I know I know.

I've deleted like, all my stories. They all sucked, and I'm making a new one. I'm committed to this one, and will try to update on weekends

Well, here goes the first chapter, I'll try to write one tomorrow too! :D

sorry for it being short, next chapter will be longer :)


It was dark. I couldn't see my paws or my whiskers. Everything felt empty, except for the tug of wind at my fur. I could feel the floor below me, shifting. Turning. It made its own pattern and morphed to cup my paws in an elegant way. It felt as if I was walking on nothing, running endlessly through the skies.

Suddenly, a light. It drove my body berserk, my fur and my whiskers pulled towards it but my heart pulled away from it. It seemed to keep my paws rooted to where they were, as the light began to get smaller and smaller. I tried to wail for help, but only silence was heard.

A paw. An orange one. It was seen tearing through the darkness, creating a single flame. It soon grew and opened the light gate open. Its paw turned over and reached out to mine, calling me towards it. I could then see my silver paws illuminated by a blue flame, also breaking through the darkness. My white chest glistened a snowy color but my flames made it seem blue. I hesitantly touched my paw to the orange one. Its flame instantly burned out, and the paw shivered up.

Blood pooled around my paws, and rose to my chest. An orange body formed in front of me. It had no head, the claws stood out crookedly, as if it tried digging through rocks. Its orange pelt turned red as the blood pooled around its body; squelching noises could be heard from the twitches of my paws.

The blood never seemed to touch my body. It kept away, as if I was the opposing side of the magnet. Getting the courage to, I stepped towards the body. It moved back once. I tried going further to get a closer glance, but however hard I tried, I was always the same distance away. I picked up my speed and sprinted to the lifeless body, but it was no use. The wind seemed to whisper to me as I ran, so I took off again to see if I could hear its message, if there was one.

No use.

Once I stopped, an eerily haunting voice sung in my ear.

I am alive, I am dead

But this one thing must be said.

In order for you to live,

Remember this that I give;

One night,

Two nights,

Three nights,