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Tara sighed as she finished taping up yet another box.

She hadn't stepped foot in her childhood home since she left for medical school over twelve years ago and hadn't looked back. She thought she'd be fine living there, but when she saw the old photos of her family and her mothers knick-knacks all over the living room she couldn't keep her emotions at bay.

She could live in this house while her family pictures hang on the wall, the ones of her, her mother and her father all happy and smiling when no one had smiled in the Knowles home since her mother passed away and seeing the random trinkets and decorations her mother had filled the living room with just made it even harder.

So only a week after moving back to Charming, Tara had unpacked all her things into her home and had packed up everything that had already been there.
She was now successfully finished with the living room. Her mothers decorations were now gone and so were all the family photos except the one of her parents on their wedding day. She found herself keeping that picture seeing that she preferred to remember them at their peaks of happiness. What better memory than them becoming man and wife?

Tara stood up from the couch before picking up the box and taking it out to the garage and putting it with the other boxes that sat to side so they weren't blocking the way to her fathers car which she had found under twelve years worth of newspapers and magazines.

Once she went back inside she made herself a cup of coffee before sitting down on the living room couch and turned on the TV even though she wasn't actually paying attention to it. Her mind began to drift and think about some of the better memories she had here in her hometown of Charming after her mother had died, most of them involved a certain blonde, blue eyed biker.

It had been nice, her seeing Jax again so many years after leaving. She knew that he was happy for the most part. He was VP of the club, going to be president as soon as Clay stepped down and he had a new beautiful baby boy.

Tara began to think about all the times she's seen Jax and his family around little baby Abel and couldn't help but smile. Abel was lucky, having so many people who were going to be there to watch out for him and love him, sometimes watching Jax with him made her envious of what she missed out on and could've had. Made her think that maybe her life wouldn't have been as lonely if maybe she had just told him...

No, she shook her head before putting her cup on the coffee table. She did what she did for a reason. Jax wouldn't have been able to handle the responsibility and she did what she did because she knew that while Abel would grow up with more love and protection then he knew what to do with, he would also grow up and become just like Jax. He would join that God forsaken club and most likely die young if he wasn't careful. That wasn't how anyone should be raised.

She was brought out of her thoughts by a sharp rapping on the front door. She flipped open her phone to see that it was 11:48 at night. Who could possibly be knocking on her door right now?

"Hold on!" She called as the knocks sounded yet again. She got off the couch and headed straight for the door before opening it and was surprised at what she saw.

"Can I help you?" She said opening the door more when she she saw that it was only a kid.

She was about the same height as Tara with dark brown hair and blue eyes. She wore a dark blue plaid skirt over a pair of black sheer stockings that were ripped at the knees with a pair of tattered black boots, a zipped up black hoodie that was probably four sizes too big for her and a large messenger bag that was slung across her body. She couldn't have been more than fifteen.

"Are you Tara Knowles?" She asked uncertain as Tara looked around wondering if she was with anyone.

"Yes." Tara answered and she girl let out a sound of relief. "Who are you?"

"My name's Gracie." She said before taking a breath. "I'm your daughter."