Hello readers! Sorry for not posting for awhile but between homework, judo and writer's block I've done pretty much nothing on my stories. I'm posting this now so it will hopefully give me the incentive I need to finish the story. I've rambled enough, here's the story.

Deeks POV

I was in the surfboard shop looking for a new board after mine had been destroyed in a surfing accident. I came out of it with a few scrapes and bruises (also a lecture from Hetty) but my board broke nicely into tiny little pieces. So here I was, looking for the perfect board when I heard that voice.

"Hello ." Hetty said. Hearing her I quickly turned around. She was standing right behind me with her Hetty look on her face so I did the only logical thing. I let out an exclamation of surprise (no I did NOT squeak) and jumped back. Unfortunately the boards were right behind me so I ended up in a heap under the surfboards. Just to add insult to injury, after I thought everything was done falling, a diving mask and a flipper fell on my head.

"Ow. Hi Hetty." I said with a smile that probably looked more like a grimace.

"Uh, not to be rude or anything but, why do you always sneak up behind me?" I asked as I pushed the surfboards off of me and stood facing her.

"Why do you never expect it Mr. Deeks?" Hetty replied, smiling that enigmatic smile of hers. I huffed, rubbing my neck before deciding she meant it as a rhetorical question.

"Are you here to give me another lecture?"

"Not at all. I just thought that you'd like a new surfboard." As she said that, from behind some racks she pulled out a brand new surfboard.

"I... Hetty... What?" I spluttered. No way Hetty had bought this board for me! It was the one I had originally wanted to buy to replace my old one but was too expensive.

"Think of it as a gift for all the hard work you do."

"Hetty, I really can't accept this."

"No choice. No returns or refunds." Turning to leave, Hetty left me standing there, mouth agape with shock. Numbly I held the surfboard, not believing that this was real. Halfway through the door she turned around.

"Oh and Mr. Deeks? I hope you plan on trying it out today. I hear the waves are supposed to be perfect." With that said, Hetty left. The jingling of the bells on the door seemed to jolt me back to reality. Grabbing my new board (I really need to figure out how she knew which one I wanted) I raced home so I could change into my wetsuit and get out on the water. Now, sitting on my board out in the open water, I can't help but think how lucky our team is to have our own, albeit scary, mini ninja.