12/7/02- Author's Note: Okay, this is the first romance fic I've done in almost two years. Please keep that in mind if this is kind of… bad. This idea has been danding in my mind for a couple months now, and recently reading "There's Something about Seto Kaiba!" by Magician Yuke has inspired me to finally write it out! (Read it! It's SOOOOO good!) But please take note that Hitomi is in no way based after me (except for her favorite card, which will show up in chapter 3 or 4). I am NOT an Otogi fangirl; if you want an Otogi fangirl, find my big sister (ID: 258598). In fact, I think it's a little stupid to be obsessed with an anime character to the point of fantasizing about dating him, but don't think that I'm trying to belittle those people with my comment; I have many close friends who do so, and I used to as well. ^^;;; Okay, on to the fic that is not following my style at all!!!

Secondary Note: I have estimated that DDM took place in early to mid-April. Again, I'm not sure, but I have guessed this because 1) Domino High School students are still wearing their winter uniforms, which are generally changed around mid-April and 2) transfer students (Otogi had just transferred in the day before DDM) usually transfer in around the beginning of the school year, which in Japan begins in early April. This story takes place a week after Otogi transferred in.

Cinnamon Eyes

As was the norm, girls flocked in and surrounded Otogi Ryuuji's desk. After his experience with Mutou Yuugi, however, he felt annoyed by their presence. Otogi now deemed it not his place to show off; despite this, his reputation was set, and would take quite a while to start with a clean pallet.

"Otogi-kun, please do your dice tricks again!" squealed one of the girls. He had never bothered to learn their names, either, which made him feel even worse.

The boy smiled weakly up at the girls. "Sorry, I accidentally left them at home today." Accidentally on purpose… he thought.

At this statement, the girls seemed to lose interest. "Oh." They scattered back to their own seats, deciding to use their homeroom time to finish homework.

Otogi sat at his seat for a while, staring blankly at the far wall. Silently he reprimanded himself for engaging in something so unproductive and time-wasting, but stayed that way all the same. He was suddenly jerked out of it when the door to the classroom opened and a voice proclaimed, "I'm back!"

"Hitomi!" A majority of the girls jumped out of their seats and rushed over to the girl that had just entered.

The auburn-haired girl smiled calmly, brushing her pink bangs out of her face. "Good morning, everyone." Glancing over to their desks, she added, "Get back to work if you want to finish your homework by first bell."

Most of the girls filed back to their desks, save for one. Hitomi turned to her best friend. "How've you been, Keiko?"

"Oh, I've been fine." Keiko giggled. "How about you? You were in Hawaii for three weeks and you didn't even get a tan!"

Hitomi placed her books on her desk. "I didn't get out much. I stayed inside most of the time to make up the work that I was missing."

"Hitomi…" The other girl crossed her arms and glared at her friend in mock anger. "You were there over spring break. You had plenty of free time to spend."

She shrugged. "You know I like to stay inside to do more productive things than activities such as play on the beach." Hitomi, at that moment, noticed the strange boy staring at her. "Hey, Keiko, who's that?"

Keiko looked over her shoulder at the raven-haired boy. "Oh! That's Otogi Ryuuji; he transferred in last week. Isn't he dreamy?!"

The taller girl inspected Otogi for a few seconds, then snorted. "What's so appealing about a punk kid with a headband?"

"But, Hitomi, he also invented that new game, Dun-"

"I don't care if he invented Rock-Paper-Scissors!"

Keiko sighed. "You can't tell me you don't find anything mildly attractive about him."

"Well…" Hitomi looked back towards his desk. "He… Hey, where'd he go?"

"Hello," breathed a voice into her ear. She jumped and found herself facing Otogi, up close and personal. He offered a hand to her and grinned. "My name is Otogi Ryuuji. Nice to meet you."

Politely, Hitomi accepted his hand, and responded, "Kawara Hitomi."

"Ah, an appropriate name! Indeed, you have very beautiful cinnamon-colored eyes, and your self is as fragrant as a fresh spring day."

Hitomi found herself pulling her hand away and inching backwards, slightly scared by this strange boy commenting on her body odor. "Yes, well…"

Keiko ran to her friend's side, squealing. "Oh my gosh, Hitomi, you're so lucky! The hottest guy in the grade has a crush on you!"

"Ow, not in my ear, Kei…"

Desks and chairs scraped the floor, and Hitomi was crowded by her female classmates for the second time in ten minutes.

"Hitomi, how dare you! I'm jealous!!"

"Hitomi-san lucky!"

"I'll take him if you don't want him!"

"Gee, if I'd come back from vacation a week late, maybe Otogi-kun would have liked me also…"'

The targeted girl flashed a glare past her classmates, at her admirer. She was mildly surprised to see him blushing, but only for a second. The blood soon evened out again, and he started twirling his hair around his forefinger. Hitomi scrunched up her nose. He doesn't seem the type to be so embarrassed by such a situation… Strange boy… She became steadily fed up with the never-shrinking crowd, and shouted, "I AM NOT INTERESTED IN HIM SO GO AWAY!!!"

Surprised at her outburst, the girls slowly trickled back to their seats. The bell soon rang for class to start, and Hitomi sat back down as well, waiting intently for the teacher to enter the room. She knew the boy three seats back was staring at her intently, but didn't dare look back for fear of causing another commotion.



Hey, all! This is my little omake section! This is going to be at the end of each chapter, where I do a bunch of random stuff: answer FAQs, put character profiles, draw comics, fool around with the characters, etc. So! For the first edition of our omake section, I'm putting Hitomi's profile and answering FAQs that are bound to be asked! Here goes…!

Name: Kawara Hitomi (http://www.boomspeed.com/yugi_h_2_oh/kawara_hitomi.gif [Isn't it pretty? The kanji, I mean.])
Meaning: Ka- fragrance, wara- spring (season), hitomi- eye (the pupil, specifically ^^;;;)
Birthday: July 14 (Cancer)
Blood Type: A
Values: Education, staying on task and not being wavered from her goals
Talents: Schoolwork, logic, skating (any kind)
Weak points: Talking, dealing with emotions, being in the sun
Her relationship with: (Will come into play later)
Mutou Yuugi: Hitomi thinks he's a cute, sweet boy, and sort of looks to him as a younger brother. She enjoys interacting with such an innocent, meek boy, but can tell that he has a certain maturity to him, and can often seem to have another personality…
Jounouchi Katsuya: She can get a little annoyed at him sometimes, but besides that likes being around him. He amuses her a lot, but frustrates her more often than he would the others. On the rare occasion that they aren't arguing, the get along very well.
Masaki Anzu: Unlike most other people around, Hitomi is easily annoyed by Anzu. She doesn't hide her feelings either, and will openly tell her to shut up if need be. Despite this, they frequently look past their differences and escape the constant influence of the opposite sex; under these circumstances, they are very friendly to each other.
Honda Hiroto: Next to Yuugi, Hitomi probably gets along with Honda the best. They rarely argue, unless it's a tag team effort against Jounouchi. Their favorite pastime together is playing tiny pranks on Jounouchi, easily accomplished with a combination of Honda's slyness and Hitomi's logical thinking.
Bakura Ryou: She's openly indifferent towards Bakura, and tolerates him because he appears to be sweet. She feels a bit unnerved when he's around, though, and she sincerely doesn't like him that much.
Kaiba Seto: Hitomi doesn't talk with Kaiba that much, but gets along well with him when she does. Their personalities are similar on some levels, allowing them to be close when they do interact.
Otogi Ryuuji: Well… what can I say? He annoys her right off the bat (the "spring's fragrance" thing really threw her off), and she openly expresses her dislike towards him. But only time will tell how she grows towards him… *giggles like a stupid knave*
My comments: I'm not too sure where the whole "education ROCKS!!!" (to put it bluntly) thing came up, but Hitomi values her schoolwork. She's not particularly intelligent, but studies hard and the girls in her class look up to her in a sense. When reading or in class, she wears glasses, but not at home or when she's out. Hitomi doesn't like being in the sun, but goes outside when it's raining, cloudy, or nighttime. PLEASE don't call her a Mary-Sue! Okay, that's not fair; if you think of her as a Mary-Sue, I have no right to prevent you from saying so. But Hitomi is not perfect in any way, shape, or form. She has her flaws, definitely more than I have listed in this profile (I'm sort of at a mind block now…). However, if you do feel that Hitomi is getting some sort of special treatment, tell me what you think about her and how you think I can improve her character. If you don't like her, how else will I know how to make her likable?


How did you come up with the idea for the story?
The same way I come up with most stories. :P I was sitting in my English class listening to my teacher pretending to be a history teacher and telling us the history of South Africa, when I thought to myself, "Otogi needs a girlfriend." Random? Yes? Well, anyway, in a total of about 10 seconds I had a story planned out, and I pulled out some paper to sketch "Otogi's girlfriend" out. Then (still in English) I inked the picture, erased the pencil, and colored it with colored pencils. Yes, I am a psychopath that ALWAYS has high-quality art supplies in my bookbag.

Didn't your teacher notice?
This really doesn't have anything to do with the story, but the answer is: probably, since I sit right up front next to the desk that she likes to sit on. But my English teacher lurves me SO much that she doesn't care! HAW HAW HAW!!!

What does Hitomi look like?
Here is that famed picture, complete with the random doodles that were around it: http://www.boomspeed.com/yugi_h_2_oh/hitomi.jpg. The uniform might be a little screwed up because I forgot what it looked like and… I was sort of in class at the time…

Whatever happened to Battle City?
Believe it or not, I actually took that into consideration. I have no idea when exactly Battle City takes place, but for the sake of this fic, we're just pretending that it's either not there or not taking place until… umm… August? *laughs nervously*

Why is this so BAD?
Why is Otogi so OOC?
Because this is the boring boring first chapter that I put absolutely no effort into because it's BORING to read and BORING to write. I want to write the SECOND AND THIRD AND FOURTH CHAPTERS!!! AND WHATEVER CHAPTERS COME AFTER THAT!!! I really did not want to write this chapter, but I had to because I couldn't very well start at the SECOND chapter and make everybody go, "huh?" I mean, I COULD, but that would just be mean. And, actually, Hitomi is really OOC also. I'll try my hardest to make everyone IC next chapter!!!

I HATE HITOMI! SHE SHOULD GO TO *rest is censored out*!!!!!

Okay, I think that's it! I'll see you guys next chapter! *waves*

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