_You know I consider you a friend.

Clarke jumped lightly at the unexpected interjection, let alone at the utterly unexpected content. They had been hovering over a map of some sort, the typology foreign to the blond. Clarke narrowed her eyes suspiciously. The commander was not one to confide so lightly, or so completely out of the blue, let alone about her feelings:

_I'm honoured to learn of that…' The blonde answered warily, unsettled by the outpour of affection:

_Thus I do believe it is my duty to let you know that if this hand of yours gets any closer to my ribs, I will be forced to send your head on a spike back to camp Jaha.'

Lexa snapped quietly, still looking at the map.

Clarke stared at the grounder for a second, shocked at the clipped tone she had used, before slowly dropping her hand with a snort, focusing back on the map before them.

The gears in her mind started to turn as she processed the information offered to her (on a bloody silver platter, might she add). The young leader had required her help regarding possible skirmishes with the Ice Nation that might endanger the Fallen Ark.

She bit back a wicked smirk as she stepped closer to the Commander absentmindedly, focusing on the map before her. She snuck a look at the brunette, who seemed deep in thought as she gazed at the detailed parchment lying on the large oak table.

Clarke bit her lip impishly, and went for it. A high pitched yelp filled the tent as the young woman jumped to the side, as far away from the fuming grounder as she could, sheer glee dancing in her sky blue eyes:

_You never said anything about you neck !'

She finished her sentence in a bark of laughter as she flew out of the tent as fast as she could, the raging brunette hot on her trail:


Or how Clarke found out the almighty Commander had a rather… surprising weakness.


ok yes I know this is ridiculously short, but once again it was just trotting in my head, and I laughed so hard at the idea I just figured oh what the hell, btw THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the amazing follow up ! I'm so incredibly grateful, so much so that I'll ACTUALLY, yes actually will keep on updating this, how long it will take though... Let's just go with before the end of the human race for now(hopefully) ^^ hope you like this little tiny thingy barely worth calling a chapter (tried to enhance it as much as I could, but hey it's meant to be short) anyway see you again soon !