Uncertain arms wrapped themselves around Michelangelo. The water from the whirlpool swirling behind them, where their Sensei- their father, had just been thrown to his death.
That was what had set Raphael into an outrage- he could feel the blood dripping off of his hands, from pounding his fists on metal bars.
The back of his shell became wet, as the gentle tears of his little brother dripped onto him. "You don't have to be strong now," Mikey whispered. "It's okay to be-"
He pulled him tighter, cutting him off. Mikey's shoulder became damp, and his heart sunk. He hated to see his brother like this. He could feel his pain. His grief, over the loss of his father, and his sorrow of knowing his older brother might not make it.
He felt like Raph would need him now, more than ever. "I'm okay..." Raph's choked up voice says, as he lets go. "I'll be okay."
No, don't let go... Mikey thought. You still need me, don't let go...

"We're not running, Donnie." April's voice breaks the silence. Donnie... Where was he when Raph needed him most? Worrying about April. What kind of brother did that?
Me. Mikey realized. All the other times Raph had been upset about something, he'd always just joked about it, called him a baby sometimes, and let him go. We all do...

He kept his head down. Oh, how could he have been so stupid all these years?
"We're going to put an end to this." April said.
Mikey nodded. Not just an end to the Invasion. An end to Raphael's inner isolation.
I promise... I won't let you fight this battle alone.

As they made their way to the Turtle Mech, Raph gripped Mikey's hand. He didn't know why. He just needed the support. Mikey smiled. "Let's go show those jerks what happens when you mess with a ninja turtle."