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The Other Side of the Coin

Prologue: The Sealing


"Calm down Kushi-chan, you're starting to break my hand her–" Minato was cut off as a bone actually cracked.

"Push Kushina-san," the matron said. "You're almost there!"

The cave was soon lit up with the sounds of two babies crying. "What do you want to name them Kushi-chan?" smiled Minato.

"H-him. I want to name him N-Naruto… and the girl… I want to name her Minami… so she can g-grow big and strong like her father, so she can grow strong with my little maelstrom." Kushina smiled faintly. Her grip had long since relaxed and her arms were very weak.

"Come Kushina-san," the matron said with a smile. "Let's get you and the babies ou–"

The matron was cut off and the sick sound of blood being splattered rang throughout the cave.

"Now now, we can't have our precious jinchuuriki leaving just yet, can we?"

The man was tall, wearing a robe of ebony black, with a hood covering his barely visible short spiky hair. His mask held a single eyehole and contained a pattern not unlike that of Shukaku the Ichibi. In his hands were two small babies, still covered in blankets.

"One wrong step Yondaime, and your children will live to the long ripe age of 2 minutes," A spiraling red eye containing 3 tomoe shone through the eye hole. "Comply with my demands and no one gets hurt."

"Wh-Who are you?!" Minato said, his eyes hardening in preparation for battle.

"Step away from the jinchuuriki," the masked man spoke. "Do you not care what happens to your little gakis?"

"Stay calm! No one needs to get hurt!" his hands gripped at his sides, Minato crouched in preparation.

"Speak for yourself. I am extremely calm." With those words the masked man threw the 2 children into the air, twin kunai falling out of his sleeves. Gripping the kunai, he threw them upwards, aimed for the children.

A flash of light momentarily filled the cavern, the sound of two kunai clattering off the ceiling rang throughout the cavern.

The masked man turned. "Fast Yondaime, very fast… but were you fast enough?"

Hearing a sizzling Minato looked down and saw 5 explosive tags strapped to the backs of the blankets. Fire raged and roared, condensed into the small space of the cavern, the sound cracking the walls and causing a cave-in. Rocks tumbled from the ceiling, sealing that which remained within. Smoke spiraled out of the cavern's entrance. A yellow flash of light sparked into existence near a kunai pinned to a tree several meters from the cavern. Out of the flash fell Minato, in his arms were Naruto and Minami.

"Urgh, I need to get these two someplace safe!" A short burst of yellow, and he was gone.

"Now then…" spoke the masked man. In front of him, chained by seals was Kushina, her abdomen exposed, with the Uzumaki style seal twisting and turning. Incredibly weak, she was barely conscious from the effort of childbirth.

"Come out! Awaken and destroy Konoha! Serve the Uchiha, your true masters!" The sharingan in the man's mask began spinning quickly, shining with an unearthly glow.

Her stomach bulged. It bulged again. The third time a crimson chakra erupted out of her abdomen, spinning and swirling, coalescing into the Kyuubi, in all of its terrible glory, its eyes spiraling in the shape of the sharingan.

Jumping off into the forest, the man called the Kyuubi to him. 'Soon, Konoha will be dust, and I will have my revenge…"

Kushina did not speak, but her heart still beat ferociously, keeping her frail body alive…

Minato warped into a clearing, a good deal away from the Kyuubi. He stared, a single tear racing down his cheek as he saw the smoke and fire coming from his beloved village. He looked down, his hair hiding his eyes.

"You'll pay for this," he muttered angrily.

"Will I? Come prove it to me, Yondaime," the masked man said mockingly, his body swirling into existence behind Minato.

Spinning on the spot, rasengan in hand, already spinning, Minato thrust his arm out, in an attempt to break the mask. To his surprise, the attack phased through, arm and all. Jumping back, two 3-pronged kunai falling out of his sleeves, Minato skid on the ground, crouching and ready for combat.

Twin chains, tipped with spikes, shot out of the masked man's robe drilling through the air, right at Minato's face. Minato threw one of his kunai into the air and warped. Landing on the chain, he vanished almost instantly, the only disturbance being small twists on the chain where he was landing. Jumping from chain to chain moving forward all the while, Minato re-appeared right in front of the masked man, before warping behind him, to the seal formula he placed on his back when he thrust his rasengan at the start of the fight. Rasengan already in hand, Minato shot his arm out, unsurprisingly phasing through the masked man. Chains quickly wrapped around him before he puffed out of existence.

"A shadow clone!? When did he–" the masked man did not have a chance to finish his sentence before the ground split apart, revealing Minato reaching up with his rasengan at the mask of the man. A small knick formed on the mask before the rest of the attack passed through. Minato quickly teleported back to the tree to get away, not willing to give his enemy an opening.

"Impressive, Yondaime. You are fast. To actually manage to scratch me is amazing. You are truly deserving of your title." 'That was too close, a second later and everything would have been ruined,' the masked man thought, beyond agitated at this point. "But alas, all good things must come to an end."

The two rushed forward, the masked man with his chains flailing behind him, Minato with his remaining kunai in hand. 3 meters from each other, Minato threw his kunai. The kunai passed through the masked man's head, flying out the other end. The masked man reached forward, his hand almost touching Minato.

'I win,' he thought, before his one eye widened in shock as the Hokage disappeared, reappearing above him, a rasengan spiraling in hand.

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"What!?" exclaimed the masked man, unable to react in time. Minato's rasengan slammed into his back, destroying the ground, and blasting the rubble back with a wave of chakra.

"Hiraishin, Ni no Dan (Flying Thunder God, Second Step) you bastard!" Minato smirked as he further drove the rasengan into the man's back before feeling him disappear, and seeing him spiral into existence to his left.

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"I see, you are indeed formidable Yondaime. But I fear that tim–" the masked man was interrupted as a burning feeling shot through his body, looking at his back he saw a seal, shining a bright yellow.

The nine tails roared, buildings in its path blown back by the sheer power of it. It stood up on its hind legs and began to form a bijudama, however the attack collapsed, as it shook, its eyes spinning faster, the tomoe in them fading out into existence, before finally settling on slitted pupils.

"You-you disconnected me from the nine tails! When did you–" Minato interrupted his rant.

"When I hit you with my rasengan. Face it. Your reign of terror is over."

"This is not the last you hear of me Minato. This is not the last time you will hear the name Madara!" With that, Madara's single eye spun, shining with a red glow, causing a ripple within the air. His body began skewing, spiraling into the vortex, before disappearing completely.

With Madara safely handeled, Minato turned towards the village, disappearing in a flash of yellow light.

"NOW! PUSH THIS THING OUT OF THE VILLAGE!" shouted the Sandaime Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi.

"SIR!" was the reply of hundreds of ninja over the communication network set up by the Yamanaka.

"KATON: GOUKAKYUU NO JUTSU (Fire Release: Fireball Technique)" was the shout heard from across the village. The sky shone with thousands of fireballs, before slamming into the Kyuubi, with enough force to make it backpedal, and lift it on its hind legs.

"AND STAY OUT!" shouted Hiruzen, as his staff elongated into a weapon fit for a mega-sized Akimichi. Slamming the staff into its snout, Hiruzen launched the Kyuubi right past the walls, causing it to fall into the outskirts of the village. The ninja followed. The Kyuubi raised its head, charging a bijudama.

As they prepared to fight further, to protect their beloved village, a large poof was heard in the sky before a shadow enveloped the Kyuubi.

"NOT SO FAST, YOU MORON!" was the exclamation of the chief toad, Gamabunta as he landed on the Kyuubi, crushing its muzzle, preventing the attack from going off. On top of his head was Minato, holding Minami in his arms.

"Minato NOW!" shouted Gamabunta. "I can't keep him down forever!"

"I know!" shouted Minato as he jumped down onto the Kyuubi's head, doing seals along the way. "Hiraishin no Jutsu!" The Kyuubi and Minato, along with Minami were enveloped in a golden glow, before flashing off into the distance, to the site of his battle with Madara.

Flashing in sideways, he let gravity do its work to separate him and the Kyuubi by several hundred meters.

'The only way Kushi-chan was able to hold the full might of the Kyuubi was because she was old enough to keep it chained, yet young enough that her chakra network could develop to control it,' thought Minato 'There's no way Minami could hold all of its chakra. I'm going to have to split it, but the only way how is the…'

Quickly tossing Minami in the air before catching her, Minato made several hand seals.

"SHIKI FUJIN" he roared, summoning the God of the Dead, the Shinigami.

A cold, crushing aura descended upon the land, halting the Kyuubi in its tracks. The sky grew dark, storm clouds brewing, and the terrifying visage of the Shinigami phased into existence, the only sound the ringing of the bells, shimmering on its long, floating sash.

The air warped as the Shinigami raised his arm into the air, his sleeve falling down revealing seal markings twisting down his arm. Slamming it into the effigy of Minato in front of him, a purple arm spiraled out of Minato's stomach, grabbing the Kyuubi and pulling out a shining white portion of its chakra. The hand retracted, pulling the chakra through Minato, but not sealing it. You see, in his hurry to get the Kyuubi sealed, Minato made a small mistake in his hand signs, using the Tiger instead of the Snake seal. Perfectly understandable, given the circumstances, but this would prove to change fate, and the path of the world. The arm of the Shinigami flew out of the effigy of Minato, and brought the Yang chakra of the Kyuubi up to the Shinigami's face, before sending it down into the stomach of the God, sealed for the time being.

Thinking he hadn't made a mistake, and that this was supposed to happen, Minato proceeded to seal the rest of the Yin chakra into Minami through the use of Hakke no Fūin Shiki (Eight Trigrams Sealing Style).

"I hope you grow up to be a great hero, just like your mommy," Minato murmured before turning to the Shinigami floating behind him.

"Are you ready mortal?"

Minato closed his eyes, preparing for his fate, but as he did, images flickered past, him pushing Naruto and Minami on swings, Kushina yelling at the kids as they clambered out the window with toast in their mouths, him assigning the kids their first C-Rank mission. His eyes opened.

"No. I… I am not ready…" he managed to stutter out

"Very well," was the reply given by the God.

"Wh-what? I-I thought that–" stuttered Minato.

"It does not matter when I get your soul, be it now, or in a thousand years. I am patient, your soul will be mine in the end. Our deal has been struck." The Shinigami boomed as it faded out of existence.

Minato couldn't believe it. He'd been given another chance. Tears formed in his eyes, before he brushed them off and collapsed from chakra exhaustion. His last sight before fading to black was that off his sweet little Minami crying as the Sandaime quickly approached.

Minato woke up in a hospital. Quickly looking around he saw Kushina and the kids in the bed next to him, the seal containing half of the Kyuubi still shining brightly on Minami's stomach.

"Mi-Minato-koi?" Kushina groaned as she sat up, still holding the kids.

"Yes Kushina, I'm still here, we're all still here."

"You-YOU IDIOT! I was so worried when I heard you summoned the Shinigami of all things to seal the Kyuubi away! I thought you died! I thought that the kids wouldn't have a father! I thought–" Minato had brought a finger to her lips.

"Shh. You'll wake the kids."

Smiling sweetly, he looked down at the twin babies. Naruto, his hair so much like his father's, yellow and already beginning to look spiky, and Minami, her hair soft and crimson, so much like her mother's.

3 days later…

"People of Konoha! 3 days ago the Kyuubi escaped from its seal and attacked Konoha!" announced Minato, standing on the podium. "I resealed it into my daughter, Minami!"

Angry muttering broke out, and Minato heard several whispering of killing and stopping the demon once and for all. Quickly opening his mouth to avoid this, Minato spoke.

"Do not fear! For my daughter is not the Kyuubi! She is the prison, and the warden of the Kyuubi! She is a hero of Konoha! Keeping the Kyuubi at bay for as long as she lives!" Minato turned to Kushina, the smile on his face matching hers. She handed him Minami and watched as he lovingly raised her to the crowd.

"I present my daughter! The Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi! The hero of Konoha!" with those words, the crowd roared in approval, all the while forgetting about the small blonde child in Kushina's arms, sleeping, and unknown to anybody, waiting. Waiting for destiny to take its course and shift the world on end. The child, blissfully unaware of his great future slept on, dreaming about nothing but warmth and happiness…

'…Just remember that all deals have a price…'

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