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Bella's Pov

After Aro dropped the blond king's hand he nodded. The blond king must have taken that as a sign because he walked toward me keeping eye contact all the while. Just before he reached me Edward began screaming "NO, Caius! She is MINE!" Aro motioned with his hand and Alice and Edward were dragged out. Edward still screaming and thrashing. This action began the series of thoughts that led to the final thought. Will they kill me? "Mia stella" he purred enclosing me into an embrace. My body betrayed me as it leaned into him. I began to feel safe and loved. Apparently he took that as a sign because the next thing I knew we were flying through a maze of corridors and into a room. I was laid down on a bed and Caius leaned over me. "You are mine forever mia cara." "Forever" I repeated. And with that he bit me and I knew forever with him began now.

Mia stella- my star

Mia cara- my dear

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