I enter freddy fazbears pizzaria one day because i heard that they have the best pizza in the world. I order a meat lovers pizza and as I am waiting i see something move i see a a giant duck at least i thought is was a duck but later I found out it was a Chicken. But there was something about that chicken that i didn't like something scary something that makes it evil. Then I thought i would stay a bit later to see if the animatronics change. I found out there were two other animatronics on the stage. Also I found another in the "kids cove" mangled on the floor then I felt a metal hand on my shoulder I turned around and saw the chicken. He scowled at me and said "watch your back Ajay" I ran off screaming when a rabbit with a mime face jumped in front of me "there's no escaping us" it shouted at me I ran out of the pizzeria and called the police. When I got home the police interrogated me about the animatronics and what happened at the pizzaria the police just said i have mental issues "but it did happen" I told them but they ignored me and left.

I thought to myself that i should sneak into the restaurant and see if i am crazy or if i am seeing what I think i'm seeing. I got my black pants, my black shirt, my black jacket and my black ski mask I am prepared I said to my self. I grabbed a brick on my way to fazbears kitchen to smash a window but when i got there chic was at the window waiting for me "this is my chance" I said "i can kill that ducken that tried to kill me!" I threw the brick at it but it did a matrix dodge and survived. The ducken then came towards me and grabbed me by the neck and said the foxy will love your soul then the duck strangled me and put my soul into an animatronic that now I am able to control but the other animatronics mustn't like me because they hide me in the back room but not much for longer.

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