Yep, I was right. It was a Doozy.

Still! I am happily far more stubborn than my Writer's Block, and so I present to you all the new and improved Chapter 28, which has been renamed to "Sir, Are You Aware That You're An Animal?"

Side note, it turns out that the original chapters 28 and 29 were so incredibly similar that they can be combined into this new chapter 28 with literally nothing lost in translation. If the numbers of the chapters seem off for a couple days afterwards, that's why.

And lastly, a little teaser for you, to keep in line with those pesky AN Rules.

From the murky heart of the Twilight, a pair of glowing yellow eyes stared back at them. There was a low, unhinged chuckle.

"I found you," Zant intoned eerily, looking like every inch of the mad king that he was. Dusk came to the terrifying realization that Zant seemed to be having a moment of unmarred sanity - and while in many ways the sane Zant was often safer to deal with, the insane Zant was at least predictable in his insanity.

Sane Zant was terrifying because Dusk had no idea what he was going to do.

"Tag," Zant breathed reverently, like it was a prayer, and Dusk admittedly had to take a mental step backwards because that was not necessarily something he'd expected the sane Zant to say. "You're 'It'."