Chapter 1 The Eight Year Plan

The sky was a picture perfect as the leaders of the world most powerful nations gathered together on a large ski resort in Switzerland, the men and women who controlled 35 of the world's most powerful and most advanced nations. They ranged from their humble host Switzerland to the military powerhouses of Russia, China and the United States. The news around the world called this meeting a discussion about a possible new massive trade deal, which would open the boarders for all the nations to free trade with member nations. In fact the group meeting was in reality the representatives of each member nation of the International Oversight Advisory which had control over the top secret Stargate Program and all other off world activities.

"With the ending of threat caused by the ORI and the return of Atlantis to Earth the time is right to tell the public." offered up the French President as he like the rest of the world leaders walked around a large open lounge. It had three large stone fireplaces, two on the far wall and one located in the center of the room. To most of the public the actual meeting where leaders sat around a table and talked was where deals where made but in truth most of the deals happened while they were having breaks between those endless hours of the table. "We have no real threats to earth is it not better to tell the news now than when we are under attack by the next enemy."

"The Wraight are still out there and trying to find Earth." Countered the Mexican President

"They are in another galaxy and according to our latest reports they are still at war with each other." defended the French President. "The same could be said about the Lucian Alliance since the rise to power of the Farkin family inside Lucian Alliance power structure. The Farkin family wanted the Lucian Alliance which currently was nothing more than just a den of smugglers to become instead become a true government. They are fighting each other trying to decide which path to follow, we have no enemies at the moment."

"And what of the problems here on Earth?" offered up the Russian President "We have so much problem areas that could exploded or haven't you seen the Middle East lately? We need to keep the Stargate hidden until we have our own house in order."

"But the Stargate could be the very solution to our problems." offered up the Indian President as she took a drink of tea from a cup worth more than some of her people made in a year. "It may not be a problem for you in Russia but we have too many souls for such a small amount of land. We could start colonization of new worlds and it would be a release value for population. Our problems come from not having room for our population and the resources for those people. That isn't even looking at the solutions which could come from the information from the Asgard and Ancient databases, my husband is a doctor and I have inquired about the medical information in those databases and they could save millions of people."

"Maybe your right but the people are not ready if we drop this on them now we will have a crash of the world economy and people running through the streets believing that an attack will happen at any moment." Countered the Russian President as he took a drink from his glass of voka, the days meetings where over so the bar was open and the drinks were flowing. "We have only a handful of ships and the others have thousands. True our ships are arguably the strongest in the galaxy but as we taught the Nazi's in the Great Motherland war numbers can make up for a lot of things."

"We find ourselves caught between a rock in a hard place, if we tell the world about the Stargate we will have panic but the Stargate could solve a lot of problems," reported the French President as he lifted his white wine up to his lips.

"Well maybe I can offer a solution." said the British Prime Minister as she walked forward with a drink in her own hands. "I was just talking with the American President, the Chinese's Premier and a handful of others and we have the outline of a possible deal which could address many issues."

"What is that?" asked the Mexican President

"That we put in place as the Chinese's Premier said a plan over a set under of years say eight years, during this time we lay the ground work for revealing the truth to the world down here and move forward in key areas up in space." explained the British Prime Minister as she took a drink.

"What plans are those?" asked the Indian President

"First we build up our forces in space so that we can demonstrate right away to our people that we are safe from harm and at the same time we find planets which could be colonized right away." explained the British Prime Minister "At the same moment we focus our problems down here."

"I am sorry but we haven't been able to solve some of these problems for decades what will eight years change?" asked the Mexican President "Take Terrorism for example the Americans have been fighting it for almost a decade and they are no closer to ending it, add on global warming, overpopulation and everything else."

"Eight years with the combined forces off all the nations in this room all pushing for a single goal. Imagine how those terrorist will quake when they learn that the forces of every nation here is against them," rebutted the British Prime Minister "If that happened only the force of God himself could stop us from reaching our goals and that is just terrorism. We can start releasing cures for some the deadliest sickness on Earth, start using all the energy breakthroughs to produce clean energy and we can settle other differences we have."

"This could work." offered up the Russian President "However it will mean a complex deal, including who gets ships first and what type, I have seen the outline of the new ships classes the Americans have provided and only a certain numbers of ships could be built at any one time on Earth we will need to fix that."

"But a deal that could be reached." Reassured the British PM

Just over a week later the news went out across the world that not only was a treaty made which would unite the military powers of all the signing nations in an attempt to combat and put an end to global terrorism but a new open boarder trade deal was also going into effect. What the news broadcasters and other talking experts did not know was that there was a secret second agreement where the nations decided what each would get from the Stargate program and when. Most nations wanted first access to key technology, which would benefit their nation first.

Little did the news media know that at the same time they were discussing the stunning alliance of so many powerful and normally competitive nations an order was sent out to the off world forces.

General Order 231-D21

The Stargate and all the off world activities of the Nations of Earth cannot and should not be hidden from the people of Earth forever. To that end the member nations of the IOA have set the goals to be active as soon as possible so that when the people of Earth learn the truth they know that not only are they safe but a new golden future is ahead.

1) In order to help prepare the world for the unveiling of the Stargate and life outside of planet Earth, technology recover from off world and the Asgard Database will be used to help fix current problems on Earth. These include medical, energy and other breakthroughs which will be unveiled to the world be different nations taking credit for the discoveries. Military forces on Earth will focus also on combatting terrorism and other threats in an effort to passive the Earth before the reveal.

2) The discovery and colonization of at least one planet, which will be the foundation of our new military buildup program. This world have to be unclaimed by any other race and whenever possible not known to any other power in the galaxy. The planet needs to have the needed mineral resources required for the construction of the new ships currently in development. This should be completed no later than one year from the current date.

3) Since constructing the warships in secret on Earth is highly costly even with the addition of the Siberian shipyard this planet will be the new shipyard and testing centers of our new joint military forces. Once settled we will move military engineers to the planet and begin to mass production of the following.

F-302 Eagle fighter Interceptors and all the new variants

BC-304 Daedalus class Battle Cruiser

A-305 Osprey close air support aircraft (Pending final Approval)

S-306 Owl transport (Pending Final Approval)

B-307 Condor Bomber (Pending Final Approval)

Mass production of these aircraft and warships should begin no later than two years then the giving of this order.

4) The planet will also be the testing and construction center for the planned warships including but not limited to the following depending on how they prototypes test. These ships will be park of the reveal to the people of Earth and which nations get what ship first will be worked out at a later conference along with who will get first rights to colonize worlds.

D-308 The Galahad Class Destroyer

C-309 The Hadrian Class Construction Ship

DS-310 The Kusanagi Class Defense station

SRV-311 The Archimedes Class Science and Research Vessel

BS-312 The Missouri Class Battleship

AC-313 The Yorktown Class Aircraft Carrier

5) This planet will serve as the center of our new off world command centers, which in time will be charged with defending the surrounding human populations from harm. Since the Goa'uld took human populations from Earth to use as slaves it has been decided that all efforts should be made to unite the humans through peaceful means either by forming trade links or actual unification into a single organization. The people will not under any means be forced to join us and only those people who are aware of the Stargate or has active advanced space flight will be considered for contact yet alone membership. Since the population of Earth will not be the only ones in this new alliance, it is decided that all our ships and government will go by the name Tau'ri in all communications, under no situation shall the location of Earth or any other world be given to any other race without the permission of all the member nations.

6) Of lesser important planets should also be located and mapped for future civilian only colonization and even for the settlement of endangered earth animal and plant life in a planet sized nature reserve so that they could live without the threat caused by human actions.

That order was dispatched to all current off world sites and warships and after a small amount of cursing by the staff at the timetable put forward by the politicians, they went to work carrying out their orders.

Five and a half months later space ripped open in a massive vortex appeared as a gun metal grey ship shot out, moments later space returned to normal as the vessel began to move under its less powerful sub light engines.

"Attention on deck!" yelled an officer in full dress uniform as the men and women at the controls of the vessel stood up and saulted as a woman dressed in full Chinese Liberation Army Dress Uniform.

"At ease." ordered Captain Sung as the first Captain of a Chinese's intergalactic vessel it was her honor to lead her nations first intergalactic vessel. Deep downed she knew that putting aside her high marks in school and in the years of loyal serves to her nation that one of the main reasons she had been chosen was because of who her great grandfather and father had been. He had been a top lieutenant to Mao Zedong himself and her father had raised the family higher by becoming a general in the army until his retirement last year.

"Anything to report." inquired Captain Sung as she sat down at her command chair, behind her engraved into the very wall of the bridge was the seal of her nation, while not as large as the red flag panted on the haul of the ship it reminded everyone who the ship belonged to.

"We have entered the system and have begun the survey mission." reported her second in command as Sung nodded her head before lifting up a cup of tea which had been set out for her morning enjoyment before she arrived on the bridge.

"Single star system with six planets but only one in the habitable range. Four of them are nothing but gas giants and the remaining one is so close to the star I am amazed it has not been destroyed. There are also two asteroid belts which may have some minerals of note" Reported the second in command "Six hours for a total survey of the area."

"I see." said Captain Sung as she took off her cap and placed it on a nearby rest, that caused some of her dark hair to fall in front of her eyes. She pushed it back before asking the next question. "Anything else going on in the rest of the galaxy?"

"Nothing out of normal Comrade Captain, the other three ships on our mission have found some possible sites for the base but the IOA have rejected them all for one reason or another," reported the second in command. The Captain knew that beside her ship the Canadians, Japanese and Germans each had ships out looking for a planet to become main shipyards, which would build the warships, cargo ships and other vessels for the people of earth to grow. In truth Captain Sung had a bet going on with her other captains to see who would find the right planet, losers had to buy the winner choice of alcoholic drinks. She knew her national leaders would look down on the bet but if it motivated her and her crew to find the planet, first it was worth it.

"All four American ships plus those two new British have launched a joint operation in the Pegasus Galaxy against the Wraith. While the French are visiting the free Jaffa Capital and it the Russians turn to keep an eye on Earth with their two ships." Reported the second in Command as he reported the position of all 13 Daedalus class warships that the nations of Earth had, the Russians should have had three ships but one had been destroyed by the Ori and her nation second ship was still being built back on earth. However nations like Brazil, Spain, Australia, South Korea and others all wanting ships of their own plus the next generation of warships being designed couldn't be built unnoticed on Earth so a new planet was needed.

"Very good, now let's get to work," ordered Captain Sung as the Sun Tzu went to work. All in all it was a fairly normal operation just like all the other missions before. The Sun Tzu started on outside of the system and worked its way in, traditionally the survey would be done by SG teams going out of the Stargate but it was impossible for them to do a good sweep of a planet or any other planet in a system. The Gas giants had what they expected a lot of small moons and asteroids some of which showed small amounts of the rare element Naquadah and that was noted for the report. Finally, the Sun Tzu entered orbit of the habitable planet. The crew looked down on the uninhabited planet from their view they could see the fields of green and the deep blue of the massive oceans. It looked like almost all the other habitable plant they had scanned, there didn't seam to be any sign of advance life as in no electrical light or radio broadcasts.

"A very nice planet." reported the second in command as he looked down at his computer pad where information from the scanner was coming in "Slightly bigger then Earth however only two major land masses but each is larger than Asia."

"Well mark it down for possible colonization." ordered Captain Sung knowing her secondary mission was to map possible colonization. Earth was crowed and having multiple new planets to colonization would remove that problem very fast.

"More than that." said another officer "If these readings are right this planet has almost 7% Naquadah in it's crust. If this is true it is the richest source of Naquadah in the known galaxy and it gets better I am detecting multiple large deposits of Trinuim and titanium all near the surface."

That caused the entire bridge crew to smile knowing that their captain had promised them drinks if she won the bet and if this reading was true they may have just won. This planet seamed to a gift from fate, it had everything needed for making warships on a massive scale.

"I want an away team to be sent down at once launch fighters for a more detailed survey of the planet," ordered Captain Sung as a smile crossed her face as she looked that the sensor readings of the planet far below. There were some remains of a previous civilization but they were all overgrown with plant life. On top of that they were far away from any of the Jaffa nation base or a free system which had started to appear after the fall of the Goa'uld all those years ago. Another sign was that there did not seem to be any sign of the refined Naquadah which was he key indicator of a Stargate. No Stargate and the lingering residue of radiation meant the planet was up for grabs and Earth was about to grab it.

Within moments ten figures appeared in the middle of a field, all of them where dressed in the combat uniform of the People's Liberation Army and eight of them where armed with the standard issue QBZ Assault Rifle, one was armed with light machine gun and the officer was armed with only his stand issue pistol.

"Fan out, begin a sweep of the area." ordered the officer as men spread out with their weapons ready in case of any danger. Within minutes, the drone of aircraft engines filled the air as F-302 began to sweep the planet for any sign of advanced life.

"Dragon flight lead to ground team." came the voice of the squadron commander for the Zue Su F-302 aircraft over the radio.

"Go ahead Dragon 1." Confirmed the ground officer

"I have what appears to be man made structures ΒΌ Kilometers to your south west, recommend you head that way." advised the F-302 pilot as he banked his fight to orbit the stone remains.

"Understood heading that way." confirmed the ground officer

Above their heads Captain Sung was already on her second cup of tea when she got the first low level scan reports from her F-302, no current sign of life either advanced or otherwise. There was some sign of the planet having advanced life in the past, mostly the fact that the whole planet had low level of nuclear radiation but the mount of decay put the war almost two thousand years ago. No other signs of life and after that long of time without advanced life the planet was up for grabs.

"File a report for Earth we may have just found the planet." ordered Captain Sung to her first officer who snapped to attention before going out to deliver the message. "We should have company soon."

Turns out the Captain had been correct and within twelve hours, four out of the thirteen Daedalus class ships was in orbit of the planet. Nearly every ship Earth had which wasn't assigned to either the protection of Earth itself or off in the Pegasus galaxy was in orbit. The only ships missing was the two Russian warships tasked to defend Earth and the four American and two British which was launching an attack in Pegasus. However along with her ship the Sun Tzu the Canadian warship St. Francies, the German Drache, Japanese's Akizuki was in orbit and the fifth ship the French warship Bretagne was on her way as well after finishing her diplomatic visit to the free Jaffa home world.

"Well Captain Sung looks like you have won our little bet." offered the German Captain as the Captains of all four ships met on the surface of the planet. Already teams where setting out for a more detailed mineral survey and 302s where doing even sweeps from the sky.

"So it would seem my comrade." said Captain Sung with a smile "Now about my payment."

"We can't be sure that the IOW will choice this world." countered the Japanese Captain

"They would be fools not to," admitted the Canadian Captain the only other women among the captains. "I will have your choice of alcohol ready when you return to Earth."

"I already have it," stated the German as the others looked at him. "Once we made the bet I went out and got some of what everyone wanted, I thought I would give it a try when I won but looks like I will not be able to."

"I will share some with you," offered Captain Sung with a small laugh "In fact I will share some with all of you."

"Thank you that is kind of you." said the Canadian

"Besides I will still have two bottles for myself once it is all done," noted Captain Sung with a smirk.

Within weeks a massive operation had begun on the planet now called Valhalla, it was named after the Viking form of heaven and in honor of the Asgard who had given them the legacy. Now that the IOW had settled on the planet the real work to begin. Valhalla was going to be the single largest operation ever carried out by Earth in space; it was going to be larger than Atlantis itself. In the end twenty two engineering Battalions each about 800 men strong where selected from fourteen nation to be sent there. Since it was going to be impossible to hide the movement of that many troops yet alone keep that many people away from their families for the time needed a decision was made, after the basics for live was in place the families would follow the soldiers.

Eleven months after the founding of Valhalla General Henry "Hank" Landry was finishing the last of his paperwork at his desk in Stargate Command. The aged United States Air Force General was in his final months of command of the SGC, looked down at his watch before standing up. It was a short walk from his desk to the departure area where the Stargate was located already standing there waiting for him was members of the IOA.

"Walter dial, Valhalla." ordered General Landry as the Gate started spinning as the chevron locked one after another until the seventh was in place and the wormhole opened up. Originally, the planet did not have a Stargate but it was rather simple to place a Stargate from the left over Galaxy Bridge.

"Shall we?" offered Landry as the five of them headed up the ramp and seconds later found themselves on the other end of the galaxy. Unlike the other off world bases, the Stargate on Valhalla was out in the open, so that large equipment could come and pick up pallets of supplies which arrived almost hourly from Earth. Instead, four large fortifications surrounded the gate with armed guards ready to defend it from any attack. Around the ring, it was a ring of flagpoles each with the flags of the nation's taking part in the alliance.

"General thanks for coming." said the Indian General Raj-Singh as he saluted his American Counterpart and the IAO members "Welcome to Valhalla."

"Thank you for having us General Raj-Singh." said the British IAO member "We are looking forward to seeing what you have done here."

"I hope to impress you; we are actually two weeks ahead of our time tables." reported General Raj-Singh as the Humvees came around to pick up the guest.

"Really how did you manage that?" inquired the Japanese IAO member

"Through completion, I assigned companies from different nations to slimier jobs like building factories for aircraft, mines or the shipyard bay for a class or warship and had they race against each other to get the job done right." explained General Raj-Singh. As the Humvee moved down a paved road toward a large line of hangers and factories, some of which were still under construction "And they compete against each other for national pride and some extra perks such as Beers and other items."

"I am sure my nation is winning of course?" asked the Chinese IAO member with a smirk.

"They are second here actually behind the Americans. A second PLA unite did finish the first construction bay of a Daedalus class ship first a whole week ahead of the British." reported General Raj-Singh as the Chinese IAO eyes narrowed at the news. They moved down the road pasting the hangers where once there where finished the F-302 Eagle Fighters, A-304 Osprey Ground Attack and S-305 Owl transports would be housed once the factories where put into full production. The larger factory for the building of the Condor Bomber was still only half way up.

"What about the Civilian housing?" asked the British IAO member.

"We should have everything in place in time, we have a settlement in place twenty-five miles away from here and we have a high speed rail system under construction." Reported General Raj-Singh as General Landry nodded his head. He had already seen the plan to move the families of the almost 18,000 men and women already here to their new home. Alongside them, they would have to move support personal for the civilian populations such as teachers, cops, firefighters and others. Alongside them, the plan was also to move most of the researchers and their families from Area 51 to Valhalla. Overall almost one million men, women and children would soon call this planet home. That number would only grow as more men and women showed up to build and later man the ships which would be coming out of the planet.

The world would have noticed the missing people however, the number of people would be spread out across multiple countries and the world was busy with dealing with all the major changes, which was going on as part of the build up to the unmasking of the Stargate program. When they had left the news had just broke about the "discovery" by a French research team of a antivirus which according to the news would likely be key to finding a vaccine or maybe a cure for the Aids virus. In truth, the discovery came from the Asgard database with some human fine-tuning but it still provided hope for millions of people.

The tour kept going on showing the four newly finished bays where the BC-304 Daedalus Class Battle Cruiser, D-308 Galahad Class Destroyer and the SVR-311 Archimedes Class Science and Research Vessel. Since all three classes where roughly the same size they would be constructed in the same station. The shipyards where massive rectangle holes in the ground lined with equipment to build the next generation of ships. Once the planned bays were finished, the larger bays would be constructed for the other ships. The defense satellites would be built multiple parts on the ground then assembled together in space into their final form.

All in all the tour took the better part of five hours before they finally returned to the gate for the journey home.

"General Raj-Singh you are doing an even better job then we believed possible." stated the British IOA member with a smile.

"Thank you sir, but this wouldn't have been possible without the efforts of the SGC and the constant running back and forth of our current ships providing us with supplies we currently can't produce here." confirmed General Raj-Singh "Hopefully within 18 months we can have you all back for the launch of our first group of ships."

"We hope so as well." said General Landry as the two shared a salute before the gate activated for the journey back to Earth.

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