For Ash's FF Tournaments. Write about a Professor.


When Alecto is chosen to replace Charity Burbage as the Muggle Studies professor, at first, she isn't pleased. Amycus will be beside her, and that helps, but Alecto sees it as a demotion. She's being forced to look after schoolchildren instead of out fighting. She's being forced to work under Snape.

But then term starts, and Alecto realizes that this is not the Hogwarts she went to. She has free reign. Completely.

It starts in her classes. She's bound and determined to unteach every blasphemous word that Burbage taught these students — even the seventh years. She will teach them the truth.

So she stands in front of the class and starts with "Muggles are animals. Don't ever let anyone tell you different."

By the end of the class, she's telling them about the Muggle wars of the 1800s, when the Muggles found out about witchcraft and attempted to slaughter every last one of them in pure genocidal rage (They failed, of course. They're Muggles. They're fools. They don't know how to fight magic).

By the end of the week, she's telling them about how Muggles eat food from the dirt without cutlery — without even using their hands. They just bend over and lap it up.

It's glorious. Alecto doesn't believe in lesson plans. She just stands up front and talks. Every few weeks, she gives them a pop quiz, which they all fail, mostly because she can't be bothered to actually grade them.

But it isn't just classes.

She and Amycus are in charge of discipline. Alecto's fingers twitch for her wand at the thought.

Alecto has been called a sadist. It isn't, she thinks, untrue. It's not strictly about the pain, though. It's about the power. Alecto likes to hear them beg, wants to know that they know that she is the only one in charge of their fate. She loves it when they scream so prettily.

The first few times, Alecto and Amycus are uninspired, just getting into their roles, and they wind up using the Cruciatus curse more often than not. But then Alecto starts getting bored. She starts experimenting with the cutting curse, carving pretty little patterns into their skin. She signs her name on a fourth year's thigh because she can. She makes sure it's deep enough to scar no matter what potions he has access to. He will not forget her. Ever. She turns one girl's back into a chessboard. Black wins. On another girl, she and Amycus play several games of tic-tac-toe.

Alecto stops thinking of it as a demotion.

And then she figures it out. The worst thing she can possibly do to them. And she doesn't even have to lift her wand to cast a curse.

It doesn't hurt them as much when she curses them. It hurts worse when she makes them curse each other.

They scream and cry and rage as she forces them to learn the Cruciatus, forces them to cut deeper, to burn harder. They rebel, and then she threatens to hurt their victims worse if they don't. She makes them hurt the youngest, the smallest, the first years. She watches them tear themselves up from the guilt, and this, this is what true power feels like. She is the puppet master, and they, they are her marionettes.