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Movie Premiere - Chapter 14


Kagome couldn't have felt worse if he had pushed her off a cliff, and her heart ached more than her spinning head. Soon after she had popped the question, Inuyasha had stood up, stared at her, and offered to take her home.

In an odd sort of way she was kind of glad, the awkward silence between the two of them was getting both embarrassing and frustrating. She would have never imagined Inuyasha getting so touchy about subjects like that.

Kagome sighed and pushed the limousine door open, stepping out in a graceful manner. Inuyasha remained in the passenger seat, one arm supporting his chin and his once shining gold eyes filled with sorrow as he looked out the tinted window.

"Good night, Inuyasha." She muttered and carefully slammed the door behind her. Once the vehicle slowly pulled away, she whispered, "Thanks for the date."

But how would Inuyasha act tomorrow? Wait...she wasn't filming with him tomorrow...or for the next few days as a matter of fact...in fact, Sesshoumaru mentioned something about wrapping the movie by next week. Kagome made a mental note to ask the director the next morning as she pushed open her unlocked trailer door.


"Ms Higurashi, how nice to see you." Sesshoumaru greeted with a smile when he noticed her entering the warehouse. "Good news. I just sent the footage to the main office, and they loved what we've got so far! And we're just right on schedule, filming should wrap by next week."

For some reason this good news sent Kagome's stomach on a flop. She didn't want this to end, after this she'd have to go back to school...and most importantly, would she ever see Inuyasha again? With his fame it would be hard to get anywhere without scandals everywhere about their relationship. She forced a weak smile and asked, "Sesshoumaru, will I have any more scenes with Inuyasha?"

He smirked. "My pathetic brother? Oh. Let me see here..." Flipping through his booklet, Sesshoumaru cleared his throat. "Yes, you do have one more. The scene with practically all of you, actually."

"All of us?" Kagome asked without hesitation.

"Yes. You, Rin, Shippo, my brother, and Kikyou." Kagome groaned internally. Her last scene just had to be with...her. From what she's seen so far, Inuyasha hadn't completely lost feelings for Kikyou, and Kagome knew she would be just as angry to see Kikyou, as Kikyou would be to see her.

Kagome casually folded her arms over her quivering chest. "Is that the scene...where I shoot Inuyasha?"

"Correct. Glad to see you've been following the storyline, Higurashi. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go talk to that idiot cameraman over there."

To tell the truth, Kagome already knew the answer to that question, but...she just wanted to be sure. Now why was she so uncertain about filming that? Her gut was starting to rumble faintly now... 'Maybe I'm just hungry.' She convinced herself and set on her way to the food truck.


"CUT! And that's a wrap for this scene. Excellent job, everyone." Sesshoumaru proclaimed, waving his copy of the script around in the air. The filming they had just done could put a hyper five-year old to sleep. More law stuff, and walking, and calling on the telephone, repeated over, and over, and over...once more and Kagome would've flipped.

"Sango, honestly, how does Sesshoumaru do it?" Kagome asked her friend who was viewing the shot from behind. Sango snapped around in shock and smiled when she saw Kagome behind her.

"Do what?"

"Torture his actors so much and make it look so professional when you know he's enjoying it." Kagome replied with a sarcastic tone in her voice.

Sango chuckled and broke off a large piece of a blueberry muffin on her paper tray and popped it into her mouth. "Fowwy...I'm humgrey."

Kagome giggled and felt a little better, now what would she do without Sango around? Waiting until she finished swallowing her food, Kagome waited for the perfect opportunity and asked, "Sango, I've been filming for three days now, and Inuyasha hardly says 'hi' to me when he sees me, let alone make conversation. I understand he might be mad at me at what I said last night, but you know, do you think he might not want to talk to me again?"

"Kagome, don't worry. Inuyasha's an idiot if he doesn't stay with a pretty girl like you. But then again, he does have looks too, with a grumpy attitude to match. Maybe give him time to simmer down...before you try to talk to him next. Don't you have one last scene with him? Talk to him then."

Kagome smiled and gave her friend a quick hug, and pulled away soon after. Sango noticed the worry creep into Kagome's eyes. "So you don't think he wants to go back to Kikyou?"

"Of course not!" Sango comforted, patting the actress on the back. But she knew as little about Inuyasha as she did Kagome...so she feared she could have been wrong.

Kagome slung her backpack over her shoulder and waved to Sango. It was late, and she was really tired, a nice bath sounded good right about now...

After saying the goodnight's to all the crewmembers still cleaning up, Kagome made her way outside to the cool, crisp night air. She took a deep breath and started to walk slowly, savouring every last moment in this small but beautiful village.


Whipping around, Kagome brought her hand to her defence, slapping the voice that had popped up behind her. She felt like one, huge goose bump just then...

The dark figure stumbled for a while, cursing under their breath. Soon they reached forward and grabbed Kagome by the wrist. "HELP! HELP ME!" She screamed, but was cut off when the person covered her mouth with his rough hand.

"Geez! Shut up, Kagome, it's me!" Well, at least now she knew it was a rude man. "I - Inuyasha?"

"Yea, wench. Didn't have to slap me so hard." He grumbled, rubbing his bruised cheek.

Kagome had to bite her cheek to keep from laughing. "I have a fear of...people jumping up behind me. So when you were being all freaky and stuff, you know... self defense." She explained with a slight grin.

"Whatever." He tossed casually, and then yawned.

"What are you doing here?" He had been expecting that question from her...

"The question is, what are you doing here?" He snapped back, an arrogant smile teasing his lips.

"Unlike you, I'm acting!" Kagome answered, shaking her head at his idiocy. "So, what do you want?"

"Nothing. Just walking." He replied without hesitation. Inuyasha whacked his head with his hand, he did have something to say to her...but he didn't know how he would say it. "K - Kagome..."


"I've been thinking...about us, you know. And since this movie's wrapping up soon, I was just thinking..." He face was a deep red now, and each word escaping his mouth seemed to be shaking. "Would you like to come to America with me this summer...I mean, I have a place there, and I could show you around and stuff...if you want to, that is."

Her voice caught in her throat. Just when Kagome thought he hated her, Inuyasha says the sweetest thing ever. You just can't hate the puppy... "Inuyasha...of course I will!"

"Really?" He asked with cheerfulness in his eyes like a kid loose in a candy store. When Kagome nodded, he leapt forwards and wrapped his arms around her tiny waist, lifting her up into the air. "Um...Kagome?"

"Yea?" She asked, so happy she could feel tears forming in the back of her eyes. She had been crying quite a lot in the time she'd been here...

"Did you put on some weight?"

Fuming, Kagome whacked him on the top of the head, and started threatening him whilst chasing after the amused actor. He was wailing something that sounded like... "Kagome, hahaha, I'm just joking...ouch! That hurts, wench!"


The last week crawled by slowly, and Kagome saw everyone less than usual. The person she saw most was Sesshoumaru; of course, he directed every scene she shot. But other than that, he was rarely around.

Sango was nowhere to be seen, except for that one time Kagome saw her in a window talking to a bunch of people in suits. Hojo served food occasionally, and that was it. Kouga had gone home after his scenes were all shot, less mouths to feed that way.

The month had just flown by, and before Kagome realised it, there was only one scene remaining. She almost cried when Kaede came in the morning for makeup, and announced it would be her last morning there.

"Kagome? Are you in there?" Asked Inuyasha, lightly shaking Kagome by the shoulders. They were on the set for the remaining scene to be shot, and Kagome had been daydreaming.

"Huh? Oh, yea. Just thinking how this went by so fast, even after Sesshoumaru made us act stuff so many times." Kagome giggled, but inside she wished she could just go back to the start and experience everything again, the good, and the bad.

Inuyasha scoffed and dragged her away from the crew still setting up. "Yea, that's what always happens. When a movie's finished everyone leaves, and right after everyone was having so much fun together."

"Yea..." Kagome answered sadly, looking at her wristwatch. "But we still have one more scene left, right? May as well make the best of it in case I'm never hired again!"

"That sounds about right." He said with a smirk before Kagome stormed away. Catching up to her, she turned around and asked, "Where's everyone else?"

"Shippo and Rin are talking somewhere, you know, those brats are getting along quite well...before you know it they'll be Japan's most talked about celebrity couple!" He teased, running his hands through his perfect hair. Before Kagome joined in with the teasing his expression turned more serious as he added, "And as for Kikyou...haven't seen her in the longest time. She's turned quite scary lately."

Kagome remained speechless, whenever they brought up Kikyou the atmosphere would get a little...uncomfortable. "So, I get to shoot you in this scene?" She quickly thought up, trying desperately to change the subject.

He grinned. "Yea, guns in movies are great. You get to use these fake guns with great sound effects, and I get to wear this bag under my clothes that leaks blood as soon as the gun is fired. It might sound stupid, but it looks goddamn real!"

"I wish it were a real gun!" Kagome joked, receiving an evil glare from Inuyasha. Before he could respond to her remark, Sesshoumaru called all actors onto the set.


"Kagome, here it is." Sango exclaimed, placing a tiny black pistol into Kagome's hands. "It's not real, but it's made to look identical to a real gun. That's the movies for ya."

"Wow. This is so cool. So what do I do?" She asked her friend.

"You just pull that there, see it?" Sango pointed at the little pull at the back of the gun. "Then you pull the trigger, and it will fire smoke and make a loud sound. Somebody backstage will signal for Inuyasha's blood pack to leak at an exact moment."

"Easy enough. And where will everyone else be during this?" Kagome inspected the gun carefully; she had never held a gun before, even if it was a fake.

"Well, you walk in with Rin, and you see Inuyasha, Kikyou and Shippou together. You demand him to take responsibility of Rin because you are sick, but he refuses to. You go crazy and well, pull a gun from your pocket and shoot him. Then you panic and storm out the door. The movie ends with you in some madhouse. Have you filmed that scene yet?"

"Yep. All I did was sit there while the camera zoomed in on me." Kagome said, running her fingers over the delicate metal of the gun. "Do you think Shippo and Rin will find this too offensive?"

"Nah. It's all over TV these days anyway. You can't turn on the TV after school without seeing sex or violence." Sango smirked, and pulled Kagome towards the set, a beautifully decorated dining room. "Well, good luck! I'll be on the side watching."

Kagome nodded and walked onto the carpeted floors. Everyone except Kikyou was there, Inuyasha was lounging on one of the wooden chairs with his eyes closed, feet on the table, and the kids were reading books on the floor.

A voice blared over the speakers. "Where's Kikyou?"

"I'm here, eesh!" Kikyou walked gracefully onto the set, and didn't make eye contact with anyone. She sat down across from Inuyasha, who was now awake, and shuffled in her seat. "Can we get started now?"

Pretending he didn't hear her, Sesshoumaru placed his headphones over his ears and called out, "Places people!"

Kagome quickly made her way off the set with Rin, while Shippo joined the ex-couple at the dinner table. Hojo brought some rice dishes and dropped them in front of the actors. Once everyone was in their proper places, Sesshoumaru started a countdown on his fingers. "Lights, camera, and...action!"

Kagome patiently waited outside the door, listening to the cutleries scratching against the plates. When she heard Shippo begin to speak, she knew it was her cue. "Daddy, I did these drawings today of us as cats and dogs, and - "

'Dogs.' That was the cue. Bursting through the door with Rin in one hand, the entire family turned to stare at Kagome, who stood back when she pretended to take notice of her ex's new son.

She looked up at Inuyasha and stuttered out, "I'll need you to take custody of your daughter. I just saw the doctor and he said I have cancer. I shouldn't be around much longer...and there's no where else for Rin to stay, and..."

Inuyasha jumped up from his seat. "I've got a life here as it is Mitsuki, I barely make enough to support my own family. Now you want me to take custody of some kid I made when I screwed around in high school? I'll send you a little each month if you're that desperate, but..."

"You don't understand, I...I'm really going to die soon, and I don't want our daughter to go to some shelter..." Kagome cried, stepping closer to the table. Kikyou motioned for Shippo to move further away.

"No. And that's that. I can't do it, ok? Find someone else to do it, my life is cluttered enough as it is. Plus, my wife here is already one month pregnant - " Inuyasha answered sternly, turning his back to the pleading Kagome and rubbing his hands over Kikyou's rounding stomach.

Immediately, the sick feeling she received from looking at that reminded her that it was time. It was uncanny how much her and her character, Mitsuki, related sometimes. Reaching under her shirt, Kagome pulled out the pistol, and pointed it at Inuyasha.

Kikyou screeched and covered Shippo with her own body. Inuyasha looked just as shocked and backed up, shaking from fright. He held his hands in front of him and whispered, "Mitsuki, sweetie, calm down..."


A warm tear rolled down Kagome's quivering cheek. She dropped the gun when she looked down at Inuyasha's bloody body. His eyes were closed and his lifeless smile dissolved into a frown. "I...I..." Kagome started making her way backwards, and she could feel her face heat up. Ignoring Kikyou's scream, she turned around and sped out the door.

"CUT! Wonderful job, let's have that again - " Sesshoumaru froze and ceased talking. The now teary-eyed Kagome turned around to see what was the matter, and she paused.

Kikyou was pointing a gun. At her.

A lump forced its way down Kagome's throat, and she remained still.

"Kikyou! What the fuck are you doing? Put down the gun - " Inuyasha protested, but did not move from his position on the floor. Kikyou had diverted the gunpoint to Inuyasha for the moment.

"Shut up, Inuyasha! You're next, after her!" Kikyou hissed out, and immediately pointed the weapon back at the still girl. She smiled evilly and cackled, "Kagome, now what can you do, huh? God, I wanted to do this since the first day I saw you at the elevators, and even more so when I saw you clinging onto Inuyasha. I hate you, so terribly much that I could kill you a thous - no! A million times!" She stopped and wheezed. "Who are you anyways to come in here and break up the most wanted movie couple in Japan?"

Still nothing came out of Kagome's mouth, and she could feel a chill run down her spine. Silently, she pushed Rin away farther away from her. She might not be able to live, and there was no point in endangering another...

"Cat got your tongue, Kagome?" Kikyou laughed, and quickly pointed the gun at the crewmembers trying to advance on her. They stopped in a millisecond and held up their hands in surrender. "No one try anything. I'll kill this girl if it kills me!!!"

Silently, Sesshoumaru asked, "How did you get that gun passed security?"

Not budging the gun now pointed once again at Kagome, she smiled. "Myouga's an idiot. Just told him it was a prop for the movie. Didn't really think I'd get away with it either! You know, Sesshy, I should shoot you too, just for casting the bitch in the first place. Without her this would've never happened..."

"You're insane." Growled Inuyasha under his breath.

"Am I? Am I, Inuyasha?" A smile teased her lips. "Well, if you hadn't gone for this hoar instead I could have stayed with you, we could have had a family, we - "

"No, Kikyou. We wouldn't have." Inuyasha butted in with a stern look on his face. "I never wanted to stay with you in the first place, now how many times have you cheated on me, huh?"

"Doesn't matter now." She grinned and placed her finger over the trigger. "I'll bring you two down to hell with me! That's right, I'm shooting myself after I kill the two of you!!!"

And in the split second following, many things happened at once. Kikyou screamed and pulled the trigger, and Kagome could see slowly the bullet pierce the air as it flew out towards her. But her body wouldn't move an inch, her muscles were tight and she felt no breath left in her system. Squeezing her eyes together tight, she was saying her last second prayers when everything seemed to play before her like a slow-motion film.

Inuyasha took this moment to dive up in front of the velocious bullet, and his loud curse sent a shiver down her spine. A few men tackled Kikyou from behind while she was watching all this, and snatched the weapon from her hands.

"INUYASHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" Kagome screamed, blistering tears watering from her eyes like a tap. She hurried over to Inuyasha, who was sprawled out onto the floor. It was difficult to make out where the bullet was in his body because of all the blood used in the movie. Finally, she eyed a black piece of something in his shoulder. She ripped open his shirt for a better look and breathed a sigh of relief when she heard him breathing. 'At least it didn't hit his heart...'

"Somebody call an ambulance!" Screamed someone who sounded awfully like Sango, but Kagome wasn't exactly sure because she had dug her face into his chest and started to scream.

The last thing she remembered was Kikyou's shouts of anger as the police dragged her away...


The lights...the flashing bulbs...the screams. Kagome smiled and waved at the crowd outside the theatre. Making her way over to them, she signed a few autographs and shook a few hands before posing for some pictures.

It had been months now since the movie wrapped, and luckily, Sesshoumaru had all the footage he needed to put the movie together. Kikyou was arrested, and that was the last Kagome heard of her. When word of that incident got around, this movie was the most anticipated of the year.

Inuyasha...well, he was fine. Kagome was to fly with him to America next month for their vacation, but he still wouldn't shut up about the whole arrogant, 'I'm your hero' crap.


"I was looking for you, Inuyasha! Where'd you go?" Kagome asked, and linked arms with the handsome man beside her.

"Some crazy girl wanted my autograph, and ended up almost strangling me to death." He said, planting a quick kiss on Kagome's cheek. She could have sworn she felt many evil glares headed her way just then...


When Kagome turned around, the three familiar faces smiled when they saw her. "Ayu! Ayame! Mayu! I knew you guys would come to the premiere!"

"Were you crazy? And not see Inuyasha? You've got to be kidding!" Mayu chirped and gave Inuyasha a quick hug.

"Where are mama and Souta?" Kagome asked, looking around for her family. She saw them in front of a camera answering questions for an interviewer and giggled. Souta looked like he loved the attention...


Spinning around for the third time, Kagome almost jumped in glee when she saw Miroku and Sango standing arm in arm behind them. "You guys! Long time now see! How's it going?"

"Great!" Replied Sango with a smile, proudly displaying the large diamond ring around the finger on her left hand.

Kagome screeched. "No way! Miroku...you proposed?"

"Yep!" He was only half listening because he was busy checking out the fangirls around him. What he received was a hard punch in the arm from Sango.

Inuyasha grinned. "Come on, Kagome. We've got a quick interview before the movie starts. You ready to go inside?"

"Yea...but I'm kinda nervous." She admitted, using his arm for support to stand up properly. "I mean, what if they don't like what they see? What if they..."

Lowering his head, Inuyasha closed his mouth over hers to shut her up. They parted soon after because too many cameras were on them now. "Don't worry Kagome. You're famous now. They'll love you."

Famous...Kagome liked the sound of that. She waved once again at the massive amount of cameras before stepping into the theatre with Inuyasha at her side.



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