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Insanities match CHAPTER ONE

Tyson snuggled into his pillow and shivered, he had been remembering his dreams more and more lately, and tonight was no exception. His dream was vivid in his mind, there was a young boy of about twelve and a homicidal maniac had captured him. The kidnapper had inserted blades into the boy's skin, so the boy was like a walking knife. His friends came looking for him, the boy hadn't seen himself in a mirror and didn't know about the blades, when his friend found him the young boy ran up and hugged his friend. Chopping him into a million pieces, splattering the boy's friend's blood all over him. He began to cry out of grief and accidentally killed his other friends too, that's were it ended.

Oh god it freaked Tyson out, it REALLY freaked him out. Of course no one could ever know that he was scared, first of all Max, Ray, and Kenny would tease him for life. And Kai, well Kai would be... Kai.

He tried to think of other things like winning the next tournament, but he couldn't get to sleep. He looked around the room, after winning the world championships for the third time in a row, they had all returned home, except for Ray, who was in a hotel just down the road. He looked at the clock it read: 1:32 am. "Ahhh I'm never going to fall asleep!" said Tyson, irritated.

His thoughts strayed to his teammates, Max the one who at the beginning had REALLY pissed him off, with his forever-happy ways. But that had changed to best friends. The bad thing was that now when he and Max entered the stadium people held up signs that said things like: Max and Tyson forever, or Max and Tyson = perfect couple! He hated it, he didn't like Max that way. And never would.

Ray on the other hand, he liked Ray from the start. Not because he was freaking hot, but because he was determined, and was able to accept defeat. Plus he was nice, and a good beyblader. But for some reason, he still hadn't fallen head over heels. He couldn't understand it, Ray was the perfect guy. Tyson definitely was gay; he'd figured that out years ago, when he'd had a crush on Andrew. Of course that didn't last too long.

Then he thought of Kenny, Kenny was okay, maybe a little wimpy and a know it all, but he was a nice. A pretty cool guy, and when it came to other people's clothing, he had really good fashion sense.

And lets not forget our cold hearted, hard as ice team captain: Kai, Kai was the one that drove Tyson crazy, in two ways, in one way he was annoying, cold, mean, conceited, and he just really pissed Tyson off. On the other hand he was so damn hot that sometimes Tyson could hardly control himself. His dreams about him were going further and further, and often he would wake up covered in sweat. Tyson would give anything to be with the cold boy, anything to teach him that warmness is not so terrible. "Oh god I love you Kai," said Tyson aloud, he drove him mad that Kai Hiwatari, and with these thoughts Tyson fell asleep, a dream were he was in pleasure beyond his dreams, " I love you..I do." were his last words, while he fell into a deep slumber.