Ch. 3 – The Underground

This may be a long chapter but after a long wait, I think you readers deserve it. :P And although I don't feel I should need to remind you, a little heads up for future swearing.

After gaining some distance from the prison, Jak set Roxy on the ground. He looked at her, "You okay?" He asked, his hand rested on her shoulder.

Roxy nodded, "Yeah… I think so." She looked over herself, still bearing the prison uniform she was forced into.

Jak noticed her discomfort and looked around. In an alley way, a black cloak with small holes and tears was crumbled at the corner. He walked over, retrieved it, and draped it over Roxy. "Here," He spoke, "No reason people should see you as a prisoner anymore."

Roxy smiled and pulled the cloak over her head like a hood. The two humans walked around the city, the ottsel still on Jak's shoulder.

The two walked around, trying to figure out where they are. Just then, Roxy saw an old man with a blue robe and a long white beard, and some sort of gem on his forehead. He turned to them and approached them.

"Hello strangers," The man said, "My name is Kor, may I help-"

"You look like a reasonably smart man!" Jak snapped, walking towards him threateningly. He suddenly grabbed the front of the man's robe, "I want information! Where the hell am I?!"

"Sorry. He's new to the whole conversation thing." Roxy looked down to see Daxter talking to a young child with a brown hat, white shirt and blue overalls. She sighed. A child like that shouldn't be in a cold, harsh place like… wherever they were.

"Well, my angry young friend, you are a guest of his majesty Baron Praxis," The man replied, sarcasm hinted in is tone, "The ruler of glorious Haven City."

"We were just guests at the good Baron's prison." Jak remarked, gesturing to himself and Roxy.

"Inside a cell or inside the city, walls surround us both. We are all his prisoners." Kor added on.

Roxy huffed, "Tch. Preachy much?"

Just then the man turned around, seeing many krimson guards entering the area. "Talk about being at the wrong place at the wrong time. I-I'd move on if I were you." He ushered them away as he and the little kid walked past them.

"By order of his eminence, the grand protector of haven city, Baron Praxis, everyone in this section is hereby under arrest for suspicion of harboring underground fugitives." The lead guard announced. "Surrender and die!"

"Uh, excuse me, sir." Daxter slowly approached the man in red, ears low in slight fear, "Don't you mean surrender, OR DIE?!" He snapped.

Kor backed up, scared, "Not in this city! Protect us from these guards, and I'll introduce you to someone who can help you!"

Jak faced the guards and frowned. He then turned to Roxy, "You stay back. I'll handle these guys."

The girl nodded, holding her hood, "Okay. But be careful."

Jak nodded back then turned to the men. He rushed towards them and punched the first one who came into his range. Memories of Krimson guards filled his head; of them taking him to his torture sessions, memories of them beating him for no reason, but also memories of them taking Roxy away for the first time. Anger took his mind and soon everything went dark.


Roxy stared in shock and awe as sparks of purple flew off her friend's form, suddenly shifting him into a pasty skinned beast with grey hair, pure black eyes and long claws. The creature tore through the guards one after another, the men soon vanishing into ashes (I have no idea why they do that, but meh, works for me). Soon after they were all gone, the girl watched the beast struggle as the dark features disappeared and her friend returned to normal. "Jak!" Roxy ran towards her friend, worried.

"That was cool! Do it again." Daxter walked up to Jak.

Roxy sent the ottsel a glare before Jak spoke up. "Something's… happening to me… something he did! I… can't control it." He growled.

"Very impressive." Kor smiled to himself.

"Uh, you okay Jak?" Daxter asked

"What you just did was very brave." Kor then gestured to the kid next to him, "This child is important."

Daxter approached the kid, causing him to hide his eyes in fear, "This kid? He looks kinda scruffy."

Roxy nudged the ottsel with her foot before kneeling in front of the kid. He uncovered his eyes and saw her smile, afterwards he reached out and put a hand on her cheek. She smiled softly.

Just then a Krimson Guard drove ahead in a hovering car, "You are in a restricted zone. Move along." He ordered.

"Thank you for your help, but I must get this boy to safety." Kor spoke as he began to walk away.

"Hey!" Daxter objected, "What about us?"

"There is an underground group raging war against Baron Praxis. Its leader, the Shadow, could use fighters like you. Go to the slums find a dead end alley near the City wall. Ask for Torn. He can help you." With that the man and the kid walked away.

Roxy and Jak looked at one another, the girl shrugging before they began to walk. After a while, Roxy's feet began to hurt, what with having no shoes on. Soon enough however, Daxter spoke up, "Hey check it out!" The two humans saw him pointing to a strange vehicle which looked like two hover bikes connected together.

Jak looked at Roxy, who was fidgeting on her feet. "Maybe we could borrow it to save some time." He offered, walking towards it. Roxy soon caught up and sat in the left part as he sat on the right.

"Do you even know how to drive this thing?" Roxy asked him, arms crossed.

He shrugged, "Sorta. I've driven weirder stuff years ago, so how hard could it be?"

Roxy groaned, "I think I'd rather have my feet muddy and sore."

Jak soon started up the vehicle and began to drive off. The thing went much faster than he thought it would, causing him to bang into some other drivers. But he soon got the hang of it and was able to access the vehicles mapping system and found the dead end they were looking for. They got off the bike, but not before Roxy pulled the mapping system out for later. (I couldn't find any other way for them to have a map, sorry)

They walked into the alley only for a girl with blonde hair and a green shirt walk in front of them, looking very angry. Roxy flinched back and got close to Jak's side, somewhat hiding behind his shoulder.

"We're looking for a guy named Torn. Kor sent us." Jak told the girl. She looked to the side where a man with red hair walked towards them. He wore some sort of armor and had strange tattoos on his face and ears. Most importantly, he didn't look happy. He looked at Jak, getting very close to his face. "Um… Are you… Torn?" Jak asked uncomfortably.

"Maybe this guys a mute." Daxter intervened. "Like you used to be." Jak rolled his eyes.

"New faces make me nervous." The man growled in a raspy voice, jabbing a finger at Jak's chest.

"Yeah, well that makes three of us." Roxy snapped back.

The man turned to her, his eyebrow raised. "Word is you two are out to join the fight for the city." He started to circle the two, "You know, picking the wrong side could be… unhealthy."

"We want to see the Shadow." Jak spoke confidently.

Torn chuckled, "Not likely." He turned and walked away, "If you want to join something, why don't you, your girlfriend and your pet go join the circus?"

Daxter was about to object when Roxy beat him to it, "I am not his girlfriend!" She shouted.

Torn huffed, "Unless you've got the fur," He took out a dagger out from his back, "For a really tough task." Daxter shook at the sight of the curved blade. "Steal the Baron's banner from the top of the Ruined Tower and bring it back to me. Then, maybe we'll talk." Torn tossed the dagger and caught it with a smirk.

"A little capture the flag, huh?" Roxy smirked, "'Bout time this place got interesting." She bent her foot up behind her and rubbed its heel. It was still a little sore.

Torn rose an eyebrow, "You lose your shoes or something?"

Roxy huffed, "Yeah, no thanks to the Baron."

Torn looked over her and noticed under her cloak was a brown uniform. A prison uniform. "Wait here." He spoke, walking towards a building and into a door. Jak and Roxy turned to each other confused. Just then he came out with a set of black slip-ons. "Here, these will help you run faster, in case you get into trouble." He handed the shoes to Roxy.

She inspected them before picking her feet up and slipping them on. "Um, thanks. I guess." She shrugged. She turned to Jak, "Come on, let's go."

The two ran out of the alley as Roxy took the map she "liberated" out of the zoomer. She looked for the tower in question and soon put a pin point of it. After running around the city for a while, Jak looked up. "Hang on Roxy." He put a hand in front of her.

The girl stopped and watched as Jak jumped up and latched onto a bike before pulling the driver off. He then came down to her level and patted the seat behind him, "Come on, this'll get us there faster."

Roxy scoffed, "Jak are you kidding me?" She huffed, but got on anyway. They drove for a while, avoiding any other drivers and somewhat surprised no Krimson Guards came to investigate the stolen vehicle.

Soon they found another dead end, but this one had a set of doors. They opened up and revealed a ruined area with strange creatures. The first of which was a yellow and green lizard with purple eyes.

Roxy smiled, "Aw. How cute." She approached it with her hand out, "I haven't seen animals in so long-"

"Roxy look out!" Jak pulled her aside as the creature began to bite at her. He then punched, kicked and spun kicked it, making it disappear much like the Krimson Guards. Roxy stared in awe before sighing. "You okay?" Jak asked.

Roxy nodded solemnly, "Yeah. It's just… I'm not used to this sort of cruel life." Jak put a hand on her shoulder.

After fighting off more creatures the two, or rather three if you count Daxter, made their way onto a rock path that lead to a tower of stones. "That must be it." The girl said, looking at the top.

Jak nodded. They began walking towards it on the path when some of the rocks behind them began to fall. "Come on!" Jak grabbed Roxy's hand and dragged her to a more stable ground. Once they were safe, Jak looked at her, "Are you okay?!" He asked.

Roxy nodded, "Yeah, I'm fine."

Jak sighed in relief but then began to think, 'What is with me? Why do I get so worried about her?' He shook his head, "Come on let's go." He led her up a large set of stairs. He saw some light colored platforms and got an odd feeling about them. "Stay close behind me." He told Roxy. The girl nodded and the two began to make their way up the damaged building. A couple times Roxy felt she was going to fall, but Jak always slowed down for her and the two soon made it to a ledge near the top.

"There's the flag!" Daxter pointed out.

Roxy followed the two males out on the ledge. She stayed back a bit as Jak pulled the flag out of the ground and Daxter… danced? She stared in both confusion and a bit of disgust, but soon felt the ground begin to crumble. The ledge fell underneath them, Jak back flipped as it did as Daxter tried to run to solid ground. Roxy simply fell straight down, her cloak flying of and her hair flowing free.

Daxter shouted as they fell. Soon Jak landed and jumped off some sort of fabric roof. Daxter soon followed, but a lot more clumsily, and Roxy soon mimicked Jak's actions. After flying through the air for a second or two, Jak landed on a metal wire and began grinding down it. Although Roxy was able to do the same, Daxter wasn't as graceful and landed on his stomach with the wire between his… ya know, before getting shot back in the air. Roxy and Jak grinded for a while before jumping off and landing on solid ground in front of an awaiting Torn, Daxter soon plummeted onto the ground beside them. Suddenly the tower behind them began to crumble, falling into the water below until it was completely in ruins.

Torn stood in awe before cocking a crooked smile, "Yeah… I guess you guys are in." He smirked.

Roxy crossed her arms, "Damn right we are." With that, the small group of rebels made it back to the Underground's base to get back to fighting against the Baron.