So I decided on a whim again that I might start up a Blue Exorcist story since I'm rewatching it again. I love the show. There hasn't been a cool female Demon yet, so I thought why not! Let's have one with a tricky background! So, depending on how this is received, I may or may not add more chapters on here. This chapter is basically an introduction to the characters, two being OCs. Hopefully all of you reading it enjoy!

Chapter 1: Assiah and Gehenna

Ever since I could first remember existing, life had always been tricky. My past was always one that frightened people, especially since it was so vague and hazy. My beginnings were not something I approved of anymore, so I always tried to look forward instead, keeping sight of the future that always haunted me. I guess that was what I deserved when I began life in a blaze of light.

The world of Assiah was tricky to understand, but the realm of Gehenna always held a simple intricacy I could decipher. Being an Exorcist, I could always anticipate my targets' next move. I took many missions that kept me away from True Cross Academy and a large amount of humans, but I was finally called back in after finished my last one, which was tracking down and killing a particularly nasty Demon that liked possessing people in a small town. I wasn't told what the reason was for coming back, but I didn't particularly care because I knew it would keep me in True Cross Campus Town for quite some time. I stood on huge hill a few miles south of the bustling city and sighed.

Long, blue black hair lightly moved in the breeze coming up from the hill, bangs framing my face and covering my eyes whenever the wind moved just right. I stared down at the city with sharp, golden eyes, watching the movement below with disinterest. The long sleeved, white shirt that was typical for those in the academy was unbuttoned except for one near my chest, the fabric blowing open with the wind along with the necktie that was loosely tied around the collar. I adjusted the jacket absentmindedly before fiddling with the silver belt around my waist, tilting it down at an angle so it dipped down past the skirt. I pulled on the black gladiator style boots before stretching my back slightly, adjusting the chain that was wrapped around my body that kept my sword strapped to my back.

I heard a soft growl behind me to see a large black wolf with mercury colored eyes approaching from the other side of the hill, seeming almost as smug over being back as I was. This wolf was my familiar, always walking by my side ever since I could remember. He was the one stable thing about my past I could rely upon, even though he didn't know how we came to be either. He walked up to my side and pressed his flank against my hip, reminding me again how big he was in comparison to normal wolves.

"Kasumi," I heard him say softly in my mind so he wouldn't startle me.

"Yeah, Conri?"

"Have you any thoughts on why they've called us back? You're an Upper 2nd Class Knight Meister after all and we've always been given as much leeway as your mentor."

"I can only guess that Mephisto has come up with some new way to torment me after the last time I insulted his intelligence," I said before beginning to walk down the hill towards a train station below with Conri at my side. "You'd think he'd learn to stop acting so stupid around me."

"You need to be careful around him," Conri said sternly. "He's the second strongest Demon King, remember? The only other Demon King that is stronger than him is Lucifer."

"Not counting Satan, right?"

"Of course. Anyway, if you keep taunting Mephisto like this, he'll find out our secret. He already knows part of it. We don't need him finding out more than that."

"Fine, I'll behave," I grumbled a little before finally reaching the train station.

At first, the employees and commuters were instantly worried when I walked in with my familiar. When they saw the pin on my jacket that signified my status as an Exorcist, they slightly calmed down enough for the both of us to pass. Luckily enough, we ended up with our own train car due to the fact that no one wanted to share one with us. We were allowed to watch the scenery go by in peace as True Cross Academy drew nearer. I still wondered what it was that Mephisto wanted and knew I was definitely in trouble when I saw a large limousine waiting for us in the parking lot, the flamboyant Demon King of Time patiently waiting outside of it so that we couldn't sneak off without him noticing. We walked over to him and he gave us a bright smile.

"Kasumi Imai!" he called out before bowing exaggeratedly low, his hat nearly falling from the top of his head. "Welcome back to True Cross Academy!" Conri growled deeply, displeased with being ignored. "Ah, yes, welcome to you as well, Conri! I didn't forget about you!"

"Do you intend on telling us why we're here now or when we get back to the academy?"

"When we get back to the academy, of course!" he laughed before opening the door to the limo for us. "If I told you now, there's a good chance that you could just try to leave!"

Conri and I shared a look of exasperation before I got into the limo, Conri settling down on the floor in the center where he had the most room. Mephisto followed after us, shutting the door behind him and sitting down on a seat at the very back just before the limo began to move. Mephisto tried to hold idle chatter with me, but I wasn't having it. He knew that I just wanted to know why I was sent to come back and wanted to torment me even more.

Twenty minutes had passed before we finally made it all the way to the office buildings where Mephisto's huge office resided. He led me along up several flights of stairs and down many hallways, regardless of the fact that I tried to tell him I didn't need this. He ignored me until we finally reached the huge doors that he pushed open. The only thing that hadn't changed about his office was the fact that there was someone already waiting inside.

Sitting there with an extremely irritated look for having to wait so long was a guy around my age. He had dark blue hair that was a little lighter than mine and royal blue eyes that burned with annoyance. He wore the uniform belonging to True Cross Academy and the pin on his jacket told me that he was a Page. Mephisto walked towards his desk and beckoned for me to sit in the chair beside the Page, which I did rather reluctantly.

"I figured that I would get the introductions out of the way now," he said before nodding in the direction of the Page. "This is our newest member of True Cross Academy, Rin Okumura. His twin brother, Yukio, is a Middle 1st Class Meister already after joining a few months ago. Quite the impressive feat, wouldn't you say?"

"He's quite young to make it so far in the time span he's had," I said as Conri settled down by my feet, the Page named Rin immediately looking down at the huge wolf with slight curiosity. "I remember seeing him around the academy a few times while I was here."

Mephisto looked now at Rin, who finally looked away at Conri after the wolf growled lightly. "Rin, this is Kasumi Imai, Upper 2nd Class Knight Meister. Both of you share something in common."

"Oh yeah? And what's that?" Rin asked, speaking up for the first time. I then noticed something very surprising as I watched him, feeling a cold chill run down my spine when I realized what this was all about.

"That's an easy question to answer," Mephisto laughed. "You're both Demons!"

Instantly, I could see Rin looking over at me in shock, his gaze sliding along my form as he finally saw the same things I saw in him. He noticed that my ears, which I usually kept hidden under my long hair, were slightly pointed and that my golden eyes had slits for pupils. I sighed a little, showing off my slightly elongated canines, before standing up. I slowly lifted up one end of my skirt to slightly show off the tail I had wrapped around my hips, one that was covered in black scales and was sharply pointed at the end. I also lifted up my hair to show him the feathers that were mixed with my hair at the nape of my neck, blue black and nearly undetectable.

"Are you… a daughter of Satan?" Rin asked hesitantly.

"Yeah, Kasumi," Mephisto asked, his eyes blazing deviously. "Are you a relative of Satan's?"

"I'm my own entity," I said before sitting back down in the chair. "I was created, not born. I don't have parents and the only family I have is Conri." I reached down to scratch behind the wolf's ears, Conri tilting his head to the side for me to get better access.

"Who created you?" Rin asked.

"I wonder that same thing all the time," I told him, "but right now, I'm still wondering why I was called back so soon after my mission."

"Also an easy topic," Mephisto stated before standing up. "He's new at controlling his Demonic side, I'm too busy with working to keep this place running, and you're the only Demon I know that is within reach and handy. You're going to be training him!"

"What!?" Rin and I both exclaimed at the same time, standing up simultaneously and glaring at the man on the other side of the desk.

"I don't want to work with her!" Rin yelled. "I don't even know her!"

"You barely know anyone here, you dumbass!" I reminded him before looking back at Mephisto. "I'm not a teacher! I can't just train someone like this!"

"The both of you are just going to have to deal!" Mephisto laughed. "It's time for you both to leave my office now because there won't be any more discussions on the matter! I want you both to head down to the lobby where Yukio is waiting by now. He'll lead you both to your dormitory."

With that, there was a flash of light and Mephisto disappeared, making me growl in frustration. Conri stood up and all three of us walked out of the room. Rin had an angry look about him and I knew I had to have one that mirrored his. I didn't have any problems with him as of yet, but I didn't work with other people. I had a hard time keeping my Demonic side reigned in when sparring, so I always chose not to use it unless it was absolutely necessary. I wasn't sure how this was going to end but I knew that I would have to be careful with him.

"How long have you been a Demon?" he asked, snapping me from my thoughts.

"As long as I can remember," I said nonchalantly. "What about you?"

"A week," he said, a strange expression forming before it was snuffed out. "I was human for fifteen years. Last week was my sixteenth birthday and the day I used the Koma Sword to release my Demon powers. I only did it in the first place to try to save my dad yet I still failed."

"Your dad?" I asked, hiding my curiosity.

"His name was Shiro Fujimoto and he was the priest that ran the monastery Yukio and I lived at. He raised us like we were his own and he tried his best to make sure I was brought up like a human." He looked like he might say something else, something that had to do with the guilt and regret I saw appear for a split second, but then he snapped his jaw shut and we continued walking without saying a word until we reached the lobby.

Waiting there near the doors was a stern looking individual that had a few similarities to Rin, reminding me of the fact that they were fraternal twins. I was certain that the world was not ready for identical twins, so some higher being saved us one troublesome issue. His hair was a dark brown and his eyes were a much lighter shade of blue in comparison to his brother's. He also had to wear glasses to see. From what I remembered in the past, he was light hearted and kind. Now, he was a blank slate, his eyes blazing in annoyance until he spotted me. He gave me a small bow out of respect, one that I returned.

"Welcome back, Kasumi Imai," he said. "It's nice to finally meet you."

"Please, you can call me Kas," I told him. "Something tells me that our paths are going to cross a lot now."

"That's right," he said, the corners of his mouth turning up ever so slightly before his stern expression shifted back into place. "Right, back to business. Time to lead you both to the dormitory we'll be staying in."

As we walked out of the office building, I spoke again. "I don't get my own dormitory again?"

"The dorm that you used when you were training to become an Exorcist is what we'll be using now," Yukio explained. "We can't have Rin exposing the fact that he's a Demon by living in the dorms with the other students."

Rin turned his gaze down at the ground, an irritated and confused air about him as he stayed silent the entire way. "I wonder what's going on here?" Conri said flatly, watching Rin with sharp mercury eyes.

Rin instantly straightened up before glaring down at my familiar. "Mind your own business, you nosy mutt."

Both Conri and I were growling at that point, startling Rin for a second before he stood his ground. He tried to move closer for reasons I didn't understand and that was when Yukio intervened. "Knock it off, Rin. If you try to fight her, I won't be able to help you. She's not an easy one to calm down once she's angry."

He seemed to consider what he was about to do before taking a step back. "Good choice," I told him before walking ahead with Conri. "Insult my familiar again and I'll make you pay for it."

The rest of the walk to the old dorm was also spent in silence from my end. I could hear Yukio and Rin speaking in hushed tones, ones that Conri and I picked up on easily once we began to pay attention. "… So just leave it alone, Rin," I heard Yukio softly say, only catching the last part of his end of the conversation.

"I'm not going to leave it alone, Yukio," he growled. "You've ignored me since the funeral. You can't seriously blame me for his death."

"I do blame you. If it wasn't for you, he'd still be alive. You shouldn't have unleashed your Demon powers."

"But it wasn't—!"

"I don't want to hear your excuses," Yukio said, sounding furious now. "We're done discussing the matter." I could hear him walking faster and turned my head to the side to see him walking next to me now. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Rin following behind us, frustration etched across his face. When Yukio spoke to me, I turned back to him to pay attention to his words. "So how was the mission you took that kept you away for so long?"

"It was rather lengthy and required finesse just to complete," I told him. "The Demon was a Shapeshifter that liked possessing the townsfolk. When it thought it was going to be caught, I would leave its host and change shapes to escape."

"That would explain why you had to stay for so long," he said with a nod. "You'd need to know how the people there acted so you could spot the Demon."

"That's correct," I said before we went quiet again. It was as I could begin to see the old dormitory that I spoke again. "It's strange to be back here. I haven't been back in a long time."

"Why is that?"

"I don't play well with others," I said with a laugh.

"Guess you and Rin will get along well then," he said flatly.

I smirked a little, hearing Conri's laughter before we finally made it to the dormitory. This was what we classified as home to us since this was all we ever knew. I placed my hand lightly on Conri's back before we walked up the steps. Yukio said that he would show Rin their room on the east wing and that we would meet up for dinner in the dorm kitchen just before nightfall. I had a feeling that he was also going to take him to his first class at Cram School. I yawned a little before heading up the stairs to the top floor and toward the west wing. When I finally made it to my door and pulled my keys from my pocket, I opened the door and walked inside.

The whole room was larger than most of the other dorm rooms, making me thing that this one had to be the floor manager's room in years past. The walls were painted with light colors that kept the room bright and a nice bed adjacent to one wall farthest from the door. As for the contents of the room, it was rather barren like the other rooms. I didn't have a lot of possessions since I was never in True Cross Academy for long and it made me feel like the room represented my life perfectly.

I walked over to the closet before opening it to grab everything I would need to take a bath and walked back out of the room to head to the girls' bath. Once there, I pulled off my clothes and headed towards the bath that was similar in appearance to a hot spring. I placed the towel near the edge on a bench, along with the shampoo and conditioner that I considered to be my favorite. Just as I had settled down in the water with my back leaning against the edge and my arms up along the sides of the bath itself, I could hear the sounds of running along the hallway.

Conri growled lightly before moving over to the door to block the path of whoever was coming closer. The footsteps stopped for thirty seconds before it began again, heading in our direction before the doors to the bath were flung open. Conri slowly walked closer to the door with a deeper growl and I turned my head to look back at the intruder, noticing that it was Rin. He looked up from the growling wolf and saw me in the water, a faint blush appearing along his cheeks.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to just barge in like this," he said nervously. "Yukio wanted to me to let you know that we are about to leave for Cram School. He also said that you were welcome to come along and observe."

"I appreciate the offer, but honestly I need to get cleaned up before getting some rest. I haven't slept well in quite some time."

"Alright," he said quietly. "Well, we'll see you at dinner then."

He soon walked back out of the room and left me alone with Conri. "He's obviously not a well-mannered Demon," the wolf said before he ran over to the water and jumped in the middle with a splash. I shrieked, laughing as he splashed me some more with the water in the bath.

"You're not much better than he is!" I yelled before doing the same back as revenge.

It wasn't long before I was done getting clean. I loved the cherry scented shampoo and conditioner I always bought since it was my favorite scent. I dried off and got dressed in my uniform before gathering my things to head back to my room. Once I had everything put back in its regular places, I went over to the bed and collapsed on the mattress with Conri taking up half of it. He and I always ended up in a tangled mess when we woke up, usually with me laying my head on him somehow. I yawned a little before laying my head on the pillow and falling asleep with Conri's comforting warmth nearby.

When we woke up, I looked up at the window to see that the sun was slowly setting. Conri and I yawned simultaneously before we got out of the bed, heading to the door and opening it to see Rin standing there with his hand raised to knock on the door. He looked a bit sheepish at having been caught by me and he took a step back.

"Yukio sent me again. He said that I should go get you so we can all eat dinner together."

"Sounds good to me," I said sleepily, rubbing my eyes a little. "Let's go, Conri."

"Conri?" Rin asked curiously.

"That would be me," the wolf beside me told him, glaring up at Rin indignantly.

Rin looked a little hesitant then and it took me a few second to realize that he didn't actually know where the dorm kitchen was. I chuckled a little before leading the way with Conri. I heard him make an odd noise but ignored it as we went down the hall towards the steps. Down a floor we went and walked down a few hallways before the dorm kitchen immediately came into view. Yukio was already waiting there for us, sitting at the table that was already piled high with many different kinds of food.

"Did you make that?" I asked him curiously as I took the seat across from him, Rin sitting next to me.

"Of course he didn't," Rin grumbled. "He can't cook to save his own life."

"Out of the two of us, Rin can cook the best," Yukio said with a smile. "He didn't make all of this though. It was here when I got here."

"The dorm chef worked his magic then," I said, laughing when they both gave me looks of confusion. "You haven't seen the dorm chef yet?"

"Did you know that there was someone else living in the dorm?" Rin asked Yukio.

"I didn't have a clue," Yukio said before they both settled their gazes on me as I piled food onto a plate for Conri. "Have you seen the dorm chef?"

"Of course I have," I told them smugly, grinning down at my familiar as I place the plate on the floor for him to eat. "He and I are good friends. He always prepares the best food for me."

"Kasumi, where does the chef live here in the dorm?" Yukio asked, paling a little when I glared fiercely at him.

"I thought I told you to call me Kas?" I said, throwing a bread roll at his head and making Rin laugh.

"Alright, Kas, where does the chef live?" Rin asked me with a grin.

"You'll both just have to find out on your own," I said in a sing-song tone of voice, making them both groan.

Dinner wasn't a silent ordeal like the walk to the dorm hours before. Now, Rin and Yukio chatted amiably amongst each other, which led me to believe that they had finally cleared the tension between each other. If I had to guess, I would have guessed that the tension before had to do with the death of their father. Now that they had fixed the problem, they were back to normal brotherly behavior. It was good to see them acting happy instead of angry.

"You're both so happy now," I finally spoke up after finishing my plate of food.

They then shared twin questioning looks, as if they were debating on telling me what had happened between them before Rin said, "We just settled a bit of a disagreement. That's all it was."

"Oh, is that what we call a major dispute nowadays?" I teased, grinning when they looked wary again. "I may be a Demon, but I certainly wasn't born yesterday. This spat you had was something important, which is quite obvious so don't try to deny it."

"What do you think it could be?" Yukio asked hesitantly.

"I'm sure it has something to do with your deceased father and the fact that Rin is now officially a Demon," I told them before standing up from the table. The twins stared up at me in shock, not fully believing that I could guess so accurately. I then turned serious and focused my attention to Yukio, who straightened his back a little. "Mephisto never did tell me when Rin's training would start. Did he perhaps tell you?"

"He said that it was completely up to you. I guess that means you get to decide how his training program goes. Just try not to push him too hard. He'll rebel and won't learn a thing."

"I'll take that under consideration," I said with a smirk before beckoning Conri to follow so that we could walk out of the room together.

I sighed a little as I began to head toward the stairs to the roof. Conri knew how I felt about the night and we walked in silence until the doors to the roof came into sight. It was always a peaceful time for me and I would always find the highest place possible to watch the stars for a while. I reached the ledge on the side of the roof and climbed up, Conri settling down below on the concrete of the roof. I had barely begun to watch the stars when I heard the door to the roof slowly open, the person trying to be sneaky while trying to be silent.

"This better not be you stalking a fellow Demon," I said loud enough for the other person to know.

"How did you know it was me?" the voice of Rin could be heard.

"Demons have sharp ears," I told him simply before turning around to look at him. "Haven't you noticed that things you normally couldn't hear seem to be within range?"

"Is it the same with the other senses?" Rin asked curiously. When I nodded, he closed his eyes for a few seconds and I went back to looking up at the stars until I heard him sniffing the air slightly. "You used cherry shampoo when you were taking a bath. It mixes with your natural scent, which is quite similar to vanilla."

"Impressive," I said with a smirk, "and also correct. I have an extreme liking for cherry scented things."

We seemed to fall into silence for a while and I was busy relaxing in the comfort of night when I heard Rin sigh. I looked down to turn my gaze to him and saw that he seemed a bit distant. "I might as well tell you all about why Yukio was so angry with me," he said softly.

"You really don't have to. I can guess what's happened."

"No, this is something you should know because you might be able to understand," he told me before moving closer. "The night my father died, Satan somehow managed to possess him. After he summoned a Gehenna Gate to try and drag me into his realm, my father managed to somehow gain control for a few seconds to stab himself in the chest. We were both being dragged into the Gehenna Gate and that was when I decided to use the Koma Sword to unleash my Demon powers. All I wanted was to save my dad, yet I failed. Yukio blamed me completely for his death, even though I tried to explain that I did everything that I could. I guess he was still angry about that fact that I was the Demon who gave him his mashou." He looked at me hopefully before asking, "Have you done that to someone before?"

I knew that he just wanted to see if someone else had done the same thing so that he wouldn't feel so strange about it, and I gave him a sharp nod. "It was a very long time ago, but I've done it. There was this guy several years ago that wouldn't leave me alone, so I bit him and drew blood. Other Demons nearby took him down for me." He gave me a strange look and I sighed. "I wasn't very nice back then. I just wanted to be left alone and he wouldn't, so I bit him. It's not the worst thing I've done in the past."

"Do I even want to know what else there is?"

I closed my eyes for a few seconds, hearing screams in my mind and different images flickering past my eyes as I thought back to the past that I could actually remember. "Right now, I don't think you do. I need you to trust me a little if we're going to be training and I doubt that can happen if you're focusing on the past. I've stopped doing that a long time ago."

"Can I at least ask why you did those things?"

"I think it was because I was hurting," I explained softly. "When you're first created by Satan or a Demon King, you soon figure out after a certain time period who your kin is. By kin, I mean the Demon that created you. I never had that moment to know who created me and I felt lost for a very long time. I wandered about in Assiah, hoping that I would one day come across another Demon who would feel like home, but no such day came. It wasn't until I came across True Cross Academy that I had a hunch why I don't feel like I have any kin."

"What do you think the reason is?"

"Mephisto said that I might be the first Demon Queen in existence," I said with a wan smile. "He said that he went through the same thing, feeling like he didn't belong, but when he finally was brought before Satan he finally discovered his kin."

"Have you… seen Satan?"

"Twice," I told him before hopping down from the ledge to walk over to Rin. He seemed a little hesitant at being so close to me but didn't say a word because he knew he might learn more about the Demon that sired him. "It was about 500 years ago and I happened to be living out in a forest with Conri when we saw this blue light appear in between a stand of trees in the distance. We walked over to where it was coming from to see this white wolf completely covered in flames. When I saw its fragmented irises and the crazy grin that was out of place on a wolf, I knew I had to be dealing with Satan himself. The problem was that I didn't feel a thing still, which meant he couldn't possibly be my kin. The last time I saw him was during the Blue Night."

"I don't understand…" Rin said, looking confused.

"Neither do I," I said with a shrug. "There are a bunch of different things that I don't understand. I mean… how can I be here without kin?" His gaze shifted a little with some strange emotion but it wasn't one I understood. I looked back at Conri, the large wolf getting up and walking towards me, and we headed toward the stairs. "I think we'll start your training tomorrow, Rin. It will most likely be sometime after dinner, which means that you'll have plenty of time to do homework after your classes."

When I said the word "homework," he groaned in annoyance as I made it to the stairs, chuckling a little before heading down to my floor to get some more sleep before the beginning of another interesting day.