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The Melody of the Wanderer


"You are here to make a difference, to either improve the world or worsen it. And whether or not you consciously choose to, you will accomplish one or the other.

- Richelle E. Goodrich



The art of being weightless as you naturally succumb to the omnipresence of earth's gravity.

During the time one spends in the air while falling, consciousness is but an illusion, you feel oddly at peace with everything, your mind blank and thoughtless as you simply take in the thrill of the wind rushing against your face.

The task of free-falling through the sky took a lot of courage, but the feeling of freedom was immeasurable, as your hands took in the soft fluffy clouds of the sky which had always seemed untouchable, or perhaps staring at the beauty of the glowing full moon and the numerous stars that lined the night sky… it was simply wonderful.

Of course one had to avoid insects and birds that made the airspace their home, the ride was thrilling, as the cities below sparkled in your peripheral vision, their lights looking like a dance of magnificent fire flies.


It was great. If only… he had a parachute.

Or perhaps… if only, he had chosen to free-fall of his own free-will.

And of course, it would be nice… if he wasn't going to crash into the ocean of all places.

Let's not forget, that with the speed and velocity at which he was approaching the ocean, he would find himself as nothing more than a bloody stain on the ocean floor.

Such was his life.

With gorgeous scarlet red hair that flowed freely and reached all the way to her waist, stern gray eyes that were firm and focused, a matching pair of steel-like diamond-shaped earrings and an unyielding gaze and thinned lips, Erza Scarlet, the Titania of Fairy Tail, was certainly not amused. Donning her infamous Heart Kreuz armor which obviously did nothing to hide her well-endowed chest, alongside a short blue skirt which ended above her thigh – not short enough to be considered indecent, but also not long enough to be considered sexy – and her knee-high combat boots, she was indeed a sight to behold.

Many have argued that her fashion sense – or lack of thereof – was one of the most unique features about the red-headed beauty.

Irrespective of which, Erza Scarlet had always been known for one other thing. She had always, as far as anyone could remember, stuck firmly to the rules. Due to her reputation as one of the most feared female mages of Fairy Tail, she had amassed a position as the Disciplinarian of the guild. In a guild with the likes of characters whose very presence embodies the advent of mass destruction and millions of Jewels worth of property destruction, there had to be someone available who could create order in the midst of such anarchy.

Of course, it was highly ironic in the sense that she could cause as much, if not much more damage than most of the guild members put together, as expected of her ranking as an S-Class Mage. With the exception of Natsu of course, The Salamander of Fairy Tail was on a whole different level of chaos and destruction.

It was in due respite, that Erza took on the position of the guild's disciplinarian, and truly became the "Titania" of Fairy Tail. She had become so feared and respected in that regard with her strict nature and near no-nonsense attitude, she always made sure to ensure the guild followed the moral code and conduct, and tried to be presentable, as the image of such a reputable guild would expect a mage from such a place like Fairy Tail to behave.

Nonetheless, her strictness and adherence to the rules were not all in the name of the guild, as she personally had sincere feelings for her guild members, which were more or less family to her, and all in all, what she did was mostly her on way of expressing her care and concern, so as to make sure they didn't get hurt.

Such as now, as she had barely completed a mission when she had heard the news from Mirajane, one of her guild-mates and close friends, that Natsu had gone off on another hair-brained scheme and idea of his, by stealing an S-Rank Quest and run off to complete it in an attempt to prove his strength.

Her eyebrow nearly twitched at the thought. What Natsu didn't understand was the fact that no one doubted his strength at all, what they all doubted was his maturity and ability to keep a level head – that was one of the major reasons he had not yet been promoted.

"Why do you want to go to that island…Ma'am!" a voice interrupted her thoughts, causing her already thinned lips to thin even further.

"Shut up and steer." She ordered calmly.

As of now, Erza had done a feat which most would consider impressive, even for a mage. She stood on a ship, which had an image of a pumpkin head sticking its tongue out and underneath it, a crossed fork and knife as its jolly ranger. And on that ship all around her, were various men of different sizes that strew about, either unconscious or in the process of groggily getting up from that state.

Yes, Erza Scarlet had indeed, defeated, and was currently commandeering a pirate ship. And of course the poor lad that was in control of the wheel, just so happened to be the captain.

In hindsight, the man should have realized being a pirate in a world full of powerful wizards who could instantaneously cause pandemonium and mayhem upon him should he ever cross their path or gain their ire was not going to be a lucrative business.

He was learning that first hand as he was being ordered to sail to an island which all boats or ships on the high seas avoided for various reasons.

"Give us a break here!" he quickly corrected himself "…please?" he would give anything to not have to go there.

"Galuna Island is cursed! Rumor has it that humans turn into demons on that island!" he uttered out quickly, hoping so dearly that it would be enough to convince the strong woman of her grave choice.

"I don't care." Her blunt tone echoed across the vast area of space known as the ocean.

And the Captain's hope plummeted to the depths of previously mentioned ocean.

"I am going to punish some rule breakers. That is all." The pirate Captain sweatdropped at the woman's blunt, uncaring tone and attitude, and was even more annoyed when members of his crew got up and began throwing her compliments.

"You're awesome!"


"We'll follow you anywhere ma'am!"

"Hurry." She stated brusquely.

"Aye' Sir!" was the unanimous response from the crew.

'Why me?' the captain reflected sadly. 'Well… if you can't beat them…' where his finishing thoughts as he decided to concede to the woman's wills and wishes. Unfortunately, he had a rather sudden distraction.

"Hey…" his thoughts were interrupted by the presence of a dark and rapidly approaching shadow which loomed over the ship "…what in the world is that?"

Erza and the rest of the pirates looked up towards the night sky, watching as an unidentified object spiraled towards their ship at with the ephemeral presence of gravity aiding the descent.

"It's a bird!" one pirate shouted.

"No, it's an airship!" another yelled.

"No you dolts, it's obviously a wabbit."

Silence reigned as everyone turned to look at the pirate who made the ludicrous statement.

"A wabbit… seriously?"

The man in question simply shrugged "Hey, I thought we were all playing 'make a stupid guess' and I won."

Erza simply gave a blank gaze at the pirate – unintentionally having the effect of making him sweat bullets – before shaking her head. Regardless of whatever it was, it was approaching them at a speed that would tear straight through the deck of the ship and go straight under, in which case, would lead to them all sinking to the depths of the freezing cold ocean floor. With her current goal of apprehending Natsu and his rag-tag group… such a scenario was not something that was in no way or form acceptable.

Channeling the inner energy which resided in the body of all wizards, Erza positioned her arms out as she prepared her technique.

"Requip: Tenrin no Yoroi!" she bellowed out, floating off the ground as her regular Heart Kreuz armor faded away with a brilliant burst of pristine white light, leaving her as bare as the day she was born but for a nanosecond, before she was engulfed in an entirely new ensemble.

In her new outfit, plated armor covered her chest, with a large metal flower over it and a large billowing skirt which contained metal plating in the upper area. The armor left little to the imagination as her neck and stomach are left uncovered, with the final equipment being the large metal wings which are made of individual blades and a wing-like earpiece.

The pirates stared in shock and awe, and of course, perverted gazes. Without hesitation, the Titania of Fairy Tail leaped up into the sky, creating a large gust of wind which almost blew the pirates on the ship away.

Squinting her eyes as she soared through wind pressure and resistance, ignoring the rush of the winds against her face, as her hair whipped around like wild vines, she was able to identify the object which was falling closer to her.

'Is that… a person?'

She was left with no further time for deliberation as she braced herself for impact, grunting as the full brunt of a human body slammed at her with the force of gravity's accelerated decent.

'Oof!' she was able to catch the figure, but had the unfortunate side effect of being sent plummeting towards the ship.

Increasing her magical energy, she let out a large grunt of effort as she righted herself in mid-air, merely seconds before she crashed into the deck, but instead ended up rolling across the wooded top deck of the ship, leaving several dents and cuts from her armor, before coming to a stop in a mangled pair of limbs.

Letting out a breath she herself did not know she was holding, she was finally able to analyze the person who had literarily fallen out of nowhere.

He was a tall, handsome boy that honestly would not be out of place in a doushinji magazine, he had jet black hair that was styled and spiked upwards and also possessed bangs or fringes resembling a crow's wings.

Erza, with her sharp and analytical mind was quick to notice that he wasn't burly or overly large, nor did he have the form of someone who had spent relentless hours in the gym to hone such muscles, rather the muscles felt like they had gotten that way from years and years of constant use practice and training, and as such he was more lean and had a body built for speed than strength.

The reason as to how she'd deduced such was also the reason of her current embarrassment. Her body was entwined with him, her legs where wrapped around his in an intimate manner, her body was under and she could feel his weight and the strength of his muscles on her form. Of course, what affected her most was his face, his face and lips hung close and his lips were mere inches away from hers.

Erza fought down the reddening of her cheeks as she stared into the face of the mysterious young man. His face, regardless of his state of unconsciousness was blank and impassive yet somehow being simultaneously serene and peaceful, and his features were refined as though chiseled finely from stone by a master artisan.

In a movement, she pushed the unconscious man gently off her, and took in several deep breaths to calm herself down.

"Who the hell is this?" one of the pirates asked rudely.

"Who cares 'bout who he is? I wanna know how in the world he got flying outta the sky!" another responded.

Erza scowled as she thought about the second comment. Re-quipping back to her normal Heart Kreuz armor in a burst of white light, she took a further observation of the figure.

He was dressed in gray kimono shirt with long sleeves and a high neck-line, long black ankle length tight pants, and a pair of black snug sandals. What caught her attention however, was the white wristbands which were filled to the brim with all sorts of strange writings and tattoos she couldn't understand or decipher. Oh, and let's not forget the long black cloak which doubled as a hoodie, or the fact that his left arm was wrapped in bandages from the elbow to the very tip.

Her first thought was that he was either an assassin or a mercenary of sorts, at least, from the way he was dressed, and from the tattoos and seals on his right arm.

At the very least, he didn't seem seriously injured whatsoever, which meant that it wouldn't take long for him to regain consciousness, so she could drill him with all manner of questions.

Erza sighed in annoyance once she realized that such an unexpected occurrence may have an effect on her mission to return Natsu, Lucy and Gray back to the guild… and of course pound the ignorant Dragonslayer's head for his hair-brained mistake. Honestly she expected such out of Natsu, but Lucy of all people, and then yet alone Gray? Those two were some of the most level headed people she knew and Gray was cool-headed in serious situations – no pun intended.

Behind her own steely view of her guild mates action and her sense of urgency to bring them to appropriate justice, a deep part of her still wished and hoped deeply that they were all safe, and that they didn't get into something way over their heads.

Turning back to the issue at hand, she realized that their unexpected guest had been taken below deck into one of the rooms to rest for the mean time, they would be able to question him better once he woke up. However, for now, it would be best to allow things run its course… she had a mission to complete.

In-between Realms

Spirit World

The Spirit King had been busy for the last couple of hours, and it had begun to grate on his nerves. Other than having to deal with issues such as Leo's disappearance, Ares's and Gemini's issues with harsh Celestial Mages, Taurus' constant acts of perversion on his fellow spirits and Aquarius's constant nagging about how terrible her current master was, and how she much she still missed the previous one… the Spirit King had just about had it.

That was until, he and everyone else in the spirit world had felt the massive surge of energy that went up in the human world, that and the sudden intrusion of a new figure on their plane of existence.

The figure possessed a form of energy that was not Eterno based, and irrespective of that, he seemed to be more at one with nature than anyone else. A blunt explanation of it was, he's aura felt highly similar to that of the most feared dark mage in existence, the major difference being the fact that his aura was more of a neutral gray than a pure 'dark'.

"What do you think was that?" he turned to the side, recognizing Aquarius's voice easily enough.

"I am not entirely sure myself." He responded in tone. They had all sensed the original surge, but that was their first and only clue, as the power levels sunk to way beyond their radar, and they would have to be within miles of any of them to sense him again.

On such a normal occasion, such an occurrence would not be enough to cause them worry, but as the Spirit King, he could feel the utmost reason as to why everyone was so worried about the upset of balance.

Whoever or whatever it was… he possessed a unique ability that no one, not a single soul in their plane of existence before him had possibly possessed.

'Whoever you are, whatever you are… how do you possess such an ability?!' the Spirit King's eyes narrowed in distaste.

"Aquarius" he commanded simply.

"Hai, my king."

"Inform the others to be on alert for this intruder, once you find him, inform me immediately, that is your top priority for now." He ordered sharply, his tone leaving no room for questions.

"As you command." The noble Spirit bowed and vanished in a blur of water vapor.

'It seems…' the king thought morbidly '…things are going to change from here on.'

Galuna Island


"Land ho!" a burly pirate echoed, Erza stood up from her sitting position on an empty barrel, walking towards the front of the ship as she observed the large Island which got closer and closer by the second. She could identify the large forest which dominated it, and saw quite a large number of different magical wildlife which inhabited the island.

Irrespective of which, what drew her attention the most was the large cylindrical dome which encompassed the entire island. The dome was suspended high above the island in the air, and possessed a purple tint which must have undoubtedly deviated the original color of the moon to the residents on that Island.

Erza immediately re-quipped her sword out from her pocket dimension and steadied herself. It was time to find some rule-breakers.

"Hey! What the hell do you think you are doing?"

Erza narrowed her eyebrows as she prepared to discipline the pirate who decided to mouth off to her, only to realize something was amiss.

Turning around, she got the shocker of her life when she noticed a very similar young man with black hair, who had held up the captain of the ship above his head by the scruff of his neck, and was gazing into the man's eyes with his own glowing red eyes.

Erza gripped her sword as she prepared to strike, as far as she was concerned, he had no right harassing any of the people that had helped save his life.

"Unhand him at once!" she ordered, her first and only warning.

The young man simply turned to look at her, his eyes which she could have sworn where glowing red earlier gazed into her brown orbs with a simple onyx black color.

It took Erza all her years of battle hardening and experience not to flinch at the intensity of his gaze. His eyes, those two vast orbs which have been described by men as the windows to the soul belied absolutely nothing. In them, no hate, no anger, no confusion, no emotion… they belied absolutely nothing! They were like a vast abyss of darkness which knew no beginning and knew no end.

'Just who is this person…?' the red head wondered to herself 'I can't sense a single drop of magical energy in him at all! There's something there… but it's not magic… I've never sensed anything of the sort in my life.'

"Hn." Was the young man's response as the effortlessly tossed the captain across the deck with but a flick of his wrist. The captain crashed into five more pirates, thankfully, they were able to break his fall, at the price of their own consciousness.

Erza grit her teeth at his careless manhandling of the pirate captain. "Unforgivable! Is that how you treat the people who aided in your survival?" she questioned angrily, she was also tempted to attack him out of sheer principle.

"I have no sympathy for the lowly bottom-feeders of the oceans…" Erza noted that his voice was calm, mellow and had an almost icy feel to it, as though it was smooth, cold and slippery at the same time.

"…but you're obviously not a pirate."

The Titania's eyes widened as much as she could once she heard his voice whisper behind her ear! Her eyes only then noticed that there was no one standing in the direction of where she was looking, the man had seemingly vanished from his previous position, there was no blur, no afterimage, no sound, not even a single footstep – it was simply logic, one second he was there, the next he wasn't.

'Impossible!' she thought almost immediately, as her body twisted efficiently, and as she instinctively swung her sword in an arc behind her, motivated by the sudden shock and burst of adrenaline.


A shockwave of air erupted from the point of impact, creating a spherical burst of wind that travelled outwards at top speed, blowing away some of the spectating pirates, and echoing all around the Island's shoreline.

'Impossible…! There's no way…' Erza could barely hide the gob smacked expression of amazement on her face, as her pupils shook in barely restrained terror. As right in front of her, her sword was held firmly in place by a single, extended phalange. '…He blocked my sword strike… with his finger?!'

True to the feat, the young man stood with nothing more than his index finger stretched out to use as a defensive mechanism against the full brunt of Erza's attack.

The tall young man still had a blank expression on his face, but hidden subtly, she could detect a smug grin behind his collected demeanor. Erza frowned as she pried away her blade and jumped back to gain distance from the cloaked stranger.

'He didn't just do that to show off… he did it as a demonstration…' Erza analyzed sharply. The man had escaped away from her sight and re-appeared behind her so fast, that regardless if the fact that she had her sights on him the entire time, she could barely even notice him move. If he had wanted to, he could have killed her without her ever realizing what happened.

Then he followed up by blocking her sword strike with a single finger, indicating as a demonstration of physical strength, Erza knew this because she was one of the strongest females in Fairy Tail, and she trained her physical strength enough each day so that she could slash through steel with her sword strikes. Therefore, the amount of physical prowess one needed to actually catch one of her swings was devastating, but to simply stop one of her sword strikes out cold in its tracks? With a finger of all things?

That, was insane.

"For now, I have three questions." He started slowly, leaning against the hull of the ship as he closed his eyes. "Who are you?" Question one. "Where am I?" question two "…And why are we heading to an island with so much demonic energy?"

And in a second, the last question spurned Erza to recall what she had come to the island for in the first place. 'Demonic energy? Damn it Natsu!'

In a flash, she ignored the young man and dashed off the boat.

Lucy Heartfilia felt that she had led a somewhat decent life, if rather short. She had got to complete her dream of joining Fairy Tail, had got to meet Natsu, the guild, and of course everyone else who had inspired her in one way or another.

Her only regret was truly, the pain that her death would cause everyone. That… and the fact that she had to die in the most pathetic way possible, and this time around, Natsu wasn't going to magically spring up and help her.

As the giant, flying green rodent affectionately named Angelica lunged at her with the full mass of its body, she knew that there was no were to run, and no way to dodge. Especially as she had used up the last of her magical energy summoning up all her celestial spirits and then having no choice to use a forced gate closure on said spirits – she was finally out of juice.

Closing her eyes and residing herself to her fate, she waited to feel the overwhelming weight crush her bones to paste.


Lucy stiffened suddenly when she heard the crash, but could not feel any form of physical harm. Only to slowly open her eyes and observe in awe.

She was no longer on the floor, but rather was being carried bridal style by a figure, her first instinct was to call out 'Natsu' but then froze once she realized Natsu didn't have black hair.

He was dressed in gray kimono shirt with long sleeves and a high neck-line, long black ankle length tight pants, and a pair of black snug sandals, he had jet black hair that was jelled and spiked upwards and also possessed bangs or fringes oddly reminiscent of a crow's wings.

His cold face was putting Gray's easily to shame as it was refined and spotless, and easily looked like he could compete and win Sorcerer's Weekly most handsome mage tournament.

As much as she wanted to, Lucy could barely keep herself from blushing and stuttering like a school-girl. "W-who are y-you?" she managed to utter out.

What she was not expecting, however, was for the handsome teen to unceremoniously drop her on the floor like a sack of potatoes.

Lucy had a tick mark on her forehead in slight annoyance, but before she could comment on it, the presence of an ominous shadow behind her froze her in her tracks.

"Erza!" she yelled in delight and surprise, until remembering one little fact. They were not on a sanctioned mission, and there was only one possible reason Erza would be there. She gulped slightly.

On second thought, perhaps getting crushed to death by a giant green rodent was not such a bad way to go.

It had been a very odd day for one young man. First, he had fallen from the sky, with absolutely no memory of what had happened or could have happened that would have sent him spiraling from the sky on such a dangerous descent. Second, he had woken up on a pirate ship… a goddamned pirate ship, him! The preposterousness of it all was probably the only thing stopping him from assassinating every single last one of those pirates. Only to stop once he realized there was a beautiful swordswoman there who could probably provide him with more answers and in more detail than any pirate.

Needless to say, he had already come to the possibility of the fact that he was nowhere near the elemental nations, as the distinct lack of chakra in the air, or in the bodies of people was more than just alarming.

Basically, as far as he knew, every living thing in the world had a chakra network, regardless of whether it was active or dominant you still possessed it. Upon realizing, however, that he could not sense any being with chakra for miles, yet alone anyone with a chakra network, it was his first clue that something had gone horribly wrong.

Times like this, he wished he possessed the Byakugan as well, just so he could give a large scan and layout of the land that would enable him to pick up his tracks and begin understanding this new society as a large.

He had followed the mysterious red-headed woman not because she intrigued him, which she did, but mostly because he needed answers, and she had an aura of power, experience and a wealth of knowledge about her.

He had not, of course, expected to end up saving a girl that was about to be crushed by a giant, fat green rat in a pink dress. He felt his eye twitch from the simple absurdity of that sentence. This world was suddenly starting to rank up to his in sheer levels of insanity alone.

He didn't know exactly what possessed him to commit such an act – something his blonde teammate usually did without thinking – but on noticing how she was about to be crushed and how the red-headed armored woman was desperately trying to make it there in time, but was to slow, his body seemed to have acted of its own accord.

If Naruto, Kakashi, or hell even Suigetsu or Jugo saw him do that, he'd never live it down. They'd pester him about that fact for all of eternity, until his soul was gone and immortal, even then, he'd never hear the end of it. That was exactly why he had dropped the girl on the ground seconds after swooping her away to safety.

He didn't have a damn hero complex, and he wasn't Naruto damn it!

He wanted to interrupt once he noticed the red-headed woman berate the other blonde woman for something that neither interested him nor was any of his business, but simply decided to keep a single ear on the conversation.

Until he saw a cat.

He saw a talking, flying, freaking blue cat – with a white underbelly and white tail tip – that could stand on its bloody hind legs and had angel-like white wings. He wanted to call bullshit and simply point out the fact.

Alas, he was an Uchiha, and such an act would go against his Clan's 'approved' code of conduct.

So instead, he settled for simply twitching his left eye continuously, in a way he hoped was subtle. Basically, he had no problem with a talking cat, he had seen enough of those back in his younger days, what surprised him was the fact that the cat had the ability to fly.

Such ability, coupled with the natural speed, flexibility and dangers of a cat's sharp claws would make it the most revered summon in existence. A ghost of a shudder nearly came to him once he imagined Tora the Cat, possessing the ability to fly.

That damned demon cat was already the nightmare of each and every Genin team that had graced Konohagakure no Sato, with the ability to fly added to the creature's repertoire, it would be the hardest damned thing to catch in the world, and they'd probably upgrade that mission to a B-Rank standing.

"So who's this, Erza?" the blonde girl uttered nervously in an attempt to bring up small talk as she was tied up securely with ropes by the red-headed woman.

"You may call me Uchiha Sasuke…" he stated in a bored but somewhat agitated tone, as his patience was finally beginning to wear off, "…and my patience is limited."

He turned to stare at the woman who he had finally identified as Erza.

"I want information." He stated bluntly "I want to know-" the dark-haired teen froze suddenly mid-sentence as his eyes narrowed nearly imperceptibly.

Turning his gaze, he stared hardly at a bush of shrubs which were not that far off from their position. Without uttering a word, he vanished from sight, and appeared in front of the shrubs, swinging his hand back, he slashed them all in one motion, sending leaves and grass soaring into the air.

"Eh? What was that all about?" Lucy wondered aloud, her eyes widening in somewhat hidden shock as the teen literally vanished from sight at speeds she'd barely been able to follow.

"He just vanished!" uttered Happy in a surprised tone, leaving Erza to narrow her eyes as she stared hard on the spot which he had stood previously.

This was the second time he'd done something like that, and it had only confirmed her previous suspicion that he indeed was not using any magic to move that fast – it was pure, unrelenting speed. So far, she'd done her best to ignore the man, but she'd also kept a very close watch on him… as soon as she completed her task, she'd have a word with this 'Uchiha' person.

The brunette muttered something under his breath before calmly walked back to the two Fairy Tail wizards, with a contemplating look on his features.

'There was obviously a spy in those bushes… how did they get away from my notice so quickly?' he mused to himself.

Sasuke wore a small smirk on his features, as he glanced back to the women. It seemed that this world was going to be highly entertaining.

Galuna Island

Village – Night Time

Sasuke lay high on a tree branch as he watched the festivities go on. For the most part, he'd done nothing but gather information about this world he was in from the villagers, though the information was limited due to the anti-social nature of the village, and the fact that they had not communicated with the mainland continent in years. What he was able to gather though, did match up with his suspicions. This world was named Earthland, and so far he was on the border of the Kingdom of Fiore. No one, absolutely no one seemed to even have an inkling of a clue as to where or what the Elemental Nations was.

Apparently, from his knowledge, limited as it was, he'd realized that no one had chakra in this world, but apparently they used magic. He had assumed it to be a joke of some sort at first, until he realized that they were absolutely serious about the fact, and even went to point out the tradition of Wizards who joined guilds and took on quests.

Thankfully, it had been easy enough to relate to the Shinobi System back at Konoha, with mages and missions possessing ranks which went up from D-rank, which was the lowest, to S – Rank, which was the highest. And from what he'd glimmered out from the mages he'd met, this was an S-Rank mission, however, the people who had taken it up were not S-rank mages themselves, and in doing so they had broken the guild rules, which was why Erza, the red-headed mage he met earlier had been sent out to retrieve and reprimand them.

Sasuke nearly laughed at the notion of this being an S-Rank mission, - nearly, being the keyword, as such an action would be unbefitting of an Uchiha – as back in Konoha, such a mission would have been considered a C or B-Rank top. This was the reason why Sasuke hadn't felt the need whatsoever to intervene in any fight or combat activity, all he did was observe them from afar to get a rough estimation of everyone's skills and abilities.

He'd taken the whole 'the villagers are demons' thing without batting an eyelash, as far as he was concerned, they were normal run of the mill humans in all but name, because he'd seen what real demons were capable of, and this people could not stack up to that.

What did amuse him however, was watching Erza and the pink haired teen called Natsu send out a spear that soared so high into the sky and shattered the barrier over the village – he'd noticed the barrier with his Sharingan, but wondered how they would get rid of it. Then Erza had gone on to explain how the residue from some magic spell had not affected their bodies, but their minds.

Of course, that was when he met that woman.

"Amusing, I thought I was the only spectator of this show." Sasuke quipped, causing a short masked man that stood hidden on a tree-branch to nearly falter in his steps.

"Oh…? And just who are you?" the man remarked calmly, but Sasuke could detect the hint of surprise and shock in his voice. "You are obviously no Fairy Tail mage, and I can't sense any magical power from you."

"You are not worthy of gaining the knowledge of my identity." He stated slowly, "After all, you never gave me yours." He retorted calmly.

"Oh… fascinating. You may call me-" He started slowly, eyes not moving away from Sasuke for even a second.

"You are mistaken." Sasuke interrupted his dialogue sharply, his smirk on his features "If you believe that I actually care enough to know your name."

The masked man bristled in anger at being brushed off so easily "You brat! I'd love to do nothing more than wipe that annoying smirk off your face permanently."

"You bore me with your sentiments." The Uchiha stated, his expression matching his statement "And I grow tired of speaking to you true such a callous disguise."

"What are you implying…?" the short masked man suddenly grew nervous as his statement hit a little close to home.

"Do not play games with me, woman."

That, got a visible reaction as the 'man' became slack-jawed for a second, before trying to play it cool. "I-I have no idea as to what you're talking about."

"Then allow me to enlighten you."

Zalty's eyes widened, as he heard the voice come from behind him, and before he could turn back or jump away, he felt a firm and grasp his shoulder.

"Genjutsu: Kai!"

Zalty watched in shock as the well-constructed disguise and transformation placed faded away into nothing, revealing someone else entirely.

She was a relatively young woman in her twenties, with flowing black hair, brown eyes, and a highly attractive figure. She wore a white kimono top, which had only one sleeve on the left side, along with a long yellow sash to keep it in place, and wore a matching skirt which stopped mid-thigh level. The outfit was completed with a small belt-like choker which was placed on her neck.

The woman, now revealed, cursed slightly as he had completely blown her cover, and revealed her true identity. She jumped back from him, further into the trees to hide, as his speed had taken her completely by surprise.

"Amusing. Do you think you can actually hide from me?" she heard his voice echo all around her "If I wished to fight you, you'd already be dead."

The daughter of Ul froze stiff as his voice whispered solemnly in her ear, once again, proving his ability to sneak up on her undetected. Only this time, she found herself completely unable to move.

'I-I can't move! Why can't I move?' a sudden sense of fear welled up in her stomach as she realized she was defenseless, her magic was useless if she couldn't move a finger.

"What do you want from me?" she spoke calmly, her voice not inflecting the fear she felt within. As she knew that she was an attractive woman, and in such a scenario, any person with enough common sense would figure out what they could possibly want from her.

She felt herself spun around, only to meet with two glowing red orbs for eyes, she gasped as she couldn't help but stare in awe at the most beautiful, yet most terrifying eyes she'd ever seen, glowing red with what resembled a pinwheel encompassed within a biohazard symbol, rotating slowly in a calm mesmerizing manner.

Before she could utter a word, he'd closed his eyes, as they returned to a normal onyx black. "Hn." He said simply, before placing his hand on the side of her cheek, and looking at her with a smirk "Next time, when attempting to spy on someone, be sure to remember to cover your tracks, you almost made it too easy…" he remarked lazily.

Ultear blanched as he brazenly admitted that he'd been spying on her while she'd been spying on the Fairy Tail team, only to fail to hide the blush on her face from his touch, and from the proximity of their faces. 'Who is this man?' she wondered as her heartbeat raced sharply, his stern gaze felt as though he could see into the very depths of her soul, and still finding herself unable to move, she felt naked and defenseless in his presence. The man simply turned away from her and walked three steps, before vanishing in a whirl of leaves.

As Ultear regained control of her body, she heard his voice echo around her "Till next time, Ultear."

Ultear's eyes widened as she realized that she'd never told him her name, and even more so as she touched her cheek, only to realize that her previously aching bruise delivered by the Dragonslayer's attack was gone.

"Uchiha! Get down from there we need to talk." Sasuke was interrupted from his memories by the sharp command, and glanced down to find Erza staring up at him. Apparently he'd been lost so deep in thought, the festivities had ended and everyone was retiring for the night.

"Hn." He grunted in annoyance "If you wish to talk, then climb up here yourself." He muttered under his breath, but just loud enough for her to hear.

Seriously, two years ago if someone had spoken to him in such a manner, he'd have slit their throat just out of principle. Now, it happened almost all the time because Naruto had made him softer than ever – though ironically it mostly happened with women.

A bittersweet smirk came to his face as he recalled Team Seven's numerous attempts to get him out of his anti-social shell which he'd been trapped in for years. At times, he found himself returning to his old habits, but whenever he did, Naruto would be there, waiting to prank him as punishment. And of course there was Sakura, who'd simply give that deceptively sweet smile that promised something else entirely.

Sasuke's smirk vanished as he recalled how the Fourth Shinobi World War had affected everyone, some positively, some negatively. It also reminded him bitterly of how his brief relationship with Sakura ended faster than even he'd thought possible. Despite their heated night of passion, in which had actually created his attraction to his teammate, their relationship just was unable to hold together.

He still had his goal of restoring the Uchiha Clan, but it was a pipedream at best, and he knew it. Not everyone was happy about the fact that he'd been pardoned for his crimes, actions and aid in the Fourth War notwithstanding, he could feel the very essence of the people he met and the shinobi he encountered, and none of them were pleased with his existence or presence.

He was a harsh reminder of the fact that the war had been started by and orchestrated by an Uchiha – a single Uchiha. Some had pushed the blame on to him, while others acted like they were near a mine-field around him, fearing that he would start another war simply if they gained his ire.

As such, he had become a wanderer like Naruto's late sensei, he had travelled the world, explored the seas, the oceans, in his own way of finding peace. He was grateful towards Naruto for breaking his Curse of Hatred, the vile curse that had been placed on each and every Uchiha, but he also had to be careful, lest someone or something give him enough hate to regenerate the curse's effects. It had been the same with his ancestor Madara Uchiha, who had lost the Curse when Hashirama was willing to end his life as retribution for that of Madara's younger brother, but Madara regained the curse when the members of the Uchiha clan turned their backs on him.

It also bitterly reminded him of how he had arrived here in the first place.

Sasuke blinked as he suddenly felt the familiar lore of gravity taking hold, only to twitch his eye at the sheer level of madness the red-headed woman would go to get her way.

Effortlessly jumping down, he didn't even blink when the tree he was sleeping on earlier tumbled to the side, and landed with an ear-shattering crash.

"You didn't have to cut down the tree." He stated blankly.

"It was more effective." She replied with a straight face, as though something of the sorts was normal for her.

Sasuke wouldn't actually be surprised if it was normal. From what he'd gathered, this group was from the Wizard Guild known as Fairy Tail, it was renowned world over, but also had the most eccentric characters you could ever meet.

'Naruto would have loved it there.' He thought absently. Apparently, Erza was the only S-ranked wizard on the Island, and was known as the "Titania" of Fairy Tail. She'd seemingly got that title for being the strongest female in the guild.

How had he gained that information? Let's just say, he wasn't gazing at Ultear's eyes simply because she was sexy.

Erza, on the other hand, had a lot of questions simply lining up in her mind, but the most prominent one sprung up first "How did you end up falling out of the sky?"

"…I don't recall." He replied "My memory of that incident is still unclear." Which was actually the truth. He had no idea as to how he'd ended up falling out of the sky, over the ocean.

She stared at him with a gaze that would have intimidated lesser men, but Sasuke had faced down much worse than what she was giving him, and he didn't even bat an eyelash. Rather, he found it amusing.

"What's so funny?" she asked, eyebrows furrowing in distaste.

Sasuke contemplated, whether or not he should answer. He was about to give out a 'hn' when he froze, and looked around out of instinct, recalling the times a certain blonde shinobi had blasted him with glitter and orange paint for his one-line anti-social responses.

Thankfully, he recalled that he was in another dimension entirely. Regardless of which, Naruto's 'rehabilitation pranks' had instilled in him the desire to become less anti-social, for the sake of self-preservation and now it had become a subconscious action.

He could almost imagine the blonde grinning ear to ear in satisfaction.

"Nothing." He stated simply, but by the look she was giving him, he could tell that she didn't believe him, and more importantly that she didn't trust him.

Not that he could blame her, hell he would be distrustful of himself if he was in her shoes, he did fall out of the sky after all.

"You have my gratitude for saving my friend earlier…" she stated brusquely, staring at him harder than before "…but I need to know what your intentions are."

"My intentions?" Sasuke smirked, this was certainly amusing. "Other than getting off this island, I don't believe I have any other plans" – that you need to know of. He added mentally, it wasn't like she could force it out of him.

"I have no reason to attack any of you, my goal is simply to reach the main continent. That is all."

"I see." She seemed calmed by his declaration, but was still somewhat wary of him. "We leave tomorrow after dawn. Don't be late."

"Hn." He grunted out, only realizing what he'd said after he said it, old habits die hard I guess.

Slowly walking away, he couldn't help but think of the possibilities that awaited him.

This may not have been the Elemental Nations, but here, Sasuke was an unknown factor, here, no one knew of the Uchiha Clan or of the terror that was Uchiha Madara, and he had a relatively unknown name. He could start building his life back up from the little broken pieces and fragments, and he had an entire clean slate to work with.

For he knew, he just knew, that even if he'd found a way to return… things wouldn't change, and very few people would welcome his presence, no one wanted the Uchiha Clan to return, as the clan, though powerful, was the most deadly in existence.

In this relatively new world however, the sky was the limit – so to speak.

And it was time, Earthland would be shaken up by the arrival of an unexpected visitor, Uchiha Sasuke, the Last Living Uchiha had – with or without knowing – completely disrupted events with his existence and changed the dynamic of the world.

"Now," Sasuke muttered, his eyes warping from onyx black to the feared red "…it's time for this world…" the red eyes with three tomoe warped once more, "…to meet the true might…" the pinwheel biohazard symbol switched and turned, as his left eye turned from red to purple. The eye had a dot in the dead center, contracted rings, with three tomoes on both the first and second rings.

"… of an Uchiha."

His existence had and would change the dynamic of the world.

Be it for better, or be it for worse.

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