I have officially started the third installment of the Keeper of the AllSpark trilogy.

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Several months have passed since Unicron was defeated. So far, the Autobots have only prevented the Decepticons from attacking civilians since they relocated to Washington DC, and they haven't found their human ally yet. Of course, they were still determined to capture him.

At the moment, while Sentinel and Optimus went out on patrol duty, Bailey, Clayton, Olive and Fred sat down in the recreational area while working on their own designs.

"Hey, Clay," asked Fred, "have you found a job here yet?"

"Not yet," answered Clayton, "I tried applying for a job at Sammy Lee Tailor Shop, but I don't have the outfit I need for an interview."

"Maybe we can go to the mall to get some interview outfits?" replied Bailey, "although, I couldn't find a video game designing job around here."

"Why not start your own video game company?" suggested Olive.

"That actually sounds like a good idea," agreed Bailey, "but I'm probably going to need more crewmembers if I want this business to be feasible."

"I could be a composer for the video game music," offered Olive.

"And I could design and model the buildings for the video games we could create," added Fred.

"Thanks, guys!" smiled Bailey.

"Maybe I could try being a costume designer," replied Clayton, "that is, if I can't get the job I applied for."

"For now," reminded Bailey, "let's just find a suit for Clayton, since I just finished my latest design."

"We're still working on our stuff," replied Olive, "but good luck, you two."

Bailey stashed her pencil and her sketchbook into her handbag while Clayton put his sketchbook back into his backpack. Bailey led Clayton out of the recreational area and into the hangar, where they could see Bumblebee.

"Hey, Bumblebee," called Clayton, "could you take us to the mall? I was thinking of getting a business suit at JCPenney."

"Sure!" nodded Bumblebee.

Bumblebee transformed into his alternate mode, allowing Bailey and Clayton to climb in.

"You know where to get to the mall," asked Bailey, "right?"

"Yeah," nodded Bumblebee, "I've been there, before."

"Awesome!" chirped Bailey.

Bumblebee drove out of the hangar and down the road until they reached the Forest Village Park Mall. Bailey and Clayton hopped out, followed by Bumblebee's human holoform.

"I hope you guys don't mind if I tag along," said Bumblebee.

"That's fine with us," replied Clayton, "as long as we can contact the other 'Bots in case of danger."

"I can," nodded Bumblebee, "and I got my optics on the parking lot, too."

Bumblebee, Bailey and Clayton sauntered into the mall and wandered through the center until they found JCPenney. There, they searched for the men's section and began browsing for business suits.

"Hey, Bee," asked Clayton, "which color would best fit me in terms of ties?"

"Well, personally," admitted Bumblebee, "I like yellow and black."

"Try going for red," suggested Bailey.

"Thanks, Bails," chirped Clayton.

After Clayton picked out his tie, he began browsing for dress shirts. Bailey was still browsing for jackets when she suddenly bumped into a stranger.

"Sorry," blurted Bailey, "didn't mean it!"

"That's ok," assured the man, "are you by yourself?"

"No," answered Bailey, "I'm helping my best friend buy a business suit for an interview."

"Is he interviewing for a car sales job?" asked the man.

"No," answered Clayton, "I'm applying for a clothes repair shop, since I've earned my degree in fashion design."

"Why do you ask?" clamored Bumblebee.

"I was hoping I would arrange some jobs to hire you three right off the spot," explained the man, staring at Bailey, "especially for a pretty girl like you."

"Ok," demanded Bailey, "who the fuck are you?!"

"I'm Dylan Gould," answered the man, "the CEO of Hotchkiss Gould Investments."

Clayton and Bumblebee snickered, as boys would, about the Hotchkiss name.

"What's so funny?" asked Dylan.

"I think they find the name of your business funny," assumed Bailey.

"Hehe," commented Bumblebee, "that's what she said."

"If you'll excuse me," said Bailey, "we're going to continue browsing for business suits."

"Well," offered Dylan, "when you're done with your friends, how about I get you some lunch?"

"Sorry," declined Bailey, "I'm already dating someone else."

"Who," asked Dylan, pointing at Bumblebee and Clayton, "one of these two?"

"No," answered Bailey.

"So he won't even know," assured Dylan.

"Oh, yes he will," growled an elderly man voice, "and he'll kick your ass, too."

Dylan turned around and noticed Sentinel's holoform behind him.

"Sam," whispered Bailey, relieved.

"Samuel Prior," asserted Sentinel, "Prior Enterprises. Who are you besides the creep hitting on my girlfriend?"

"You're dating this girl?!" exclaimed Dylan, "I thought she was your granddaughter!"

"I ought to punch you for that," snarled Sentinel, "what's your agenda, pal, and don't make me take you outside, because I will."

"I picked up his signal and this guy was giving me the creeps," Bumblebee whispered to Bailey and Clayton, "so I called him in."

"I was minding my own business when I met these three," explained Dylan, "then I thought I could help them find good jobs."

"We don't need your help, jackass!" barked Bailey.

"And what makes you think they need jobs from you?" added Sentinel, "for your information, I've gotten all three employed."

"Oh," sighed Dylan, "never mind, then. I'll look up this Prior Enterprises when I get home."

Without saying anything further, Dylan left the scene.

"Thanks, Sam," smiled Bailey.

"Heh," mused Sentinel, "he's going to flip when he finds out that it's a bigger company than his. I should thank Charlotte Mearing for this."

Clayton picked out a nice business suit.

"I think I'm all set," said Clayton, "now let's go check out."

Sentinel, Bailey, Clayton and Bumblebee approached the checkout and paid for the business suit, the necktie and the dress shirt. Once they left the mall, Clayton hopped into Bumblebee's alternate mode while Bailey hopped into Sentinel's alternate mode.

"Sentinel?" whispered Bailey.

"Yes, Bailey?" replied Sentinel.

"I'm getting a bad vibe from this Dylan guy," explained Bailey, "I was wondering if we should investigate him."

"I'll send a note to Mearing with everything I gathered on him," assured Sentinel.

"Thanks, Sentinel!" smiled Bailey.

"Let's hope the guy's just another sleaze ball who can't leave women alone," sighed Sentinel.

Sentinel drove out of the parking lot and down the road until they reached the base. The elder Prime let Bailey hop out, allowing him to transform into his robot mode. They could see Optimus, Ironhide, Prowl and Wheeljack gathering at the entrance.

"Hey, geezer," called Wheeljack, "we got Cons in Russia."

Sentinel went into the vault and withdrew the Pillars before setting them up.

"That's why I keep the Pillars out of Decepticon hands," remarked Sentinel, "I'll kick your aft for that geezer thing when we get back."

Sentinel pressed on the top of the Control Pillar activating the space bridge.

"Autobots," commanded Optimus, "roll out!"

"Be careful," advised Bailey, "ok, Sentinel?"

"I will be," assured Sentinel, "don't worry."

As Sentinel led Optimus, Ironhide, Prowl and Wheeljack through the bridge, he couldn't help but remember that death message he'd received. He hadn't told anyone, not even Optimus. He just hoped he wouldn't have to.

"Now where are those Decepticon punks?" asked Ironhide.

"They're here," answered Sentinel, "the place stinks of them."

Sentinel, Optimus, Prowl, Ironhide and Wheeljack wandered through the ruins of Chernobyl, determined to find any sign of Decepticons. Eventually, they entered a large factory, where they found a damaged spherical-shaped Cybertronian device.

"Optimus," called Sentinel, "get over here! You're going to want to see this!"

Optimus approached the device and carefully inspected it.

"I suspect that the humans who used to work here might have tried to test this," assumed Optimus, "or maybe the Decepticons led us into a trap."

"I hope it's not the latter," replied Wheeljack.

"It doesn't fit," gasped Sentinel, "Optimus, this is from the Ark!"

"How did it get here?" asked Prowl.

"One word," muttered Sentinel, "Decepticons."

Just as Sentinel spoke, Ironhide noticed a massive worm-like creature slithering into the room, destroying it in the process.

"Scrap," muttered Sentinel.

"It's a driller!" exclaimed Prowl.

"Thank you, Captain Obvious!" snarled Sentinel.

Sentinel jumped onto the driller, the sudden weight throwing it off balance for a few seconds. The elder Prime seized this chance and stabbed it with his Primax blade.

"Die," roared Sentinel, "you fraggin' Deceptiworm!"

The driller shook violently, knocking Sentinel off in the process before it continued to destroy the room. Optimus, Prowl, Sentinel, Ironhide and Wheeljack managed to escape the factory, only to find that they've been surrounded by Vehicons.

"Oh yeah," grumbled Sentinel sarcastically, "Vehicons everywhere; like we didn't see that coming."

Sentinel, Optimus, Prowl, Ironhide and Wheeljack charged into battle, hacking through Vehicons left and right as the driller emerged from the factory.

"Fraggin' stupid drones!" groaned Sentinel, hacking through some of the Vehicons with his Primax blade.

"We gotta hurry up," warned Wheeljack, "because the driller is coming right at us!"

"GO! GO! GO!" shouted Ironhide.

"I'm—AAGH!" screamed Sentinel.

Sentinel fell over a piece of debris and the driller found its target. Sentinel could only stare up as it descended on him. The others could only hear the screams, even Ironhide and Optimus were closest.

"Nasutn'on!" panicked Optimus.

Optimus sprinted back towards the driller.

"Optimus," protested Ironhide, "are you insane?! You're running right into its mouth!"

Optimus fired his cannon at the driller's mouth, causing it to shriek in pain. Ironhide jumped in, shooting the worm wherever he could. Optimus frantically looked around and dug through the debris until he saw a flash of red, energon stained armor.

"Sentinel," called Optimus, "are you all right?"

Sentinel only groaned weakly, but didn't move. His sword and shield lay thrown off to either side of him. Optimus's spark sank as he noticed the energy splattered everywhere…..and the smirking red eyed mech who picked up Sentinel's blade and now stood leering down at the old mech, the blade in his hand.

"You're too late, Prime," Megatron sneered as he roughly kicked Sentinel's head over to face Optimus.

"Megatron," growled Optimus.

Optimus noticed that Shockwave was standing on top of the factory.

"Autobots," announced Optimus, "I'm calling for reinforcements!"

Optimus pulled the small control out of his subspace compartment and activated the space bridge. Seconds later, Smokescreen, Mirage, Arcee, Chromia and Elita emerged from the portal and attacked the Vehicons while the Autobot leader stood protectively over his father.

"Well," hissed Megatron, "I suppose this wasn't a total loss."

Megatron suddenly swung the Primax blade, the broad, flat side of it smacking Optimus in the face, sending him falling backward. He was laying on his back and looked up to see Megatron's foot on Sentinel, the blade raised high over his head. The Autobot leader struggled to his feet while Smokescreen fired a shot at Megatron's arm, forcing him to drop the blade as it landed just beside the elder Prime. Sentinel's shaking hand slowly moved as if trying to reach either Optimus or the blade, his pain obvious as Optimus approached him.

"Hang on, Sentinel," begged Optimus.

Optimus threw Sentinel's arm around his shoulder and helped him to his feet while the other Autobots fought off the Vehicons and the driller. The Autobot leader didn't pay attention to Shockwave, who jumped off the factory and landed on his feet.

"You're mine, Prime," glowered Shockwave.

"Frag off, Con!" snarled Sentinel, wincing in pain.

Chromia shot Shockwave in the face, causing him to shout in pain.

"You don't mess with the Primes!" barked Chromia.

"Thank you," groaned Sentinel.

"You're most welcome," replied Chromia.

Optimus carried Sentinel through the space bridge, taking them back to base while Ironhide finished off the last of the Vehicons. After the Autobot weapons specialist picked up the Primax blade and shield, he, Prowl, Wheeljack, Arcee, Chromia, Elita, Smokescreen and Mirage followed the Primes through the portal before it closed, much to Megatron's dismay.

"Have I told you all how much I really hate Decepticons?" muttered Sentinel, "I'm getting too old for this."

"We'll have Ratchet check you out," assured Optimus.

Optimus carried Sentinel into the hangar and down the hall until they reached the medical bay.

"Great," sighed Sentinel, "because my head needs a wrench in it now."

"I've told you, Optimus," reminded Ratchet, "he's probably getting too old for—"

"Can it, Hatchet," interrupted Sentinel, "I can still kick your aft!"

Optimus set Sentinel onto the berth, allowing Ratchet to inspect the elder Prime. Sentinel swore loudly when Ratchet touched the sensitive wounds.

"Keep still," advised Ratchet, "will you? I'm trying to help you out here."

"You try being me right now and see if you can keep still," beckoned Sentinel, "especially with a grouchy-aft in your audial."

Ratchet spent the next several minutes repairing the elder Prime's wounds.

"All right," instructed Ratchet, "that should do it. Now why don't you get some rest?"

"Yes, sir," nodded Sentinel.

Ratchet shoved a cane in Sentinel's hand while he stood to his feet.

"Aft," Sentinel growled.

Sentinel left the medical bay and trudged down the hall until he reached his quarters, where he could see Bailey putting the Bluray disk of Big Hero 6 into the PS3.

"Oh," chirped Bailey, "hey, Sentinel! Are you doing ok?"

"Well," replied Sentinel, "I'm rid of the huge aft in my audial."

"Did you get hurt in battle?" asked Bailey.

"I was almost worm food," answered Sentinel, "Megatron tried to snuff me with my own blade, but he took too long gloating and instead got himself shot. I tell ya, Decepticons get dumber every time we see them."

"I can imagine that," commented Bailey, "maybe you can activate your holoform so you can watch this movie with me without having to stress your body?"

"Let me lay down first," requested Sentinel, "Ratchet said I should get some rest. Which do you want?"

Sentinel rested on the berth.

"I'm ok with the human holoform," responded Bailey.

A second later, Sentinel's human holoform appeared beside her. Of course, Bailey remembered of how it resembled Leonard Nimoy. While Sentinel's holoform sat down next to Bailey, she began playing the movie.