Chapter 1: The Buried Gem

It was a hot and typical morning in Beach city. Garnet and Pearl were in the temple, while Steven, Amethyst and Lion were all on the dock in Beach city. Steven and Amethyst were at the counter of beach city Fries , while Lion{Steven's pet} was taking a cat nap, waiting for them.
"C'mon Peedee, give us the bits!" Steven said.
"Yeah, the bits!" Amethyst said while banging on the counter. Steven proceeded to bang on the counter as well, until Peedee got annoyed.
"Okay, okay." Peedee said, as his father handed him a white bag with an oil stain on the bottom. "Here."
"Thanks Peedee." Steven said, as both of them left beach city Fries. Amethyst began to stuff her face with fry bits, while Steven was only getting a few of the scrumptious bits. Lion dragged behind.
"So, what do you think Garnet and Pearl are doing back at the temple?" Steven asked.
"Oh you know, lounging around or practicing they're gem techniques." Amethyst said with a mouthful of fry bits.
"But do you think we'll be going on a mission today?" Steven asked, as Amethyst shoved another handful of the bits in her mouth. She then shrugged her shoulders. It wasn't until then, that Lion had wandered off onto beach cities white sand, and began to sniff the premises.
"Hm...hey where's Lion?" Steven asked, when he realized that pink lion was gone.
"Huh...wasn't he behind us?" The purple gem asked. Steven turned around and began to call out Lions name. It wasn't until then that Lion had made a small growl sound, and Steven looked over only too see the pink lion digging the sand up. "Hey Lion, what are you doing?" Steven asked, as he went on to the beach sand with Amethyst following. Once Lion had stopped, he picked up a cracked, black, round object.
"Woah, what is that?" Steven asked. Lion dropped it into Stevens hands, as he stared at the object.
"Steven, I's a Gem." Amethyst said. "And it's cracked."
"Really?" He asked. " sure."
"Yeah, c'mon, lets go show Garnet and Pearl." Amethyst said, and Steven Amethyst and Lion all returned to the temple.

"GARNET!, PEARL!" Steven yelled. Pearl quickly got into battle position, while Garnet just stood up.
"What is it? trouble?" Pearl asked.
"Na, no trouble." Amethyst said.
"Oh...then...what?" Pearl asked. Steven pulled the cracked object out, and showed the two Gems. Pearl and Garnet gasped.
"A gem?" Pearl said. "But that can't be, they're are no other gems on earth."
"Well apparently they're is if it was found in beach city." Amethyst said. Pearl scowled at her.
"Well, I for one don't feel like dealing with another bad Gem." Garnet said as her gem power allowed her to equip herself with two large gauntlets. She then raised both of her gauntlets.
"Ah, wait, what if...what if it's a good Gem?" Steven asked.
"Steven, the gems we've faced so far haven't been good, what makes you think that this gem won't be like all the rest?" She asked.
"Because...I feel it in my gut." Steven said. "I mean, I don't have healing powers anymore, but I can still watch over it."
"But Steven." Pearl began to say.
"Fine." The tall red gem said.
"Garnet?!" Pearl said.
"Well, it doesn't seem very harmless." Garnet said. "And besides, I think Steven can take care of the gem." Steven celebrated, while Pearl just scowled a little. The black gem suddenly began to glow bright grey, and blink. Almost as if it were communicating with them.
"Uh, supposed to do that?" Amethyst asked.
"I'm not sure, but...if it is harmless, can keep it."
"Thanks pearl." Steven said, as he put it on the coffee table, and stared at the glowing gem. The gem stopped glowing and returns to its dark state. Pearl sighs.
"However if it does try to hurt you, so help me I'll..."
"No...don't worry, It wont." Steven said
"How do you know?" Pearl asked.
"Because...I can feel it." Steven whispered, while staring at the dark gem, with big bright eyes. Pearl then sighed.