Hello guys! Before you too excited, I should tell you that this is a five-shots. The recent episodes of TVD inspired me to write this. Hope you will love it.


Chapter One

Mystic Falls was silent. Nothing moved on the streets; the stores and houses lay quiet and dark. Everyone were huddled in their beds with their doors and windows barred. Except for her. Sleeping was overrated. She wanted to have some fun, but there was no one around to feast on. It was three o'clock in the morning and Caroline Forbes seemed to be the only one roaming around the town. Could you really blame her? She was hungry. An idea came to her suddenly. Why should she wait for someone to pass by when she could go into their houses and get what she wanted. Huh. Breaking in and entering. That sounded fun and thrilling.

She let out a deep chuckle. Switching her humanity was the best decsion she could have ever made. She felt free from any emotions. The death of her mother didn't bother her at all. Sure the woman had been with her all her life, but she had always been a buzz kill. Now Caroline could enjoy doing whatever she wanted without fearing that her mother would be disappointed.

Rest in peace, Mom, she thought, not really caring if she did or not. Laughing, Caroline had a feeling she was probably rolling in her grave after witnessing her horrible behaviour lately.

The cold wind blew down the street, stirring up dust and sending an empty can skittering over the ground. She hummed as she took a left turn, then gazed up. The night sky was hazy and starless, but a smoke peered through the clouds and it was coming from the forest. Interesting. She ran with an inhuman speed towards the forest and to where the smoke was coming from. Caroline scanned the darkness and her eyes moved to the group of men that were camping around a campfire. Twirling her hair, she silently eased behind a tree and watched them with a hint of a cruel smile on her face.

She titled her head and licked her lips, trying to decide which one to eat first. Problem was, they all looked so good and mouthwatering. Clicking her tongue, she decided to mess with them first. She picked up a branch from the ground and snapped it into two, making sure that the sound was heard.

"What was that?" Tim whipped his head around in search of the noise. He held his breath, counting the seconds with every frantic heartbeat. "I heard something."

"Oh, come on, Tim, there's no one here but us," His friend Isaac assured him with a laugh. His three other friends joined in in the laughter. Caroline raised an eyebrow. Tim, on the other hand was sure that he had heard something. He couldn't make out where it had came from, but he did not imagine it. But seconds passed and when didn't hear another sound, he relaxed.

Caroline decided then to hell with fun. She stepped out from behind the tree and stuttered towards the men. A single flashlight beam flickered over her face and the one who she believed to be called Isaac pointed her to his friends. She approached them and stopped a feet away, looking between them with a smile.

"Caroline? Caroline Forbes," A voice said with a hint of a shock. Caroline turned to the man that had said her name. It was Officer Trent, her mother's friend. The guy who always hung around Liz every time Caroline went to see her mother at work. She had believed that he had the hots for her.

"Officer Trent," she answered, her eyes dancing with amusement.

Trent stood up and brushed a dust from his jeans. "What are you doing out here at this time of the night, Caroline?" he asked - well to her it sounded more like a demand.

"Hunting," Caroline stated matter of factly. A few eyebrows shot up in confusion and surprise.

"You know," Her eyes glanced to a short man who spoke. "they aren't any animals in this forest. And even if they were, it's dangerous to hunt in the night, don't you think?"

She shrugged nonchalantly. "But I'm not hunting animals. As a matter of fact, I hunt humans." She gave them a cheeky grin, ignoring their shocked expressions. Well it wasn't like she was going to lie to them. The thing she had learned about turning off her humanity was the desire to tell the truth. There was no need to beat around the bush.

"Listen, Caroline, I know your Mom just died and your emotions are all over the place, but you're not making any sense, dear," Trent said in a low voice, calm and collected.

Caroline threw her head back and laughed. Her emotions all over the place? More like there was no emotion at all. "See, the thing is, I don't really give a fuck about that. The truth is, Trent, I'm better off without her constant whining and complains." She whispered the last words to him. "Enough talking. It's time to eat." She gazed hungrily between the men who had became petrified after expressing how she felt about her mother.

"What-" The short man started to say him, then his voice abruptly changed to a startled gurgle, followed by a wet splat, and the faint, coppery stench of blood filled the air.

"Oops, my hand slipped." She giggled as she held the short man's heart in her hand to everyone's horror. Dropping it, she licked her hand and moaned in delicious, her fangs itching to sink itself into a neck. Enraged cries rang out and the men began to ran, but Caroline began to flash in front of them and sunk her fangs into their necks. The sound of agonized screams filled the entire forest. God, how she loved the sounds.

The only remaining man standing was Trent who was watching in horror as his friends took their last breath in front of him. He made an attempt to run, but didn't quite make it far when he saw her in front of him. The corner of her mouth was dripping in blood and her clothes were splattered in it also. The fangs hadn't retreated. Before she knew it, Trent was on the ground, holding her legs.

"Don't kill me, please," he begged as he sobbed.

"Hmm." Caroline licked the blood from her lips and smirked down at the man beneath her feet. "I like this position and you begging. Do it again. I might just spare your life. Come on now, do it again."

Trent did exactly what she said. There was a goofy smile on her face as she enjoyed every single moment the man pathetically begged for his life. If only people would do that often, Caroline would spare them their lives. She crouched down and took his hands off from her legs. Placing her hands on his shoulders, she smiled and without words being spoken, she assured him that his life was spared with a single look. He sighed in relief and happiness.

Helping him up, she ushered him to go. With a nod, Trent began to walk away and she watched him. Her hands touched sharp objects that were safely tucked in her boots. Caroline retrieved them and with a good aim, the knives hit Trent's back. And then she watched until the final groan died away, until the last body fell and silence crept into the forest once more. She never intended to let him stay alive. At least, he died with a smile on his face thinking that his life had been spared. She erupted into a fit of laughter.

The five men lay in heaps, hearts scattered about, the flashlight shining weakly on the ground. Its beam pointed to a vivid splash of red, trickling down to a motionless body. What a sad sight, she thought with a fake sympathy. Caroline turned around with the intension of leaving the forest when she stopped and bit her lip. Leaving the dead bodies like that wasn't such a good idea. It would only tipped her friends off and God knew she did not want to hear their complains. And she could surely end up being locked. It didn't not suit well with her. With a heavy sigh, she managed to bury them all in one grave deep inside the forest. At least they would keep each other company.

"Where have you been?"

Caroline gave Elena a disdainful look as she walked into their dorm room seven hours later, kicking the door shut behind her. Elena scrambled off her bed, gaping. "Why are you covered in blood?!" she demanded.

Caroline rolled her eyes. "And why are you still here, anyway? Have you been waiting up for me?"

"Stop changing the subject, Caroline," Elena snapped in anger. "You disappeared in the night and you came back covered in blood in broad daylight."

"Elena." She sighed and collapsed on the bed, not bothering to change. She quite like wearing bloody clothes. "I just got back from a rather wonderful night out," Caroline muttered, putting an arm over her eyes. "I'm tired, I'm cranky, and unless you don't want me to snap your neck, leave me the hell alone."

"How many did you kill?" Elena continued, as if she hadn't said a word.

Caroline removed her arm and sat up to face her. She seemed tense and looked ready to defend herself if a fight broke out. It made Caroline smile. Good to know everyone was on edge because of her. Makes her want to be a little nice to them. But then, she snorted at the idea and shook her head. As if she was capable of being nice.

"Oh, I don't remember." Caroline shrugged her shoulders and added with a thought. "The night was kinda blurry." She rose from the bed and, taking Elena's elbow, she steered her to the door. "Run along now to your bed buddy. I don't want your annoying voice to keep me awake. Bye!" Elena started to protest, but Caroline firmly pushed her over the door, slamming the door on her face before she could say anything.

Collapsing on the bed once again, she turned her face to the wall and closed her eyes. She dismissed all thoughts of the interrogations that she knew would happen later. Rolling her eyes, she reminded herself to get away from Mystic Falls before her friends forced her to do something that she didn't want to do. With the plan to leave firmly on her mind, she drifted off to oblivion.

Thirty minutes later, something boomed against the door.

Caroline jerked awake, the door to the dorm still rattling from the sudden blow. On her feet, she glared at the door. By the fourth, she had wrenched the door open with the intention of snapping whoever's neck that was bothering her, even as Stefan was pulling his fist back to knock again.

He blinked at her. "Caroline," The relief in his voice was palpable. "Elena said you came back."

"Did she now?" She gave him a crooked smile. "Is she the town's gossiper now?"

Stefan sighed and glared at her. Now that she had observed him, there were dark circles under his eyes. "You can't blame us for worrying, Caroline." His glare grew sharper, almost desperate. "Where were you all night?"

"You're not my father, Stefan, but I do agree you're older than him, but that does not give you the right to act like this." His dark eyes bulged at her statement. "But to save your mind from obsessing over where I've been, I'll tell you. I went to hunt, Stefan. I killed five people and among them was my Mom's friend," she decided to tell him the whole truth, simply because not telling would only make him more determined to know the answers, and Caroline did not want to spend any minute with him. "Do you know the most funniest thing through all that? Trent thought I was going to spare his life." She chuckled, then followed by a snort, remembering the event in her mind. "Just as he was about to leave, I threw a couple of knives at his back. I knew when I took those knife, it will come in handy someday." Sighing, she stretched her left arm. "Don't worry about the dead bodies. I buried them because I felt really bad, you know."

Stefan grabbed her shoulders and shook them hard. "Are you insane?! Five people, Caroline and you don't feel bad at all?" He shouted in anger and disbelief.

"Now why would I feel bad when I got what I wanted?"

He released her immediately and took a step back, shaking his head. "Unbelievable."

"Oh great, the lost psycho is back," A voice drawled behind them. Damon stood there looking between them, but was oblivious to Stefans' shocked and troubled expression. "Everyone had been worried about you and I told them not to, because I knew you would come back. I sure as hell didn't miss you. Sure was nice and quiet without you." Damon smirked, then added, "Ever since you turned your humanity off, Blondie, all you do is go around and cause trouble. I say let's lock you up."

Stefan pretended to ignore him, though she saw his jaw tightened. Caroline smiled sweetly at Damon. "How's that busted nose treating you, by the way?"

Damon angrily stared at her, and he held up a finger and motioned for her to come forward. "Why don't you come over here and take a look?" He threatened, much to her amusement.

"Damon," Stefan said in a warning voice, locking eyes with his brother. "Stop being an ass."

"Hey." Damon held up his hands. "I'm only being honest. No one else has the guts to say it, so I will."

"Aren't you supposed to be somewhere?" Stefan asked, and Damon took that as his cue to leave. Caroline made a note to break his nose the other way as soon as she got the opportunity. Stefan turned to her with an apologetic look and she gave him a confused look in return. In an instant, before she could make a run, her neck was snapped.

Why does her neck hurt? Why does it feel like as if it had been - her eyes shot open and she glaced around the poorly lit room and then she knew exactly where she was; a cell. She could almost feel her blood turning cold as dread seeped into her bones, keeping her immobile on the hard bed. She was going to kill Stefan for snapping her neck and locking her up. She shouldn't have had let her guard down and now look where she had ended up. Caroline looked around. Where was this anyway? It definitely didn't look like she was down in the Salvatore's cellar.

Some little light came through the high window in the cell, but not much more than she had wanted. A long while passed before she wondered who had covered her with these blankets. Was this Stefan? What, he locked her up and suddenly felt bad that he had to cover her up? She removed the blankets and threw them on the ground in anger. Getting up from the bed, she approached the door- only that it wasn't just a normal one, the door had iron bars. She wrapped her hands around the iron bars, attempting to break it, but even her vampire abilities weren't strong enough to break through them. She slammed her hand on it in anger.

Caroline could see the hallways but not much. She couldn't make out everything. Slowly retreating away from the door, she went back to the bed and sat on it. She kept leaning back and forth, thinking of ways to torture the younger Salvatore. He did this to her. And then she heard the sound of lock and then the door opened.

Someone stood before her.

As he was caught in the shadows, with only the faintest glimmer of light coming from behind him, she could see little of him. Medium height, he filled the doorway, one hand behind his back, the other holding the door. Caroline tried to get a better look at him from where she was sitting but she could not make out his features. He appeared to be enveloped in shadows. There was an eerie, phantomlike quality about him. It was as if she were seeing his reflection in a pool of dark water.

Although she could not see him clearly, she could tell that he was dressed in a black Henly and black jeans. It bothered her that she could not make out his features. Certainly the light was dim in the cell, but her eyes had adjusted to the low level of illumination. She ought to be able to see the person who she thought wasn't Stefan.

He stood there like an executioner.

Had she been the old Caroline, the thought would have sent rivers of icy fear cascading along her spine. She would have been terrified! She would have promised herself that she would survive this, she would fight it. But alas, this Caroline with no humanity felt no fear or whatsoever.

He stared at her long and hard from the doorway. What went on in his mind, she could not begin to tell, for with the light far behind him, he remained nothing but a medium height, lithe, muscled menace. The silence deepened. At that moment, he made a move, striding into the cell.

The door slammed shut behind him.

"You tell Stefan that I'll kill him!" she promised. "I demand you to let me go this instant. I'd be very pissed if I end up killing my messenger. If you're dead, then who would give that message to him?" He remained quiet. "I said let me go!" she said again, holding back the urge to hurt every single bone in his body. She tossed back her head. "Haven't you listened to a word I've said? Are you daft? You do not want to piss of a girl who has turn her emotions off." She reminded him but the guy was hell bent on ignoring her. She clenched her fists in anger. "Can you understand English?"

Fuck the messenger.

She flew at him, her hand raised, intending to strike straight for the heart. But no matter how quickly she moved, he was faster, capturing her wrist before her hand could touch him. Then she became acutely aware of the hard-muscled heat of the man as he held her. Caroline pushed him back with so much strength. She knew he would put up a good fight if she attempted to fight with him. And there was nothing in the cell that could injure him. Except her heels. There were three inches long and could be the perfect weapon to use on him.

With each shoe hurtled at him, the man ducked anew, coming a stride nearer her each time. She took her bracelet off, heaving that at him in anger. Yet he advanced, and the next thing she knew, he had grabbed her.

"Let me go," Caroline cried as she twisted in his hold. "Let me go now or I'll-"

But at last he spoke. "I'll let you go, love, if you promise not to throw things at me."

That accent. That term of endearment. Her mind was reeling. The voice. She knew the voice. Knew the heated tension in it, the tenor and the cadence of it, the very rugged depths of it. And still, her breath caught in her throat. Her heart pounded fiercely for the first time since she had turned her humanity off. She was in a state of shock, wasn't aware when he released her. Suddenly, the room wasn't dark anymore.

First her heart soared. Then plummeted. Indeed, it was him. Blonde hair, richly thick and wavy against the strong, rugged lines of his features. Those eyes so blue and sharp beneath the clean arches of his brows. His cheeks high and, his nose straight as an arrow, his mouth generous, capable of being so grim and merciless …

So damnably sensual …


She hadn't seen Klaus in almost a year. The thought of him had never crossed her mind ever since she had managed to get him off her mind. But seeing him again, she felt as though she could kill herself right now, because she knew, she knew like everyone knew that he was the only man on earth that could bring back her humanity. The only man on earth that was her trigger. No way was she going to that happen. Damn Stefan to hell!

"Hello, Caroline." The way he seemed to let out her name slowly...almost seductive. She sneered and crossed her arms. Klaus smiled at her, his dimples showing.

She lifted her chin. "I'd say it's nice seeing you again, Klaus, but I'd really be lying and my mother taught me not to lie."

Klaus tried to ignore the tone of her voice, tried not to hear the fury and hatred within it. How he had hated himself for locking her up and after all that had passed, he entered into new realms of agony now. He had never wanted to do this to her. It had pained him both physically and mentally but it was best for her and for everyone. He could live with her hating him, but he couldn't leave with it if she embraced darkness, and the light that had first caught his attention would be gone. Forever. He couldn't live with that.


Even as Klaus spoke, she remembered the feel of his whisper against her flesh, the touch of his powerful fingers, the warmth of him, the sweet magic of lying in his arms.


This could not happen.

"So I told you to promise me not to come back to Mystic Falls and then you presumed to kidnap me? Was the sex so good that you had to stoop so low, Klaus?" she asked, chin high and the corner of her mouth tilted up.

"I am so sorry to disappoint you," he said, those blues eyes condemning her.

"Then why-"

"Damon called me about you, love," The last was anything but an endearment. "He told me about your mother - which I'm sorry about.." He paused for a moment and added with a biting bitterness, "and then he added that you had turned it off. I didn't quite believe him."

Caroline raised an eyebrow and mocked, "So you brought me here to offer your condolences and see if I had indeed turned it off?"

"No," he said, his voice deep. Then he was bending over the bed. Close to her. So very close. His fingers wound around the carved footboard of the bed. "But I had word that you were killing people, sweetheart," Klaus added softly, the blue of his eyes cascading over her, bringing new life to her body and causing fierce shivers to dance rapidly down her spine.

Damn. Her body wasn't getting the picture that she didn't want him to get too close. Why hadn't she thought about getting laid? This wouldn't be happening if she had had some. "I didn't like it. I don't like it."

"So what do you want?" she cried, determined to inch no farther back, to meet him coolly. Yet she was shaking, and she prayed that her voice would not give her away. "Whatever you're trying to do won't work, Klaus. I'm warning you, don't try anything."

"What do I want?" He pushed up, staring at her, a brow arched high. His lip curled into a sardonic smile. He leaned close again, the curve of his smile deepening.

"Yes, what do you want?" she repeated irritated, meeting his eyes, her own narrowing.

"What do I what?" he said again, very, very softly. Caroline gritted her teeth. "I want your humanity back and I intend to bring it back one way or the other," he assured her, leaning close once again. "Welcome to New Orleans, Caroline. Do enjoy your stay here."

He smiled. She glared.