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"Morgan, shoot me!" Reid screamed next to her. "Just do it. It's okay. Save her and shoot me!"

Garcia let out a loud sob as she rose up from her bed. She covered her mouth with her hand and tried to calm herself down from the nightmare. For over a year and a half, that horrible night had haunted her dreams and tortured her memories when she was awake. She reached next to her and switched on her lamp to get rid of the darkness. Looking to the other side of the bed, Garcia noticed the absence of her boyfriend and already knew where he was. She made her way downstairs to find Morgan sitting on the couch downstairs. Morgan looked up at her and gave her a sad smile. "I guess we both couldn't stop the nightmares."

"I had the same nightmare," Garcia said shakily. "I dreamed about when we lost him."

"You mean when I shot him," Morgan shook his head. "I killed him, Garcia."

A small coo stopped Garcia from speaking. She walked over and seated herself next to him as he gently rocked their baby boy back to sleep. Morgan let a lone tear fall down his cheek as he looked at their son. "I wish there had been another way that night. I just couldn't lose you both, Garcia. I know he said he would always forgive me but it still hurts knowing that I'm the reason he isn't here. We couldn't even find his body in the river to bury him."

"The only person to blame here is Armstrong, that evil son of bitch. He made you choose."

"I couldn't lose you, Garcia. I love you and I always have. I loved Reid as a little brother too but he was right. He knew I couldn't lose you. Little Spencer wouldn't be here today if I had lost you."

Morgan broke down and quickly leaned against Garcia as the memory of Reid became too much to bear. Garcia stroked the back of his head to soothe him with one hand while holding her son's small hand with the other. "It's okay to let the pain out, Derek."

The Next Day

Garcia kissed little Spencer's cheeks as she dropped him off at the daycare. She didn't want to leave him but this was the same struggle she had every day. Her heart wished she could just cuddle her son all day and watch him smile at the world with fascination but her mind reminded her that she had a job to go to and her responsibility was to give Spencer the best life he could have. The daycare assistant took her son with a warm smile. "Will we be seeing you at lunch, Miss Garcia?"

"Yes, I can't stay away from him for too long. Who could with that smile?" Garcia grinned before handing over his baby bag. "Take care of him."

"We always do," the assistant nodded. "He's safe here with us."

Morgan walked into the bullpen with Garcia but both noticed that the team had already gathered in the BAU room. "This can't be good."

They walked into the room to see the team all staring at the plasma screen where a picture of Marcus Armstrong sat. Garcia began to shake with anger. "Why the hell is his picture up there?!" she yelled at them.

"Garcia, we need you stay calm," JJ said as she walked over.

"No, she has every right to be angry," Morgan snapped. "Why is that bastard's picture on the screen?"

"Last night, Armstrong escaped with the help of six armed men. The men were all highly trained and well armed. We only found out when we came in this morning. We're not on the case as the directors think we're too close to this."

"No," Garcia cried angrily. "He's the reason we lost Reid. He can't be out."

JJ and Blake rushed over to her and lowered her into a chair. "Garcia, we're all angry but we can't lose control. Armstrong will be coming after us and we've all been ordered into protective custody."

"No, I want to face this son of a bitch," Morgan paced back and forth. "I'm going to rip his head from his shoulders!"

"Morgan, you're going into protective custody and that is final," Hotch raised his voice. "Your job is to make sure Garcia and little Spencer stay safe. You need to keep your son safe."

Garcia jumped up from the chair. "We just dropped him off at daycare. We've got to go and get him."

"I'll go and get him," Rossi said as he grabbed his keys from his pocket. "You two need to stay here where it's safe. Call ahead and tell them I'm on my way."

Later that night

Garcia rocked her son back and forth in her arms as she paced up and down the living room. They had been placed in a safe house till Armstrong was captured. She couldn't believe that this was happening. It wasn't impossible for Armstrong to find them and after his breakout from the prison, Garcia knew that a few armed officers wouldn't stand in his way. Morgan stayed by the entrance to the living room with his gun in his holster with the safety on. He was ready for Armstrong and would die before letting Garcia or his son get hurt.

Little Spencer began to fuss in her arms and began to cry. "Shhh, little genius. Mommy and daddy will keep you safe. We won't let the bad man hurt you."

Armstrong grinned with glee as he finished shaving his face. He couldn't wait to get his revenge on the bastards that had put him away. The only thing that had kept him going was knowing that he had caused the BAU pain by making one of them murder their own. His men had kept a close eye on the BAU. He already knew what order he would killed them in. Agent Morgan first, then his precious girlfriend and then he would take their baby. An excellent bargaining chip for what he had planned in the bigger picture. The criminals were about to take charge and it was about time in Armstrong's eyes.

As he pulled on his clothes, a small bang from outside his room grabbed his attention. "Damon!" he yelled. "What the hell are you all doing?"

When he didn't receive an answer, Armstrong grabbed his weapon and slowly opened the door. His eyes widened as he took in the sight of all six of his men dead on the floor. Blood flowed from each of their wounds. An arrow had pierced each of their throats.

Armstrong screamed out in pain as an arrow shoot through his hand. He fell against the wall and screeched out as another came through his shoulder and pinned him against the wall.

"These men are the best you could do," a robotic voice said as it filled the air. Armstrong breathed heavily as crimson blood began to soak through his t-shirt. "Your weakness was always the biggest stench about you."

"Come out! Who the hell are you?"

He stared ahead of him as a figure came out from the shadows. The figure looked strong and was dressed head to toe in dark brown leather along with a brown leather mask over his eyes. He had a small sword strapped to each leg and a brown quiver of arrows strapped to his back. Armstrong stared at the high-tech bow in his attacker's hand. "Look," Armstrong coughed. "I can make you a deal. I can make you part of something big. Just let me live."

"I know what's ahead," his attacker spoke in the same robotic voice. "I intend to bring those big plans tumbling down. You won't be surviving to see those plans, Mr Armstrong."

"You don't know what you're dealing with, you prick."

"I know exactly who I'm dealing with. Now, I'm going to give you a choice. Choose your head or your heart. Choose where I put my arrow."

"What?" Armstrong groaned. "No, please."

"You threatened my family and once made one of them make a heartbreaking choice. I know what you had planned for the BAU and I'm going to take great pleasure in killing you. Now, head or heart."

"No," Armstrong shook his head as realisation came to his eyes. "You're dead. I saw you die and fall! I saw him shoot you in the heart!"

The figure brought back his bow and aimed it at Armstrong's chest. "Heart it is."

As he watched the light from Armstrong's eyes fade, Spencer closed his eyes and put his bow on his back and locked it into place. Walking to the pin board that contained photos and addresses of the entire BAU and their families, he reached up and pulled a photo that they must have stolen and copied without Morgan and Garcia knowing. For the first time, he saw what their baby looked like. He finally had a picture of Spencer Thomas Morgan.

Folding the picture, he tucked it into his pocket before walking away and planting a few explosive devices inside the room. Jumping from the window to the ground, he looked back before giving the signal to his partner.

The warehouse burst into flames behind him as he reached the car. He climbed into the car and lowered down his hood.

"Thank you for waiting outside, Adira."

"This was your path to take alone, Spencer. Come, you must rest. We have much more to do."

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- Adira is a name that means strong and has hebrew origins.