Ch. 1 – It Begins

Haven city, a place of depression and isolation. No one should know that better than a young lady in prison, with long purple hair and pale skin. Her name: Roxy. Her crime: wanting to improve herself. About a year or two ago, She was a proud student of Alphea. She was at the top of her grades and one of the best students there. One day, she went to Headmistress Faragonda's room to speak to her. She knocked on the door.

"Come in." a reassuring voice resonated from the room. Roxy entered to see an old woman at a desk with curly white hair, and thin reading glasses. She entered into the room as the woman looked up from her papers and smiled, "Ah Roxy, good to see you. What brings you to my office?" she asked, motioning Roxy to take a seat, "You didn't get in trouble, did you?"

Roxy shook her head, "Oh no ma'am, I just wanted to ask you something."

"Oh, well in that case," Headmistress Faragonda said, putting her things down then turning back to the student, "I'm all ears."

Roxy took a breath in, and sighed, "Well, I was just wondering why I haven't advanced in my powers."

"But you are," she said smiling, "You're one of my best students!"

"No! I mean yes, I am, but that's not what I'm talking about." Roxy cleared up her statement, "I meant; why am I still at a Believix level when I should be able to level up in my fairy form?"

"Oh, I see." Ms. Faragonda adjusted her glasses, "You're upset that you haven't seen any changes in yourself." Roxy nodded. "Well, I'm afraid the next fairy level is very tricky to get. It's called Bloomix. You must be able to prove your strength by not using your powers to do an incredible feat."

Roxy dropped her head in disappointment, "Oh…"

"Don't worry," The principle reassured, "I'll try and find a way for you to be able to improve yourself the way you want to."

Roxy smiled, "Thank you." She got up from the chair, "Thanks again for your time Ms. Faragonda."

"Thank you Roxy. And remember, my door is always open." She replied. Roxy nodded and left the room. Faragonda pondered this predicament for a good amount of time, until an idea struck in her mind. It was risky, but she was sure her best student could handle it. Especially with a little help.


Roxy had just gone back to her dorm. It was decorated with animal plushies, posters, a TV, a table, and her bed. "Hey Roxy." A voice called out. Roxy turned to see her best friend and roommate, Mirta, the other bed on the other side of the room. She was originally from the school for witches, but left because of her pure heart and adventurous mind. Her side of the room had darker colors that Roxy's side, but it was still very unique.

Roxy Smiled, "Hey." She sat down on her bed and turned on the TV.

"So, how was it?" Mirta asked.

"Hm?" Roxy asked, distracted, "Oh, you mean with Ms. Faragonda. Well, she noted that the only way to advance to the next fairy level, is to do something incredible without using our powers."

"Oh…" Mirta mumbled.

"Exactly." Roxy said, falling back on her bed.

Mirta got up and went to Roxy's side, "Well, look at the upside, at least it's possible to upgrade our fairy powers."

Roxy sighed, "Yeah, but it won't be likely." The two friends sat in their dorm rooms trying to think of ways to gain their 'Bloomix' powers.

After a while, a voice came on the intercom. "Attention students, please come outside to the training grounds for an important announcement."

The two girls looked at each other, Mirta shrugged. They headed outside to the training grounds where every student has already started talking to each other. Roxy and Mirta sat down near the back, "What's going on?" Roxy asked.

Mirta shrugged again. The two teens turned towards the open area to see Faragonda and Griselda walking towards the large group of teens. "Hello students." Ms. Faragonda stated loudly but calmly. "I'm glad you all could make it here, there's something I must tell you. Recently, the teachers and I have discovered an entirely different dimension along with an incredible new power source. Now Griselda and I would be very interested to visit this new land ourselves, but we are already needed here. So, instead, we will need two volunteer students whom are at the top of their ranks to go explore this new realm and come back with new information."

Roxy listened closely, intrigued at every detail. Then it hit her; students at the top of their grades. That meant her and Mirta. She looked over to her friend, who smiled and nodded as though saying 'Let's do it!'

Roxy stood up quickly, and raised her hand. "I volunteer!" She shouted.

"Me too!" Mirta followed. The students all turned to them with surprised and awestruck faces, but Ms. Faragonda wore a face of contentment and pride.

"Come on down you two." She said gesturing them to her side. The two girls did what they were told and were by her side in no time. "Everyone else, return to class." The students did as they were told and got up and left Roxy turned to Faragonda, "Follow me." She said, starting to walk off somewhere.

After a few minutes of suspense, the group finally got to the secret library of Alphea. Ms. Faragonda and Griselda went to get supplies for the two students. Roxy and Mirta looked at each other with excitement yet some fear lingered within the back of their minds. Roxy looked at her right hand. On her ring finger was her source of power, the white circle. It held all the magic of the earth fairies, and it gave her extra strength and courage.

Once the teachers got back, Griselda handed them both two bags full of supplies. "Here, these bags contain the fair necessities in order to survive." She explained.

Ms. Faragonda turned to them, "Now, I am trusting you two to find out what this new world is like and if it has and power like ours. But keep in mind; we don't know what is within the dimension, but it could be very dangerous."

"We'll be fine." Mirta reassured the head mistress. "We'll stick together."

Faragonda nodded then turned around along with Griselda. They both casted a spell that opened a shimmering portal. Within the light, Roxy could barely make out tall buildings and walls. She took a deep breath in as the two head mistresses turned back to them and stepped aside so they could go.

"Good luck you two." Faragonda said assured they would be fine.

Mirta and Roxy turned to each other, nodded, and made their way towards the portal. Roxy was ahead by a few inches, so she was the first one to step into the shimmering light, soon followed by her friend. Once they were through, the portal closed and Faragonda and Griselda were left alone in the library.

Griselda turned to her fellow teacher, "Are you sure they will be able to handle a challenge like this?"

Faragonda smiled, "I'm positive. There is nothing those two can never overcome."


Roxy had to close her eyes due to the portal's intense brightness. But once it dimmed down, she opened them and looked around. She was in a huge city with hovering cars and many people in strange outfits. She looked behind her to see Mirta, but no portal. "I guess we should start looking around." She said.

Mirta nodded and the two of them started to walk around the new city. As they explored, they noticed all the people would catch a glance at them. Not only that, but the residents all had longer and pointed ears. Roxy was starting to feel uneasy. They walked out into a clearing where the sun actually hit the ground. That's when she looked forward and saw a small group of men in red, robotic uniforms. Lead by a man in a skin-tight yellow uniform. Each man held a strangely large gun in their hands.

"Roxy," Mirta mumbled uneasy, "I don't like this."

"Don't worry, just let me handle this." Roxy whispered. She stepped forward as the men stopped. "Good evening sir, is there a problem?"

The man in front smirked, "My, my. Such manners." He said in an eerie voice, "Well you see, the Baron has asked me to search the city for two strange ladies who were seen around this area. And by the looks of it, I've found them."

Mirta hide behind Roxy, who nervously stood her ground. "We don't want any trouble."

"Oh, well I'm not looking for trouble." He said with a tint of attitude, "It's just that the Baron has run low on test subjects, and I thought it would be wise to get some for him."

Roxy realized what this man really wanted and got ready to defend herself, but then she heard something behind her, "Roxy…" said an uneasy and scared Mirta.

The man looked at her up and down her form, making her very uncomfortable, "Say, you're not from here, are you?" Roxy stayed silent. "Well then, it would be rude if I didn't show you to the palace."

The men started to slowly advance on them, making the girls back up in fear. Roxy turned her head to the left a bit, "Mirta, take the white circle, and when I tell you to, run!" she whispered.

"What?" Mirta said looking back at her, "But what about-"

"I'll be fine, just do it!" Roxy demanded. Mirta nodded slightly and snuck the white circle off Roxy's finger. As the guards started to get closer, Mirta started to get ready to run.

Just as the man in front was about to grab them, Roxy activated one of her attacks, "Wolf Talon!" the magic fired at the men and blasted them back onto the ground. "Come on!"

The two girls ran as fast as they could through the city, doing their best to avoid other people. After a while, the men behind them started to shoot their guns at them, but instead of bullets, they shot some sorts of lasers. The two girls evaded each blast, trying to find a way to escape.

Suddenly, Roxy felt a sharp pain on her upper back and she was thrown to the ground. She was hit. Mirta turned to her, "Roxy!" She called. She was about to turn around when she saw the men advancing on them.

"Mirta, run!" Roxy cried. Mirta reached out to her as though she could grab her and they could both escape. But she was too far ahead. "Save yourself!" Roxy called again.

With a heavy heart and a slight hesitation, Mirta did what she was told, crying as she ran with the white circle tightly in her grip.

Roxy pushed against the ground, trying to get up, but then she felt sudden pressure pushing her back on the ground. She turned her head to the side and saw the men above her. The head one kneeled down to her level, "Well, you are quite an interesting lady. The Baron is going to enjoy your company."

Roxy growled and stared as the man stood up. But as he did, she suddenly saw the hilt of a gun come into contact with her head. After that, nothing.


Roxy woke up on a cold ground. Her eyes made everythin fuzzy and unclear. When they adjusted, she saw she was curled up on a metal floor. She sat up and saw a large opening blocked my metal bars. She was in jail. She stood up and slowly made her way to the bars. She gripped one and tried to move it, but it didn't move. She took a few steps back and rammed her shoulder into the bar. Nothing. She tried a few more times, but didn't get any different results. Her shoulder ached. Roxy walked to what she figured was the bed and sat down. She rubbed her arm, but suddenly noticed her clothes were different. She wore a one piece, light brown, wrinkled jail uniform with a number on her left shoulder. She wore no shoes and her skin was scabbed in some areas. Did they change her while she was out? She shivered at the thought.

Suddenly, she heard something above her. She turned to see a window within her cell. In it, a face looked back at her for less than a second before it retreated into its own cell. Roxy recalled seeing bright blue eyes and blondish green hair. It looked like a boy's face, and he looked somewhat sorry for her. Just then, her cell door opened. She turned to see two guards in red metallic uniforms. They stared at her, then turned to one another.

"Should we feed this one?"

"Mm, nah. The Baron just wants to give her the 'special treatment'. She won't last long anyway."

With that the guards left her. Roxy realized they were giving the prisoners their food. But not her.

She ran to the bars, "Wait! I'm not a criminal! I don't belong here!"

"Oh but that's where you're wrong miss." Roxy turned to see the man from before. He wore a creepy smile that sent shivers up and down Roxy's spine. Roxy backed away from the bars, not wanting to be anywhere near that man.

"What do you want?" She snapped.

The man faked a pout, "Aw, what ever happened to 'Good Evening'?" Roxy stared at him, not saying a word. "Well, if you want to know, you're in Haven city's main prison."

"Why am I here?" Roxy asked angrily.

"Like I said before, the Baron was running out of guinea pigs," he reached a hand through the bars and brushed his fingers past Roxy's right cheek, "And you're just the girl he needed."

Roxy swatted his hand away, "I don't care if he needs test subjects. You have no right to keep me in here!" She shouted. "I came here to help with my school's studies, and I demand to be released or-"

Her words were cut short when something made immediate and rough contact with her face. She was thrown to the ground, groaning as she sat up. Roxy gently brushed her left fingers over the right side of her mouth. She looked to see slight traces of blood from her nose and lips. She glared at the man whose face transitioned to a serious emotion.

"You are in no position to be threatening me woman!" he remarked. "I suggest you clean up your act, or I will have to force that attitude out of you!"

Roxy felt him spit on her, grossing her out a bit. The man walked past her cell, leaving her alone. Roxy growled in her throat. She stood up made her way to her bed and sat down, crossing her right leg over her left. Without a doubt, she was ticked. Beyond ticked. She was pissed off big time! She didn't deserve to be in this place. She was a fairy for crying out loud! But that wouldn't help her at all. When she gave Mirta the white circle, she only had enough magic for one more spell, of which she used in the "Wolf Talon" attack spell. She groaned. No magic, no friends, no nothing. Roxy was in deep trouble.

Just then, she felt something drop on her head. She looked behind her on the bed to see some piece of food just as it stopped rolling. She picked it up. It looked like a fruit, but it wasn't anything she's ever seen. What was it? More importantly, where'd it come from?

"I know they didn't feed you." Roxy looked up towards the window again. She saw that same face, same blue eyes, same yellow/green hair. "You can have it. I'm not that hungry anyway."

Roxy looked at the fruit. She took a small bite, but scrunched her face a bit at the taste. It was bitter, and sour. Not like any fruit she's tasted.

"I know it's bad. But that's all they give us here. You'll get used to it." The guy replied.

"Um… thanks." Roxy said, looking back at him. She figured it was better than going hungry. After a few more bites, of which she wasn't much a fan of, she spoke again, "My name's Roxy."

The boy turned to her and smiled a bit, "I'm Jak." His head moved down, showing more of his green/yellow hair. He came back up with another fruit in his hand, "Want another?" Roxy nodded. He dropped it through the bars, smiling as she caught it. She placed it down to eat for later. "That was some attitude you gave Erol." The guy added.

Roxy looked up at him, "Who?"

"Erol." Jak repeated, "The guy who punched you? He's the head of the guards here. And I've gotta say, I've never seen anyone stand up to him like you did."

Roxy rolled her eyes, "Yeah well, I've dealt with a lot of annoying men before. So he wasn't any different." Roxy recalled the wizards of the black circle and how they tried to take her powers. Erol was actually a lot like Ogron. Just as Roxy was going to take another bite out of the bitter, sour fruit, a scream resonated through the entire prison.

"W-What was that?" Roxy asked, shaken up.

"Another prisoner." Jak replied looking out her cell door. "Probably getting another eco injection."

"Another what?"

"Eco injection." Jak clarified. "The Baron is trying to make the ultimate warrior by injecting eco into their bodies." Jak turns away sadly, "I'm one of them."

Roxy turned to him with a concerned face, "Oh, I'm so sorry."

Jak looked back at her, "Don't be. I just hope they won't do the same to you. You seem like a nice girl."

Roxy smiled. At least not every guy was a complete jerk.

"Hey!" Jak turned around, looking shocked. Roxy stood up on the bed and looked through the cell window. Three guards stood at his cell's entrance. "You're up eco freak!" One stated, holding his gun right at Jak.

Two of them walked up to him and roughly grabbed his arms, trapping them behind his back.

"Jak?" Roxy whispered scared.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine." He hushed back. The guards walked off, dragging Roxy's new friend with them. Roxy was alone. After a while, she heard an agonized shout. She cried as she recognized the harsh yet gentle voice of her new friend… Jak.