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"I'm just here to collect a bounty, Master Yoda." A man said dragging Embo the mercenary to the front steps of the senate building on Coruscant.

"Appreciated, your efforts are. Transferred to you, credits will be." Yoda said and signaled to a clone trooper to take the prisoner.

The man walked off his cloak nearly dragging the ground behind him as he passed Anakin and Ahsoka Tano on their way into the senate building, he bumped Anakin's shoulder and smirked at him as he passed earning a growl from the Jedi knight.

"Who was that master?" Ahsoka asked clearly seeing the exchange between the two.

"His name is Alaran Agassi, he is a bounty hunter." Anakin answered.

"He brought in Embo, he must be pretty good." Ahsoka said impressed and glanced back at the cloaked figure as he shrunk in the distance.

"He should be, he was trained by Master Plo Koon." Anakin said and kept walking causing Ahsoka's jaw to drop.

"He was a Jedi? He abandoned the order and has the gull to show up here like nothing happened? The nerve of him." Ahsoka said anger growing within her voice.

"Yes and No, He was removed from the order for practicing the ways of the Sith." Anakin answered her.

"He turned to the dark side and we just let him walk away?" Ahsoka asked confused about why he was allowed to get so close to the Jedi temple.

"That's the thing he never turned completely to the dark side and he doesn't break the law. Its not the Jedi way to imprison the innocent, but that doesn't make him any less of a traitor. Master Plo never let it show but it tore him apart to see his Padawan cast out." Anakin said frowning at the memory.

"So he is not an enemy, does that make him an ally?" Ahsoka asked.

"No, he is not to be trusted, its only a matter of time before the dark side consumes him." Anakin said before they walked in to meet the council for their next mission briefing.

A year later

"Alaran it is a pleasure to speak to you again." Chancellor Palpatine's hologram greeted him.

"Chancellor, what is it you need this time?" Alaran asked a sense of hesitance in his voice something in his gut always told him not to trust the Chancellor but he pays well and a man has to eat.

"A Jedi has committed an unspeakable crime, and while being held on trial, escaped from her holding cell." Palpatine said.

"And you want me to bring the Jedi in? That seems like a Jedi issue, why should I get involved?" Alaran asked.

"Would double your normal rate make you more agreeable?" Palpatine asked with a smirk knowing money speaks volumes to a bounty hunter.

"I suppose it would, send me the information and I will retrieve your Jedi." Alaran responded and shut off the hologram before another one popped up with the information he requested.

"Name: Ahsoka Tano, species: Togrutan, sex: female, height: 1.4 meters, orange blue and white coloration, fighting style: Reverse shien, commonly uses two lightsabers, guess we have something in common, wanted for terrorist action against the Jedi, first degree murder of a prisoner within the Temple and high treason. A padawan, Anakin's padawan to be exact, odd that the Jedi couldn't have brought her back in themselves, maybe they are busy with the war, oh well a payday is a payday I suppose." Alaran said to himself as he stepped out of the Motel he was staying in while on Coruscant.

Alaran walked out into the slums an looked into the sky just in time to see speeder bikes carrying clone troopers heading toward the train station.

"Idiots, she's trained as a Jedi and smart enough to escape the temple she wont be boarding a train at least not anytime soon." Alaran said to himself. "She needs some place to hide, somewhere no one would suspect, not even her master.

Alaran stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and closed his eyes to focus on the force. Two signatures one of the light and one of the dark, both well hidden and would be nearly impossible to spot for someone less in tune with the force.

"The industrial sector, nothing there this time of night but warehouses criminals and prostitutes, only a few blocks away I should be able to reach her pretty quickly this should be a rather easy payday."

Alaran made his way to the industrial sector moving from rooftop to rooftop when he heard a chase going on below. The two force signatures right on top of each other. He made his way to the edge of the roof to get a better view and saw both of the force wielders.

"Interesting the criminal is showing no signs of even leaning toward the dark side of the force. Perhaps I shouldn't intervene yet." Alaran said to himself as they stopped to make a call. "Don't do it, leave everyone behind, you are on your own now."

Alaran followed them for several more minutes and watched the two dispatch of a squad of clone troopers without ending a single life then the two parted ways. "Odd that a terrorist would ensure not to end the life of a clone, perhaps there is more going on here."

Ahsoka entered a warehouse on level 13-15 where her partner showed back up. They engaged in combat as Alaran watched on closely.

"The one with the dark side has changed her fighting style and is keeping her cloak up this time, its not her. Damn! The phone call, someone traced her communicator. She's innocent." Alaran said to himself as Ahsoka fell through the floor. The cloaked assailant disappeared and a clone squad busted in with Anakin Skywalker leading them. One of the clones fired a stun blast and subdued her.

Alaran leapt from the rafters in the warehouse and landed softly in front of Anakin. The clone troopers drew their blasters and aimed them at him.

"I mean you no harm, I merely want a word." Alaran said.

"Take Ahsoka to the transport. I will be with you shortly." Anakin informed them.

"Sir?" The clone leader questioned.

"It is ok, go." He said again and the Clones left hauling Ahsoka away.

"Your Padawan is innocent." Alaran informed him.

"I already know this so unless you have any proof then get out of my way." Anakin said angrily.

"I know you don't like me but as hard as it is to believe I am not your enemy." Alaran said placing his hand on anakins shoulder as he walked away.

Anakin drew his Lightsaber and swung backward, Alaran flipped backwards out of the way just in time and drew his own double blade lightsaber along with his second single blade lightsaber. Anakin took a fighting stance prepared to strike when Alaran then withdrew his blades.

"Look just look me up if you need anything. Oh and Anakin." Alaran said as Anakin began walking away again. Anakin said nothing but just stopped and listened.

"Does a woman strong with the dark side, thin, bald, and wielding two red lightsabers mean anything to you?" Alaran asked.

"Ventress." Anakin said angrily.

"Your padawan was with her, could be worth talking to her." Alaran said before walking away.

"Could you-" Anakin began to say.

"Your asking for my help?" Alaran asked surprised.

"Time could be an issue, and something tells me you already have a bead on ventress." Anakin said.

"Ill find her, let me know when you are ready to talk." Alaran said and finished walking away.

Alaran tracked down Ventress just as Anakin got in touch with him. Anakin met up with them and Ventress filled him in on their short time working together and gave him the name of the woman Ahsoka contacted and informed him that her lightsabers were stolen.

"Thank you Alaran for all your help." Anakin said and offered Alaran his hand. "If there is anything I can do to pay you back don't hesitate to ask."

"Her lightsabers, if you find them return them to her, that's all I ask." Alaran said and Ventress looked at him surprised.

"She is a separatist and a war criminal." Anakin countered.

"She helped out your padawan, and is no longer apprentice to Count Dooku. I think that has at least earned her a pass this once, if she doesn't fly straight and a bounty is placed on her I will bring her to you personally." Alaran said and Ventress remained silent.

"Very well I will hold you to it." Anakin said and hopped on his speeder bike and took off.

"Why would you return my lightsabers to me?" Ventress asked after Anakin was merely a speck in the distance.

"I believe in second chances. Besides when I constructed my Lightsaber my master told me that it is my life, I am returning your life to you, the way I see it you owe me and a favor from a warrior of your caliber may come in handy one day, provided you stay alive long enough for me to collect." Alaran said. "Don't worry about thanking me that doesn't really seem like something you would do." Alaran then remarked and walked away.

Alaran stood outside of the senate building awaiting the outcome of Ahsoka's trial when it was announced that she had been cleared of all charges against her. Alaran had a feeling that if anyone was able to prove her innocence it would be Anakin, the two never liked each other personally but there was a great deal of respect between them. Alaran had been monitoring Ahsoka's force signature when a great deal of sadness washed over her suddenly.

"What's going on now, she was just cleared of charges that she could have been put to death for she should be estatic." Alaran said to himself. He felt her force signature growing nearer and decided it was time for the two of them to meet.

"Ahsoka Tano." Alaran said as she walked past him with her head hung low.

"Not really in the mood to talk right now." She said and kept walking.

"They still expelled you from the order?" Alaran asked as he walked quickly to catch up with her.

"Did you not hear what I-" Ahsoka began to say as she turned and looked at him. "Wait I know you."

"Im afraid we have never met my name is Alaran Agassi." Alaran extended his hand which Ahsoka refused.

"I know who you are, my master told me you are not to be trusted." Ahsoka said and continued walking.

"Of course he did, where is Anakin? I would think the two of you would be celebrating the good news." Alaran remarked.

"I'm afraid we will not be celebrating anything anytime soon." She said.

"Well then how about you allow me to help you clear your mind, your force signature is extremely clouded right now." Alaran suggested.

"What did you have in mind?" Ahsoka asked knowing she wasn't going to be rid of Alaran easily and that she could use some distraction.

"There is a very nice cantina on Mustafar, shall we go?" Alaran asked.

"I am still a youngling and not old enough to drink. Besides isn't Mustafar home to the black sun?" She asked.

"Who said anything about drinking, and yes it is home to the black sun."

"You really hang out at places like this?" Ahsoka asked disgustedly as she looked around the bar at the dingy place and the lowlifes that inhabited it.

"From time to time." Alaran answered before signaling for the bartender who approached nervously. "Pour me something tall and cold."

"You really shouldn't be here after what happened last time." The bartender said.

"What happened last time?" Ahsoka asked nervously.

"Uh oh." The bartender said and walked away.

"Alaran you are a fool for coming back here but its going to be a large payday for us." A member of the black sun said as he approached them with a dozen other members behind him.

"You sound awfully confident in yourself." Alaran said calmly without even bothering to turn around. Ahsoka reached for her lightsaber until Alaran shook his head at her.

"There are more than enough of us to take down an ordinary bounty hunter." The man said.

"I am far from an ordinary bounty hunter." Alaran chimed in and raised his hand force lifting the man off the ground and tossing him across the room and into a table. The other black sun members rushed them and Alaran and Ahsoka both jumped up and backflipped from their bar stools where they squared off with the men. Ahsoka pulled her lightsabers and prepared to attack.

"That's not necessary Ahsoka, we are more than enough to deal with these thugs." Alaran said and smiled at her and for the first time since they met she smiled back before putting her lightsaber away.


"Who is going to pay for this damage?" The bartender asked looking around at all of the damage done.

"Not my problem take it up with them." Alaran said waving at the unconscious bodies lying around the establishment. "Im taking this one with me." He then said and grabbed the one he threw into the table and lifted him to his feet before slapping cuffs on him and dragging him out of the bar.

"Who is this?" Ahsoka asked as she walked out with him, seeming much more relieved and clear headed after their brawl.

"One of the members of the black sun council there is a bounty out for his arrest. For each of them really and its not very much but enough to get us by for another few weeks." Alaran said as they made their way back to his cruiser.

"Us? Weeks?" Ahsoka asked.

"Yea from time to time I find myself in sticky situations and I could use someone qualified to watch my back for an equal share of course. Unless you have something better to do." Alaran offered.

"I don't know, I barely know you and you are a traitor to the Jedi order." Ahsoka said and suddenly remembered what Anakin had told her.

"I think you and I have a few things to discuss." Alaran said as they boarded his ship.

"So you said we should talk." Ahsoka suggested breaking the silence that fell between the two.

"Right, well you see me as a traitor to the Jedi order, but the fact is that they cast me out the same way as you yourself were cast out when they thought you were guilty, only my rank was never restored and I was never offered my place back." Alaran said and engaged the autopilot function.

"Its not the same at all. They cast me out because they thought I was guilty of high treason amongst other things, you were practicing the ways of the sith, huge difference." Ahsoka countered and Alaran merely shook his head.

"Not quite, I was practicing the ways of the force, all of them. The thing is when I was a youngling, becoming a Jedi was a great honor to me but as I grew in years the clone wars began and I became a padawan to the great master Plo koon. The more I saw the more I began to question the ways of the Jedi and when I asked my master he gave me the same answers I am sure Anakin gave you. All Jedi give similar answers when certain questions arise, it seems almost like a programmed response and that wasn't enough for me. I began sneaking into the holocron chamber in the Jedi temple and researching the ancient ways of the force long before their were Jedi or Sith there were force weilders. I realized that the Jedi see things in black and white they see no shades of grey no matter how subtle or blantant those shades may be, that's what I am a shade of grey, neither light or dark yet can weild the strengths of both, watch closely." Alaran said and raised his right hand, suddenly a crackling of electricity appeared from his fingertips and Ahsoka jumped back out of instinct. He then walked to the back of the cruiser and picked up a dagger removed from their prisoner before walking back to Ahsoka and handed her the blade. "Cut me."

"What I wont cut you!" Ahsoka said refusing to take the blade.

"Trust me and trust in the force." Alaran said placing it in her hand and closing her fingers around the handle.

Ahsoka slowly placed the blade on the exposed forearm Alaran extended to her and slowly pressed harder until she saw that she drew blood. Alran closed his eyes and Ahsoka withdrew the blade and watched intently as the small cut lit up brightly. Alaran opened his eyes and wiped the blood from his forearm revealing a healed wound, only a faint red line remaining.

"What? How? I mean I have seen the sith lightning but how did you?" Ahsoka asked amazed.

"Its the light side of the forces ability." Alaran answered her.

"Then how come Master Yoda or Master Windu cant do that?" She then asked.

"The dark side of the force comes much easier because those that practice often have evil within their hearts making it much easier to reach their full potential, giving them an edge over the Jedi. It is the Jedi's inability to fully understand the force that restricts their limitations, and that is why I was cast out, not because I am evil. I don't know if they were worried that I was intending to become a sith lord or if they were scared of the power I was gaining but whatever the reason it shook the Jedi and they took the only action they felt that they could. I am not angry with them, saddened slightly that I am no longer fighting alongside Master Plo he was truly an amazing Jedi and I hope he finds all the happiness he deserves." Alaran explained to her.

"You really care for him don't you?" Ahsoka asked.

"I was taken to begin my training at a very young age like most force sensitive children, I have little to no memory of my family, my mother, my father, once I became apprentice to master Plo we became close he became like the father I never remembered." Alaran said and sat back in the pilot seat and laid his head back with a heavy sigh. "How is master Plo?"

"Well your Story explains a lot, I remember when I was a youngling and we had training with Master Plo. He was always the most centered Jedi apart from Master Yoda. Over the past several years however it seems from time to time he struggles with an inner pain, then he winds up getting a grip on it at least for a short period. You know maybe sometime we could happen to run across him on the battlefield." Ahsoka suggested.

"I have thought about that, but if he is going through an inner turmoil perhaps its best not to reopen old wounds." Alaran said.

"Maybe it would help to fully heal those wounds." Ahsoka countered.

"Perhaps, I will mull it over, but until I reach a decision does this mean that you will join me?" Alaran asked.

"Depends, can you teach me that healing power?" Ahsoka asked.

"I am not seeking an apprentice, merely a partner. And besides in order to teach you that you must also learn the sith lightning and I do not feel that you are ready to take that step, it would take you forgetting everything you learned from Anakin. I do not wish for you to walk in my footsteps it is very difficult to keep yourself in balance between the opposing forces. If you reach that point on your own I will be happy to teach you but until then remain who you are." Alaran said." For now what do you say we get some sleep on the way back to coruscant. This cruiser only sleeps one you take the bed I will remain here in case any complications arise, good night Ahsoka."

"Good night Alaran." Ahsoka said as she got up and made her way to the small room with the small bed. "Thankfully I'm relatively small."

"Looks like I will need to upgrade to a larger cruiser." Alaran said and leaned back into the uncomfortable chair and closed his eyes as the autopilot flew its course back to coruscant.