Yo readers. Recently I have received reviews about the Teams being a bit cliché and honestly? I kind of agree. Naruto's character so far is that he doesn't play well with others, so I will most likely change it to suit my whims. Also, I received a review talking a bit about the general flaws in Naruto and that my story might accidently possibly reflect that.

I'm telling you right now. Fuck no. I am not letting any stupid Orochimaru bullshit/Sasuke fanboy bullshit (No Deus Ex Machina for YOU Sasuke!) in my story.

Wave will happen. End of story – this is mostly for character development.

Naruto will not be paired with anyone.

Now on to more important business. The teams: The team Naruto is on is a bit cliché. I wanted to do something unique with my story, so I will most likely change the teams. I refuse to use OCs.

So far I was thinking this: Team 7: Minami (LOL, I used Natsumi by accident), Sasuke, Sakura; Sensei: Kakashi or Kushina.

Team 8: Naruto, Shikamaru, XXX; Sensei: Asuma or Kurenai.

Once again, PLEASE tell me what you think. I only noticed how cliché this last chapter was because of your reviews. Your reviews are what makes this story better. PLEASE review and give any helpful advice. Thank you.