Sakura Haruno was simply engrossed in her newest novel, far too busy to focus on any of her surroundings.

She decided that this morning she would change up her usual routine of sitting in a fort of blankets in her dim apartment building and reading the pile of books that sit on her bedside table until her boss called and she was forced to head back to work or else her salary would be cut.

So, the pinkette woke up this morning, made herself some half burnt half brown toast, slapped some cream cheese on the little sucker, popped it in her mouth, threw her hair into a messy bun up do, and headed to claim a bench at her local park.

"No, no don't do it! He's not the who you think he is!" Sakura speaks to herself, yelling at the character in her book. She furrows her brows as she stares intently at the page in her book and analysis just why the character would act that way.

Two high school girls walking by give her an odd look, one that Sakura doesn't even notice since her eyes have been glued to the book ever since she'd arrived at the park.

Just as she's about to get to the good part and the climax of the plot, she hears someone scream so loud that it breaks through her "too focused to my book to notice anything" barrier.

She looks up and sees a blonde haired man, quite handsome if she may add to that, flailing his arms and screaming for her to duck.

"You want me to become a duck?" She yells, squinting at him and trying to figure out just how one becomes a duck.

Perhaps if she had morphing abilities just like the supernatural beings in the book she read a few weeks ago she'd be able "to duck" but shouldn't this grown man know that that's just a made up story?

No one can simply become a duck, duh.

"WOMAN WATCH OUT!" He screams yet again, snapping Sakura out of her thoughts and it's as if everything that happens next is in slow motion for the rose haired target.

A large something knocks her right on the side of her head causing her book to fly out of her hands as she tumbles off of the bench and her head meets the hard concrete of the side walk.

Lying on the cold sidewalk, Sakura is too stunned to process what had just happened.

"Hey, are you alright?" The blonde haired man asks, his voice filled with worry as he bends down and nudges the pinkette's shoulder.

Sakura swallows hard, nodding her head slowly not yet sure herself if she's all right.

"Maybe we should call an ambulance, you're not bleeding anywhere are you?" He asks his words flying out as panic takes over him.

"N-No I'm fine, no need for an ambulance." Sakura says, pushing herself off of the cold concrete. The last thing she would need today is to call her boss saying she'll be late for work because she's at the hospital.

She shudders at the thought.

Her boss would have a fit.

The immediate pain shoots through the sore spot on her head and she clutches it, wincing in pain.

"It hurts, shoot I'm so sorry about that I didn't think it'd hit you." He apologizes, and Sakura notes the sincere look in his very blue eyes.

Taken aback by the blueness of his eyes she can't help but admit that he has the most gorgeous eyes she's ever seen.

"You did that?" She asks, bewildered that a grown man is out here in mid morning playing…

She notices a soccer ball rolling around.


"Yeah…" He admits sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck.

"You should have warned me or something!" Sakura yells, furious that now she could have a concussion or worse internal bleeding in her head because of this idiot's poor aim.

The blonde looks taken aback by her words that he'd been accused of not warning her.

"I did, I told you to duck!" He defends himself, raising a brow at the rosette as her jaw hangs open.

"I thought you wanted…uhh never mind." I'll sound crazy if I admit that I actually thought he wanted me to morph into a duck.

"Come on, I have some ice packs over by the soccer field. It'll help you with that head ache." He says, standing up and ironing out his athletic shorts before extending a hand to me.

Feeling anxious about going with this random stranger Sakura nervously extends her hand in which the stranger pulls her up and onto her feet a tad too fast.

Her head throbs at the sudden movement and her feet feel wobbly. She notices a few scrapes on her knees and mentally curses the blonde.

"I'm kind of injured here, don't just pull me up like I'm a sack of potatoes!" She yells, frustrated as he laughs at her.

"Man you really are something." He says light heartedly, walking over and picking up the book she'd been reading a few minutes ago.

"And what's that supposed to mean?" She asks, folding her arms over her chest and giving him a pointed glare.

Not only did he have the nerve to hit her with a soccer ball, something so childish she can't even believe this man is most likely around her age, he also has the nerve to mock her!

What an idiot.

She thinks to herself as she watches him pick up her book and toss it to her.

Sakura grabs it as if it's the most precious thing in her life and hugs it close to her chest.

"It means I've never really met someone like you. Take it as a compliment pinky, now come on let's get you that ice pack."

He takes Sakura's hand before she can respond, and drags her to the soccer field laughing as she complains that her head hurts and she's really not afraid to smack him with her book.

And then something dawns on Sakura.


She definitely should have stayed in her blanket fort at least there she was comfy and safe from blonde idiots chucking soccer balls at her head.


Sitting on the sun bathed grass, Sakura watches with bored eyes as this blonde haired stranger plays soccer with a ton of little kids.

Is he their coach or does he just do this for fun?

She wonders, picking at some grass.

"Yo, Pinky." He says cheerfully, running over to her as all of the kids take a water break.

An anime vein pops at the top of Sakura's forehead as she death glares the blonde.

"Call me that one more time…" She growls clenching her fists as fire radiates around her.

The blonde smirks smugly at her.

"Or what? You'll morph into a duck?" He teases her, and Sakura pales at his words.

He heard that?

Flustered by his response, the rosette's cheeks turn the color of her hair.

Who was this guy? First he acts all sweet and concerned and then he's mocking her!

"S-Shut up!" She counters childishly, staring at the grass as she tries to calm her flaming cheeks.

This is so embarrassing.

He bursts out in laughter and Sakura huffs out a breath of annoyance.

"How's your head feeling?" He asks, biting back the giggles as he points to her swelling head.

"Cold." She replies, still upset over his mocking behavior.

The blonde nods.

"Naruto Uzumaki."

"Eh?" Sakura responds, tilting her head at him.

"That's my name, now you might want to give me yours unless you like me calling you Pinky." He says smirking as the rosette shoots him a pointed glare.

"Sakura Haruno." She states formally.

Naruto's lips curve up into a bright toothy grin that causes Sakura's heart to stutter a tiny bit.

"Well, it's nice to meet you Sakura-chan, let's be friends!" He says enthusiastically, holding out his hand.

Sakura's cheeks turn a light shade of pink.

"What are you five?" She retorts, rolling her eyes as he laughs.

The rosette grips his hand, and he shakes it firmly.

What was she getting herself into?

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