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6 months ago

Clary POV

Hi, my name is Clary Morgensten.

How would you describe me, let's see, bright red, frizzy hair, vibrant green eyes, very short, a few pimples here and there and a bit chubby.

I get bullied at school a bit especially by Jace Herondale and Sebastian Velarc, my brother's two best friends. At least Jon sticks up for me.

I don't really tell anyone about me being bullied by them except for my two best friends Izzy and Simon.

I was walking out of school towards Izzy and Simon when Sebastian Velarc and Jace Herondale start walking beside me.

"What do you guys want now" I said in a tone that made me sound very pissed.

"Well we were going to come and give a congratulatory kiss on the cheek to our fav redhead for getting to go on exchange, but when you use that tone I guess we won't." said Sebastian.

"Yeah what's the problem Little Red, you angry 'cause you're going to miss us, 'cause we're going to miss teasing you." said Jace in a very playful tone.

"Yeah, I'm totally going to miss being teased about my weight, height, hair and pimples." I said in a very mocking tone while playing with the hair that was wrapped around my finger.

. "Hey hey hey hey hey, you're making us sound really mean Red that hurts!" said Jace while placing his hand to his heart.

"Stop picking on my little sis guys." said Jon as he ran up to them and pushed them playfully.

"Yeah whatever, I have to go, I can't miss my flight soo cya." I said as she walked away to Izzy and Simon.

"You ready to go girly and what was my brother talking to you about over there?" said Izzy while running her hand through her hair.

"Ohh you know they usual, my hair and he offered a going away kiss on the cheek since his going to miss teasing me and stuff." I said. Izzy and Simon sighed at the same time.

"Ready to go Clare?" said Simon. "Yep let's get going" I said.

"I'm going to miss you so much" said Izzy. "Me too." said Simon.

"I will too but don't worry, I'll be back before you know it."

What they didn't know was that I have a secret plan that no one knows about.

Jon, Izzy, Simon and Jace drove me too the airport which took half an hour.

Jon was talking about throwing a party for me when I get back at the place that we will all be moving into and Izzy was talking about inviting some people from school as well.

"I don't know how I'm ever going to survive without you Clare, I'm going to miss you so soo much!" said Izzy while clinging onto me.

"I'm going to miss you too Izzy but I have to go and get my seat on the plane, I'll see you guys in 6 months." "See ya Red." yelled Jace from across the room. I turned around and pocked my tongue out at him.

He won't know what hit him when I get back! I am going to be the sexiest thing he has ever seen.

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