yeah, I'm sure I can manage for a bit." I nodded looking down at Wally's face as he let out a huge yawn.

Lapse nodded and we both made our way towards the living area of the cave. I sat on the couch while he made his way to the hanger to go to Atlantis.

"Pretty Mis" Wally said as he looked up at me.

"Um, thanks." I said awkwardly as he continued to stare.

Soon the computer announced the arrival of Flash. Wally let out an excited noise and before I knew it he was running. I stood trying to follow but he apparently still had his super speed. When I reached to where the Zeta beams were the Flash was holding Wally a frown on his face as Wally babbled on and on. Over his shoulder was a bag I assumed was filled with clothes.

"How'd this happen?" The Flash asked as he started to walk toward where Kid flashes bedroom was in the cave.

"Zatanna was practicing her magic. Wally volunteered to be a test subject and next thing we all know he's a four year old again."

He nodded "I'll get him into some clothes while you wait here okay?" He said as he walked into his room the door closing behind him.

About five minutes later the both walked out Wally now dressed in a red onesie with a yellow bolt in the center of the chest and a hood on the back.

"Seriously?" I frowned looking at the two.

"Pretty Mis, I'm da Flash!" Wally yelled excitedly as the real Flash just shook his head.

"Batman called me for a mission right before this happened so I have to run." He started walking and I followed holding Wally's hand.

"Now be sure to try and keep him from using his speed, he could really hurt himself if he starts running and can't control it." Flash explained then stopped and turned "and I know you think he eats a lot because he's a pig but that's not it. Be sure to feed him a lot okay?" He said seriously

"He's not a dog I think I can handle this." I frowned "when are you coming back?"

"I'm not sure. When the missions over but it's probably best if he stays in the cave less chance of something terrible happening."

I nodded as he turned and soon was gone like the others.

Looking down I saw Wally's huge yawn again and smiled at how cute it was and picked him up walking to the couch and laying him down.

"Wait her for a second okay? I'll be right back." I said sternly watching him nod his head enthusiastically before walking to the hall closet and grabbing a billow and blanket. Heading back I saw him already almost half asleep his wife eyes drifting closed. I smiled as I laid the pillow down gently placing my hand on his shoulder and encouraging him to lay down then laid the blanket over him.

"Night Pretty Mis" he mumbled

"Night Wally" I laughed lightly when I remembered it was only the afternoon.

"Maybe this won't be to awful," I sighed standing and heading to the kitchen when I was sure he was asleep.