Written for the race through Hogwarts competition. Prompt: Write about your favorite season Ah summer, Sirius' favorite season. No school, he could ride his motor bike, and go on as many dates as he wanted to go on with Remus. Remus on the other hand hated summer. The heat, humidity, mosquitoes, flies, and bees were all very annoying. The worst part was Moony also hated the heat and it made his transformations harder, but Sirius was determined to make him love that season.
"Remus, let's go to the pool!" Whined Sirius. "No Sirius I don't want to." Said Remus annoyed, this was the fifth time Sirius had asked. He decided to try something different. "Why not?" Sirius asked. "Because people will stare at my scars." Replied Remus "Don't worry, I'll cast a consealment charm on them." Offered Sirius. He was now seventeen and able to use magic outside of school, James was extremely jealous.
He walked over to Remus to pull up his shirt when Remus suddenly jumped back exclaiming "NOOOOOO!" "Remus, why won't you let me pull up your shirt." Asked Sirius, he narrowed his eyes "Remus, what are you hiding?" He growled "Well I was going to wait until our anniversary to show you this but," Remus said admitting defeat. He raised up his shirt to reveal a magical tatto of a shaggy black dog and a tawny blond wolf running across his chest. They went all the way across once, then back, but stopped in the center of his chest, circled each other twice before cuddling just about where his heart would. "Oh my God, Rem that's beautiful." Said Sirius with tears in his eyes. "I got it just for you." Said Remus who also had tears in his eyes. They started kissing which turned into a makeout session which turned into more which ended with Remus saying " Man I love Summer."