A/N: Ok, obviously I don't own Lil,... wow, I think she's the only character actually in it so far... ok, so the rest so far were created by my demented brain. Ummm... right, so we all know what happens to Violet, and Zoe used the Coyote Ugly to get off to a great start at law school, but what is Lil's story? Why does she claim to be married to her bar? What did this girl from Piedmont, North Dakota have in store for her? (BTW, thanks to imdb.com I know that Piedmont is in SD, but for continuity with the movie, I made up a town... lol) r/r... this is my first REAL fanfic... the patriot one didn't really count... ok, gonna shut up now.

"Lillian Mae, you get your rear back in this house right now!" A young woman, not more than twenty-four years old, with soft features, warm brown eyes and dark hair called out to the barley fields.

A girl, barely nine years old rustled through the barley until she reached the open area fifty feet from the door, she ran up to her mother and hugged her knees. "Aw, Mama, you never let me play," the girl whined in her best melodramatics. Her chocolate eyes danced with laughter as her mother reached down to tickle her as she pushed the girl into the house.

"Listen, sweetie, you know I need you to be a big girl and help me with the house and farming while Daddy's away." The woman shut the wooden door and watched Lillian pick her doll from the floor.

"When is Daddy coming back home?" Lillian asked, brushing her doll's hair with her fingertips. She was too entranced by Rose, her doll, to notice the cloud that had settled on her mother's features. The cloud lifted as suddenly as it had come and Martha smiled.

"I'm not sure, baby, but we need to make sure that everything is just right when he comes back," she said, kneeling next to her daughter. "Come here, hon," she said, sweeping Lillian into her arms and holding her tight. Right then, Lillian realized that everything in the world was right. She had a mommy who loved her, a nice warm home, and any day now, her daddy would be back with lots of presents for his two favorite girls.

"I love you, Mommy," she said, hugging her mother back. She heard a sniffle and pulled away to see a tear falling down her mother's cheek. "Don't cry, Mommy, we'll make everything perfect."

That night, after Lillian had been tucked in, Martha went to her own room and wrote. She wasn't sure why she was writing, or who she was writing to, but she recorded everything on that single piece of paper and hid it away where children's eyes couldn't see.