To clarify, neither Kamen Rider Wizard or Harry Potter belong to me.

April 19, 1992, Easter Day, Leeds, England

Arthur Weasley was sitting at a small cafe in Leeds after handling yet another cursed teapot that had gotten into the hands of a Muggle. Sometimes it is almost like wizards do that deliberately because it is nearly a stereotypical call anymore.

As he is sipping his tea, he had to do a double take as he swore he saw Dumbledore in the most drab robes he had ever seen him in, followed by four children dressed in jerkins with bare, over sized feet.

Quickly making sure that nobody is paying particular attention to them, Arthur quickly shuffled over to "Dumbledore" before meekly asking, "Um, sir, might I ask what you are doing exactly?"

The elderly man, who was not Dumbledore, and apparently wasn't as elderly as he appeared, responded, "I am taking my kids to Easter Con, it's right up the road. Didn't you notice the lack of parking for several blocks?" All the kids behind him started nodding in unison, teeming with excitement.

The smallest child then burst out, "Kamen Rider Wizard is going to be there and everything!"

The child's dad just smiled and rubbed his head. "This one and his tokusatsu shows, he can't get enough of them."

Arthur, confused by many words he not only couldn't understand but couldn't begin to imagine their meaning, latched on to a phrase he COULD understand. "I get the wizard. Kamen Rider... What is a Kamen, and why would a wizard ride it?"

The man checked his watch, chuckling, and explained, "Kamen Rider is basically a kind of armored super hero, and Wizard is just the most recent one. Tokusatsu is just a type of Japanese tv show. It tends to have a lot of special effects, very flashy. We got to get going now, though. We don't want to be late." With that Gandalf and his hobbit cohort made off to the con.

Arthur at this point was trapped between confused and intrigued. So, with almost another twenty minutes left untill his break was over, he decided to go and investigate. After all, something Muggles know about that has the word wizard in it. Best to make sure that it couldn't possibly ruin the statue of secrecy, right?

The world Arthur saw was as magical to him as Hogwarts was to Muggleborns. The videos on the televisions were more surreal than anything he had ever seen. Depicted were creatures that could use the elements with ease, people that could punch and break concrete, machines the size of the largest buildings and so much more- he could barely handle it. He did keep his purpose in mind, though, and made sure to make his way to the Wizard panel, eventually.

The actors talking, while interesting in its own right, was not what his mind was focused on. He was focused on the television near them, playing scenes from the show itself. Arthur made a decision there. "Well, with the Ford Angela being finished, I did need a new project."

After the Q&A was over, Arthur spent the rest of his day looking through all of the merchandise and other booths at the convention. He never did make it back to work that day.

Over the next couple of years, Arthur made it a goal to go to at least one or two conventions a year, sometimes bringing company, but more often than not by himself. The most obvious effect that this had was Arthur's time around Muggles, over time, corrected a lot of his misconceptions about how certain things worked or were pronounced. It was slightly embarrassing that some people thought he had a speech impediment for how he said "electricity."

During the time he spent working on his newest project, or as he dubbed it, the "Belt System," he wished he had started working on it years ago. While it wasn't as big as the Ford Angela, it was infinitely more challenging. For starters, he was trying to emulate specific abilities, as opposed to just adding on whatever features he thought would be nice. The other exciting thing was, it technically wasn't illegal. It was BASED on a Muggle concept, not made by enchanting one. So he could spend as much of his free time working on the theories and testing as he wanted to, and Molly couldn't complain about it too much.

The main reason he regretted not starting it sooner was because of all of the good it could have done. Had it been completed by the time Ginny had started her second year, he could have given it to Ronald, like he had originally intended, then he could have possibly stopped Peter from getting away. Then last year, and even though Harry wasn't his own son, he would have given it to the boy in a heart beat to help him survive the trials of the tournament. Now, he had finally completed it.

The question now, was what to do with it. He himself was to old to be jumping around with it. He couldn't give it to George without giving Fred one, and the reverse was also true. Percy, even if he was still talking to them, would call it silly. Ginny was too young and his precious little girl. Bill and Charley probably wouldn't use it either, just thinking it was an oddity he made. So, that left Ron.

Or, it should have left Ron, but there was also Harry. While not exactly one of his boys, he was still part of the family. Harry had a record for going out of his way for trying to save people, whilst dragging his son along for the ride more often than not, so he knew it would probably get used for its intended purpose. Not to mention with You-Know-Who being back, the boy would need every advantage he could get.

Ron on the other hand, was slightly less motivated. While when push came to shove, he would help those that needed it, he didn't actively try to help. If Arthur was completely honest with himself, Ron didn't try to do much of anything other than play chess.

With this all in mind, Arthur spent much of the following week thinking about what to do with the Belt System. That was until he heard about Harry being attacked by Dementors.

August 12, 1995

Harry had just been cleared of all charges, and was currently still walking towards Arthur.

"Harry! How did it go? Dumbledore didn't-"

"Cleared of all charges," Harry said as he closed the door behind him.

With a giant grin on his face, Arthur grabbed Harry by the shoulder and said, "That's great Harry, I knew you would be. Only an idiot would have thought you were really guilty." Arthur led Harry away whilst fiddling with something in his pocket as the door opened up behind them. "Now Harry, I have something I want to give you. I just want you to promise me one thing."

Harry looked at Mr. Weasley as the man seemed to be a bag of nerves, even though he was still managing to walk, almost on auto-pilot. "What is it Mr. Weasley?"

Arthur took a black and gold hand shaped belt buckle out of the pocket he had been fidgeting with. "I want you to promise that you will always use what I am going to give you for good." Noticing the confused look on Harry's face, he elaborated, "What I am going to give you could be very dangerous in the wrong hands, Harry. I want you to use it to help and protect others. I know you have a bit of a 'saving people thing,' as you have shown over the years, and that's why I want you to have it. I want somebody with that kind of heart to use this. Can you promise that so long as you can, you will keep trying to save people Harry?"

Harry was slightly shocked by the conviction in Mr. Weasley's voice, and after a moment said the only thing he could. "I promise, Mr. Weasley."