A Different Path

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AN: This is a co written story between CharmedMilliE and Dragonsrule18. First chapter is CharmedMilliE's, second is mine, and so on.

Chapter 1: "Pokemon, I Choose You" and "Pokemon Emergency"

In a small room in Pallet Town, a young boy by the name of Ash Ketchum slept in his room. He had stayed up late the night before, excited about getting his first pokemon. As he slept, his alarm clock fell into his hand and then was promptly thrown into the wall, shattering into tiny pieces. When he was finally woken by the sounds of Pidgey chirping outside, he realized he was late.

Ash tore off his pajamas in a hurry, putting on his normal outfit and racing out the door. "Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, I don't care. Just save one for me!" Ash yelled, running the familiar path to Professor Oak's Pokémon Laboratory.

As a child he had always had a love of Pokémon and the Oak Lab was the only place in town to see them. Professor Oak had let him play there as a child and a few years ago, Oak had given him a job helping out on the ranch. It was mostly small jobs like feeding the pokemon, but it definitely gave Ash a feel for what it would be like to raise and care for his own Pokémon.

When he got to the lab his childhood friend, now ex-friend, Gary Oak, was walking out. "Well Ash, better late then never I guess," Gary said. "You're way behind from the start. I already got my first Pokémon." The cheerleaders behind Garry cheered.

"Which did you get?" Ash asked curious.

"That's for me to know and you to find out," Gary jeered. "If you were here on time you'd know I got the best one and he's right here in this Poké Ball." Gary held out a Poké Ball and smiled. Gary then addressed the crowd of cheering Cheerleaders. "Thank you for coming. I, Gary Oak, will now go and show the world Pallet Town is the best."

Gary hopped into the back of the car with his cheerleaders who were still cheering, "Gary, Gary, he's the best." They were still cheering when the car drove off and everyone else left.

"Can you be more obnoxious?" Ash asked himself out loud, not thinking anyone else was there.

"That is my grandson, Ash," he heard Professor Oak's voice say and he turned around, but Oak smiled. "Although that was a little over the top." Ash let out a breath he didn't realize he was holding. "So you finally showed up."

"I'm sorry, but my alarm clock broke in the middle of the night and I overslept. Are there any starters left?" Ash asked.

"I'm sorry my boy, but all the three normal starters were taken," Oak said and saw Ash's face fall. "But I do have one pokemon on me I can give to you."

"Really?" Ash asked.

"Yes, when the three starters go, I usually go out and help the new trainer catch their own starter or contact my fellow professors to see if they have any spares, but I found this guy today, chewing on the electric wires. For some reason, I thought of you when I caught him. Come in." Oak said leading Ash into the lab.

Removing a Poké Ball from a hidden compartment, Oak released a small yellow rat Pokémon that Ash had never seen before. Ash got down on his knees and held out his hand, touching the Pokémon's head lightly. At that moment a weird feeling came over Ash.

"What was that?" a voice said mimicking Ash's own thoughts.

"He's name is Pikachu. He is an electric type," Oak said with a smile, completely oblivious to the weird happenings.

"Yeah, I am Pikachu and don't you dare put me in that ball again, old man." Ash heard the voice again and was shocked to find out that that it was Pikachu. It was coming from his mind though. What the heck was going on here? Oak went to return Pikachu to his ball, but Ash got in the way.

"I think I will keep him out for a while," Ash said. "So we can bond better."

"Good idea, my boy," Oak approved, giving Ash Pikachu's Poké Ball, which Ash put on his belt.

"This human is better." Pikachu said.

"Thanks," Ash mumbled making Pikachu give him a look.

Oak went and got a red Pokédex and five Poké Balls. "Your Pokédex and some Poké Balls to start you off with. You're all signed up for the pokemon league, so I suggest you head for Pewter City and the gym there. It is a Rock type gym so you might want to try to catch a water type."

"Thank you professor," Ash told him. "Pikachu, come on. Let's go outside."

"Good, then I can try to run." Pikachu muttered, not knowing that Ash could hear him.

"You don't want to run from me, right Pikachu?" Ash asked and Pikachu paused.

"Can you hear me?" Pikachu asked and Ash nodded. "But how? What? Can you understand all Pokémon? Wait, I am thinking, not talking. So somehow you can hear my thoughts. How? When? Why? And you're not going to answer me at all while another human is around, are you?"

Ash nodded, so Pikachu agreed to not run and followed him outside where his mom and a small group of people were waiting. His mom handed him his bag, all packed with everything she wanted him to have, some things Ash had bought ahead of time to prepare for his journey, and some extra money.

After everything was over, including an embarrassing moment where his mom reminded him to change his underwear everyday, the two walked over to Route One. "Now will you answer my question? How can you hear me?" Pikachu asked.

"I don't know. We touched, I got a weird feeling, and now I can hear you," Ash said, just as confused as Pikachu was. How could he hear a Pokémon's thoughts?

"That's what happened here. Can you hear all my thoughts or just ones I direct at you?" Pikachu questioned, and then there was silence for a second. "Did you hear that?"

"I don't think so. How am I supposed to know if I hear something or not?" Ash asked.

"I am going to assume you did not hear it." Pikachu said.

"Now that that's over, will you be my partner?" Ash asked and Pikachu thought it over.

"I do not want to go back into the round jail," Pikachu asserted and Ash nodded. "And I am not your slave."

"Of course not. How about being my friend?" Ash asked and Pikachu was quiet for a few minutes, thinking about Ash's words. Both the boy's words and the strange mental bond or whatever it was they now shared indicated that he was sincere, and though Pikachu had never trusted humans before, there was something he liked about this one.

"Okay," Pikachu said, jumping onto Ash's shoulder. "So what do you want to do, friend?"

"Call me Ash," Ash told him, checking out Pikachu's moves on his Pokédex. Pikachu knew Thundershock and Quick Attack at the moment. He had the egg move Volt Tackle but was not able to use it yet. "Do you have a name?"

"You can just call me Pikachu." Pikachu told Ash, who nodded.

"Okay so I want to catch a water type. There is a river down that way that we can go fishing in." Ash said, pointing and walking towards the water.

When he got there, he saw a red-headed girl sitting there fishing. A bike was leaning against a tree not far off. There was a white Pokémon out next to her that Ash's Pokédex told him was a Seel. "Did you just catch that Seel?" Ash asked as he walked up.

"No, but I caught a Goldeen." the girl said.

"Nice," Ash said. "I'm Ash Ketchum; this is Pikachu." Ash added.

"I'm Misty," she replied.

"Well Misty, do you mind if I fish here too? I'm hoping to catch a water type," Ash said and Misty nodded and held out her hand. Ash smiled and shook it.

"Just don't make too much noise. We don't want to scare the fish away." Misty added as Ash put down his bag and took out his fishing pole. It was a cheap one that the Pallet Town store sold. There were more expensive ones that water trainers usually got.

"Do you do this a lot?" Ash asked as he threw his line into the water.

"I want to be a Water Pokémon master." Misty said as she got a tug on her line and pulled it up to see a Goldeen on it. Since she already had one, she released the Goldeen back into the water. "I've been fishing since I was a kid."

"That's cool." Ash replied. "Any tips on how to catch a water Pokémon?"

"When you feel a tug, pull it up fast, but not too fast. You don't want to lose it by going to slow, but you don't want to scare it by going to fast. You have to find just the right pull," Misty advised.

Ash nodded and the two sat waiting in silence until Ash felt a tug on his line. Ash, remembering what Misty said, tried not to go too fast. When he pulled the line up, a Poliwag came out. Ash, in his excitement, took out a Poké Ball and just threw it right at the Poliwag. The ball broke open right away and the Poliwag jumped back into the water.

Misty was giggling from the side as she saw Ash's failure. "You just got that Pikachu, huh?" Misty asked and Ash nodded. "You have to battle the pokemon first and weaken it before you can catch it. Also when fishing, you have to make sure the Pokémon doesn't get back into the water."

Ash nodded, taking in Misty's words as he threw his line back into the water. It was a while without even a nibble until Ash finally felt a tug again. Ash pulled the pokemon in and a Shellder popped up out of the water.

"Pikachu," Ash said making sure not to make the same mistake twice. "In-between Shellder and the water."

"Okay." Pikachu said jumping up from his sleeping position and getting between Shellder and the water.

"Thundershock." Ash said and Pikachu cheeks sparked as he let out a Thundershock. Shellder closed its shell and after the Thundershock was over, opened it back up to show she was unharmed.

"Shellder shell is hard," Misty said. "It can deflect electric attacks."

Shellder let out a Water Gun which hit Pikachu, but since Pikachu was at a higher level, it didn't do much damage.

"Thudnershock again." Ash called and Pikachu used another Thundershock as the water was hitting him. The Thundershock traveled through the water and right into Shellder's shell.

"Throw the Poké Ball now." Misty said but Ash didn't need her to tell him. He had already taken out a ball and thrown it at the water Pokémon. Shellder got sucked in and the pokemon shook once, twice, three times, and then stopped. Shellder was caught.

Ash ran over and took his Poké Ball. 'I caught a Shellder!" Ash cheered, holding it up in a pose.

"We did it!" Pikachu cheered, letting out small sparks from his cheeks. The sparks hit a nearby Spearow, who was not happy about it.

The Spearow let out a yell and suddenly Spearow were all over them. They went right for Pikachu at first, but as more came they attacked Ash, Misty, and Seel. "Return!" Misty yelled, taking out a Poké Ball and getting her Seel inside.

"Pikachu!" Ash cried, running through the Spearow to grab his starter and his bag. Misty had already gotten her bag and was jumping on the back of her bike to get away down a path. Ash ran behind her with Pikachu in his arms and Shellder on his belt.

As they ran, it started to rain and Misty's bike hit a bump, sending her flying off of it. The Spearow were on her by the time Ash and Pikachu got there and Pikachu let out a Thundershock to get rid of them. Pikachu jumped out of Ash's arms and down on Misty. Ash stood in front of them putting his arms out.

"Spearow, do you know who I am? I'm Ash from the town of Pallet! I am destined to be the world's number one Pokemon master and I can't be defeated by the likes of you! I'm going to capture and defeat you all!" Ash yelled, trying to distract them from his friends.

The Spearow rushed at him and Ash felt the pain from their attacks. "Don't worry Ash. I'm here." Ash heard Pikachu say, and suddenly the yellow rat jumped onto his shoulder and past him. As Pikachu powered up a Thundershock, a bolt of lightning hit him, making the move very powerful. It hit every single Spearow there was, knocking those closest out and scaring the others away.

Ash collapsed onto the ground next to Misty and Pikachu lay beside him him. "You saved me." Misty said.

"Well, what are friends for?" Ash replied.

'We're friends?" Misty asked and then answered her own question. "Yeah I guess we are."

"What's that?' Ash asked, pointing up and Misty looked where he was pointing. The most beautiful bird Pokémon either had ever seen was flying over them.

As Ash's Pokédex mumbled that there was no data available, Pikachu told Ash, "It's Ho-Oh." As Pikachu said it, two feathers floated down, one hitting Ash and the other Misty. "He blesses our journey. The three of us together." Pikachu decided not to mention that since Misty and Ash got a feather at the same time it meant they were soul mates.

The three laid there for some time before Ash got up and helped Misty to her feet. The two put the feathers they had received in their pockets and Ash picked up Pikachu. "Why don't you put Pikachu into his Poké Ball?" Misty asked as she looked over her bike, but it was completely destroyed and she decided to just leave it on the ground where it was.

"He doesn't like his Poké Ball," Ash told her and the two started to walk towards Viridian City.

They walked in silence, but as they entered, a officer with blue hair stopped them. "Let me see some ID," Officer Jenny said.

Ash was confused as Misty took out a card. He didn't have one of those. "I don't I have ID, but my Pokémon is hurt and I need to get him to the center," Ash said.

Jenny gave him a suspicious look at first until she saw the Pokédex in his pocket and took it out, playing the message programmed into it. "Do you want a ride in my sidecar to the center?" Jenny asked.

"I think we can walk there," Ash replied and the three continued walking to a very large building.

When they got inside Ash ran to the counter with Pikachu. "Please can you help my Pikachu?" Ash begged.

"We'll do what we can. I need a stretcher for a small electric Pokémon, stat! It'll be ok. Rush this Pokémon to the critical care unit. We'll begin the treatment right away," Nurse Joy ordered as a Chansey came out with a stretcher.

"If there is anything I can do…" Ash started, but Nurse Joy cut him off.

"You can be more responsible. If you want to become a pokemon trainer, young man, you don't let your pokemon battle 'till it's in this condition," Nurse Joy scolded.

"Hey!" Misty yelled. 'We were chased by insane Spearow for no reason and Pikachu saved our lives! So do your job and don't insult people until you know the story!" Nurse Joy didn't know what to say to that, so she mumbled an apology and then went to go attend to Pikachu.

The two ten year olds looked at each other. "Thanks for that," Ash said gratefully.

"No problem. I don't like nasty people," Misty replied. "I'm going to go report that Spearow flock to the Pokemon League. They should get someone out here to check it out. That is dangerous. Then I'm going to check over Seel and give him a potion. Want me to check over Shellder to see if she needs any help?"

"If you don't mind." Ash said, taking out Shellder's ball and handing it to Misty, who nodded. "I'm going to call home." Ash informed Misty before heading over to the phone and calling his mom.

"Hi Mom," Ash greeted when Delia picked up.

"Hi sweetie. Where are you?" Delia asked.

"Viridian City Pokémon Center," Ash said.

"You made it already? It took your father a week. He'd be so proud of you," Delia gushed. "How is everything going?"

"Fine, I caught a pokemon and made a new friend. Her name is Misty." Ash told his mother deciding to leave out the part where Pikachu got hurt.

"Oh, a girl," Delia said with a smile and Ash face got red.

"Mom, it's not like that!" Ash protested.

"Okay, well, be good and remember to change your 'you know what's.'" Delia said making Ash's face got even more red as he said goodbye and hung up.

Misty came back not long later and gave Ash back his Poké Ball. "Shellder is good. I gave her a Potion to heal any injury from her battle with Pikachu." Misty told Ash.

"Thank you," Ash said letting his new pokemon out of the ball. "Hey Shellder. I'm your new trainer. My name is Ash. I hope we can be friends." Shellder looked at Ash and then jumped up, making Ash catch her. "I'll take that as a yes."

Misty was smiling. "You're lucky she bit your line. If she hadn't, I would have loved this one," Misty joked and Ash smiled back.

"So what are…"Before Ash could finish talking there was the sound of a phone ringing. "Someone is calling the center."

"We better answer it in case it's an emergency," Misty said and pushed a button on the call. On the screen came Professor Oak face.

'Hello Ash!" Oak called out.

"Hi Professor." Ash said, getting next to Misty.

"Well, there you are. Who is that next to you?" Oak asked.

"My friend Misty," Ash replied. "Misty, this is Professor Oak." Misty greeted the professor.

"I was talking to your mother and she told me you were at Viridian City Pokémon Center. Is that true?" Oak asked.

"I couldn't be talking to you now if I wasn't," Ash said.

Oak seemed confused for a second and then laughed. "Right because I called the center and you answered." Oak said with a smile. "Is that a Shellder in your arms?" Ash held Shellder up to the camera to show him to Oak. "Is it your Shellder?"

"Yes, I just caught her." Ash said.

"You don't know how happy that makes me," Oak told him.

"Why would Ash catching a Pokémon make you happy?" Misty asked, confused.

"Because my grandson bet me a million dollars that Ash wouldn't catch a Pokémon by the time he got to Viridian and I took it,' Oak explained and Ash rolled his eyes.

Ash wondered if he should tell Oak about the flying Pokémon they saw but decided not to. He needed to ask Pikachu more about this Ho-oh first. The three talked for a bit, but then Oak's pizza arrived and he ran off.

"So what were you saying before the professor called?" Misty asked.

'Oh, so what are your plans? How do you become a water Pokémon master?" Ash asked.

"Well…um… you catch a lot of water Pokémon and you…" Misty paused.

"Doesn't seem like you know how," Ash said. "Well I'm heading to Pewter City to take on the gym there. Maybe you should come with and take on the gyms as well."

"Compete in the Indigo League?" Misty asked, shocked. She never had considered it.

"Yeah, why not? If you can get eight badges and do well in the league, you'll show everyone how good you are with water pokemon," Ash told her, making Misty think about it.

Not long later Nurse Joy came out with Pikachu on a stretcher. "Your Pikachu will be just fine," Nurse Joy said.

"Thank you," Ash said.

"Hey Ash," Pikachu greeted him. "Of course I'd be fine." Ash smiled at that and then turned to Misty.

"So Misty what do you say? Join me on my adventure. Take on the gyms and we can help each other train," Ash offered.

"Nurse Joy, can you sign me up for the league?" Misty requested, taking out her ID.

"Of course." Nurse Joy replied, going to the computer and signing her up.

As Joy signed Misty up, they heard an announcement from Officer Jenny that an aircraft belonging to pokemon thieves has been detected over the city. Not long after that, a window at the top of the pokemon center was broken and a man and woman with a Meowth, Ekans, and Koffing came down.

"Who are you?" Ask asked, realizing he had made a mistake by asking when the group went into a long motto that made no sense at all.

"Did that really just happen?" Pikachu asked when it was over.

"Shellder, Water Gun!" Ash ordered and Shellder jumped out of his arms and shot off a stream of water.

Misty took out a Poké Ball and a Staryu appeared, whom she also told to use Water Gun.

The thieves were covered in water and could barely tell their two pokemon to attack.

"Rapid spin," Misty commanded. Staryu spun so fast that it was a blur, slamming into Ekans and Koffing and sending them flying backwards.

Pikachu jumped up and let sparks out of his cheeks. Before Ash could stop him he let out a large electric attack which sent the two thieves and all their Pokémon flying out of the center.

"That was not Thundershock,' Ash said, taking out his Pokédex to see it was Thunderbolt. "Awesome! You learned Thunderbolt, Pikachu!"

"You two will do great in the league," Nurse Joy said with a smile, thankful that she didn't have to go and transfer all the Pokémon to Pewter City Pokémon Center.


Jesse, James, and Meowth were hanging off their balloon. They had managed to return Ekans and Koffing. "How did that Pikachu send us blasting off?" James asked.

"It must be the most powerful Pikachu there is. We must have it." Jessie said.

"You idiots! We were covered in water." Meowth said. "That's how it sent us blasting off."

AN: Well there is the first chapter. Ash will not catch all the Pokémon he had in the anime, but he will catch many of them, and he'll catch several other great ones.

Ash: Pikachu, Shellder

Misty: Staryu, Seel, Goldeen (We eliminated Starmie since its pointless for her to have both)