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Leonardo's Point of View:

"Are you sure you guys do not need anything?" Dr. Rockwell floated nervously around all of us. I was still supporting Donatello while Raphael supported a very sickly looking Michelangelo. Our Father was saying words to Mr. Kurtsman before he joined our side just outside the van. Master Splinter declared that we should immediately return to the comforts of our own home after what happened today.

"We're sure," I nodded while sending a final glare to Mikey, who shrunk back with a sad look on his face. I felt my heart swell slightly and I'm pretty sure I was being slightly hypocritical...I mean I was also injured and went topside to save Karai...but still...

"Thank you for everything, my friends," Sensei bowed half at the waist. I shone gratitude in my eyes because at the moment I could not also bow to pay my respects. The Mighty Mutanimals, who were all gathered together behind Rockwell, flashed relief and happiness.

"If you should need anything..." Mr. Kurtsman started uneasily through the passenger window as the Mighty Mutanimals began to shift back to the van.

"We'll call," Sensei promised and I smiled encouragingly as Slash, Leatherhead, and Rockwell came up to us for a final goodbye. I kept any pain from my face so I didn't worry them. It was bad enough that my brothers knew how much pain I was in...

"Take care of yourself, Leonardo, Raphael," Slash attempted a weak smirk for the both of us. Raph and I shared a look before we returned the smirk. This seemed to ease Slash a little more, but he was also hurt from Shredder's attack. He fist-bumped with Raph and rubbed a hand over Mikey's head awkwardly but affectionately. Slash still had trouble interacting with Mikey and Donnie. I fist-bumped with Slash next and ignored the pain flaring up my sides at the movement, "See you later, Brothers."

Slash turned and started back towards the back with Pete flying to help him, sending us a friendly goodbye smile that we returned. Rockwell immediately rounded on Donnie and surprised us by giving him a light smack upside the uninjured part of his head.

"Hey!" Donnie protested with a surprised cry.

"Never be afraid to ask for help, Donatello. Even us Geniuses can be wrong from time to time. If I ever catch you withholding yourself in any way again I will demolish you," He half growled and my eyes were wide. Mikey snickered in amusement and Raph smirked.

"O-Okay," Donnie nodded a little too fast and I withheld my grin. Dr. Rockwell smiled at him and patted his shoulder before floating off, nodding his goodbyes to the rest of us. I barely turned my head before Leatherhead gathered my brothers and I in a big but careful hug. I winced at the slight pressure on my wounds.

"Be safe, my friends," He said in what seemed to be an emotional voice, "Do not hesitate to call if you are in need of help."

"We won't," Donnie choked out and half laughed when Leatherhead put us all down with the exception of Mikey, who he gave a stern look. Mikey looked so funny- being in LH's arms like that with LH's hands under his arms like he was a child. Mikey blinked at him.

"Do not EVER get out of your bed when you are ill again, understand my friend?" Leatherhead scolded with a serious gleam in his eyes. Mikey's own baby blues widened to the size of the moon while my brothers and I laughed at the whole situation.

"O-Okay, s...sure, Buddy," Mikey stammered and Leatherhead hugged him before gently placing him on the ground, where he wobbled until Raph came and steadied him again. Master Splinter, who had been at the side the entire time, had a huge warm smile on his face that was almost embarrassing if I cared enough. Leatherhead slowly went into the van where we watched as they drove away.

"Let's go home, my sons," Sensei sighed with a tired look in his eyes. We all slumped on each other and nodded tiredly also. I don't think I've ever been so tired in my life!


"Home sweet home!" Mikey cried out as we finally passed through the turnstiles. I sighed in relief at the familiar surroundings, finding that the tension in my shoulders finally lulled away.

"GUYS!" April's voice resonating throughout the lair and I barely had time to warn myself before April was barreling into Donnie and I. We both let out groans of pain and she stepped back with wide worried eyes, "Are you guys okay?! Oh my God!"

"Guys!" Casey came around the corner at hearing April's voice and his eyes widened as he rushed over to Raph and Mikey, "There you are you little nutball! Do you know how much you worried April and I?!"

"I...err...I'm sorry," Mikey's shoulders slumped as he blushed and avoided all our eyes. April was desperately scanning all of us, her eyes widening the longer she did even when I tried to appear okay.

"All of you into Donatello's lab," Sensei ordered and we looked at him in surprise before we understood and supported each other as we slowly walked into Donnie's lab, "We will take turns healing each other. I will look at your injuries again Donatello while you tell me what to do."

"Hai, Sensei," Donnie winced as I carefully placed him into his chair and leaned on his desk. I turned my eyes to see Raph and Mikey helping each other next to us. Donnie's desk was surprisingly clean of papers and Sensei moved his computer out of the way.

"I'll help Leo, you help Raph and Mikey?" April suggested as she turned to Casey, who was staring at us still in shock and worry. He nodded and rushed over to my brightly banded brothers. I watched tiredly as April approached me with a shaky smile, "Why don't you sit on Don's desk, Leo?"

"Okay," I sighed as I had trouble jumping up on it. I gritted my teeth together and ignored the pain it caused. I noticed that Casey was coaxing Mikey and Raph to sit on Don's desk like I did, but behind me. I was mildly surprised when Raph didn't protest and lifted Mikey so he could sit before jumping up himself.

"Okay...you'll need both light and heavy bandages, bruise cream, antibiotic cream, needle and thread, cotton balls, tweezers, and rubbing alcohol..." Donnie stuck his tongue out as he talked, using his fingers to count. Splinter immediately left and started pacing around Donnie's lab to get said items.

"How are you feeling, Leo?" April's voice made me look at her. I managed a weak smile.

"Been better, April," I answered honestly. I watched my brothers look at me worriedly and then expanded, "But I'm not in any pain or anything like that..."

"Bullshit Fearless," Raph growled and I winced.

"Raphael, language!" Sensei scolded and Donnie snickered while Casey's mouth finally twinged into a smile, "Where do you keep the needle and thread, my son?"

"Oh...check...check my red medical kit...um.." We watched Donnie struggling to think and he looked in slight pain.

"D?" Mikey nearly whimpered and Donnie just smiled reassuringly.

"Sorry, it's, uh, here it is!" Donnie exclaimed like he had a breakthrough, nearly startled April and myself. He dug it out of one of his desk drawers. With everything in his arms Sensei came back and placed everything on the free space on Don's desk.

"Casey, please clean and cream Raphael's injuries. Then use the light bandages to wrap them up," Sensei instructed and Casey seemed relived with being told what to do. Raph rolled his eyes and his eyes shifted away, "April, clean as many of Leonardo's wounds as you can as deep as you can. Then stitch what is needed before creaming and bandaging them."

Hai, Sensei," April's hands shook as she began to fumble with the supplies. There were a lot there so everyone would have to take turns cleaning and creaming. I watched her as she grabbed a giant cottonball and dabbed alcohol on it. I tensed, knowing how much this was going to burn, "Sorry Leo..."

"It's fine," I hissed when she began to clean the whip marks on my shoulder, plastron and hips. I tried not to buck my hips when she had to press a little harder. Feeling my eyes burn with fresh tears I turned my head to see how my brothers were faring to distract me.

"Oww, dammit," Raph cursed when Casey put pressure on his old but still healing burn marks. Sensei looked sharply at Raph, who blushed sheepishly. Casey was grinning slightly. I bit my lip when a sharp stab of pain hit my shin to my hip and I nearly cried out.

"God, Leo..." April looked ready to cry as she cleaned the nasty gash that Shredder gave me from his gauntlet. I gave her a tight smile seeing how I was afraid to open my mouth. I may have been abused and tortured but I still had my pride!

"You okay, Bro?" Mikey asked me as he lightly touched my good shoulder. I looked at him, frowning at how hoarse his voice sounded. I nodded and he didn't look convinced. He offered me his hand and I blinked at him in surprise but he just smiled encouragingly so I grabbed it, squeezing hard when April finished with my leg.

"What the...is...these are..holes?" April gasped in disbelief as she looked at my plastron more closely. I could still feel he burn of tears as I nodded. She frowned, tears slipping down her cheeks as she carefully cleaned them. I accidently whimpered and squeezed the life outta Mikey's hands.

"It's okay, bro, she's almost done," Mikey soothed and I nodded, blushing from having to be soothed like a baby. But surprisingly when I looked at Raph and Donnie they were staring at me with love, concern, and devotion. That nearly opened the floodgates. I choked on a sob and turned my head.

"All done Raph," Casey smiled weakly as he patted Raph's shoulder. Our eyes met and Casey winked, making me smile a little.

"Bout time!" Raph complained as he jumped off the table and rotated his arms.

"Oh stop complaining Raph," Donnie piped and I looked at him. Sensei was very determined with the way he was stitching Donnie's now cleaned gash on his leg. I saw that his head had a bandage on it from where he hit it during the explosion.

"Casey, where's the antibiotic cream?" April sniffed and I turned back to her, flashing her a grateful smile that she returned. Casey immediately reached around Raph and threw it to her just as Sensei finished with Donnie, "This might hurt Leo...just..just tell me if I'm hurting you too much."

"It's okay April," I murmured, upset at her obvious distress.

"Stay sitting," Sensei ordered Donnie, who pouted but nodded, then he turned to Mikey, "My son, you are looking very pale. What were you thinking going after your brothers like that?"

Mikey blushed as nearly all eyes turned on him. I noticed that Raph and Donnie had begun glaring but after his support I just couldn't glare at Mikey...not meaning that I'm not mad...

"I just...I...well I...but I mean-" I used my other hand to silence him. He blinked at me in confusion.

"Breathe baby brother, just breathe," I told him, nearly choking on air at the sudden burn to my shin and hip. April was trying so hard to softly apply the antibiotic cream. I removed my hand and watched him breathe out shakily.

"I felt Leo's pain..." Mikey began and I jolted in alarm, "And I...I just couldn't stay behind Sensei.."

Sensei's face softened and I watched Raph and Don's face change into surprise and understanding. I blinked at the looks they were sharing with each other.

"Did you feel it on your plastron?" Donnie asked suddenly, leaning towards us in his chair. Mikey nodded, tears leaking out of his baby blues. I frowned, looking down at the holes in my plastron that April was currently treating. It hurt, but not as much as it did with the alcohol, "So did Raph and I."

"What?" I whirled around with a shocked expression, "How is that even possible?"

"You said you contacted Mikey on the meditation plane, right?" Donnie inquired and I nodded, feeling sad at the memory of having to say goodbye to my youngest brother. Mikey frowned and squeezed my hand, "I believe you were reaching out to us, your brothers, and that's why we felt your pain. Mikey probably felt it more because you had just connected with each others' minds."

"It hurt so bad," Mikey said as he turned to me. I shrugged, feeling embarrassed and trying not to look in anyone's eyes, "But it's how I knew Leo was alive..I thought he might have died because he suddenly disappeared after saying goodbye. I just..wanted to help. I thought I could help if the whole team was together. I didn't want to be alone...no offense Casey and April."

"None taken," April replied softly, standing with the cream in her hands. I saw her fumbling for the needle and thread wondering how I missed her being done cleaning my wounds already.

"We were so worried! I thought we lost ya," Casey growled as he planted his hands on his hips. Mikey ducked his head and Raph glared at Casey, who immediately withdrew, "But, uh, that's only because you mean alot to us too and RaphandLeowouldhavekilledmeifanythinghappenedtoyou!"

I watched in amusement as Mikey became confused as they last rushed bit but Raph and I heard clearly. We shared a grin and Donnie rolled his eyes, "Yeah, it wouldn't have been just Leo and Raph you know."

Casey gawked in horror while the rest of us laughed, some more softly than others and in Mikey's case out of confusion. Sensei seemed very relieved about something when the laughter died down. I helped April steady my leg, putting it on the table for her to be able to stitch.

"I..I don't think I can..." She stammered and Donnie stood on his good leg, using the desk as a crutch he put his hand over hers gently and smiled.

"I can do it, April."

"Thanks, Donnie," She smiled warmly and I watched, somewhat oddly relived when he blushed. Earlier he had a hard time being around April because of the Shredder...but now...my heart soared at the healing process of my genius brother.

"Is that tha only thing that needs stitchin'?" Raph suddenly questioned, making me gasp in surprise and squeeze Mikey's hand hard. I blushed at all the sudden attention to me.

"That one on his shoulder needs stitching next," Donnie licked his lips with a determined expression on his face, "The rest has to heal on it's own. I'll constantly check for infections and re-bandage them. His plastron, like yours Raph, will regrow on it's own."

"Good," Raph nodded and I smiled at how worried he was showing he was about me. Raph worried so much about Mikey outwardly, like the rest of us, and to Donnie during battles or sometimes sparring, but not so much for me unless it was dire. I never took offense, of course, because I'm the eldest, I'm supposed to be able to look out for myself and my siblings.

"Uh..hey..Splinter...you're...HURT!" Casey screamed suddenly, like everything had gone to hell. We all stared at in shock and even Sensei was surprised by his outburst, "Raph, Splinter's bleeding!"

"Calm down, Meathead!" Donnie commanded with a look that made me want to laugh if I wasn't still shocked. Mikey suddenly let out a fit of giggles that he couldn't stop. It was really endearing how he was able to laugh but it still worried me how hoarse his voice was.

"But he's bleeding and you're all hurt and Mikey had left..and..and..then-" Casey got slapped by Raph, who probably looked like he enjoyed it. I realized that Casey was freaking out..finally breaking down about everything and that made me sorta sad, "Raph, what tha heck?!"

"Ya heard Donnie, ya gotta chill bro," Raph huffed as he crossed his arms but hovered close to the black clad human. I smiled slightly and turned back to shift when April and Donnie needed me too. I had been doing good so far with ignoring the needle piercing my flesh.

"April, can you bandage his plastron and those needle marks on his bicep?" Donnie asked while I shifted uncomfortably, wincing as another spark of pain. April nodded and smiled encouragingly at me as she began to wrap my bicep in a thin bandage.

"Are you alright, Mr. Jones?" Sensei questioned with slight fear in his eyes. He knew of Casey's fear of rats and was always apprehensive to touch him.

"Y-Yeah..sorry...I just..yeah," Casey finished lamely, slightly bushing. Raph just smirked and hit him affectionately on the arm. Casey complained about it, "I can bandage those cuts for ya..."

"Thank you, "Sensei smiled warmly as he reached for a cotton ball, "I've checked my injuries. None of them need stitches just some cleaning. You and Raphael can help me bandage after I clean."

Raph and Casey shared a look and then nodded with smirks on their faces, happy to help and be distracted. I turned back to look at Donnie, watching out of the corner of my eye as Mikey dozed off on my shoulder. I was wondering what that weight was.

"He's knocked out," Donnie murmured affectionately as he finished the last of the stitches in my leg. He had begun wrapping it but I was so caught up again that I didn't notice. I smiled warmly and gently butted heads with Mikey, who groaned and nuzzled into my neck. I missed moments like these, "I just need to do your shoulder now."

"Do what you gotta do, Donnie," I whispered with a tired look. He nodded as he finished wrapping the heavy bandage on my leg that went all the way to the bottom of my knee. April had finished with my bicep and had begun wrapping my plastron with a heavy bandage, winding it all the way around my shell.

"Ya don't even flinch with the alcohol," Casey was muttering to Sensei and Raph laughed, "Ya must be some sort of super rat." Donnie and I laughed so hard it nearly woke Mikey up. April was smiling like an idiot while Raph guffawed. Even Sensei laughed.

"I have a high tolerance for pain, Casey Jones, something that is learned," Sensei explained and Casey blinked owlishly. Sensei smirked at him before handing him and Raph the bandages.

"So..um..." April blushed, trying to start a conversation, "Can..I...I mean, you don't have to..but..uh.."

"You want to know what happened?" I guessed and she flinched, nodding shyly. I smiled.

"I'll tell you," Sensei said before I could open my mouth. We all flicked our eyes to him as Donnie continued on, beginning the stitches to the whip mark on my shoulder.

Sensei relayed all the details about their plan that involved the Mighty Mutanimals. My eyes remained wide as they explained how they were splitting into two teams and everything that happened when they got there. Donnie supplied his point of view on how the entry point exploded, causing his injuries, and how he was saved by Tigerclaw to which April and Casey gasped loudly. My hands balled into fists. Raph told his side of finding the scene and Sensei finished with his side, how he found Shredder and began fighting with him. Raph, Don, and I were all surprised to hear how Mikey saved Sensei from Shredder's gauntlet until he was kicked rather harshly into the counters. They finished with how we all escaped.

"Oh my..." April gasped again as she looked at all of us, "Thank God for Tigerclaw...you saved him?"

"Felt like the right thing to do. I wouldn't be here if he didn't and Donnie would have probably bled to death.." I muttered and Sensei nodded his head.

"You did an honorable thing, Leonardo and I am proud of you," He told me and my eyes filled with tears. Those were the words other than "I love you" that I loved to hear from my Father, "I am proud of all of you."

"Thanks Sensei," I croaked while trying my best to keep it together. Raph and Donnie smiled at our Father, who smiled fondly at us as Casey helped bandage his shoulder while Raph bandaged Sensei's arm. Those were his only injuries as far as I know.

"There.." Donnie breathed a tired sigh of relief as he finished my stitches and bandaged the shoulder wound, "You're all set, Leo. Does it feel okay?"

I gently moved my shoulder around, testing the stitches and felt happy when they didn't pull or give me too much discomfort. I smiled at Donnie and nodded, "Its great, Don. Thanks."

Donnie nearly slumped over in relief at this and I watched as Raph and Casey stepped away from Sensei, who smiled down at his own bandages, "Thank you my sons." Casey looked more than ecstatic to be included as Sensei's "son".

"I'm going to go make everyone some water," April declared as she stood and rushed out of the room with a determined look.

"Is there anything else you guys need?" Casey asked as he looked at all of us. I frowned all of a sudden when Mikey shifted, his cheek landed near the line above my plastron. His skin felt blazing.

"Uh..Donnie..." I said slightly panicking. Donnie looked up at the tone of my voice while the others looked over, "Mikey's burning up! Is he okay?"

"What?!" Donnie demanded as he grabbed Mikey so he wasn't leaning on me anymore. Donnie worriedly felt Mikey's neck and checked his eyes, "He definitely has a fever...probably because he worked himself up."

"Knucklehead.." Raph growled as he came over on my other side, nearly hovering over me and Mikey both.

"What should we do?"Casey asked nervously messing with his shirt. Sensei looked around the room and began pulling clean sheets for the bed in Donnie's lab. Donnie had those for when he wanted to keep an eye on us, which is perfect for Mike.

"We will put him on the bed after Donatello gives the word," Sensei instructed while Casey looked more at ease, "Come help me get more pillows and blankets Casey, I'll make Michelangelo a special tea for fevers and pain."

"Alright," Casey agreed as they set off. I straightened myself now that Donnie was done with me and hovered over Mikey, wondering where I could even touch him. He had an ugly bruise on the back of his head and on his arms. Luckily his puncture marks weren't reopened or the long cut on his face, it was beginning to scab over more.

"He's fine," Donnie assured when he saw Raph and I fretting, we both looked at him, "Well, his injuries are fine and healing nicely. I just think that all the anxiety, stress, and overexertion has made him sick."

"How sick are we talkin'?" Raph asked as his emerald eyes narrowed. Donnie sighed and rubbed his head.

"You know how Mikey get's when he's sick," Donnie answered though none of us felt better about that, "But it shouldn't be anything I can't fix with a little bit of medicine and bed rest."

"Fine," I nodded as I took Mikey's hand, "Can we wake him?"

"Yeah, I need to ask him questions and take his temperature.." Donnie agreed as I started shaking Mikey's shoulder. He groaned for a few seconds before scrunching up his beak. His baby blues fluttered open, slightly glazed with fever.

"Hmm..? Leo? Raphie?" Mikey sighed and he blinked blearily before his eyes focused more. He looked fearful, "Donnie?"

"Here," Our purple clad brother assured as he fumbled for a thermometer and came back, "Mikey how do you feel? Be honest."

"My body hurts...I feel so tired and..and like I can't move again..my head hurts," Mikey whined and Raph rolled his eyes, crossing his arms to hide just how worried he was. I gently moved my hand up and down Mikey's arm to soothe him.

"That's normal. You're body is overworking and causing you to be sick. But you'll get better if you listen to me, okay?" Donnie asked as he leaned over Mikey, getting in his eyesight. Mikey had tears in his eyes when he nodded which alarmed me.

"Are you okay? Are you in that much pain?" I asked anxiously as Raph stepped closer.

"No..not that.." He sniffed sadly, "Are you...mad at me?"

"No," Donnie and I assured instantly.

"Yes," Raph growled and everyone looked at him in shock, "What? I am mad."

Mikey began to cry and I gave Raph the biggest glare I've ever done in my life. Raph seemed hocked that Mikey started crying and put his hands up.

"Wait..don't cry..I..it's only because you scared me!" Raph blurted and then covered his mouth with his hands so hard he winched form the pressure on his wrists. Don and I froze and Mikey blinked his tears away in surprise.

"W-What?" Mikey asked shakily.

"You...scared...me," Raph replied through clenched teeth, his entire body shaking, "Do ya even know how we felt when we left ta save Leo? We felt horrible! Especially because of how ya said you'd rather Leo be dead than with Shredder."

My eyes widened in shock at those words and my heart did a jolt in my chest. Mikey blushed and looked away from my eyes but he looked sad.

"Then everything that happens we don't know where tha hell Leo is! Donnie get's blown ta pieces and I find blood, lots of it and I'm not even sure he is alive!" Raph was beginning to breathe harshly, his eyes furious and Donnie looked down sadly too, "Then I see Leo, God, I see him and Donnie in tha condition they were in and ya know what? I still kept it together!"

"Raph.." I warned as Mikey's eyes widened slightly in horror, he was paling and Donnie looked worried.

"But then when Casey called soundin' like someone died I thought I was gonna just fall over and not get up cause I thought ya died! Then he says ya came after us bein' as weak, sick, and injured as ya were! What tha HELL were you thinkin'?! I understand ya wanted ta help or whatever shit and that ya saved Sensei but dammit Mikey ya can't just do shit like that!" Raph shouted and then doubled over.

"Raph?" I questioned looking worried at his shaking form. He was beginning to calm down and I felt bad about how long he held those emotions in.

"SO..so...yeah, I'm mad..." Raph breathed uneasily as he looked up. Donnie fiddled with his fingers nervously. Mikey hiccuped in distress, covering his eyes with his hands and just balling. I didn't know what to do. Donnie glared at Raph and then got on the table, grabbed Mikey, and cuddled him against his body, whispering soothing words in his ear as we watched.

"Thanks, Raph, way to go," Donnie said with a furious look that had even me scooting backwards. He looked ready to take Raph by his plastron and throw him out of the lab, "More stress was not what he needed!"

"Well I needed ta vent!" Raph argued and I gave him a look, one that wasn't reprimanding or judging. He looked away angrily.

"Both of you stop fighting, that's not helping either," I pointed out and sighed as Mikey's crying didn't lessen, "Raph needed to say that Donnie, but I agree that it should have been at a better time. We were all mad that Mikey left the lair."

"But-" I gave Donnie a look and he wilted, still looking angry, "Fine, whatever. He says something else that's mean to Mikey and I'm chuck him out."

Raph rose an eye-ridge and then pointed a finger, "Like ya can do that ya...ya.. Blockhead!" We all blinked.

"Did you just call me a Blockhead?" Donnie asked looking strangely calm and I didn't know what was about to happen. Was he going to blow up? Was he gonna attack- "Pff...ahahahaha!"

I looked at him in shock as he started laughing. Has he lost it? Raph glared but his lower lip trembled and then he burst out laughing. Seeing them two laughing like they were made me starting laughing softly too, even though it hurt a little. Mikey's crying was beginning to lessen as he looked at all of us.

"I-I'm sorry it's just..that's not what I...ahahaha!" Donnie laughed as he hid his face in Mikey's neck, the latter just looking at us like we lost our minds. I chuckled and used one hand that wasn't currently holding myself together to wipe his tears away.

"W-We were worried about you Mikey...and when we heard...we're sorry okay? You know Raph cares about you," I soothed and Mikey sniffed, looking towards Raph with a small smile.

"I knew you'd guys get mad...but I..I want to prove myself to you guys," He said shyly as Donnie and Raph finally calmed down and looked at him.

"You are a great ninja and brother Mikey, you don't have to do that," Donnie smiled as he hugged him close, "Because if you ever do that again I am going to skin you alive."

Raph, Mikey and I all shared a wide eyed look of horror and Donnie laughed again.

"Be mad at Leo..he got hurt more than me," Mikey pouted as he looked accusingly at me. I raised up my hands for innocence when my siblings turned on me with narrowed eyes.

"Yeah, next time ya need ta save someone..." Raph began and paused, thinking, "Dont."

"Alright then," I replied as we laughed at his request.

"But seriously," Raph growled as he looked annoyed and blushing, "Stop scaring us please. I'm gonna die before I'm fifty." I rolled my eyes and waved him off.

"Technically we are turtles more than humans so we will probably outlive a lot of people," Donnie said matter-of-factly while we groaned and Mikey giggled slightly, "Now open up Mikey, I gotta check your temperature."

"Were you all laughin' a minute ago?" Casey rushed back in with his arms full of sheets and Mikey's bedroom blankets. He looked panicked until he saw our expressions, "It sounded like someone was screamin'."

"Raph did," I told him while Raph gasped and looked at me with murder. I smirked and Donnie laughed as he checked Mikey's temperature. Casey, upon seeing us together, deflated with relief and grinned as he dumped the blankets on the medical bed in the lab, "Where's April? I thought she was getting us some drinks?"

"I saw her in there with drinks but she was helpin' Splinter make that special tea for Mikey," He answered as he clumsily made the bed. Raph looked amused at Casey's non-cleaning skills while Donnie pulled the thermometer out of Mikey's mouth.

"Whoa, that's pretty high..." Donnie commented with a frown. Mikey looked at him fearfully and caused Raph and I to straighten. He showed us the numbers 101.4 and my heart squeezed, "It's nothing that I can't handle though. Raph, can you get a bowl of tepid water and a washcloth to bring in here."

"On it," Raph agreed as he slipped out of the lair. Donnie switched from holding Mikey to leaning him on me. I shifted Mikey so his head was laying on my plastron, since it was bandaged it didn't hurt much. I wrapped my arms around the warm body against me and continued to worry.

"I have the tea prepared, Donatello," Sensei announced as we turned to see him and April walk into the lab. April walked over, happy to see Mikey awake and placed water for enough us on the desk. I smiled gratefully, "Michelangelo, you are awake! How do you feel?"

"Bleh," Mikey groaned and Sensei frowned worriedly, "I hurt and I feel super hot..."

"Raph will help me cool him down and I am giving him some NSAIDS, for the pain and for controlling the fever," Donnie explained as I felt better seeing him in his old "doctor-mode", "He'll have to stay on bed rest for awhile until he regans a better health and gets stronger."

"I see," Sensei sighed in relief as he rubbed a hand down Mikey's arm. We shared a look and I smiled at my FAther to reassure him. He returned it.

"I got his bed ready for 'im!" Casey announced loudly as Raph came back in with the required bowl of water.

"April, Sensei, can you move Mikey to the bed for me?" Donnie asked with a slightly defeated look on his face. I put my hand on his shoulder and he gave a small smile. April and Sensei came around and I helped them pick Mikey up. April really didn't have to do much anyways.

"I got tha water," Raph told Donnie, who nodded with a tired smile. I watched as Sensei placed Mikey in the medical bed and covered him up comfortably while Casey moved away by April.

"Take it to Mikey. Wet the cloth and wipe the tepid water all over his face, neck, arms and chest. Just keep doing that and i'll check his temperature again in half an hour to see if it helps," Donnie instructed while Raph nodded seriously and walked away.

"Casey, April and I have prepared small sandwiches for snacks. I want you both to rest and eat something," Sensei ordered and Casey nodded, leading April back out. Both of them looked tired just like the rest of us. I watched Sensei pull chairs by Mikey's bed, the first one Raph sat in to start rubbing the water on Mikey's skin, "I made a place for all of us to sit on either side of Michelangelo's bed so we can keep him company."

Mikey beamed to which the rest of us smiled at. I struggled off the desk and watched Donnie open a Ibuprofen bottle to take a couple out and grab Sensei's medical tea. Donnie struggled to walk so I became his crutch since we both needed each other for support, both of our legs were injured.

We reached Mikey's other side and sat down in the chairs. Donnie was by Mikey's head across from Raph as smiled as he handed Mikey the medicine to take to which he complained about.

"Just take it Mikey," Donnie narrowed his eyes to which Mikey immediately complied. Donnie didn't mess around when it was about our health. I smiled, "Here's your medicinal tea."

"Drink all of it please," Sensei added and Mikey pouted as Raph wiped for water on his forehead. Mikey giggled when Raph wiped his neck and chest. Raph rolled his eyes with the tiniest smirk on his lips.

"Hey Raphie..."

"What? And don't call me that," Raph warned while the rest of us smiled at the familiarity. Mikey just grinned sleepily.

"Do you know that song "painkiller" by Three Days Grace?" He said and I shared a confused look with Donnie. Unlike both of us Raph and Mikey had almost the same taste in music. Raph snorted.

"Yeah...? What about it?" Raph huffed and handed over the bowl of water when Donnie requested it. Apparently he didn't like the way Raph was handling our orange clad brother's temperature.

"You're my painkiller, Raphie," Mikey grinned cheekily as Raph spluttered and blushed.

"You're so stupid," Raph looked away, his face burning red while the rest of us laughed. Donnie looked like he was holding his breath, "Do you even realize how cheesy that was?"

"Trying to diffuse the tension, Bro~!" Mikey giggled as he snuggled back into the pillows and hummed in delight when Donnie began cooling him down, "That feels good Donnie."

"Good," Donnie chuckled as he continued. "Keep drinking that tea and the medicine in it and the pills will help tremendously."

"He needs a pill to knock him out," Raph muttered, his face still red. Sensei lightly whacked Raph upside the head and I smirked in amusement.

"Where's your bedside manners Raphie?" Mikey asked innocently with a wolfish grin. Donnie and I had smiles on our faces roughly the size of a mile.

"Don't make me hit you-ow!" Raph complained when Sensei lightly hit him again. I laughed, "Laugh it up, Fearless!"

"Okay," I agreed as I laughed harder. Mikey and Donnie joined me and even Sensei began to laugh as Raph rolled his eyes, a tiny smirk on his face again. We continued this friendly tease and bickering, feeling the comfort with each other. I didn't think we'd be able to do this again given everything that has happened but we've made it this far. I have no doubt we'll make it further...

"Bros...?" Mikey asked as he yawned for the fifth time in 3 minutes, "I'm sleepy but..."

"But what?" I asked, wondering if something was keeping him from sleeping. Mikey looked at us with tired yet fearful eyes.

"Will you sleep here with me? Please? I won't be annoying, I promise!" He nearly begged and I shared a look of surprise with Raph and Donnie, "It's just...if not..I might wake up and you're gone and I might think all this was just a dream.."

"Of course we'll stay with you, bro," Donnie soothed as he place one hand on Mikey's forehead lovingly. Mikey blushed but smiled in a really relieved way, "I kinda don't want to sleep alone either...not for awhile.."

"Same here," I agreed instantly, wondering how I'll ever leave me little brothers alone again. Raph rolled his eyes at me and then looked at Mikey.

"Me too...I'll stay here. Aint nobody messin' with my family ever again," Raph promised and we smiled at him. Sensei looked at us and stood, smiling fondly.

"I will go get the futons and your favorite blankets," He announced as Mikey beamed happily, "I will have to stay the night too if I am to guard my sons." We all blinked in surprise but I felt protected and warm when he said that.

"I..I have such as awesome family!" Mikey cried as Sensei walked away, "I'm getting all emotional because of this stupid medicine!"

"Nah, you've always been like a girl Mikey," Raph teased with a smirk. Mikey gasped and looked outraged while Donnie snickered.

"Don't be mean to me now Raphie, not when I'm having such strong brotherly feels right now!" Mikey pouted while Raph and I laughed at what he said.

"Its okay Mikey," Donnie grinned as we looked at him, "It just means you''re more in touch with your feminine side than we are."

"Thanks...hey!" Mikey cried as Raph nearly rolled on the ground laughing. I hid my mouth with my fist. We continued trying to stave off laughter while Mikey suddenly got a thoughtful look on his face, one that replaced the pout.

"What's up?" I asked cocking my head. He looked at me with that thoughtful face.

"Shredder said he'd break us right?"

We all blinked in surprise at the random and somewhat alarming questions. We fidgeted anxiously at the mention of him.

"Yeah...so what?" Raph asked, frowning. Mikey suddenly gave a small smile.

"Well he didn't break us right? Cause we're not broken...right?"

We all shared a look and I huffed a laugh. Any other time during our capture with Shredder I would have said yes. Maybe even after we were trying to recover at Kurtsman's warehouse. But now...looking at all my brothers who are somewhat looking at me for the answer I wanted to laugh at the pure thought. We were strong...we pulled through. He didn't break us...not even till the end.

"No Mikey," I told him as I gazed at my little brothers lovingly. I sensed Splinter stopping at the door along with Casey and April who were trying to eavesdrop, "We didn't break. We might have been hurt...but were not broken."

Mikey beamed at all of us and suddenly he grabbed all three of our hands within both of his. He looked so relieved, so happy that it was infectious.

"I knew it all along!"

The laughter and cheerful realization which followed into a family night of comforting and enjoying each others' company is something that I will never forget. Not ever.

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