Ch. 4 – The First Mission

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The two made their way into the Underground. Roxy looked at the many bunkbeds leading to a round table with Torn leaning against it. Once they were in front of him, Daxter jumped off Jak's shoulder and began walking towards a valve. He wiped his brow, "Whew! Being a big hero, sure make ya thirsty!"

Roxy rolled her eyes and gagged as he pulled a lever. But after some strange sounds, something came out of the pipe. And it wasn't water. Daxter spat up what looked like black sludge as Roxy sneered in disgust, "Aw, yuck!" She remarked, "What is that stuff?"

"The Baron turned off all water to the Slums." Torn explained. "He's willing to sacrifice innocent lives just to destroy the underground! I shouldn't be surprised. I've seen his evil before, while serving in the Krimzon Guard. That's why I quit."

"You were a Krimzon Guard?!" Jak asked confused and shocked. Then he slightly chuckled, "Well, that explains your… charming sense of humor."

Roxy scoffed, "I'm starting to hate the Baron all over again."

"My friend in the Guard tells me the valve to turn the water back on is located outside the city, at the pumping station." Torn explained.

"Outside the City?" Jak asked, "What about the Security Walls?"

"What about the Metal Heads?!" Daxter noted angrily. "It ain't a pettin' zoo out there! Peeps be getting deep sixed!"

Roxy stared at him, "Uh, Daxter? I'm pretty sure no one talks like that."

"Find the large drain pipe in the north wall. It'll take you outside the city to the Pumping Station. Get to the main valve and open it." Torn ordered, "If you survive, the Slums will be indebted to you. If not, maybe we'll have a touching moment of silence in your honor." He smirked.

"I'd like to give him a 'touching moment'!" Daxter huffed.

Roxy put her hands on her hips, "Just go! People's lives are at stake!" She spoke in an orderly tone.

Daxter flinched but soon ran to Jak's shoulder. Roxy began to leave the base when she felt something on her shoulder. She turned and saw Torn. "While they're doing that, I suggest you get cleaned up and change your clothes in the back. If any guards see you in that 'prison gown' of yours, you'll be back in behind bars in no time."

"What about the mission?" She asked.

Torn crossed his arms, "I'll give you a different one later on when they get back. For now, I suggest you get yourself battle ready."

"A new wardrobe, huh? Fine." She huffed, "But if I catch anyone peeking at me, I'll kill them where they stand!" She growled, not doubting someone would do that in this world.

Torn scoffed, slightly smirking. "Tch, don't worry about me, I'll make sure no one intrudes." Torn looked at Daxter in particular.

Roxy nodded, left the room and headed into the back as Jak and Daxter went to do their first mission. Down a hallway full of cobwebs and dust bunnies, there was a room of bunk beds with a bathroom to the side. She entered the room and looked at her reflection in a tall mirror next to the beds. She was unrecognizable in her own opinion. Her hair was down to her knees, the front yellow parts almost to her hips. Her right eye and scars were uglier in reality, her skin was entirely littered with cuts and bruises, and her ears grew to match those like Jak's. Roxy sighed and went to the closet. She opened the doors to find little clothing options. She shrugged and picked out a red shirt that would only reach just above her stomach. Then she chose skin tight capri-jeans that went to her knees. Finally, she picked out some black socks that would be hidden by a pair of tall, dark purple boots. Bringing her new clothes to the bathroom, she got undressed and changed. The clothes fit her rather well and she had no specific complaints, other than the stings she got when the clothes touched her wounds. She left the room and tossed the prison uniform in a trash can. She returned to the closet, but this time took out many belts for her boots, hips, and around one for her shoulders. She fastened them, knowing well she will probably get a weapon sooner or later. After situating the belts, she brought pads out, placing them on her elbows and shoulders. To top it all off, she picked a pair of black fingerless gloves. After she was done, she walked over to the tall mirror on the wall and looked at her new outfit. She smirked, leaning to one side with a hand on her hip. She had to admit, Haven City looked good on her.


Jak and Daxter just returned from turning the water back on for the slums. Daxter had been sucked up a pipe and was not happy about it. Jak however did find it a tad funny. They entered the underground to see Torn pacing in front of his table. "The Slum's water is back on!" The man spoke up. He leaned on the table in the middle of the room, "I'd love to see the heads roll when the Baron finds out."

Jak crossed his arms, "Yeah. I'm sure he's losing lots of sleep over this armpit of the city. We've done what you've asked! Now when do we see the Shadow?"

"When I say so, if I say so." Torn hissed, a hint of attitude in his tone. "But before I even think about it, I want you to take care of an ammo dump we've I.D.'d in the Fortress." He gestured to a part of the map, "Lots of Krimson Guards, constant patrols, we know it's vulnerable, and the Underground needs you to blow up all the ammo you find inside." He swiped his hand to the side after pointing to Jak, nearly taking out Daxter with his arm. "Get all of it, and we'll deal a body blow to the Baron."

"You're sendin' us in tough guy!' Daxter spoke up, "So what's with this 'we'll deal a body blow' stuff?" He snapped.

"That's fine, I want the Baron to know that it's me who's hurting him!" Jak pounded his fist on the table. "Now where's Roxy?!" He added, wanting to get the next mission over with.

"I'm right here!" The three men, well, two men and an ottsel, turned to see the new and improved Roxy leaning against the wall. She walked up to the group, "Ya don't have to be so rude."

Daxter whistled, "Wow! You are one hot jail bird!"

Roxy glared at the ottsel and pointed at him roughly, "Don't. Even. Think about it!" She growled. Daxter gulped.

"Hey," Roxy turned to Torn, "I figured you'd need this." The ex-Krimzon guard held out a container with a green plus on the side. Roxy took it before looking back at Torn. "It's a medical kit. Thought you'd want to get rid of those 'scratches' before you head out."

Roxy turned to Jak, who nodded, then opened the canister. As soon as she did, a green light swirled around her. Wounds closed on their own, bruises disappeared. When the light was gone, only the three scars around her red-tinted eye remained. Roxy smirked and looked at the empty canister, "Nifty." She noted. "So, what do we need to do now?" She asked, putting the empty container down.

"I need you to sneak your friend and his rat into the fortress. While they take it down from the inside, keep an eye out for any Krimzon guards. If ya find any, take 'em out before they get suspicious." He instructed.

"Rat?!" Daxter objected.

"Sounds about right." Roxy stated, gaining a mad look from Daxter, "Butjust how am I supposed to fight against theguards?"

Torn bent down and grabbed something from under the table, "This might help you out." He stood up and tossed her a pistol. She caught it with her right hand and inspected it. "It's probably better than having to go hand-to-hand with those guys." Torn noted.

Roxy smirked as she shoved the pistol in her belt's gun sheath, "And here I thought there were no more surprises for me."

"Hey!" Daxter suddenly shouted, "What about me and Jak?"

Torn smirked, "Sorry fellas, ladies first." He turned to Roxy, gaining a crooked smile in return.

"Whatever." Jak scowled, "Come on! Let's go!" He huffed as Daxter and Roxy followed him out. Whatever they got themselves into, Jak knew it wouldn't be easy to get out of it.


Jak parked the zoomer right outside the fortress and ran in, Roxy close behind him. She held her blaster out as though ready to shoot anything at any moment.

Jak looked over his shoulder at her and spoke, "Do you even know how to fire that thing?"

Roxy turned to him and put the gun away, "No. But I'm a pretty fast learner." She said. "Besides, ya just pull the trigger, right?"

Jak rolled his eyes and started looking around. In the center of the room was some sort of bulldozer with a spiked roller in the front. Roxy approached the vehicle cautiously. She wasn't sure what it was or how it was used, but she could tell it meant trouble.

Jak turned his head to her as he faced an entrance that was off to the side of the vehicle, "Roxy! Let's go!" He shouted. The girl rolled her eyes as the male walked into the large entrance.

"Unauthorized use of fortress door." A voice hummed. "Activating Security Tank." Suddenly the vehicle Roxy was inspecting came to life. Its tires pushing it forwards as the turret on top rotated back and forth.

Roxy staggered back in shock before falling backwards. She watched as the tank turned to the entrance and began following her friends. "Jak! Run!" She shouted, getting back onto her feet.

The blonde male ran ahead and jumped out of the way of the tank's gunfire. He jumped onto platforms that the tank couldn't get to, but had to be careful with the turret. There was a gated wall to the right of the tank which also led to more of the fortress. Jak jumped from platform to platform until he reached the other side of the gate. But the tank wouldn't be stopped. It crashed through the wall and chased after the male. Roxy ran after the steamroller-like defense system. She took her pistol out and tried doing some damage to it, but the bullets were ineffective. Jak meanwhile had to do some fancy maneuvers to avoid, not only the tank, but other turrets alongside the path as well. He ran into an area that was too small for the tank to get into, but its turret still aimed for him. The male and his ottsel friend made it to the next room, but the tank still followed. Luckily it was limited to firing from below, and it couldn't get a lock on Jak since he kept moving.

Roxy had finally found a way to get passed the tank though it was very risky. Running around the vehicle, she found a way to the platform Jak was on. She took a running start and jumped, grabbing the edge of the platform and pulling herself up. She and Jak avoided the oncoming fire from the tank and ran into the next room, taking down the electric shield to get through.

Roxy gasped for breath as she leaned against a wall. Jak approached her, "You okay?" He asked.

She took a few breaths before answering. "Y… *gasp* Yeah. Just a little… *gasp* out of breath." She tilted her head back and sighed. Just then they heard voices. Roxy immediately went into a defensive position as Jak looked to where it came from. Two Krimzon guards were standing on the other side of some moving platforms. Roxy smirked, "Alright. Time for some target practice." She muttered to herself. She brought out her pistol and aimed it at the two guards. After a second, the pulled the trigger. One of the guards went down after two shots, and before the other could react, Roxy fired at him too. After both guards were out, Roxy smiled and put the gun away.

Jak looked at her, "Well, guess you are a fast learner." He noted. The girl smirked before the two continued on. As they went on, more Krimzon guards tried to stop them. Roxy continue to use her pistol as Jak kicked and punched the guards until they all disappeared. Unfortunately, Roxy didn't have unlimited ammo, and after a while, she ran out.

The gun clicked as no bullets were left, and Roxy groaned in irritation. She stuffed the gun into the holster on her belt and kept up with Jak. They went through many areas, some with moving platforms or conveyer belts, other places they had to climb, until they got to a room with red lights and strange barrels. Daxter hopped off Jak's shoulder as he found something on one of the barrels. "Cool! That's a security pass!" Daxter piped up, "We need those to get through city checkpoints."

Suddenly there was a loud crash. Jak put a finger to his lips as the three found a vent on the floor. They approached it and looked through.

"These Barrels are the latest shipment of Eco." One of the guards said, his voice sounding metallic from his helmet, "The barren says take them and get out!"

The metalheads growled, causing the guards to bring up their guns for defense.

"Metalheads in the city?" Jak spoke up to his friends, "Why are the guards giving them Eco?" He wondered.

Just then, there was another sound. Roxy looked up and stuttered, "Uh, guys? I think we have a bigger problem!" The two males looked up and saw another tank with the same features as the first. It aimed its turret at them and began its chase. Jak pulled Roxy behind him and ran out of the way. Nearby, there was some sort of missile.

"That must be the ammo and missile Torn told us to blow us!" Daxter shouted over the tank's open fire.

Roxy looked at the tank behind them, and got an idea. "Wait here!" She said, holding a hand out towards her friends. She ran to the ammo containers and faced the tank. The turret aimed for her and fired, but she was able to jump out of the way just in time. "Warning. Missile cooling systems damaged." A voice called on the loud speakers.

Jak caught onto her idea and started mimicking her actions. The two hid behind the ammo crates, allowing the tank to get rid of them itself. The voice on the speaker continued to play out warnings for anyone inside; "Alert. Backup cooling system failure. Emergency override initiating." "Missile systems at critical overload. Failsafe not responding." Until finally, all the cases of ammo had been destroyed. Lights flashed and an alarm blared. "Danger. Warhead detonation imminent. Evacuating area." The voice said. An emergency exit opened nearby and a timer started counting down from ten seconds.

Knowing what was about to happen, Roxy ran to the exit, going faster than she had ever gone in her life, with Jak and Daxter right behind her. Once she reached the exit, she jumped towards the ground outside just before the missile blew up. The shockwave threw Jak and Daxter a good few yards away before they hit the ground. Jak sat up, a slight hum of pain still lingering, but no major damage. Just then Daxter popped out from beneath him, taking a few desperate breaths of air. "This place has too much excitement." He huffed, "We need to move back to the country!" Jak shrugged slightly with a small smirk on his face.

Just then, Roxy approached the two males and stopped in front of them, her hair draping over the sides of her head as she leaned forwards, "Having a rough time?" She smirked. Jak smiled and rolled his eyes as Roxy held her hand out. Jak grabbed onto it and was pulled onto his feet. Daxter dramatically gasped for air as he shook himself off before standing on his hind legs. "So, is this how you normally do things?" She asked sarcastically, "Just blow things up whenever you can?"

"Hey! It was your idea to make the missile blow up!" Daxter noted, annoyed.

Jak simply shrugged, "Still, she's onto something." Roxy smiled a bit and chuckled as Daxter climbed bac onto Jak's shoulder. The trio then made their way to a nearby zoomer and made their way back to the Underground base, their first mission a complete success, more or less.