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Insanities match

Chapter nine

He sat in the darkness of the alleyway off of Main Street, his breathing loud in the cool morning. It had snowed again last night; 8 inches of fluffy, sticky, whiteness covered the ground. Chilling the air and causing the moisture in one's breath to freeze in his mustache. The man smelled like garbage, and hadn't washed in a week. His hair long and scraggly, and his teeth rotting from misuse. He was the type of homeless man that you generally don't trust, and never will.

He was what you would call..... Dangerous? Hostile maybe. But he was definitely insane; more so than you'd think. Chuckling softly, he tilted his head back towards the sky. His long beard held pieces of unidentifiable objects, which were slowly rotting.

He sat for a moment, insane eyes glittering softly with madness, his mouth, if you could call it a mouth after it's disgusting misuse, was stuck in a sort of half-grin, that never left his face. And still grinning he forced himself up, legs cracking and stiff from sitting still so long. His tattered dull-looking clothes breaking free of the ice that had crusted around it overnight. And slowly, he trudged out of the alleyway, one foot dragging behind him. The man's name, was slowly slipping from his own mind as the madness of his want claimed him. But for now, at least, he remembered his name. His name was;



Kai opened his eyes slowly, wincing as the light coming through the window hit his eyes. Lying there, in bed, for a moment he let himself come back to reality. His dreams, as usual, were full of nightmares. All he could remember was an endless void, and merciless laughter, ringing in his ears. Then, a shimmer of blue, and someone screaming in pain. This was the worst part, as his heart broke every time he heard the screams. It shattered his soul, the very depths of his being.

Wiping the wet streaks of tears from his cheek, Kai reluctantly left his warm haven of nightmares, and got dressed. Grabbing a pair of dark blue jeans and a loose, black, t-shirt with the words -Beyblading World- on it, he then chose a silver stub for his earring and walked, barefoot, downstairs. Walking down the stairs he breathed in the smell of fried eggs and bacon, with, was that orange juice? Oh, and ch-chocolate!!!!!!!! Kai's mind began to rush; he grinned madly, and ran into the kitchen. His Grandma was bent over the stove flipping the sizzling eggs and bacon.

Turning, his grandmother turned to him and smiled, "Smelled the cookies I see?" waiting to watch the surprise float over her grandson's face, she continued, "Well, I'm afraid that's for later, but how about some eggs and bacon in the meantime?"

Kai frowned momentarily, then regained his stoic composure and sat at the kitchen table. Crossing his arms and legs, he glared at the kitchen table, fighting to stay awake. Now that the momentary chocolate rush had passed, he remembered that he was tired and needed sleep.

"Need.... Sleep...." He groaned, finally giving up and allowing his head to smack painfully on the table.

"Sorry sweetie, but today- you are shoveling the driveway. Then afterwards you and I are having a late lunch with some friends of mine, to visit and re-acquire some objects I let him borrow. I've arranged a kind of 'playdate' with his Grandson, and you, so after you finish the driveway head over there; he should be outside by that time."

Kai's head snapped up, 'playdate'? He raised an eyebrow; he hadn't had a 'playdate' since he was three- before his parents died. He was sixteen now, he didn't need 'playdates'. Kai looked up, ready to protest, when he saw his Grandmother humming and smiling at the stove flipping over the eggs she was making for him. The gray haired boy paused, and turned away from the sweet lady. The Bladebreakers' team captain smiled softly, this woman had done so much for him, and he was going to complain about one miniscule playdate? How selfish would that be?

Looking out the window, he watched the two birds which resided in the tree outside. They were huddling closely together for warmth, occasionally nuzzling their partner in affection. Kai felt a surge of happiness, and longing as he watched them. It was beautiful, really, how they could find comfort in such a frozen landscape and only need each other out of all things in this world.

It must be nice to feel so..... Wanted. No, wrong word, maybe loved? Well, whatever it was, it was definitely a combination of the two, and something more.

Kai's soft smile widened, it was a wonder of nature, that two could become a whole despite of everything. Vaguely, he wondered if he would find such a person. If he ever did, he was never letting go, and keeping them all to himself.

Shaking his head, his smile disappeared as the two birds flew away. He had no time at the moment for things like romance; he had a team to run, Voltaire to lock up 'again', and his teammate Tyson to protect. It wasn't as if he didn't want a lover, he just wouldn't have the time for them if he had one. Plus, at the moment, he didn't really have any prospects anyway. (Briar fights urge to whack him on the head)

"Here you go sweetie, breakfast is served." Kai was startled out of his thoughts by his Grandmother's voice, and turned to look at her.

"Thanks, Grandma." He smiled up at her.

"Your welcome." She kissed him briefly on the cheek, and the woman walked away, obviously to get dressed, as she was still in her nightgown.

Kai, wiping his cheek, turned to his plate of eggs, toast, orange juice, and bacon. It was all perfect, he reached out to grab the orange juice and take a sip, when he noticed something brown beside his plate. Kai picked up the object and stared at it; it was a cookie. One of the ones that his Grandmother had been baking before, and told him that they were for later. Kai sadly looked at the cookie, and then smiled.

His Grandmother, the sweetest, most beautiful, generous, kind woman in the whole world.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Tyson)

Tyson tensed his muscles as he once again pushed himself tirelessly off the floor, only to lower himself again. Breathing evenly, he finished his 800 pushups, and stood. Tyson gingerly unwrapped the bandage from his neck, looking in a mirror that was on the wall for training. Investigating his neck, he saw that his cut was healing up nicely, but any wrong move and it would open again- hence why he wasn't practicing kickboxing, but instead he was doing pushups, small, weak, pushups.

He was such a loser, so weak; he couldn't even protect himself against a man in his late sixties. Tyson shivered involuntarily, and terror welled up within him, as the door to the training room was opened, and a soft breeze tickled his skin. Slowly turning to see the intruder, he found no one there.

Sighing slightly, Tyson remembered that the door had been broken during on of his beyblade practices, and that it still needed fixing. Closing the door, he laid back against it, allowing the rough wooden surface to cool his heated skin. All of a sudden, Tyson's knees began to shake uncontrollably, and he slid down the door- his back still to the wall. Tyson bit back the urge to cry, he was so frightened, and helpless. He was never very strong, he knew, but..... How come when Voltaire tried to harm him he couldn't fight back, however much he wanted to?

It was all so confusing, and he didn't have the energy to think about it..... He hadn't been sleeping too well lately, too many nightmares. Tyson slowly picked himself off the floor, and made his way to the kitchen to make himself a snack. Walking through the hallway, Tyson looked at the many pictures on the wall, including the one of his team – they were all smiling, except for one..... Kai. Kai almost never smiled, almost never talked, and was almost always cold. Tyson remembered the first day he had met him, outlined by a sunset, on top of a hill. He had looked..... Complete then, because he had been surrounded by warmth. As they say, opposites attract, cause and effect, to and fro, Kai was cold, the sunset was warm –Tyson was warm, and he needed Kai to be complete.

Finally after an agonizingly long walk (at least it was to Tyson) through the hallway, Tyson made it to the kitchen. Seeing some dirty cups on the dinner table, he quickly cleared them away and threw them in the sink harshly. Looking at the clock above the stove, the blue-haired beyblader watched the hands tick by for a good thirty minuets before setting a pot of water on the stove, and cutting up some vegetables as he waited for it to boil. He was making soup, a pastime he had taken up during a training weekend in Canada, New Brunswick to be exact. The team had been staying with an elderly couple, and the old woman had been horrified to learn that none of the boys could cook a morsel. Out of pure luck; her husband had needed some helping hands at their store unloading some new imports from China, but he only needed four.

Thus, Tyson, being the food-lover that he is, was forced by his teammates to stay with the old Lady and take a cooking lesson. Max had, at the time, told him that 'You're such a food-lover already; why not learn how to cook your OWN food for once, Tyson? Then we won't have to keep ordering in, it gets expensive y'know?'.

Pfft, anyways, it turned out that the blue-haired world champion actually had a knack for cooking, and had become the resident cook of the Blade Breakers. Noticing a note on the table from his Grandfather, Tyson picked it up and read the messy writing:


Tyson, I want you to greet our neighbors when they arrive for a visit later on today, around 2:00. I might not be back from grocery shopping by that time, so set out some snacks for them just in case. And make that special stir-fry you do, the lady is single, and hot! I want to impress her. Right ma man?


Tyson sweatdropped at the fact that his Grandpa thought that Mrs. Januya was hot, she was like, what? Eighty? Not to say she didn't look good for her age, she did, but – ew, no.

Seeing the water begin to boil, Tyson threw his vegetables into the water, and stirred them absently. Checking the clock, he saw that it was 12:00; he had enough time to cook the soup and stir-fry, and to make nice snacks with appetizers. Sighing softly, Tyson turned down the heat, and let the vegetables simmer as he brought out some chicken from the fridge. Might as well start cutting the ingredients now.


Kai pulled off his sweat soaked mitt, and let the cool air slowly freeze his hand- it was comforting, in a way. Kai let the hand drop and surveying the now no longer snow-covered driveway; he supposed that he was done, and therefore could head inside. Walking into his Grandma's garage, he placed the shovel in its place, and made his way to the doorway, eagerly awaiting a warm, un-cold, cozy, and chocolate-chip cookie, filled house. In short, he couldn't wait to get inside.

He took a moment to push the button controlling the garage door when he felt his foot hit something; he bent down to see what it was. The object was case, he realized, a guitar case. Beside it, was and old amp, and some how-to-play-electric-guitar books. Kai unhitched the case to reveal an ebony guitar, with the word HELL written in white on one side, and red flames licking around the lettering. Kai let a smile dawn on his face and moved a stray strand of hair out of his eyes; he'd always wanted to play the guitar, it sort of outlined his personality and he seemed to have a weakness for heavy metal and rock punk music. Kai ran his fingers over the wood object, savoring the smooth feel on his fingertips, he suddenly felt a little less empty and his smile widened.


He was startled out of his trance when the door to the garage opened to reveal his Grandmother and Tasha ran out to greet him, yapping loudly. Kai greeted the puppy warmly and picked her up in his arms, looking up to his Grandma, he smiled.

"Hey Grandma." He greeted.

"Hello Kai, watch'a doing?" she walked down the two steps to wear he sat. Her smile faltered when she saw the guitar, "Oh, I see you've found Jared's guitar."


"My son, the one who died in the car crash, remember?"

"Oh ya, I remember." Kai said, closing the case. He turned to see his Grandmother kneel beside him, and gaze at the guitar case in remembrance.

She suddenly turned to Kai and opened her mouth to speak, before having to close it and start again, "Kai..... Would you like to have this guitar?" Kai nodded, and his Grandmother looked back at the instrument. "This guitar..... Jared would only play it when he was sad, angry, or happy. But he would mostly play it for his lover, Nanashi...... And I hope-" she said while standing, "That one day-"she looked him in the eye, "You will play it for your lover."

Kai's heart skipped a beat, and he quickly turned his eyes to the ground. A lover? He had no time for a lover. And he had a reputation to keep. But still..... He shook the thought away, his Grandmother was talking;

"-Time to get ready to go to our lunch date, meet you outside in five-dress nicely." And with that his Grandmother left him to his thoughts.

Kai opened the guitar case once more to stare at the ebony wood, before closing it, until he felt the need to open it and play.


Tyson smiled and surveyed his work. The table was full of appetizers and sweets, the soup was simmering on the stove, and the stir-fry was being kept warm on a hot plate. He collapsed into a chair conveniently placed behind him, and looked at the ceiling. Cracks, many, many cracks. One, two, three, four, five..... Lost count. One, two.....

"Boring." Tyson stated, jumping out of the chair.

Deciding that he had rested enough, he put on his jacket and made his way outside. Once out in the fresh air, Tyson breathed a long, deep, breath turning his face up towards the sky, and letting the sun's rays warm his face. His thoughts, once again drifted to his team, and their success in the Beyblading Association world tournaments.

They had been competing for almost six years now, and all five of them together had a market worth of over $50 000 000.00 dollars, and were making about $5 000 000.00 each a year. They were all very rich kids for their ages, and could easily retire, but all of them had realized that none of them wanted to quit just yet, and they still loved the game dearly. 'We all fit so well, and we care deeply about each other.' He suddenly thought of a certain blue and gray haired teammate, then, smirking he added 'And some of us more than others.'

Shaking his head from his thoughts, he walked towards the half-built fort he'd started a few days ago..... It was covered in snow. Climbing into the fort, he began to pack away the new-fallen snow, and add some to the new walls, his only company the sakura tree that stretched above him, not saying a word. Much like the cold boy he loved.


"Grandma, do I have to go?" Kai asked, for the thousandth time.

His Grandmother, patient as ever, sighed, "Yes Kai, you do." She then turned away and went out the front door, leaving no room for an argument. She was well-rehearsed at the mother routine; make your point, then get out of there as quickly as possible before they make up a comeback.

Kai looked down guiltily, he was spoiled. Well, who could blame him, he might have been a tool most of his life- but his Grandfather still had given him everything he wanted. He shuddered at the thought of his Grandfather, and his recent..... Escapades. Bringing the subject of the attempted rapes into his head, Kai found himself wondering if Tyson was doing okay, or if he had been attacked, successfully, and was lying in a ditch somewhere bruised and broken beyond repair. A pang hit his heart at the image, and he decided that, even if he was insufferably annoying, he DID care about the blue haired champion, and the last thing he wanted was the feminine-looking, (he admitted) pretty, beyblader hurt. After all, he was his best friend, sort of. He WAS closest to Tyson out of all the other members, and he had to admit the boy had talen-

"KAI!!! HURRY UP!!!" Kai jumped at the sound of his Grandmother's voice, interrupting his thoughts.

Sighing softly, he berated himself for becoming lost in his thoughts. And followed his Grandmother outside, seeing her standing in the doorway, glaring at him made Kai shiver..... He had a feeling he knew where he'd inherited the glaring genes.

She softened her face and motioned to the house behind the tall wooden walls, "We're going to have lunch there first, alright Kai? Then you are going to go hang out with his Grandson for awhile." She looked him in the eye, "You WILL be polite to this boy Kai, I believe in common courtesy to neighbors, and I happen to like this neighbor a little more than most. Don't be rude." And with that she walked away towards the wall gate.

Kai stood there for a moment, shaken. His Grandmother was SCARY when she was serious and angry, then, shivering he ran to catch up to his Grandmother.


Tyson was finishing up the basic foundations of the fort, hidden by mounds of snow, when he heard footsteps, and two people knocking on his house's door. He heard a cautious "Hello", and, recognizing the voice as Mrs. Januya's he answered her;

"Hey Mrs. Januya, I'll be right there. Let me dust off a bit," Tyson stood and dusted the snow off his jacket, and then he heard a voice.

"Tyson?!" Tyson stood rigid. No.... it couldn't be. Turning around, he saw what he thought he'd heard, it was

"Kai?!" Tyson squeaked, "W-What are no doing here?"

"I live there." He gestured towards the house to his left. He looked like he was having a hard time comprehending the situation, and was clenching his fists tightly.

"But that means...." Tyson said slowly.






Two screams broke through the air.