It's just one Doozy chapter after another with this segment, I swear.

Now then! The new chapter 29 is named 'Tag Yourself, Everyone's It' and I believe is actually another compilation chapter? Or possibly I got confused with the remnants of the old chapter 29, it's getting a little hard to tell. Regardless, if things seem a little jumbled again, that's why.

And lastly, to honor the AN Rules, a teaser for you all.

Ganondorf always went into negotiations with Zant with at least three backup ideas and an emergency exit scenario, because apparently, Zant took great joy in dancing on the remains of all his best-laid plans. Case in point, Ganondorf's previous plan had been to Curse the Heroes, then use the advantage of the resulting disorientation and dysphoria to take them out once and for all. Zant had admittedly followed the plan beautifully, until he got to the 'taking advantage of the dysphoria' part.

Which was why Ganondorf was now putting the first of his three backup plans into action and also discreetly downing a Red Potion for the headache that these sorts of situations always gave him. He saw the flaw in his first draft of the plan now, which unfortunately always happened in hindsight and not while he was outlining the plan to Zant, which of course would have been the stage where he could have done something about it.

Note to future Ganondorf: don't use Tag as a motivator to get Zant to cooperate with the plan.