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Summary: Kagome's dream since childhood was to become a world-famous actress. Unfortunately, she has to star in a huge film with the egoistic jerk Inuyasha.

Not All Fun and Games-Chapter 1 "The Rules of this Business"

"Welch's grape juice is my favourite drink. It's healthy and has vitamin C. All mommies should give their kids this. Mmmmmm..YUMMY!"

"CUT!" screamed the director. The little girl, Higurashi, Kagome had some great potential. She was one of the best child actors he had met. Not to mention she was extremely smart and cute. Never did she make a mistake in her lines, and she was always able to make a charming presentation.

"That's a wrap on Welch's grape juice commercial, take 3. Great job everybody, we are finished for today."

The large room filled with applause. Kagome got off of her chair with a huge smile on her face, her dad was on the side smiling. He was extremely proud of his little angel. He bent down and gave 5-year old Kagome a big hug.

"You were great! You'll always be daddy's little star." He planted a kiss on her cheeks and they walked away, hand in hand, out of the set and into the parking lot.


12 years later:

"Kagome, can you give your brother a ride to school?" Kagome's mother yelled from the kitchen.

The now 17-year old Kagome ran down the stairs, with her green school uniform on, and her keys in one hand. She had long raven black hair, and a unique colour of eyes, blue and grey. Kagome was a beautiful girl; she carried on after her mother. Many guys at school would kill to date her, but she always turned them down. Her mind was always on something else.

"Come on Souta!" She screamed as she ran into the kitchen and plopped a piece of toast into her mouth.

Souta quickly grabbed his black backpack and made his way to the stairs, "I'm coming! Wait for me Kag-" He tripped over Buyo, the fat family cat and went tumbling down the small set of stairs.

"OWOWOWOWOWEEE!" Souta whined while following his sister out the door to her Toyota.

She had worked her butt off waitressing ever since she was 14 at Coco's Sandwich shop. Kaede, her boss, always gave her extra tips because she claims the reason they get so much is because Kagome's so pretty. Along with that she had savings in her bank account from the commercials she made when she was younger, A Barbie, Gap kids, and Welch's commercial. The Welch's grape juice commercial was the last television appearance she made.

Kagome revved up the engine of her precious baby and started driving. She had only gotten her driver's license 6 months ago, and her new car last month.

They were both quiet throughout the ride. And they both knew exactly why. Today was the day their father died 12 years ago. Though Souta was only 13 now and never got to know his own dad well, he had seen pictures.

Kagome recalls the day he passed away perfectly. That day she rushed home from school in kindergarten to show her daddy her giraffe drawing. When her friend dropped her off at home, her mom was crying by the phone. When Kagome asked her what was wrong, her mom only hugged her and started crying even harder. Kagome found out that night and cried for a week.

"Sis, are you crying?" Souta asked, seeing tears in his sister's eyes. He hated it when she cried, he always felt really bad.

Kagome sniffed. "No Souta, I'm alright. I have a cold so my nose is stuffy. Some dust just got in my eye."

Souta was about to tell her just how bad of a liar she was, but decided against it. Kagome probably didn't want to talk about it. So for the rest of the ride to his school they rode in peace.

The car slowed in front of his elementary school. "Bye Kagome!" Souta ran into his school with his friends at his sides.

After her father's death, Kagome's mom had to take care of young Souta by herself, and wasn't able to drive Kagome to auditions and shooting locations. These places were normally very far away from her tiny town. When Souta grew up, Kagome's mom had to get a job to support their family. They had spent most of the little insurance they had received for her dad's death. Her mom was feeling very sick lately, so driving Kagome was even more out of the question. She was told by her doctor to stay home, and to stay out of the sun.

Now Kagome was able to drive, and had her own car. She could once again go to auditions and try to snatch a part in a film, any film.

She hadn't much experience though, shortly after her father died the Welch's director called again offering a small part in a movie, but at the time too much was happening so her mother refused.

Before Kagome knew it she was at school again, falling asleep in history, and laughing with her friends at lunchtime. But the life of an ordinary high school student didn't satisfy her. Ever since she was little she wanted to act, to be out in the spotlight. After school today, Kagome was going to drive an hour's drive to her old acting agency and request an audition.


"Hello, um, I'm Higurashi Kagome and I would like to talk to one of the agents about setting up an audition for me."

Kagome handed the shorthaired girl behind the counter her résumé. She was dressed in a revealing business suit, and chewing gum at the same time. Her nametag read, 'Yura, Secretary.' She quickly read Kagome's résumé and failed miserably at hiding her laugh.

"So you're telling me you want an audition with THESE qualifications? You made three commercials when you were around four or five, darling. And now you just show up and expect an audition? Do you know just how tough this business is? It's not all fun and games you know!"

She said this while chewing her gum loudly and sneaking in a giggle occasionally.

Kagome had tears weld up in her eyes. Her dreams, her goals, it feels as if someone had shot her in the heart, and all that just shattered. She held back a choke and snatched the résumé out of Yura's hands, and turned around, when suddenly a man in black walked out of the backrooms with a gorgeous blonde to his right. He had some files in his left hand.

"Yura, don't tell me you just made that beautiful young maiden cry! Because you know I could fire you anytime I want!" The man really sounded mad, and it was pretty intimidating. The blonde next to him just quietly snuck away, and out the doors of the building.

"Mr.Takahishi, it's just that-"

Yura had a very scared look on her face, like she was about to cry.

Mr.Takahishi sighed. "I don't want to hear it. If you do it one more time I will certainly get you fired, do you hear me? Good." He turned to Kagome. "I apologize for my secretary's rudeness, would you like to come with me?"

Kagome slowly nodded, and followed the nice man to his office. He sat down behind his desk and held out his hand, asking for her résumé. Kagome obliged and sat down in the leather seat across from him.

"Higurashi Kagome, is it?"

Kagome nodded and stared curiously at the pictures on his wall. Many were now quite famous actors, and they all had their pictures taken with the man across from her. 'He must be quite the agent.' She thought.

"So Kagome, it says here you were with us, is it twelve years ago?"

"Yes, Mr. Takahishi, I made three commercials with you guys when I was five."

"Call me Miroku."


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