A/N: Yeah, I feel really bad this is so short. Things will get better, I promise!

Year 1


Jareth visited his son often. He watched young Toby through his crystals, and when the boy was alone, the Goblin King would steal Aboveground to spend time with him. Toby recognized him. Jareth loved holding his son, talking to him, singing to him. Toby babbled back, nonsense words that sometimes reminded him of goblin speech. The goblins became aware of young Toby, and also visited him on occasion. Jareth was careful to make sure Sarah never learned of his visits. He suspected she would not understand his need to see his son, and in any case, he had no desire to see the child-thief.

He was aware that his subjects continued to visit her. He turned a blind eye to their actions, for they often provided a distraction whereby he might sneak in and spent time with his son.

One day as he was visiting, Toby was rather fussy and not quite so pleased to see his Fae father. Jareth tried to comfort the boy to no avail. He noticed Toby kept rubbing at his nose and breathing strangely. Then Toby sneezed, and green slime landed on the Goblin King's fine shirt. Jareth was instantly livid.

"What have they done to you, my son?" he asked, conjuring a crystal. He held it to Toby's head and peered into it. He stiffened in outrage.

"A cold? They can't even cure a common cold for you? How can they call themselves your family, when even the least of the Fae can cure a cold, but they would leave you to suffer it?" Jareth dismissed the first crystal and summoned a second. This one he touched to Toby's nose, and then traced it across his throat, chest and head. The crystal got smaller and lighter until it appeared to sink into the small boy. When it was gone, Toby took a deep, disease free breath through his nose and instantly fell asleep now that the cold was no longer bothering him.

Jareth cleared the green slime from his shirt with a flick of his fingers, then sat in the rocking chair in the room, humming soothingly to his son as he cradled him in his arms.


Sarah had a newfound appreciation for her brother. She regretted wishing him away to the goblins, and didn't mind watching over him now. She had made some fantastic friends in the Labyrinth, and she continued to call on them almost every weekend when her parents went out. She worried that calling on her friends might attract the attention of the Goblin King. She had no desire to see the child-thief, and feared that he might return to take vengeance on her and Toby. But her friends insisted that they were careful to avoid detection.

Her stepmother continued to pressure her about dating and stuff, but Sarah found she would rather spent time with Toby and her Labyrinth friends. Everything her brother did was suddenly the cutest thing she'd ever seen, and she was as proud as her parent to mark every milestone.