Title: Lineage Ligno: A Family of His Own

Summary: It started out as a simple summer assignment; it ended up changing his life forever. After using a lineage potion as part of a combined potions and history project, fifteen year old Harry Potter finds out he is not a Potter after all, and that his father is a self-proclaimed Sociopath who committed suicide nearly three years ago. Harry wants answers so he goes to the one man who knew his Dad best, Dr. John Watson.

Rating: T

Warnings: Mentions of Abuse, possible violence, possible mild language, possible light/non-graphic slash

Disclaimer: I own nothing but my ideas for the AU plot, as well as any and all errors in spelling and grammar. I do not own Harry Potter J.K. Rowling does. I do not own Sherlock; that right goes to Steven Moffat, Mark Gattis and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Any recognizable lines, characters, or places in this work are from or inspired by the Harry Potter books and Movies and the BBC Sherlock Series.

Last Time: Sherlock and John have been kidnapped, Harry solved the riddle and after leaving a note for Mycroft, races to their rescue.

Chapter 11

John slowly came back to consciousness his thoughts muddled by a pounding headache. His body ached and when he tried to move his arms from there awkward position above his head, a fiery hot pain shot down his previously injured shoulder and he could not hold back the pained shout that left him.

"John, John can you hear me? Try not to move to much we've been kidnapped obviously, and they have us chained and strung up by our arms. The amount of tension on your shoulder could cause enough damage on its own, so do try not to contribute to the damage by moving. Are you listening to me John?"

"Yes Lock, I hear you." John slurred sounding disgruntle.

A satisfied smirk quickly crossed Sherlock's face.


John sent a half hearted glare in his smug husbands direction before trying to figure out where they were and how exactly they got there.

Silence permeated the cool air for a moment as John gathered his scattered and thoughts. They had been at the crime scene of a potential serial killer everything had been going well, Sherlock had only started one brief row with Donovan, and his husband was sure he had just found the clue that was going to point them in the direction of the murderer. The two of them had just gone to investigate the back garden, something about needing to check the species of moss growing there, when they had been ambushed by two very large men. Though he had his husband had both put up a fight, the thugs fought dirty managing to drug them both before throwing them in the back of a small unmarked lorry. John remembered nothing of the ride over or being chained to the bloody wall and trying was just making his headache worse.

"Sherlock what do you think is going on, who has us?"

"Oh who knows, more than likely it is the criminal or criminal organization behind the recent murders, but I need more data before I can conclude that definitively." his husband said dismissively.

"Right, well then what's the plan? Get out of these shackles and -"

"Someone's been keeping secrets Sherlock," An interrupting voice sing-songed from the shadows. "Why didn't you tell me you had a son? Our little games could have bee sooo much more fun!"

John gasped as he recognized the familiar, if insane melodic Irish accent.

"Moriarty! How, how is he alive?"

"Certainly I cannot be the only one who can fake their death John." Sherlock huffed quietly, and while he didn't add the 'obviously' at the end, John could hear it and rolled his eyes fondly despite the situation.

"Yes hello again gentleman, are you happy to see me? I'd been gone so long I thought we were about do for a proper face to face chat, thought I could offer my congratulations on becoming a Dad and all."

Sherlock scoffed "Oh I highly doubt that you just wanted to discuses parenting techniques Moriarty. No there is something else you need us for. So tell me, what nefarious plots do you plan on involving us in this time?" asked Sherlock his tone brisk and business like, but John could see his husband's eyes gleaming with curiosity.

"Now Sherlock that is really quite hurtful, perhaps I just wanted to chat, life has been so horribly dull without you." the Irishman said stepping close as he ran finger softly down Sherlock's jaw.

John growled low in his throat, lunging forward pulling on the chains before he could stop himself. This is sicko was flirting with his husband, touching him, and John wanted nothing more than to rip Moriarty's hand away from his lovers face, or even better, rip it off of the man's body.

"Ooo a bit jealous are we Doctor Watson?"

"It's Watson-Holmes you psycho! Now what do you want from us, because everyone here knows that you did not kidnap us just to let Sherlock know that you know he has a son!" John shouted trying to get Moriarty's attention off of Sherlock, while getting his husband any information he could.

John saw his husband throw him an appreciative half smile, before cautioning him with his eyes to not push Jim too far. Nodding slightly to show he understood John focused back on Moriarty.

"You really have been a busy boy Sherlock, marrying the pet? How...beneath you, such a waste of your brilliant mind and just a touch disappointing. An artificially grown progeny I could have handled, but marrying the distraction? Well that will alter our future relationship."

"We have no relationship Moriarty, now tell us what you want so we can move on with our lives." said Sherlock clearly losing his patients.

John and Sherlock watched cautiously as the manic smile slid from Moriarty's face and his playful demeanor changed to one of cold calculation.

"Well then you will be happy to know that my business is not with you and your 'husband' today, you are just the bait." he said his eyes harsh.

"The bait? The bait for who!? Mycroft would never be foolish enough to fall for such an obvious trap, who else it there?" asked Sherlock in disbelief.

"Why we are waiting for your son Sherlock. I have been paid rather handsomely to take him from your protection and send him back to his own kind. I would think he should be here already if he is even half as clever as you are Sherlock. Maybe he just needs a little motivation."

"Gentleman let me introduce Cutter, who contrary to his name, has an affinity for torture by electric currents." Moriarty said gesturing to the tall thin man brandishing a equally thin long cylindrical rod.

"Cutter, let's give Doctor Watson a taste of your latest electric invention shall we."

"Don't touch him Moriarty!" growled Sherlock lunging forward, only to come to a sudden stop as the chains holding him held fast.

"With pleasure Mister Moriarty!" Cutter said, his high pitched nasally voice brimming with glee.

"Well gentlemen I am afraid I have to leave you in Mister Cutter's hands I have a conference call scheduled and it is bad business to cancel last minute. Enjoy yourself Cutter but remember that I need him alive, or you will find yourself wishing you had never heard the word electricity." Moriarty threatened as he exited through a side door.

John eyed Cutter and his torture stick with dread. This was going to hurt and he could only hope that his military training against torture would help him survive and as the man brought the device closer he braced himself for the pain. It wasn't enough. Nothing could have prepared him for the fiery, burning pain that seared through his body burning his nerves and forcing his muscles to contract as he convulsed. A strangled primal screamed escaped his throat despite his best efforts to contain them. He could hear Sherlock fighting against his bindings and pleading for Cutter to stop, though his pleas went unnoticed.

Just as the pain became too much, and John was sure he was going to have permanent nerve and muscle damage, sounds of slamming and shouting reached his ears and in a sudden burst of red light the pain stopped and Cutter was laying unconscious on the floor several feet way.


Harry stood behind a large tree taking shelter from both enemy eyes, should the wind blow his invisibility cloak, and the cold steady rainfall. He found it amusingly ironic that he would face Dumbledore hopefully for the final time in rain, it was so cliché. The warehouse like shack had been easy to find, too easy in Harry's opinion; all he had to do was follow the very obvious and very familiar magical signature.

He had been watching the metal building for fifteen minutes and as far as he could tell, there were no guards and no one had entered or exited the structure. Harry hated waiting knowing that his Dad and Tad were inside and that Dumbledore could be doing Merlin knows what to them, but he knew he would do them no good if he was captured or killed while trying to rescue them, so he took the more cautious and less reckless approach. He planned on waiting another five minutes before slowly approaching and hopefully entering unnoticed, but those plans became null and void the second he heard his Tad scream.

All thoughts of circumspection fled his mind and Harry quickly flung of his cloak and charged through the door wand out, a blasting hex on his lips ready to take down his traitorous ex-Headmaster, only to stop short at the scene before him. On the far wall, Sherlock and John, his Dad and Tad were trussed up, both with shackles around their wrists connected to chains that were pulled tight enough that they were forced to either hang by their arms or stand on tiptoe to try and support their weight. Both men sported a few scrapes and bruises, Sherlock had a cut at his temple that was bleeding sluggishly, and John had clearly taken a hit to the face as he had swollen jaw and bloody lip.

Standing next to John was a man who was definitely not Dumbledore. The man was rather average looking, there was nothing extraordinary about his build, height, futures or even his receding hairline. The only thing that really stood out was the man's sickly red-orange aura, he was hate filled man who was thoroughly enjoying hurting John.

All of this Harry observed in less than five seconds and only took him even less time to decide to act. Aiming at the man brandishing the electric rod at John, Harry shot off a petrificus totalus and watched with relief as the average man froze and fell to the floor, his electric probe well away from his Tad.

Harry quickly ran over to his parents "Oh Merlin Tad! Tad are you oaky can you hear me?" he asked John franticly and he shot his Dad a panicked look when all he received was a groan.

His mind as in chaos, he usually did well under pressure but seeing his parent trussed up like a Christmas turkey and hearing his Tad's pained screams caused him to lose it.

"Dad are you okay? Dad what do I do? His shoulder looks wonky we have to get out of here, before Dumbledore-"

"Harry, look at me, Son look at me." Harry blearily looked over to his Dad, his mind still reeling.

"Breath for me Harry nice deep breaths." Harry took a shaky breath and then another, slowly he felt his mind clear and his usual calm take over.

"Good very good, now you are right we need to get out of here, can you unlock the shackles? Get John down first. You will need to support his bad arm and lower it slowly, it will probably be painful but we need to get his weight off of it before more damage is done." his dad said calmly, the deep baritone washing over Harry helping him to compose himself.

"Right okay I can do that."

Using his left hand, Harry held John's arm holding it steady while he used his right to try every unlocking charm he knew becoming frustrated when they didn't work.

"They must have wards on them magic won't work." Harry said as he released his Tad's arm and rummaged through his knapsack. He smiled triumphantly when he pulled out the knife Sirius got him.

"So glad I brought this along." he said shooting his Dad a smirk which was returned with a warning to hurry.

Focusing back on John, Harry was pleased to see his Tad was looking a little more coherent.

"Tad I am going to get you down now okay, I will try to be gentle but it might hurt." Harry said soothingly as he started unlocking the manacles.

"Har-Harry? No, no you need to go, they wan-want you." John slurred.

"No Tad I am not leaving without you and Dad. Okay I got it!" Harry said excitedly."Okay this is gonna hurt." he warned as he slowly started to lower John's arm, as slowly as he dared. They were running out of time.

" I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." he murmured, his Tad's pained moans caused Harry's heart to ache but it had to be done. "Alright it's over, now let's get the other." he quickly unlocked the other manacle, and lowered John to the floor. Just as he was moving over to Sherlock, the side door opened and clapping sounded through the shack.

"Ooh well done! You managed to bypass the wards quicker than I thought! How exciting! You must be the wayward golden boy and Sherlock's test tube son."

The man fancy suite, short neat hair and an innocent boyish face. This was the man that caused his parents so much grief; James Moriarty. To anyone else, the man would have looked like your average unassuming businessman, but to Harry who could see auras, the man would never be anything but malevolent. Moriarty's aura was dark, not even black it was just dark, like the absence of all light and color; just looking at it gave Harry goose bumps, it was pure evil.

Though Harry was terrified of Moriarty and his strangely empty aura, there was no way he was going to show it and as usual his Gryffindor side reared its head.

"Tisk, tisk Mister Moriarty, you really should do some fact checking. " Harry said trying his best to imitate his Uncle Mycroft when he was chastising a disappointing minion." I am not a test tube baby as my mother was artificially inseminated with my Dad's sperm, she did not undergo in vitro fertilization. You really should work on your research department, you never know when something like that might be useful." he finished adding in a cheeky smirk.

"Oooo the spawn has bite, I approve Sherlock, I really do."

Harry glanced over at John and Sherlock to find the latter watching him with calculating eyes, and small amused twitch of his mouth while John looked a strange combination of pride, exasperation, and worry.

Focusing back on the matter at hand, Harry startled slightly to find that in the few seconds that he had been observing his Dads, Moriarty had managed to silently cross the room and was now standing directly in front of him, and before he could move to defend himself the Consulting Criminal had his hands fisted in Harry's shirt pulling him in close.

"On the other hand I do sooo dislike it when children have the audacity to talk back to their superiors, especially when they think they can outwit me!

"Yeah? Well I don't like it when crazy, stupid psychopaths kidnap my parents to get to me!" Harry snapped back; he would not let this creep intimidate him, after all he was a Gryffindor. "and for the record I 'outwit' the most powerful Dark Lord in the history of my world, and you, well you are nothing compared to him!"

For a brief second, the nothingness that surrounded Moriarty was streaked with angry red before swelling out ominously. By the time Harry saw the punch coming, it was too late to dodge; all Harry could do was turn his face with the hit knowing at the very least, he would end up with a bloody lip and swollen bruised jaw.

Stumbling a bit, Harry managed to stay upright and glare defiantly at the man as his fathers shouted his name, and John struggled to get of get off the floor but his still twitching paralyzed muscles would not allow it.

Harry spat out a mouthful of blood "Do you feel better now? I must have hit a nerve, if the great Moriarty, the man who never gets his hands dirty, has sullied himself with the likes of me."

Moriarty raised his hand for another blow and Harry prepared to dart out of the way.

"Enough!" came a shout Harry was very familiar with, Albus Dumbledore, the man behind all the chaos, had finally arrived.

Harry my boy, are you alright?"

Harry glared at the old man, his fake grandfatherly concern was enough to simultaneously do his nut and spew his lunch.

"I am not your boy, not anymore not since you abandoned me to the Dursleys after I did your dirty work and killed Voldemort." he informed the man coldly.

Dumbledore looked at Harry disappointment and hurt showing clearly but the headmaster simply turned his back to him to face Moriarty.

"Mister Moriarty, I thought the deal was that you would hand Harry over to me unharmed as soon as you had him." the disapproving tone clear in Dumbledore's voice.

"Yes that was the plan Professor but the boy has a way of getting under ones skin. He has a smart mouth and he stopped the fun my minion was having with Doctor Watson over there."

Dumbledore looked disapprovingly at the idea of torture taking place and a look of genuine sorrow crossed his face.

"I am sorry Doctor Watson; I don't abide by torture but I need Harry back. It is all for the greater good you know." he turned back to Moriarty."However the deal was that Harry was to remain unharmed and handed over to me as soon as you had him, and you could do as you wished with the Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. You sir have injured the poor boy and you did not inform me you had him. If I hadn't been magically monitoring this place for Harry's magical signature, I never would have known he was here. You are not following the terms I paid you handsomely to execute properly Mister Moriarty."

A manic grin spread across Moriarty's face and Harry felt the man's empty aura swell. "Well Headmaster Dumbledore it would seem I am changing our agreement. It would be foolish of me to give up control of the Great Detective, his trusty sidekick, the-boy-who-lived and one of the most influential wizard of modern times! You four are going to do wonders for the consulting criminal business, and the best part is all of you will do whatever I tell you because if you don't, it will be your loved ones will suffer." Moriarty gleefully threatened.

Harry could feel his anger and his magic coiling ready to lash out at a moment's notice. He couldn't believe what he was hearing! The great, noble Albus Dumbledore had not only paid to have him kidnapped, but had given a mad man free reign over his dads, and was condoning the torture of his Tad! And now this manic wanted to use them for his own nefarious purposes! This situation was ridiculous and dangerous; they had to get out of here now.

Harry glared at the Headmaster "I will NOT be going back with you! I will not be your weapon or your poster boy Dumbledore! I want nothing to do with the Wizarding world right now! You people left me, a teenager, to battle a Dark Lord after leaving me with relatives that beat me, starved me and heated me, and you want me to what, just come back and keep the peace! I won't do it Dumbledore, I don't want to be the-boy-who-lived, I want to be just Harry and live with my Dad and Tad who love me for me and would never hurt me!" Harry shouted unable to stop once he had started.

Dumbledore looked at Harry with wide shocked eyes. "I, I am sorry, my bo-Harry. I did not realize that you felt this way or that the Dursleys were... they are your family I never once imagined they would hurt you. I am so, so sorry."

Harry watched as the Headmaster seemed to deflate in front of him; was the man really sorry or was this another manipulation? Just as Harry opened his mouth to say, well he wasn't sure what he was going to say, a scuffle was heard from behind him. He turned quickly to see that his Tad had made it off the floor and now had Moriarty by the neck.

"Now Moriarty you and I have been in this position before, but this time I am fighting for my family so one wrong move and it won't end well for you, do understand."

"Harry go unshackle your Dad, and you Dumbledore don't move." his Tad ordered.

Harry scurried over to Sherlock eager to have him free and able to leave. He had just managed to get one arm free when he heard Dumbledore's panicked shout as he ran franticly towards John. He had never heard anything like it and icy hot fear rushed through him as turned and saw a red dot hovering over his Tads back.

It was as if someone had simultaneously muted all sound and slowed down time as several things happened at once. Somewhere in the back of his consciousness Harry recognized that the door to the shack was busted down and men in black body armor were swarming but most of his focus was on the sound of a gunshot and the fact that Moriarty, his Tad and Dumbledore were laying on the floor covered in blood not one of them moving.

Epilogue Three Years Later

Harry and his Dad stood in contemplative silence as they stared at the white marble headstone in front of them. They came every year on this day honor his sacrifice, though admittedly Sherlock only came today so that Harry would not have to come alone. It had been three years since the shack and the arrest of Moriarty who was now locked in the highest security prison Mycroft had.

"I still don't know why he did it, I mean he had to have known he could have died right?" Harry asked.

Sherlock placed a gentle hand on Harry's shoulder "I do believe he was thinking that he cared for you son, sentiment and all that he wanted you to have a life where you were loved."

"I suppose, though I wish he hadn't I still had questions, things only he could answer."

Sherlock cleared his throat awkwardly "Yes well all lives end and I suppose that if you really want your questions answered I could give you the most probable answers based on what I know of his thought process."

Harry looked and his Dad incredulously for a moment before bursting out into laughter.

"Dad you really shouldn't do the comfort thing!"

"It's not really my department, you know." Sherlock said haughtily.

"No that would be my department wouldn't it Lock." a warm voice said from behind them.

Harry turned around and found himself in a warm embrace . "Tad you're back!"

"John, we went expecting you until tomorrow." Sherlock said as he grabbed his husbands hand as they left Dumbledore's final resting place.

"Left the medical conference early, it was bloody boring." John replied with a frustrated shake of his head. "Besides I can't leave you two alone for too long you're likely to blow something up, or get yourselves killed."

"Now that's not fair Tad, we haven't even had any cases since you've been gone, and you know I won't let Dad blow up the loft again," Harry said cheekily.

"Brat" John chuckled as he ruffled Harry's messy locks.

"Sherlock, John Harry!"

"Lestrade, to what do we owe the pleasure?" Sherlock asked an eager gleam in his eyes.

"We've got some kind of ritualistic type murder but there's no marks on the bodies, and the ME found no trace of poison, and another one just showed up; I thought maybe it might be something you know," he mimed someone waving a wand. "Will you come?"

"Not in the Police car will be right behind." Harry said before the others could respond.

"Text the address Lestrade." Sherlock added.

"We will meet you there Greg." John reassured as he watched his husband and their son race back to the cab.

"Barmy the two of them." Greg said with a shake of his head.

"Yes, but I wouldn't have them any other way." John said fondly as he followed after them not noticing the black car on the hill in which sat Mycroft Holmes.

" Yvette upgrade their surveillance to status grade five active."

"Yes sir...Who's status exactly sir?"

"Sherlock, John and Harry Watson-Holmes of cores, we can't have them tearing across Great Britain unsupervised, I do get tired of cleaning up the mess."


A/N: Oh my gosh it is finished! I am so sorry for the long wait, and the kind of abrupt ending; I had/have horrible writers block and I rewrote this chapter several times! It never felt quite right, but I am mostly happy with the ending so I hope you all did not find it too disappointing! THANK YOU for all of your support throughout the story, and I hope you were not disenchanted by its ending.