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A few days later, Bailey and Akane finished packing up since it was time for them to return to Earth. At the moment, Sentinel was setting up the Pillars while Akane gathered the luggage with assistance from Bumblebee, Arcee, Smokescreen and Ironhide.

"Bailey," called Akane, "have you finished packing yet?"

Bailey sprinted out with her duffle bag and her handbag.

"I'm ready when you are," announced Bailey, gasping for breath.

"Write or call soon, will you?" advised Sentinel.

"Don't worry, I'll remember," smiled Bailey, "I just want to say thanks for that awesome wedding night."

"No," corrected Sentinel, "I should thank you."

Sentinel activated his holoform, allowing Bailey to wrap her arms around him and give him a kiss.

"I'm missing you already," murmured Sentinel, "can't wait to see you again."

"Me, too," replied Bailey, "you'll come by to visit, right?"

"Whenever I can," nodded Sentinel, "you'll do the same, right? You'll make use of the bridge key I gave you as a wedding gift?"

"I promise," answered Bailey.

"I love you, ma tsalíra," smiled Sentinel.

"I love you, too, Sentinel," replied Bailey.

"Until we meet again," nodded Sentinel.

Sentinel stepped back as Bailey prepared to leave. Even as she did, the last thing she heard from him was loud swearing, probably directed at Ratchet. She joined up with Akane, Bumblebee, Arcee, Smokescreen and Ironhide.

"So," asked Ironhide, "are you ready to leave?"

"Yeah," answered Bailey.

Bumblebee, Arcee, Smokescreen and Ironhide transformed into their alternate modes, allowing Bailey and Akane to load their luggage onto the black pickup truck before hopping into Bumblebee. Sentinel activated the space bridge and stood back with the rest of the Autobots and Decepticons as he watched them go. Bumblebee, Arcee, Smokescreen and Ironhide drove through the portal, taking them straight to NEST base, where Lennox, Epps, Simmons, Mearing, Clayton, Olive and Fred were waiting. Bailey and Akane hopped out and unloaded the luggage, allowing the Autobots to transform into their robot modes.

"Hey," cheered Lennox, "you guys are back, finally!"

"Yeah," nodded Bailey, "and I'm ready to start finding some talented employees so we can make video games of our own."

"Great!" chirped Olive.

"Let's get to it, then," added Fred.

After putting away the luggage, Bailey, Clayton, Olive, Fred and Bumblebee gathered in their shared quarters and began writing down the patent for their new business.

Meanwhile, a month has passed since Bailey left Cybertron. Over the course of a whole day, Elita had been feeling the pains of labor, so Optimus assisted her to the medical bay. It wasn't long before Megatron and Sentinel showed up.

"Is it time?" asked Megatron.


"Uh, Optimus," pondered Megatron, "does he always yell at Ratchet like that?"

"Sometimes," answered Optimus.

Just then, Ratchet entered the medical bay.

"What now, Sentinel?" groaned Ratchet.

"It's Elita," explained Sentinel, "whatever's going on, it's obviously painful."

"I think the sparkling's on its way," commented Elita.

"That's why I needed you here on the double," replied Sentinel, "it's a medical issue and you're a medical officer."

"All right," grumbled Ratchet, "just stand back."

Sentinel and Megatron quickly backed off, letting Optimus stay with his mate.

"You're going to be ok," assured Optimus.

"Thanks, Optimus," smiled Elita.

"Don't gripe at her, Hatchet," argued Sentinel, "just do your job."

Ratchet ignored Sentinel's words as he motioned Elita to straddle her legs in a sitting position.

"Take a deep breath," advised Ratchet, "and take your time."

Meanwhile, Sentinel and Megatron nervously paced outside the medical bay.

"Are you going to tell Bailey about this?" asked Megatron.

"She'll know," assured Sentinel, "sparkbond."

"About what?" asked Bailey over the sparkbond.

"Elita's sparkling is coming," explained Sentinel over the sparkbond, "I feel sorry for it. The first thing it's going to see is Hatchet's grumpy mug."

"Really?" warbled Bailey over the sparkbond, "I hope the cuteness of the sparkling softens him up."

"You and me both," agreed Sentinel, "oh, and Megs says hi."

"Thanks," smiled Bailey over the sparkbond, "we managed to hire around twenty crewmembers for our video game business and we're funding it through . Akane is also designing the garden walls for houses."

"Great for you, hon," replied Sentinel over the sparkbond, "I finally learned the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek. There's this one freaky black haired guy whose voice sounds like me, but he thinks like Shockwave."

"You mean Spock?" clarified Bailey over the sparkbond.

"Yeah," nodded Sentinel over the sparkbond, "that guy. He freaks me out. It's like Logic Brain got a humanoid body and gave it my voice. Creepy."

"My dad likes him, though," laughed Bailey over the sparkbond.

"The guy doesn't sound like your dad every time he talks," remarked Sentinel over the sparkbond.

"That's not what I meant!" chirped Bailey over the sparkbond, "my dad's just a huge fan of him."

"Yeah," mused Sentinel over the sparkbond, "seems to be everyone's favorite."

"So, I'll talk to you later?" asked Bailey over the sparkbond.

"You can talk to me whenever you want," replied Sentinel over the sparkbond.

After a long while of waiting, Ratchet emerged from the medical bay.

"Well?" insisted Sentinel.

"We have a little femme," announced Ratchet.

"I'm a grandda," commented Sentinel.

"I'm an uncle," added Megatron.

"Bailey," called Sentinel over her sparkbond, "you're a stepgrandma, It's a little girl."

"Awesome!" chirped Bailey over the sparkbond, "so what are we going to name her?"

"That's up to Elita and Optimus," answered Sentinel over the sparkbond.

Ratchet led Sentinel and Megatron into the medical bay, where they saw Elita cradling the sparkling in her arms with Optimus standing next to her.

"What are you going to call her?" asked Megatron.

"We're thinking about it," answered Elita.

"Any ideas so far?" insisted Sentinel.

"Not yet," replied Optimus.

"Well," advised Megatron, "tell us when you do."

Optimus peered at the little sparkling wrapped in a sterile blanket.

"She's beautiful," commented Optimus, "just like her mother."

"Thanks, Optimus," smiled Elita.

Optimus gave Elita a soft kiss.

"Aaaawwww," crooned Megatron.

"Optimus," asked Elita, "is Quickfire acceptable to you?"

Optimus nodded. He noticed the sparkling's audials perking up at the name.

"All right," announced Ratchet, "exam time."

No sooner did Ratchet pick up Quickfire than she spit up in his face. Megatron and Optimus looked at each other before both of them burst out laughing.

"I guess she shares Da's feelings towards Hatchet," commented Megatron.

"Har har," mocked Ratchet sarcastically, "very funny."

That only made Optimus and Megatron laugh harder as Ratchet returned Quickfire to Elita's arms.

"I wish Ironhide and Bailey could've seen that," chuckled Sentinel.

"You could tell them about it," replied Ratchet.

"True," agreed Sentinel.

"Since I did what you requested," announced Ratchet, referring to Optimus, Elita and their new sparkling, "you three are free to leave."

"Let's get out before he gripes at us," suggested Sentinel.

Sentinel led Optimus, Megatron and Elita out of the medical bay and down the corridor until they reached the young Prime's quarters.

"So Quickfire doesn't like Hatchet already," said Sentinel.

"Perhaps she is more comfortable in my mate's arms," replied Optimus.

"Well," agreed Sentinel, "it is her mother."

"I know," nodded Elita, "and I'm feeling a little tired right now."

Optimus led Elita into his quarters and let her rest on the berth.

"Thanks, Optimus," smiled Elita.

"Anytime, Elita," replied Optimus.

"Can you just teach her not to hate me?" asked Megatron.

"We can try," answered Elita.

"Thanks," smiled Megatron, "it means a lot."

A year has passed since Bailey and Sentinel got married. She stood outside the hangar with Clayton and Bumblebee on her side as Arcee and Smokescreen set up the Pillars in preparation for Optimus and Sentinel's arrival. They knew that today began the week-long visit from both Primes, which was good news for Bailey. Soon, the Pillars flickered to life, and the two Primes materialized in front of them.

"Sentinel!" called Bailey.

Bailey eagerly sprinted towards Sentinel and hugged his leg.

"There's what I really came here to see," marveled Sentinel, "Optimus can handle all that political nonsense. I hate it anyway."

"I won't let you down, Nasutn'on," nodded Optimus, blushing.

"I know you won't," assured Sentinel, "your big brother made sure of that."

"Hey, Sentinel," asked Bailey, "want me to show you the video game we're working on?"

"I'd love to see it," replied Sentinel, "and I have pictures from back home of Elita and little Quickfire. She still hates Ratchet. Spits up on him whenever she can, but once she starts giggling about it, even he can't get mad at her. But guess who she loves most, outside of her parents."

"You?" Bailey guessed.

"Heh, nope," smirked Sentinel.

"Ok then, Megatron?" pondered Bailey.

"When she's not with one of her parents," nodded Sentinel, "she's glued to him. I think it's done him good. He loves that little girl like she were his own."

"Oh, cool!" chirped Bailey, "I have a prototype of the video game in my room. Follow me!"

Bailey led Sentinel into the hangar and into her quarters, where she inserted a disk into her laptop after connecting it to a larger screen. The elder Prime could watch as Bailey controlled a magical girl on the screen with the keyboard, and the character ventured through what appeared to be a futuristic city under attack by an alien invasion.

"This video game is still a work in progress," explained Bailey, "we just need to add the textures, music and special effects."

"I have a feeling this is inspired by a true story," assumed Sentinel, "yes?"

"Kinda," clarified Bailey, "but the woman who came up with this idea had multiple alien races in mind that would be involved in this story."

"I see," nodded Sentinel.

After a while, Bailey turned off the demo game and scrambled to pull out a swimsuit from her drawers.

"What are you doing?" asked Sentinel.

"I was thinking of going to the beach," answered Bailey.

"I'll drive," announced Sentinel.

Bailey changed into her swimsuit and gathered her beach items before following Sentinel outside. The elder Prime transformed into his alternate mode, allowing her to hop in. After she buckled up, he drove out of the base and down the road. It wasn't long before they arrived at the beach.

"Do I have to stay in disguise here?" asked Sentinel.

"I see some people over there," answered Bailey, "but since that battle in Chicago last year, everyone has been asking questions to the government about you guys. There's even a memorial about the event."

"A memorial for all the humans who died, you mean," reminded Sentinel, "so what do I do when we get there?"

"If you want to use your true form," explained Bailey, "that's fine. Almost everyone on Earth knows about the Autobots and Decepticons."

"Oh," nodded Sentinel, "all right then, I will."

Bailey hopped out of the Rosenbauer Panther, allowing Sentinel to transform into his robot mode. She applied some sunscreen before stepping onto the beach. They found a suitable place that isn't crowded.

"This looks like a good spot," said Sentinel, "people are too close together everywhere else."

The sound of his voice caught the attention of the other people on the beach, who immediately looked at the newcomers.

"Uh, Sentinel," mentioned Bailey, "I think they're staring at us."

"Me, Bailey," corrected Sentinel, "their eyes are angled at me."

"Oh," replied Bailey.

Just as she spoke, a couple of people eagerly approached both of them.

"Is this fella your guardian or something?" asked an elderly man.

"No," answered Bailey, "he's my husband."

"She's right," agreed Sentinel, "she snagged me over a year ago."

"I thought it was the guy who snags the girl like in romantic comedies," commented a guy.

"The guy isn't usually from another planet," remarked Sentinel.

"So what brings you two here?" insisted a teenage boy.

"We're here on a date," explained Bailey.

"Exactly," nodded Sentinel, "so sorry boys, she's taken….and I'm getting hot."

After the small crowd left, Sentinel stepped into the water.

"Much better," breathed Sentinel.

Bailey set down her items at their spot.

"Well, come on in," insisted Sentinel, "the water's great!"

Sentinel lay down in the shallows on his side, leaning on one arm. Bailey stepped into the water and leaned against the elder Prime's chest.

"The only bad thing would be if those seagulls decided to drop a load on me," said Sentinel.

"So you still remember that time when Laserbeak sprayed the machines on us two years ago?" pondered Bailey.

"Yes," nodded Sentinel, "the little fragger."

Bailey placed her hand on Sentinel's face and gave him a kiss. The elder Prime purred softly, stroking her with his fingers. He then sat up and scooped her into his lap.

"Nice day out," smiled Sentinel, "hehe, I think someone or something is playing with my foot."

"Really?" warbled Bailey, "what?"

"How about you go have a look?" suggested Sentinel.

Bailey slid off Sentinel's lap and wandered towards his foot to inspect it. Sure enough, someone's small children were exploring the strange giant red piece of metal that shook when they touched it.

"So, kids," commented Bailey, "you're fascinated with this guy?"

"Guy?" pondered one kid.

"This is Sentinel Prime," explained Bailey, "perhaps you recognize him from somewhere?"

"Doesn't look like him," replied another kid, "where are his eyes?"

"How about I show you?" suggested Bailey.

"Ok," nodded the kids.

Bailey motioned the small children to follow her until Sentinel could focus his eyes on them.

"Ah," commented Sentinel, "so there was someone on my foot."

"More like four of them," remarked Bailey.

"Excuse me," called Sentinel, "but that was my foot you were playing on."

"Daddy told me about you," explained one kid.

"Do you have any stories to tell us?" clamored another kid.

"Oh Primus," laughed Sentinel, "I'm a library of stories. What did your dad say about me?"

"He said that you turned into a dragon and smashed the evil alien ships," answered one kid.

"Oh," admitted Sentinel, "yes, I did, though I don't know if I could do it again."

"Are you going to tell us how you came here?" clamored another kid.

"The first time," explained Sentinel, "it was by accident. The Decepticons shot our ship and it crashed here on Earth when I tried to make an emergency landing."

Bailey and the kids sat in Sentinel's lap as the elder Prime continued telling them the story. Bailey smiled at him, knowing that they're having a good time sharing their experiences to a younger generation, hoping it will contain morals for their future. On the bright side, Bailey and Sentinel have plenty of time to spare before they're supposed to head back to base.

ma tsalíra - my love

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