Bloom's POV

It was a pretty normal day at Alfea. A little too normal that it's now boring...

After our earth mission to find the last earth fairy (Roxy), We came back to Alfea to teach there. It was fun, but it gets boring some's not like we don't like teaching in Alfea, it's just that the Winx wants some more action to be honest...

Me and the Winx crashed on the sofa in the common room of our dorm after classes. Completely tired, but bored at the same time.

"Man, I wish we had some other missions...Y'know? Kick villain butt and save the magic dimension? Or maybe other dimensions... Ugh, I just want action! Being a teacher gets really boring after some time!" Musa groaned, sinking into the pink sofa. I kinda agree with her.

"As much as I want the magical dimension to be safe, I somewhat agree." Tecna sighed, bringing out her phone.

Flora continued on watering her plants, glancing at us from time to time. But listening. "But girls, doesn't that mean that get the magical dimension in danger?"

"But we'll be there to save the day!" Stella protested, hugging on a pillow while her eyes are glued on the television, the shopping channel is on. Oh Stella.

Suddenly, someone bursts through our door. "Winx! Ms. F wants to talk with you!" Roxy informed.

"What's it about, Rox?" I asked, raising a brow. I'm kind of worried but excited at the same time. Is it another mission? Oh please let it be another mission.

"I dunno." Roxy shrugged her shoulders. Obviously clueless about what Ms. F wants to tell us. "But she sounded pretty serious though.."

I stood up, along with my friends. "Alright, we'll be there." I smiled at Roxy, who nodded and walked away to who-knows-where.

"Let's go, Winx!" I exclaimed as the Winx nodded and ran with me, with me on the front. Obviously because I'm the leader, which I swear my friends get jealous of the fact for some reason...Is it because of me hogging the spotlight? Is it because my life story is much more mysterious and interesting that theirs? We'll never know.

When we arrived at Ms. Faragonda's office door, I could hear Ms. F's voice talking to another voice that belonged to a man that I could not recognize...But I just shrugged it off and looked at my friends, who nodded as I took a deep breath and gently knocked.

"Come in." Ms. Faragonda responded from the other side. I slowly turned the knob and opened the door. "Hello, girls." Ms. Faragonda smiled at us and gestured us to sit down.

"What's up, Ms. F?" Musa asked, sitting on one of the chairs.

"You have another mission, girls." Ms. Faragonda announced, her face looked serious. A mission? I knew it! "But it won't involve your powers, nor you will need to use it."

We blinked and looked at each other, completely unsure of what's this mission about.

Ms. Faragonda cleared her throat, obviously to have our attention. "Like last time, it will be on earth. But not in Gardenia."

Not in Gardenia? Well, looks like my plans on staying with my adoptive parents is all scrapped...

"Then where is it?" Stella asks, with a hint of excitement. She's obviously thinking of shopping from other places...

"Beverly Hills." Ms. Faragonda answered simply. Beverly Hills? I know that city...

The other Winx girls looked at each other, clueless obviously. Until Tecna searched it from her handheld gadget and was kind enough to explain. "Beverly Hills is a city in Los Angeles County, California, United States, surrounded by the cities of Los Angeles and West Hollywood."

"Hollywood?" Stella jumps in excitement and nudged me on the shoulder. "Bloom, didn't you say Hollywood is where Celebrities go? O-M-G!"

"Calm down, Stell." Musa gently placed a hand on Stella's shoulder. "We're celebrities, remember?"

"That's right!" Stella nodded. "If we're celebrities, then we should definitely go there!"

"Please do not get too excited." Ms Faragonda said. "Anyway, you will need to work with three spy girls. But don't use your powers. Be normal."

All of us blinked. We can't use our powers? "But why?"

"Just, please. Your enemy is yet another fairy hunter and I will not risk you losing your powers." Ms. F pleaded.

"But won't they sense our magic?" Aisha questions, which is the first time she said anything since we have gone to our dorm.

"That is why I am taking it from you." Ms. F said. My eyes widen at this and I can tell the other girls have same reactions as well. "But don't worry, you will be the ones who will keep it. Just not in your bodies."

We sighed in relief. "So, when do we start this mission?" Flora asks.

"Tomorrow morning. But I will take your powers right now."

Oh no...

Sam's POV

"What is it this time, Jerry?" I groaned and glared at Jerry after me and my friends fell through the chute, again.

Jerry just chuckled after having some sort of conversation with an old woman that I don't know, he then looked at us with a serious face. "Girls, you have yet another mission."

As we shifted into a more comfortable position on the sofa. Alex groaned. "But we just finished the last one 5 hours ago!"

"Don't worry, you will start the mission tomorrow." Jerry informed. "But six young women will accompany you."

"And who might they be?" I raised a brow.

"They're from a" Jerry seemed so hesitant about the last part, as if he wanted to say something else. "I still haven't heard of their names. But I assure you that they won't bite."

"I hope they're not ugly." Clover whispered to me. Oh Clover.

"Anyway, that's all I have to say to you. I will discuss the mission once the other girls arrive." With that, Jerry pressed another button and before we know it, we're already on the sofa of our apartment.

Stella's POV

This 'no powers' thing isn't really that bad, we can actually activate our powers back but only on emergencies. So that's something.

Ms. F transformed our orb thingies that has our powers into fabulous necklaces! Mine was a yellow star, the one with a blue heart belongs to Bloom, a pink flower for Flora, a purple musical note for Musa, a green triangle for Tecna, and a green bubble for Aisha.

"You're now dismissed, girls. Pack your things and get as plenty of rest as possible." Ms. F sat down on her desk and nodded at us. We smiled and waved at her before leaving her office and into our dorms.

I quickly ran to my room to gather my things, clothes mostly! There are a lot to bring! But that's no problem since I can use my magic to- Oh...

Tecna's POV

No powers? Well, I still have technology, right? That won't be a problem, then.

As I arrived to my room, I sat on my desk and turned my computer on. Time to do research on this Beverly Hills place..

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