She had been avoiding them all week.

Scott McCall and his "friends" that is.

Honestly, it was exhausting and Lizzie didn't know how much longer she could keep it up. They were in a lot of the same classes and even had lunch at the exact same time. There were only so many more times she could hide out in the library to avoid being discovered.

School had just started up at the end of August, right after she and her father had moved to Beacon Hills. While her father was out of the house for most of the time getting everything sorted out at work, Lizzie was left to figure out everything with school.

She had spent hours last Friday calling back and forth between offices, both in her old and new schools, trying to get her records transferred and signed up for classes.
Early Monday morning before the sun was even up, Lizzie left her house and went to the main office to pick up her schedule. The secretaries were working overtime that week, trying to make sure everything would go smoothly the first week back. Thankfully they were tired and didn't try to chat with Lizzie much. She just smiled in thanks and went to find her locker and classes before all of the other students started to arrive.

Her previous school had been much larger. It had seemed more like a modern office building with its glass exterior and sharp lines. There were digital smart boards in every classroom and all of the students dressed like they were on the way to a fashion show. Beacon Hills was the complete opposite. The long rows of lockers, the flickering fluorescent lights and blackboards dusted with chalkā€¦ it's exactly what Lizzie always imagined high school to be like.

She took in a deep breath and let the smell of lemon cleaner and fresh paint fill her nostrils. As she walked down one of the halls, she trailed her fingers over the metal locker doors. Her finger pads glided over the rough scrapes and dents, over the missing screws and latches. The imperfections were almost comforting in a way.

When Lizzie reached her locker, number 241, she had smiled. The original metal plate was gone and the number was instead written neatly in permanent marker. She lifted up the latch and the locker door opened with a creak.

Just then she heard the first students arriving for the day, their voices echoing down the halls from the front of the building. Quickly, Lizzie empty out the contents of her backpack, filing away her notebooks and folders. She placed her packed lunch on the top shelf, then after sliding a notebook and a handful of pens and pencils into her smaller satchel, she closed the locker and set off to find her first class.

Lizzie was a sophomore, but the transfer credits from her old school put her mostly in junior or senior level classes. The only classes that she had with kids her own age was gym at the end of the day, and first period economics with some teacher named Bobby Finstock.

When she finally found the room for economics, a few people were already seated. Lizzie went to take a step in the room, but immediately a strong scent overcame her, spreading goosebumps up her arms. She froze, with only one step in the door, as her eyes darted around the classroom. Within seconds she identified where it was coming from.

On the far side of the room, a boy had his head down on his desk and he looked like he was sleeping. When Lizzie's eyes found him, his head jerked up almost as if he had sensed her stare.

Lizzie quickly darted back from the door frame out of sight. He hadn't seen her. One more second though and she would have ruined everything. With her back pressed against the wall outside of the classroom, she closed her eyes and gave herself a moment to form a plan.

Then, she was walking back down the hallway, away from first period economics and towards the girl's bathroom that she had passed on the way there. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she pushed open the door and walked inside. Quickly, she scanned under the stalls to make sure no one else was in there. Empty.

That gave Lizzie a small comfort as she glided over to the long line of sinks and mirrors. She placed her hands on either side of the sink, focusing on the cold, white porcelain. It was a sharp contrast to her hot skin, already beaded with sweat. She stared down at her hands, gripping the sink's edge tightly and now fully changed from her simple, short nails into a horrific set of brown claws.

Slowly but surely, as Lizzie focused, the claws began to recede and she began to feel calmer. When her hands at returned to normal, she dared a glance up at the mirror adjacent. Although her long, wavy mess of black hair mostly hid her face, she could still see her eyes, a startling shade of bright blue. They were quite different from her usual green eyes, and sometimes, when Lizzie wasn't terrified by their appearance, she almost thought they glowed.

With one, long drawn out blink, Lizzie thought of her mother, of a memory from when she was younger. It was vague and she didn't know if it was even real. But there were smiles. Lots of smiles and laughter. When she opened her eyes again, they had changed back to green.

Lizzie let out a breath that she didn't realize she'd been holding. Outside of the bathroom the first warning bell rang and she jumped, startled by the unfamiliar sound. It grounded her though, reminding Lizzie that she had to make it through the day, through the week. She dug around in her satchel until she found a large bottle of perfume, cheap but strong. She sprayed it all over her body, coughing as the artificial flower smell clung to her skin.

It was so different than what she had smelled in the classroom. That had been real and full of depth. Although it had only been a moment, Lizzie remembered it perfectly. Cinnamon and pine cones. She knew better than to fall prey to the warm and comforting scent though. It meant that there was probably a whole pack at the school, and if she wasn't careful, they would discover what she was. And if they found her, they would kill her.

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