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Soul Reapers the spiritual guardians of the world of the living, their job is to maintain the balance between good and evil souls that fill this world. Wanting to avoid the fate of their cousins the Quincy coupled with witch trials of the era resulted in the wizard's separation from the outside world. As the centuries passed the general public has forgotten about the Soul Reapers, knowledge of them faded into legend.

Halloween a time of mischief and fun, however in the quiet village of Godric's Hollow death had descended upon them. Standing in front of a small cottage was the darkest wizard of the age Lord Voldemort peering into the window a sneer of disgust appeared on his face at the sight of the happy couple and their infant son living within. The sheer look of terror that marred the parent's faces as he blasted their door down provided him with a sadistic sense of pleasure.

"Lilly it's him, take Harry and Run!" hearing those words Voldemort entered the home and found himself facing the father a bespectacled man with unruly dark hair, his hate filled brown eyes staring into his own sinister crimson red.f

"James Potter, surrender your son, and I'll let you and the mud-blood go" the dark lord offered, he wasn't surprised when the proud father answered with a blasting curse. As the smoke cleared James was horrified to see that his spell had been blocked by the monster before him. Not wanting to waste more time the dark wizard finished the duel with his most preferred method the killing curse. Without the slightest hint of remorse the wicked man followed after the mother in pursuit of his prey.

"Don't worry Harry, Mommy will protect you" the mother declared her eyes burning with unwavering resolve. Just as she began to reach for a strange pendant around her neck, a flash of red light leaves her paralyzed on the ground.

"So it seems the report was correct Lilly Potter is a reaper" Voldemort hissed from the doorway his wand still glowing from his stunning spell. Surprise flashes in her eyes only for a moment before it's quickly replaced with unimaginable rage. Ignoring the woman the dark lord approaches the infant boy staring at his mother in confusion. Knowing what the monster plans to do to her child Lilly summons all her spiritual power as a Substitute Soul Reaper shattering the spell and forces herself in front of the villain's killing curse, ending her life as a human being. Now free of her body; dressed in a black kimono with a sword at her side, Lilly Potter stands before her killer in Soul Reaper form.

Faced with no other option but to face the vengeful reaper, for a brief moment fear enters the dark wizard's eyes, in contrast his opponent's show nothing but righteous furry; as her bright green eyes glow with a power that few wizards could ever hope to match. Lilly cared little for the fact she could no longer live as a human being; all that mattered to her now was destroying the monster who dared to threaten her child. Drawing her Zanpakutō, she couldn't help but relish in the fear she saw her opponent's eyes.

Knowing what the legends say about a reaper's blade Voldemort steadied his aim and fired a barrage of killing curses only to his horror to find that each spell was expertly sliced in half. Growing desperate as the red haired Soul Reaper stocked him as if he were her prey, the dark lord fired off one last curse. Lilly was through playing games and just as she prepared herself to end the dark wizard's life she noticed that his last spell wasn't aimed for her, but at her baby.

In an impressive show of speed she once again put herself between her child and Voldemort's spell, determined to protect her son the Soul Reaper released all her spirit energy, as it collided with the killing curse the spell's energy exploded violently.

"Lilly! Harry!" Hearing her husband's voice calling Lilly groans as she forces herself to her feet, checking to see that Harry is alright she's relieved to find that besides a small cut on his forehead the baby is unharmed. Calmer now she takes note of the condition of the house; part of the roof has been blasted apart, the walls are scorched, and to her surprise where Voldemort once stood only his wand, robes, and a pile of ash with the distinct scent of burning flesh remain.

"Lilly!" James' yelling brings her out of her thoughts as she carries her now sleeping child down stairs, stopping only to retrieve her pendant from her body. Entering the ruined remains of their living room she is saddened but not surprised to see her husband's ghost. Seeing his wife and child the fear leaves James' face only to be replaced by sorrow as he understands what will have to happen.

"James I'm sorry" Lilly whispers her voice cracking as the tears fall down her cheeks.

"Don't cry, you can still tell Harry all about…" the words die in his throat as he sees the pain and heartbreak in Lilly's eyes, at last tears begin to form in his eyes as he realizes that they've lost the chance to raise their son. Knowing there was nothing they could say to each other the parents hug their son trying to make this final moment last.

"Lilly is there nothing you can do?" despite already knowing the answer James just had to ask hoping he'd be wrong. The persistent pain in Lilly's eyes said enough. Finally it was time, placing their son safely on the couch the couple faced each other with tear filled eyes.

"I'll be waiting for you."

"I just need to make sure Harry's safe" with a promise of reunion the Soul Reaper once more drew her sword and gently tapped its' hilt against her husband's forehead and in a calming light he was sent to the afterlife. Emotionally drained Lilly once more took hold of her child intending to hold onto him for as long as she could. A few hours later the sound of a motorcycle shook the mother and child from their slumber, with sword in one hand and child held protectively in the other she allowed herself to relax when a long dark haired man dressed in wizards robes entered the ruined home with a look of fear on his face, only relaxing slightly at the sight of them.

"Hello Sirius" Lilly whispered in sorrow

"Hey Lils, having another out of body experience?" Sirius asked taking note of the woman's Soul Reaper uniform.

"I'm afraid this time its permanent" Lilly explained with bitter smile "and before you ask I already sent James ahead" with a heavy heart the mother passed her child over to the man.

"Take care of him Sirius, I don't want to see him in the Soul Society for a very long time." The warning tone in her voice made it clear that should any harm befall Harry the consequences will be dire.

"I will you have my word" Sirius vowed and with a final kiss to the child's forehead Lilly Potter left for the Soul Society. Carrying his godson outside the ruins of the Potter family home, Sirius found his thoughts conflicted between seeking vengeance for his fallen friends and taking care of Harry.

"Sirius" a voice called pulling the man from his internal conflict as he faced a giant of a man with shaggy black hair and a beard covering most of his face, dressed in a large fur coat.

"Hello Hagrid" Sirius greets the man with no attempt to hide his sorrow. As fate would have it Hagrid was at the Potter home with orders to retrieve Harry as there have been plans set for his safety. Not in the mood to argue over the matter Sirius hands over the infant and his motorcycle planning to come back for the child after he has his vengeance.

But Sirius never returned, and little Harry Potter was sent to stay with his Aunt Petunia in Surrey.

Over the years Harry had grown to be a kind natured boy, despite the cruel treatment he endured from his relatives the Dursleys. The other people in Little Whinging weren't much better. His cousin Dudley and his gang would make sure none of the children would ever play with him and his aunt's rumors coupled with his large and worn out hand-me-down clothing made teachers believe he was a trouble maker, his accidental magic probably didn't help much. But despite the fact that his relatives were mean or his lack of school friends, Harry was never lonely; you see he had plenty of friends the problem was none of them were alive.

For reasons he could never understand, Harry had always been able to see spirits, and he'd spend his days talking and sometimes playing with the ghosts around town. It didn't matter if no one else could see them, they always were nice to him and the ghosts of kids would play with him, they eased his loneliness and they loved hearing about his first year at Hogwarts and about his first living friends Ron and Hermione.

Though things only got more confusing once he entered the wizarding world, apparently it wasn't normal for a wizard to be able to see spirits outside of heavily magical areas like Hogwarts let alone be able to touch them, and neither Ron nor Hermione could tell him anything about it though they did agree to keep it a secret.

But there was one thing that Harry did keep to himself, from a young age there was always a voice calling out to him in his dreams, it belonged to a giant silver swan, and while the voice was always kind and strong he could never hear its name. Harry always wished he could hear its name, if only to satisfy his curiosity. Subconsciously gripping his mother's pendent around his neck, he returned to sleep; little did he know that he would soon have his answers.

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