A Different Path

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Chapter 11: Primeape Goes Bananas and Erika's Gym

Ash was surprised when he found a phone and pokemon transfer device on the road. He thought he would have to wait until Celadon City to switch his pokemon. He dialed the familiar number to Oak's and waited for the professor to pick up.

"How are you doing, Ash?" Oak asked and a minute later Rudolph was by his side, blocking Oak from the screen. He was then pushed out of the way by an excited Nidorino. "As you can see, Krabby and Nidorino are doing fine." Oak appeared back on screen, pushing the pokemon out of the way.

Ash smiled at his pokemon's antics. "I hope Peter is being good," Ash said, but he knew his Geodude would never change.

"That Geodude is a handful, but Nidorino and Krabby here know how to keep him in line. They are such good helpers," Oak said. "So how did your gym battle go?"

Ash took out his badge case and showed Oak his fourth badge. "Was a hard battle, but it was worth it," Ash said with a smile. "So how is my Abra doing?"

"Better, but I still suggest you keep her here for a little while," Oak said and Ash nodded. "Do you want to make a transfer?"

"Yes I'm going to send you Sarge, my scyther, and take back Nidorino." Ash had talked it over with Sarge the day before and decided it was better to send Sarge to Oak's to help with training there. Ash had also told him to help Oak out when he could.

Nidorino seemed happy that he was coming back and Ash saw him jumping up and down but he also saw Rudolph's sad look. "Hey Rudy, better train hard. I plan on using you in the fire gym when I get there," Ash told him and saw Rudolph cheer up knowing he was going to get a gym battle.

"Well, let's make the switch," Oak said, appearing back with Nidorino's Poke Ball and returning the pokemon. Ash took out Scyther's Poke Ball and put it on the transfer device. The Poke Ball disappeared only to be replaced with another one not long later. Ash took the Poke Ball and put it on his belt as he heard Oak say, "He has arrived safely." Oak let Scyther out of the Poke Ball and the bug type held up an arm saying bye to Ash.

"Bye," Ash said with a smile and ended the call. Two second later his Poke Ball opened up and Nidorino jumped out tackling Ash as a hello. "Good to see you too." Ash said with a smile, leading Nidorino over to where Misty, Brock, Pikachu, and Charmander were eating doughnuts.

Nidorino happily said hello to his teammates and took the doughnut offered to him by Brock. "Brock's food is better than what we get at the ranch. Not saying the food we get there is bad; just not as good." Nidorino said between mouthfuls.

"It's good to see Nidorino again." Misty said as she handed Ash a doughnut. Ash sat down with it, flipping through the book Sabrina had given him as he ate.

Not long after, a Mankey came running over to them, making the group look up. "Do you want a doughnut?" Brock asked, taking the obvious guess and handing one over to the monkey Pokemon.

The Mankey took the doughnut and started to eat, then glanced over to Ash, noticing the red hat. He smiled upon seeing it and grabbed the hat right off of Ash's head, then darted up a tree with his doughnut and Ash's hat in his hands.

"My hat!" Ash groaned, reaching up to feel his now bare head. "Pikachu, mind going and asking for it back?"

"Sure, no problem," Pikachu told him while Ash took out his Pokedex to look up information on Mankey.

"Wait, Pikachu!" Ash then called to his starter, who was beginning to climb the tree. "Mankey is a fighting type and we don't have a fighting type yet. Ask him if he'll join us."

"Okay, I'll ask." Pikachu told him and started talking to the Mankey. "He said he'll join you if you can beat him in a battle and give him another doughnut." he then reported back.

"Hey, Brock, do you have any more doughnuts?" Ash asked.

"One." Brock answered and handed it over to Ash, who took it to the tree and held it out to the Mankey, who promptly jumped down, taking the doughnut and eating it.

"Ash?" Misty asked in confusion.

"Mankey wanted another doughnut and a battle before joining my team." Ash explained. "You ready to battle now?" he asked the Mankey when he noticed he was done with his second doughnut and Pikachu was back on Ash's shoulder.

Mankey shouted his name a few times and pumped his fist in the air. Ash took that to mean he was ready. "Okay." Ash told him, trying to decide who to choose. At that time, Haunter popped out of his Poke Ball and jumped behind Ash, scaring him. "Haunter, you're not taking this one." Ash told the ghost type, knowing Mankey probably didn't know any moves that would affect Haunter and wanting to give him a fair battle.

Before Charmander could offer to battle, Nidorino ran out in front of Ash. "You want it?" Ash asked and Nidorino nodded. "Okay then." He took out his Pokedex to see if Nidorino had learned any new moves and saw that he had learned Helping Hand and Toxic Spikes.

Ash noticed that Charmander seemed disappointed. "Remember, you have a gym battle coming up." Ash reminded the Pokemon, who was quick to cheer up. He then called to Nidorino, "Start it off with Drill run!"

Nidorino went charging towards Mankey, but Mankey dodged it by jumping into the air. The Mankey then used a Low Kick. "Shake it off and use Horn Drill while he's close!" Ash told Nidorino, who reacted immediately and rammed his horn into Mankey's side.

Mankey went to hit Nidorino with a Karate Chop, but Nidorino dodged and Ash ordered a Poison Sting, which sent Mankey down on one knee. Ash figured that was it and didn't want to hurt Mankey too badly, so he threw a Poke Ball. Mankey went into it, but the ball shook only once before Mankey popped out again.

As Mankey popped out, his body began to glow and he evolved into a Primeape. The newly evolved Primeape picked up Nidorino and threw him using Seismic Toss. Nidorino landed hard, but got to his feet and nodded to Ash to show that he was okay. Ash smiled. 'Focus Energy and Drill Run!" he called and Nidorino used Focus Energy to power up before charging into Primeape, hitting the Pokemon. But Primeape wasn't out yet and hit back with a Karate Chop, which did hit, but Ash ordered a Double Kick, which hit Primeape twice and the Pig Monkey Pokemon was down.

Ash then threw a Poke Ball again and this time it shook three times before clicking shut and transporting to the lab. "Yes! I caught a Primeape!" Ash cheered.

"You realize Primeape is still wearing your hat, right?" Misty reminded him and Ash touched the top of his head, realizing his favorite hat was still missing and that he had never remembered to get it back from Primeape.

"I think I need to buy more hats…" Ash sighed, rubbing his head and then treating Nidorino with a potion before returning the Poison Pokemon to his ball to rest, thanking him for the hard battle.

Oak had taken a very quick liking to Ash's Scyther. The first thing Scyther did after they got off the phone with Ash was to have a talk with Rudolph and then was off. It wasn't long before Oak saw Scyther giving a talk to Ash's Geodude and then seemingly giving him his marching orders. The Rock Type had been training ever since Scyther's talk.

Scyther had also put a few of Gary's more troublesome Pokemon straight. Oak smiled, thinking things would be running smoothly at the lab now. That was when he heard the ding signaling a new Pokemon was incoming. "Let's see who that is, Rudolph." Oak said, having heard Ash use that nickname for the Pokemon and noticing the Krabby seemed to like it.

Oak looked at the monitor. "Oh, this is from Ash." he said in surprise and excitement, thinking it was from Gary, who seemed to throw a Poke Ball at every Pokemon he saw, or Angie, who wasn't catching quite as many as Gary, but was still catching a good amount.

Oak opened the Poke Ball without checking first to see what the Pokemon was. He was surprised to see a Primeape wearing Ash's red hat, but was even more surprised when he ended up on the floor with the Primeape punching him.

Rudolph acted fast, throwing a Bubble Beam to knock the Primeape over and off the professor. "Do not attack the professor again." he growled, but then paused as the Primeape got up, looking around in complete confusion.

"Well, the kid actually caught me. I was not expecting that." Primeape said, playing with the hat. "Guess I underestimated him. Maybe he'll be a worthy trainer."

"Our trainer is very good." Rudolph told him. "Welcome to the team. One question though. Why do you have our trainer's hat?"

Primeape smiled as he threw the hat in the air and let it land on his head. "I like it." was all he said.

…(Back with Ash and the gang)….

Ash, along with the rest of his group, arrived in Celadon City. That was when Ash noticed a clothing store. He really felt weird without his hat. "Guys, I'm going to buy a couple more hats." he told his friends.

"Okay, maybe we'll look around as well." Misty said as she noticed Brock had run off, probably after some girl. "And let me go stop Brock from ending up in a trash can again." Ash laughed at that as he ran into the store, found their hats, and began trying them on.

"What do you guys think?" Ash asked his two mentally bonded Pokemon.

"The red one and the blue one look good." Charmander said lazily, not caring all that much about hats.

"You should get the yellow one too." Pikachu advised.

Ash picked up the red hat which had a flame design on it, the blue one with a water drop, and the yellow one which had a thunderbolt. He then picked up a white hat that had a fist on it, hoping when he saw Primeape again he could trade back for his other hat. Then the other three could be just in case he got other pokemon who liked his hat.

Ash quickly paid for the four hats and put the red one on. The others were easily able to fit inside his backpack. As he was walking out, he saw a stone shop. Ash paused, knowing his Shellder was ready for evolution and the only way was to get a Water Stone.

Ash walked into the store. "Hello," he said to the girl behind the counter. "Do you have any water stones?"

"We have one left." the girl said, going to the case and taking it out.

"This is the only one?" Ash asked. If there had been more than one, he would have bought one for Misty.

"Yes, but we should get more the next week." the girl told him. "Do you want it?" Ash nodded and paid for the stone, putting it in his pocket when she handed it to him.

Then Ash went to go look for Misty and Brock and found them in front of a perfume shop. Brock was staring with a dazed, giddy expression at the pretty salesgirls and Misty was trying out some perfume. Ash walked. "Hey guys, I got what I was looking for…" he started but was cut off as Charmander sneezed, hitting him in the face with a Flamethrower. "What the…why?"

"Sorry, Ash. I think I'm allergic to…" Charmander's thoughts were cut off as he sneezed again, hitting Ash once again.

Ash took out Charmander's Poke Ball and returned him before Charmander burnt him to a crisp. "Sorry, buddy. I don't need any more flamethrowers to the face." he thought to him and heard Charmander laugh.

Misty was giggling at what happened, but the workers of the shop did not look amused. "What do you think of this one, Ash?" Misty asked, spraying the perfume sample at Ash who coughed in response.

"To tell you the truth, Misty, I think it's a waste of money." Ash admitted. "I mean, we're on a journey. You'll never have the opportunity to use it and there's a high probability of it breaking in your bag. It's useless, just expensive smelly water and we should really be saving up our money for ourselves and our Pokemon's benefit."

Misty found herself agreeing with Ash, but before she could say anything, the manager came out and started being rude to Ash. "Hey!" Misty said, standing up. "There's no need for that; I asked him for an opinion and he gave it to me and I find myself agreeing with him."

"Well then, you can all leave." the manager growled and had her employees throw them all out, including a dreamy Brock who didn't seem to know what was going on.

Misty was fuming, a scowl on her face. "Misty, if we're ever in a situation where perfume would be needed, I'll buy you a bottle from whatever company is this one's competition." Ash told her.

"Yeah, those people. I can't believe I almost bought from them." Misty complained, hitting Brock over the head to snap him out of his trance.

"Well, before we go to the gym, why don't we do something that will calm us all down." Ash said, taking the water stone out of his pocket, making Brock, Misty, and Pikachu look at him. "Who wants to see if Shellder wants to evolve?"

Misty was looking at the water stone, stunned. "Where did you get that?"

"There's a stone shop over this way, but this was the last stone they had. They said they'd get more in this week." Ash told Misty, who nodded.

The group went and found a quiet spot near the water where Ash released Shellder and let Charmander back out now that they were far enough away from the perfume. Shellder cooed as Ash pet her. "Shellder, I got this for you." Ash said, holding up the water stone. "If you don't want to evolve, you don't have to, but it's here if you want it."

Shellder started talking excitedly. "She wants to evolve." Pikachu translated.

"You sure? There's no going back after this." Ash told her, but Shellder was sure, so Ash touched the stone to her head.

Shellder started lighting up right away and not long after, she was a Cloyster. The first thing Cloyster did was jump into Ash's arms and Ash had problems catching her. "You're getting a bit big for this now, Shel…I mean Cloyster." Cloyster cooed in his arms.

"That's awesome." Misty said as she gave Cloyster a pet and so did Brock. The group spent some time playing with Cloyster before returning the newly evolved Pokemon and deciding to head to the gym.

When they entered there, there were a couple of girls at the front desk. "We'd like to challenge the gym leader." Ash said.

"No." the girl replied, confusing them.

"Is she not here?" Misty asked.

"No, we just don't let anyone who thinks perfume is a waste of money inside the gym." the girl told them with a glare.

Ash looked even more confused. "How do you know what we said inside a store?"

"Because we supply the perfume for the store and you are banned!" the girl said angrily. She was about to hit Ash and Misty with a red X stamp, but Pikachu shocked her before she could.

"That's not allowed." Misty retorted. "A gym leader has to accept every challenge before them and people cannot be kicked out of the gym for a personal opinion."

"What are you going to do about it?" the girl asked with a smirk.

"We'll call the league." Brock said.

She snorted. "Good luck getting in touch with the League. You'll be on hold for a year."

Misty just smirked. "Oh, we didn't introduce ourselves. How forgetful of us. I'm Misty Waterflower from the Cerulean Gym."

"And I'm Brock Slate of the Pewter City gym. I think we can get people on the phone pretty fast." Brock added.

The girl looked to her friend, who nodded. "She's with another challenger at the moment, but follow me." she said reluctantly, leading the group to the battlefield where the person they recognized as the manager of the shop and a dark haired, blue eyed girl wearing jeans, a white T-shirt, and a black jacket were battling. They watched as the girl's fire monkey Pokemon easily took out Erika's Gloom.

"The winner is Ali Winters." the referee announced as the girl returned her Pokemon and took her badge.

The gym leader glared at Ash, Misty, and Brock. "I thought I told you not to let them in." she growled at her employees, who then went to talk to her.

Ali walked up to the group. "Let me guess; you said something against her perfume?" she asked and the group nodded. Ali laughed. "Next time, check out the gym online before coming. They have a reputation for this."

"What Pokemon were you using?" Ash asked curiously, having never seen the fire monkey Pokemon before.

"Infernape." she said simply.

"Erika!" they heard and turned to see another girl come running out. "Robbers just tried to steal our perfume formula. It was a female, a male, and a Meowth."

"Team Rocket." Ash, Misty, and Brock mumbled together.

"We kicked them out." the girl added as Ali mumbled a goodbye and left.

Erika came up to the group. "Give me a half hour and I'll battle you. Don't expect to win." she said before going in the back. Normally the trio would wait in the Pokemon Center, but decided not to chance it and waited in the stands.

-Team Rocket-

Jessie, James and Meowth were hanging from a tree, yelling at each other when a Gengar came and knocked them out of the tree, then brought them to a dark corner where a girl wearing a black suit and a black mask was waiting. "I heard you wanted the perfume formulas." the girl said and her voice came out robotic like she was using a voice changer.

"What's it to you?" Jessie asked.

"I can get it. For a price." the girl told them.

"And who would you be?" Meowth asked.

"X." she said.

"Huddle." James whispered to his group and the three Rocket members walked a short distance away to chat. "I've heard of her." James whispered so she couldn't hear him. She's a good thief. She costs a lot though."

"And we've got no money." Meowth reminded them.

"Don't worry about that." Jessie whispered, then went back to X. "We're in." X handed her a card with a price on it.

"I expect that in full when I get you your product." X said and then her and her Gengar disappeared.

-Ash's group-

Erika arrived back a half hour later. "Who first?" she asked and Ash stood up. She smirked and sent out a Tangela. "I'll show you my power."

"Pikachu." Ash said simply and his starter jumped off his shoulder and onto the battlefield. Ash hadn't planned on using Pikachu here originally, but Pikachu had begged since losing to Sabrina and being replaced by Haunter in the next round.

"Vine Whip!" Erika called and Tangela released a vine to hit Pikachu.

"Use Quick Attack to dodge." Ash told Pikachu, who ran off fast, avoiding the vines. "Thunderbolt." Pikachu shot off the powerful bolt of electricity, hitting Tangela. "Iron Tail!" Pikachu leapt into the air, his tail glowing. Erika called out for her Tangela to use an Absorb, but Pikachu struck before Tangela could use it. Tangela fainted.

Pikachu stepped back, shocked he had won so fast. "That was too easy."

"Return, Pikachu!" Ash called and Pikachu jumped back on his shoulder.

Erika released a Weepinbell as Ash released Bulbasaur. "Use Nature Power." Ash said and Bulbasaur released his Nature Power, which turned into Tri Attack, dealing a lot of damage.

Erika called for Weepinbell to use Razor Leaf. "Take Down!" Ash called to Bulbasaur, who ran through the Razor Leaf and right into Weepinbell, knocking it out. Bulbasaur gave Ash a look, not believing a gym leader's Pokemon could taken down that easily.

Erika glared. "You may be a good battler, but you cannot win because I have one thing you do not! Empathy with my Pokemon!" Charmander's tail flame grew larger as he got mad.

"Ash." Charmander thought to his trainer.

That one word was all Ash needed to know what his fire type wanted. "Yeah, you're up." he thought back and Charmander ran onto the field as Erika released Gloom.

"Gloom." Erika said simply and Gloom knew what she wanted; releasing her worst smell onto the field to make Charmander sick.

As Charmander smelled it, he had to sneeze, and as he sneezed, a huge burst of fire came out, much larger than the sneeze Flamethrowers he had hit Ash with, and in fact, even bigger than the normal Flamethrowers he threw out. This massive Flamethrower hit Gloom and Gloom was done.

"You're allergic to Gloom?" Ash asked, shocked. "But you've been near Misty's Gloom a lot with no problems."

"Misty's Gloom never made that smell." Charmander told him, rubbing his nose and his watering eyes in annoyance as Erika practically threw the badge at Ash. "I demand another battle. A better battle." Ash just nodded as he caught his badge and placed it in his badge case and Erika walked away to heal her Pokemon for Misty's battle.

"Was it me or was that a little too easy?" Ash asked his friend. After his battle with Sabrina, he had expected the gyms to get more challenging, but this must have been the easiest gym yet.

Misty nodded, not believing how easily the gym leader was defeated. The only ones worse were probably her sisters. The group waited until Misty could have her battle with only Ash running out to drop off his Pokemon at the Pokemon Center just in case they did get injured. He got back right in time for Misty's battle with a smirk on his face.

Misty's first choice was her Gloom while Erika used her Tangela again. The battle was a lot harder than Erika's battle with Gloom and Tangela getting in good punches. It ended when Erika had her Tangela use Sleep Powder to send Gloom to sleep, allowing Tangela to knock Gloom out.

"That was an ugly trick." Charmander, who refused to go to the Pokemon Center because he hadn't even taken a hit, muttered.

"It's legal." Ash told him.

"Seems like your battle lit a fire under Erika." Brock told Ash as Misty returned Gloom and released Squirtle.

"Zen Headbutt!" Misty called to Squirtle and Squirtle ran into Tangela with Zen Headbutt, knocking it out.

"I didn't know Squirtle mastered that move." Ash said as Erika returned Tangela and released Weepinbell.

Erika tried to use Sleep Powder again but Misty was ready for that this time and managed to avoid it by using Bubble Beam as a shield. The battle with Weepinbell was fierce and Squirtle got tired, so Misty returned him and sent out Seel, who knocked out Weepinbell with an Icy Wind.

Erika then released her Gloom who tried to release that bad smell again to knock Seel out, but it didn't seem to bother Seel at all. "Ice Beam on the ground!" Misty called and Seel covered the field with ice.

Gloom kept on slipping on the ground, but Seel was able to surf across the ice. Gloom got one or two hits in with Absorb and Acid, and Seel used Headbutt and Drill Run, which was intensified by sliding on the ice. Misty then had Seel use an Icy Wind, which knocked Gloom out. As Gloom was knocked out, Seel started to glow. A minute later, he was a Dewgong, much to Misty's excitement. She ran onto the ice, slipping and sliding over to hug her Pokemon.

Erika reluctantly gave her the badge. "Now please get out of my gym before…"

"Erika, it's gone!" a girl cried, running out from the back room. "Someone stole all our perfume formulas and perfume samples; I don't know how!"

It wasn't long later that Officer Jenny was called in and the group had to give a statement as they were in the gym at the time of the theft.

They were let go after that and headed to the Pokemon Center to pick up Ash's Pokemon and drop off Misty's. As they were leaving, they saw another boy getting kicked out of the gym for not liking perfume.

"What they are doing is wrong." Misty said later at the Pokemon Center after they helped the hapless kid get into the gym. "We should call up the Pokemon League anyway."

"We don't have to." Ash told them, making the other two look at him in confusion. "Well, let's just say I know for a fact Angie doesn't like perfume. In fact, she claims she's a bit allergic to it since it makes her sneeze."

"She can join the club." Charmander mumbled.

"Anyway, I knew she was ahead of us, so while we were waiting for Erika to heal up her Pokemon, I checked her website. Jerk Gets Zapped is still her number one video, but she has another video trending. Kicked Out. Erika didn't let her battle in this gym. The gym leader didn't realize she was taping and let's just say the comments on this gym are worse than the ones for your sisters. It's actually got the League's attention. They're sending someone out according to their comment." Ash said with a smirk and Misty and Brock laughed as well.

When Misty got her Pokemon back, the group decided to get a room for the night and continue their journey tomorrow. "Hey, Ash?" Misty whispered later that night, waking her friend up. "You know, if Erika had been a better gym leader, it could have been a real problem for me." Ash made an agreeing noise and nodded, still half asleep. "So I was thinking about different ways to fight grass types and I realized Gyarados could learn Flamethrower."

"Seriously?" Ash asked, a little shocked about that.

"Seriously, but only by TM, so I would need a TM machine and the TM, but they are expensive. Was wondering if you wanted to go halves on it. It could be useful for you too."

"Sure, we'll pick it up tomorrow." Ash said. "Now let me sleep."


Team Rocket went to go meet with X at the planned location. X held up a box. "All the formulas and samples," X said handing it over. 'Now my money."

"Right, hold on a minute," Jessie said, going into her pocket and then taking something out and throwing it on the floor, creating a smoke screen they used to get to their balloon and escape.

The group was laughing as they left, but X took out a controller and pushed a button. The box she gave Team Rocket exploded, causing their balloon to pop and them to fly off yelling "We're blasting off again!"

"No one cheats me," X said, walking away.

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Ash's Pokemon: (+ means still learning)

Scyther(Sarge)(M)- Vacuum Wave, Quick Attack, Leer, Focus Energy, Pursuit, False Swipe, Agility, Wing Attack, Slash, Razor Wind, X-Scissor, Bug Buzz+ Egg Moves: Steel Wing, Night Slash

Geodude(Peter)(M) Defense Curl, Tackle, Mud Sport, Rollout, Rock Throw, Magnitude. Egg Move-Hammer Arm(Unlocked)

Pikachu(M) Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack, Thunderbolt, Iron Tail, Agility, Thunder.+ Egg Move: Volt Tackle(Locked)

Cloyster(F)- Tackle, Withdraw, Icicle Shard, Razor Shell, Protect, Aurora Beam, Ice Beam. Egg move: Water Gun(Unlocked)

Nidorino(M) Leer, Peck, Focus Energy, Double Kick, Poison Sting, Drill Run, Fury Attack, Horn Drill, Helping Hand, Toxic Spikes. No egg move.

Bulbasaur(M): Tackle, Growl, Vine Whip, Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, Take Down, Razor Leaf, Sweet Scent, Growth, Double Edge, Worry Seed. Egg Move-Nature Power(Unlocked)

Charmander(M) Growl, Scratch, Ember, Smokescreen, Flamethrower, Metal Claw, Fire Fang, Flame Burst. Egg Move: Dragon Rush(Locked)

Krabby(Rudolph)(M): Mud Sport, Bubble, Vice Grip, Leer, Harden, Bubble Beam, Mud Shot.

Abra(F): Teleport, Hidden Power

Haunter(M): Hypnosis, Lick, Spite, Mean Look, Confuse Ray, Sucker Punch, Payback, Shadow Ball, Night Shade, Curse, Shadow Punch

Primeape(M): Scratch, Fury Swipes, Low Kick, Karate Chop, Seismic Toss

Misty's Pokemon

Staryu: Harden, Tackle, Water Gun, Rapid Spin, Recover, Bubble Beam, Gyro Ball, Camouflage. No Egg Move.

Dewgong(M): Headbutt, Growl, Water Sport, Icy Wind, Encore, Ice Shard, Ice Beam, Drill Run. Egg Move: Signal Beam.

Goldeen(F): Peck, Tail Whip, Water Sport, Supersonic, Horn Attack, Flail, Water Pulse, Aqua Ring.

Gloom(F): Absorb, Sweet Scent, Acid, Poison Powder, Stun Spore, Sleep Powder, Giga Drain, Mega Drain. Egg Move: Razor Leaf(Unlocked.)

Squirtle(M): Tackle, Tail Whip, Water Gun, Rapid Spin, Bubble, Bite, Protect, Zen Headbutt. Egg Move: Aqua Jet.

Gyarados: Tackle, Thrash, Bite, Dragon Rage, Twister, Crunch.

Tentacool(M): Poison Sting, Constrict, Supersonic, Acid, Toxic Spikes, Water Pulse.

Horsea: Bubble, Smokescreen, Leer, Water Gun.