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Chapter 1

A blonde haired boy of 13 could be seen sinking to the bottom of the ocean, a huge sword lodged into his side, due to the actions of his supposed teammate.

The boy had stunning blue eyes that shined with a unyielding will. His skin was tan, and three whisker marks could be seen on each side of his face. The boy was dressed in a orange and blue jumpsuit, and blue sandals. This boy is Uzumaki Naruto and he was both drowning and bleeding out. All because his teammate Uchiha Sasuke had gotten upset that he had talked the enemy out of fighting keeping the boy from gaining his oh so precious Sharingan.

He with what he thought was his last act in the world of the living, lifted up his middle finger and gurgled out "Fuck You Sasuke-teme!"

He then blacked out, not knowing that his body had just been wrapped in a pure white shell of energy. Inside of the shell, three women appeared.

The first of the three had long silver hair that spiked out everywhere. She had pale skin, that seemed to shine in the shell. Her eyes were this stunning shade of gold, that could make a dragon lick it's lips in lust. From her head two thick horns could be seen poking out. Her ears were pointed and elegant. She was dressed in a light plum kimono with red prayer beads around her neck. On her lips was a light appliance of pink lipstick.

The next woman had long flowing light colored hair, that was simply regal. Her eyes were pale white, and had no pupil. Her skin was also pale, yet didn't shine like the other woman's. In the center of her forehead was a vertical slit. Poking out of her hair was what looked like two horns. She was dressed in a simple high collared hime style kimono that was white, and had black comma's woven into collar, and in the sides. She had a light appliance of purple lipstick on her lips, and her fingernails were painted a royal purple.

The last of the three women had long black golden blonde hair, that seemed to shine with a supernatural light. Her skin was fair, and blemish free. Her eyes were large green emeralds, her pupils shining red rubies. The strange thing was the golden arch like things on her side and back. She was dressed in a white and dark grey kimono, that had a strange pattern going up the front. Around her eyes were thick gold lines.

These three were Tsubasa or Shinigami, Otsutsuki Kaguya, otherwise known as Princess Kaguya or cabbit goddess, and Cammy, otherwise known as Arceus the goddess of pokemon.

Tsubasa looking down at Naruto gently removed the sword from his side. She then removed his shirt and jacket. Her eyes gained a cold fury spotting the many scars covering his body, including what looked like the words demon spawn carved into his chest.

She turning to Kaguya, and spotting the appalled eyes of the woman said "He is your one shot at redemption. You see 13 years ago I sealed the nine tailed fox inside of him, due to Kami making a mistake during her paperwork, marking him as the jinchuriki of said fox and my summoner not paying the price with his life. He was then subjected to treatment should ever go through. Tsukuyomi personally witnessed him almost being beaten to death 4 times. Amaterasu witnessed him almost being raped 6 times. I myself witnessed him be starved and he be crucified. What amazes all of us is that he hasn't snapped yet, nor has he been corrupted by the evil of life. No he's still pure as the driven snow. Kami realizing her mistake a few years ago, instantly started to paperwork to fix her blunder."

She gaining a happy smile on her face said "She just finished the paperwork, and now things can be fixed. Kaguya you have been chosen to be his mother, as his true family left him to fend for himself in that damned village. Cammy Kami has been listening to request to introduce a few of your children to this world, and has decided to grant said request, by allowing the pokemon as a brand new summon, that will go to Naruto. Don't worry he won't abuse them or anything, in fact he'll probably see this as his family, or precious people and protect them with his life. Also could you maybe bless him with the powers of a few legendaries."

Cammy hearing this smiled and said "I can, but after Kaguya-san becomes his new mom."

Tsubasa hearing this smiled and turned to Kaguya who was already kneeling beside Naruto. She gently touching one of his whisker marks said "He is going to be my new Sochi-kun. Such a strong will, such potential."

She turning to Tsubasa asked "Besides informing us of this, and bringing us here, what else is your business here?"

Tsubasa giggling said "I'm here to give him the blessing of Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu, Susanoo, Izanami, Izanagi, Yami, Kami, and myself. As you know that makes all eight of the eternal deities to give him their blessing which will turn him into a new god. Also to ask him what he wants to do with the Kyuubi?"

Kaguya hearing this nodded and asked "How will I be turning him into my son?"

Tsubasa smiling pulled out a very shiny and sharp needle. She said "With this. It's been blessed by Kami-nee and Izanagi-oji. I simply get some blood from you, it interacts with Kami and Izanagi's power and hello nurse it's changed into pure DNA that once introduced to his system will transform him into your new darling baby boy."

Kaguya hearing this rolled up the sleeve of her kimono and said "Then please get to work. As I want to hold my baby for a little while before I'm forced back into that cursed prison my two eldest trapped me."

Tsubasa nodding, stuck the needle into Kaguya's arm, and drew enough blood to fill the syringe. She removing the needle from Kaguya's arm, smiled when the red blood quickly turned golden. She then sticking the needle directly into Naruto's heart emptied the syringe.

Removing the needle, she made the syringe vanish, just as Naruto shot up with wide eyes.

He then said "I'm up Haruno don't poke me with that flaming kunai."

He then blinked when he heard three very distinct, and very pretty sounding giggles.

He turning his head gasped spotting the three women. Naruto was about to ask what was going on, when Kaguya explained everything to him, even who they were.

Naruto blinking at this, smiled and wrapped Kaguya in a warm hug and said "Wow I must be really lucky to have such a gorgeous woman as my new mom."

Kaguya with a tiny blush on her face said "I am truly the luckiest woman in the world to have such a flatterer for my new and youngest child."

He then smiling at her asked "So I noticed you have the Byakugan like the Hyuga clan. Doe's this mean I'm going to get it to?"

Kaguya shaking her head said "I'm afraid not, but you will be gaining something much better."

Naruto with a curious look on his face asked "What's better then one of the three great doujutsu?"

Kaguya smiling said "The fourth unheard of great doujutsu. Allow me to show it to you."

She then closed her eyes and pushed chakra into the slit on her forehead. Naruto gasped when said slit opened up and an eye appeared. This eyes was dark red, with six large rings surrounding a single round dot. On each of the rings six tomoe sat, making a total of 36 tomoe in the eye. Did he forget to mention that the tomoe were snow white.

Kaguya opening her eyes smiled and said "Behold the 4th great doujutsu Kaosugan. (Eye of Chaos) It has all of the abilities of the other three doujutsu, but amplified. For instance the Byakugan can see almost 360 degrees in every direction, and can see the chakra inside of someone's body. It can see the chakra in the air, and allow you to manipulate the chakra all around you. Another for instance is the Rinnegan allows the user the wield all 5 of the elemental affinities. It allows you to not only do that, but to wield the elements and use the elements of light and shadow."

Naruto hearing this said "Woah that totally sounds badass mom."

She giggling said "It is baby. Now Cammy-san has something for you."

Naruto turning his eyes to Cammy, gave her his full attention.

Cammy smiling said "Alright Naruto-kun I have decided to bless you with the powers of a couple of my more powerful exclusive children. The first will be Giratina, my little rebellious princess. She is the ruler of the distorted world, and one of the most feared of my children. Next is Moltres, he's the living embodiment of fire, and is capable of producing flames that put the sun's flames to shame. Then we have Articuno, my little ice queen. She's literally the coldest of my children, and can summon blizzards that could freeze an polar bear. Then we have Kyogre, who is said to have created the oceans, while battling her older brother Groudon. She's literally a titan of the sea, and when she primal reverts she can summon a storm that could flood the lands. Next to last we have Mewtwo, who is one of the most powerful, yet most awkward of my children. Don't get me wrong though she can crush a mind or anything for that matter with just a thought. Last we have Zekrom the pokemon version of the goddess of storms. She has lightning in her control and isn't afraid to use it to get what she wants, she usually sides with the person with ideals."

Naruto getting an image of each pokemon, felt like shitting his pants spotting Giratina, Kyogre and Zekrom. Mewtwo reminded him of a Sasuke, while Moltres and Articuno looked like giant birds to him.

Cammy smiling said "You'll be able to meet and work with each of them, since Kami has decided to allow you to exclusive privilege of summoning all of my wonderful children. Do treat them with love and care."

Naruto smiling said "I promise to treat them like they were my own flesh and blood, and I never go back on my promises."

Cammy giggled hearing this

Tsubasa then stepping forward said "Now for the last part. Otsutsuki Naruto, you have done something no mortal has ever managed to achieve. You have received not only the blessing of all 8 of the eternal deities but, have earned their respect. It is with great honor I welcome you to the position of the 9th eternal deity. It has been decided that you will be the god of Carnage, Technology and Destruction."

Naruto hearing this felt his mouth open wide. He shaking his head managed to stand, and bowed deeply. He said "I am deeply honored Shinigami-sama. I will try my best to not dishonor the 8 eternal deities."

Tsubasa giggling said "I know you will. Anyway I have a question to ask you?"

Naruto blinking asked "What is it Shinigami-sama?"

Tsubasa pouting said "First of all call me Tsubasa-chan, or Tsubasa-hime, or at the least Tsubasa-nee. The question is what do you want to do with the Kyuubi?"

Naruto blinking said "Why does it matter what I want done with Jinx-nee?"

Tsubasa smiling said "Because now that you're an eternal deity she can't stay sealed in you."

Naruto hearing this pouted and asked "Why not Tsubasa-nee?"

Tsubasa smiling at him calling her sister said "Because she wasn't even supposed to be sealed inside of you in the first place."

Naruto hearing this, quickly started to think. He getting an idea asked "Can she be sealed in something else?"

Tsubasa tilting her head asked "Like what?"

Naruto pointing to Zabuza's sword asked "That?"

Tsubasa picking up said sword, tossed it a few times and said "Sure just as long as promises to be a good girl."

Naruto cheered and said "Yay now Jinx-nee can stay by my side."

Tsubasa giggling waived her hand, and a red orb floated out of Naruto, and slammed into the sword. The sword then transformed from a thick and huge blade, to a simple an elegant katana, with a blood red blade.

Tsubasa then gaining a serious look in her eyes said "Alright Naruto-otouto, we have to go now. Kaguya has to return to the moon, Cammy has to return to her dimension and I have to return to the cursed paperwork."

Kaguya hearing this wrapped Naruto in a gentle hug and said "Stop hiding yourself away baby. Show your true skills, and ask out Uzuki Yuago already. Trust me it'll won't end bad."

Naruto nodding said "Okay mom I will."

All three women then vanished. Naruto walking over to his new katana, picked it up and said "Alright Jinx you heard mom, it's time to pierce the veil."